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Note that apart from those for my direct line I hold few certificates and the information shown is therefore not fully researched
It is meant to be an aid and simply indicates where I would look if following a line
Home ~~~~ 1861 census file 0 ~~~~ Help
Note that apart from those for my direct line I hold few certificates and the information shown is therefore not fully researched
It is meant to be an aid and simply indicates where I would look if following a line
61-1Amberley 9 50) Sussex
61-1John Sowter26Amberley SussexHeadAg Lab
61-1Jane Sowter25Tillington SussexWife
61-2Ardingley 24) Copyhold, Ardingly Sussex
61-2John STONER20Cuckfield SussexHeadFarm Labourer
61-2Elizabeth STONER15Hurstpierpoint SussexWife
61-2Mary STONER0.08Ardingley SussexDaughter
61-3Bolney 45) Combe House, Bolney Sussex
61-3George Stone - Stoner33Cowfold SussexHead
61-3Sarah Stone - Stoner24Cowfold SussexWife
61-3William Stone - Stoner5Hamsey SussexSon
61-3Sarah A Stone - Stoner3Hamsey SussexDaughter
61-3Emily Stone - Stoner1Bolney SussexDaughter
61-4Brighton 109) 2 Frederick Terrace, Brighton Sussex
61-4Mary STONER55Ticehurst SussexWifeCook
61-4John STONER52Eastbourne SussexHeadSawyer
61-5Brighton 111) 2 Frederick Terrace, Brighton Sussex
61-5Julia STONER37Eye SuffolkWife
61-6Brighton 3 118) Church Street, Brighton Sussex
61-6Harriett STONER55Carmarthen WalesWife
61-6William STONER51Brading SussexHeadGardener
61-7Brighton 4 12) 12 Meeting House Lane, Brighton Sussex
61-7Sarah STONER52Brighton SussexWife
61-7James STONER49Portslade SussexHeadBeershop Keeper
61-8Brighton 12) 18 Mount Street, Brighton Sussex
61-8George STONER30Delchebing SussexHeadCarter
61-8Rosina STONER29Brighton SussexWife
61-9Brighton 121) 1 Junction Road, Brighton Sussex
61-9Mary STONER20Brighton SussexServant (u)
61-10Brighton 18 121) 49 Mighell (?) Street Sussex
61-10George STONER61Cowfold SussexHeadDental Spring (?) Maker
61-10Elizabeth STONER66Shoreham SussexWife
61-10Georgina Parsons9Bermondsey GranddaughterScholar
61-11Brighton 25 167) Sussex
61-11William Parsons34Sou....... SussexHeadShoe Maker
61-11Mary LParsons33Brighton SussexWifeBoot Binder
61-11Adolphus Parsons7Brighton SussexSonScholar
61-11Alice Parsons5Brighton SussexDaughterScholar
61-11Walter Parsons1Brighton SussexSon
61-12Brighton 122) 19a Crown Gardens, Brighton Sussex
61-12James STONER46Eastbourne SussexHeadSawyer
61-12Mary STONER42Eastbourne SussexWife
61-12James STONER22Eastbourne SussexSonSawyer
61-12Alfred STONER19Eastbourne SussexSonLabourer
61-12Ellen STONER15Eastbourne SussexDaughterScholar
61-12Frank STONER13Eastbourne SussexSonScholar
61-12Alice STONER3Brighton SussexDaughter
61-12William STONER1Brighton SussexSon
61-13Brighton13 13) 10 Victoria St, Brighton Sussex
61-13Mary Ann STONER38Woolbeding SussexWife
61-13Charles STONER31Eastbourne SussexHeadJobbing Carpenter
61-14Brighton 130) 64 Church St, Brighton Sussex
61-14Sarah A STONER30Horsham SussexServant (u)House Servant
61-15Brighton90 156) 29 White Cross Road Sussex
61-15William Stapley60Tunbridge Wells KentHeadCarter
61-15Sophia Stapley50Penshurst KentWife
61-15Harriett Tasker46Penshurst KentRelative (u)Servant
61-16Brighton41 167) 12 South Street, Brighton Sussex
61-16Fred Hy Staner - Stoner24Brighton SussexLodger (m)Window Blind Maker
61-16Enna Staner - Stoner20Brighton SussexLodger (m)Ironer
61-17Brighton 19) 17 Queens Road, Brighton Sussex
61-17Adolphus STONER29Brighton SussexHeadDental Spring (?) Maker
61-17Antoinette STONER24Brighton SussexWife
61-18Brighton12 203) 41 Portland Street, Brighton Sussex
61-18Harriet STONER27Rogate SussexWifeDressmaker
61-18Henry STONER22Eastbourne SussexHeadServant
61-19Brighton 204) 8 Newhaven Street, Brighton Sussex
61-19James STONER39Brighton SussexHeadPolice Constable
61-19Sarah STONER30Lewis SussexWifeDressmaker
61-19James H STONER6Brighton SussexSonScholar
61-20Brighton 4 39 221) 26 Duke Street, Brighton Sussex
61-20John Staner - Stoner43Beedry SussexHeadCarpenter employing 1 lad
61-20Susanna Staner - Stoner43Edturdon SussexWife
61-20Henry Staner - Stoner14Brighton SussexSon
61-20Ann Staner - Stoner10Brighton SussexDaughter
61-20John Staner - Stoner7Brighton SussexSon
61-20James Staner - Stoner4Brighton SussexSon
61-20Ambrose Staner - Stoner3Brighton SussexSon
61-21Brighton 15 225) 12 Pound Villas, Brighton Sussex
61-21John STONER23Horsham SussexServant (u)General Servant
61-22Brighton 27) 39 Queens Road, Brighton Sussex
61-22Alfred STONER20Eastbourne SussexVisitor (u)Porter
61-23Brighton 308) 145 western Road, Brighton Sussex
61-23Harry W STONER38Brighton SussexHeadDentist
61-23Harriett STONER37Brighton SussexWife
61-23Harriett STONER16Brighton SussexDaughterScholar
61-24Brighton 324) 26 Kensington Street, Brighton Sussex
61-24Mark STONER25Cowfold SussexHeadCoal Merchants Labourer
61-24Susan STONER22Brighton SussexWife
61-24Sarah Jane STONER0.25Brighton SussexDaughter
61-25Brighton19 35) 17 St George Street, Brighton Sussex
61-25Jane STONER42Willington SomersetServant (u)General Servant
61-26Brighton 49) 57 Ship Street, Brighton Sussex
61-26Mary A STONER27Brighton SussexServant (u)House Servant
61-27Brighton 58) Elder Street, Brighton Sussex
61-27William STONER24Eastbourne SussexLodger (m)Milkman
61-27Louisa STONER21Brighton SussexWifeNurse & Laundress
61-28Brighton 7) 6 Kemp Street, Brighton Sussex
61-28Hannah STONER44Goudhurst KentWifeStraw Bonnet Maker
61-28George STONER42Beeding SussexHeadBaker
61-28George STONER17Brighton SussexSonClerk
61-28James STONER15Brighton SussexSonApp
61-28Henry W STONER13Brighton SussexSonErand Boy
61-28Cornelius STONER11Brighton SussexSonScholar
61-28Edward O STONER9Brighton SussexSonScholar
61-28Thomas STONER7Brighton SussexSonScholar
61-28John P STONER2Brighton SussexSon
61-29Brighton 71) 3 St Georges Place, Brighton Sussex
61-29Jane STONER22Eastbourne SussexServant (u)Housemaid
61-30Brighton 91) 57 New Bourne (?) Street, Brighton Sussex
61-30Hy STONER39Ditchling SussexHeadCarter
61-30Mary A STONER30Lewes SussexWife
61-30Mary A STONER8Plumpton SussexDaughterScholar
61-30Martin J STONER6Plumpton SussexSonScholar
61-31Brighton 87 254) 2 Stone St Sussex
61-31Charles Hide31Goring SussexHeadWhitesmith Journeyman
61-31Sarah Hide41Swaffham CambridgeshireWife
61-31Emma Strong - Stoner21Brighton SussexStepdaughter
61-32Brighton 88 Sussex
61-32John Portsmouth46Chelsea Lodger (u)Cordwainer
61-32Henry Brown46Rottingdean SussexLodger (u)Cordwainer
61-32Martha Thuer - Stoner42Rottingdean SussexHeadLaundress
61-32George Thuer - Stoner14Ovingdean SussexSonScholar
61-32William Thuer - Stoner9Brighton SussexSonScholar
61-33Brighton 89 Sussex
61-33Caroline Honer - Stoner57Eastbourne SussexServant
61-34Brighton x Sussex
61-34Antoinette Hills62 GermanyWife
61-34Richard Hills55East Grinstead SussexHeadMaster Butcher
61-34Richard Hills22Brighton SussexHead
61-34Rosina Hills20Brighton SussexHead
61-34Henry Hills17Brighton SussexHead
61-35Brighton y Sussex
61-35Jane Stonehouse38London MiddlesexHead (w)
61-35George Stonehouse15Preston SussexSon
61-35Susan Stonehouse12Talmer Falmer SussexDaughter
61-35Benjamin Stonehouse7Chailey SussexSon
61-35Lucy Stonehouse5Charley SussexDaughter
61-36Brighton z Sussex
61-36Richard Graimes49Ditcheling SussexHead
61-36Mary Graimes50Poynings SussexWife
61-36James Graimes20Brighton SussexSon
61-36Anne Graimes10Brighton SussexDaughter
61-36John Graimes9Brighton SussexSon
61-36Sarah Graimes5Brighton SussexDaughter
61-37Broadwater 1 13) Broadwater Road, Broadwater - 614 Fo 5 p 3 Sussex
61-37Henry STONER54Horsham SussexVisitor (u)Ag Lab
61-38Broadwater 2 76) Broadwater Street, Broadwater Sussex
61-38James STONER36Midhurst SussexHead
61-38Elizabeth STONER30Broadwater SussexWife
61-38Elizabeth STONER8Broadwater SussexDaughter
61-38John STONER4Broadwater SussexSon
61-38Henry STONER2Broadwater SussexSon
61-39Chichester 101) New Broyle Farm, Chichester - 623 Fo139v Sussex
61-39George Stever - Stoner39Easebourne SussexHead
61-39Martha Stever - Stoner33Cocking SussexWife
61-39Walter Stever - Stoner9Midhurst SussexSon
61-39Rose Stever - Stoner4S.Ambersham SussexDaur
61-40Chichester All Saints Theatre Lane, Chichester - 624 Fo43 Sussex
61-40John STONER64Hunston SussexHead
61-40Louisa STONER59Appledram SussexWife
61-40Henry STONER35West Itchenor SussexSon
61-40John STONER30Bosham SussexSon
61-40Ellen K STONER15Chichester SussexDaughter
61-41Chichester St Andrew 107 Little London, Chichester - ??? Fo?? Sussex
61-41Sarah STONER25Chichester SussexServant
61-42Chichester St Pancras East Street, Chichester - 624 Fo31 ? Sussex
61-42William STONER17Chichester SussexServant
61-43Chichester Subdeanery 26 Broyle Road, Chichester - 623 Fo133 Sussex
61-43Robert STONER33Easebourne SussexHead
61-43Eliza STONER26Trayford SussexWife
61-44Clayton 105) Clayton Cottage, Clayton Sussex
61-44Henry STONER34Brighton SussexHeadDentist
61-44Harriett STONER33Brighton SussexWife
61-44Harriett STONER16Brighton SussexDaughter
61-44Sophia Georgina STONER11Brighton SussexDaughter
61-44Ann STONER9Brighton SussexDaughter
61-44Kate STONER6Brighton SussexDaughter
61-44Charles B STONER4Brighton SussexSon
61-44Alfred B STONER1Brighton SussexSon
61-45Clayton 23) Cold Harbour, Clayton Sussex
61-45Stephen STONER44Cuckfield SussexHead
61-45Mary STONER38Hurstpierpoint SussexWife
61-45George STONER18Hurstpierpoint SussexSon
61-46Cowfold 29) Little North Fields, Cowfold Sussex
61-46James STONER40Cowfold SussexHead
61-46Ann STONER35Ashurst SussexWife
61-46Jane STONER16West Grinstead SussexDaughter
61-46William STONER11Cowfold SussexSon
61-46Allen STONER9Cowfold SussexSon
61-46Albert STONER7Cowfold SussexSon
61-46Harriet STONER4Cowfold SussexDaughter
61-46Frederick STONER1Cowfold SussexSon
61-47Cowfold 2 33) Cowfold Sussex
61-47James STONER70Cowfold SussexHead
61-47Susan STONER66East Grinstead SussexWife
61-47Philip STONER36Cowfold SussexSon
61-47Jane STONER26Cowfold SussexDaughter
61-47Harry STONER1Cowfold SussexSon
61-48Cowfold 39) Cowfold Sussex
61-48Thomas STONER80Shermanbury SussexWidower
61-49Cowfold 3 80) Frithlands Cottage, Cowfold Sussex
61-49Caroline STONER57Brighton SussexWife
61-49Thomas STONER57Cowfold SussexHead
61-50Cowfold 3a Sussex
61-50Ellen Thuer - Stoner20Cowfold SussexServant
61-51Cowfold 91) Ockenden House, Cowfold - inc :- Sussex
61-51Caroline STONER27Slaugham SussexServant
61-52Cowfold 8 Sussex
61-52James Honer - Stoner46Warningled SussexHead
61-52Mary Honer - Stoner42Cowfold SussexWife
61-52Jesse Honer - Stoner11Cowfold SussexSon
61-52Lucy Honer - Stoner8Cowfold SussexDaughter
61-52Harriet Honer - Stoner4Cowfold SussexDaughter
61-53Crawley 58) Magazine, Crawley Sussex
61-53Ann STONER55Rougham SussexWife
61-53James STONER56St John Comner SussexHead
61-53Jane STONER28Rougham SussexDaughter
61-53Henry STONER23Rougham SussexSon
61-53Walter STONER13Rougham SussexSon
61-53Mary ASTONER11Crickfield SussexDaughter
61-53Eliza STONER4Rougham SussexBoarder
61-54Cuckfield 127) Cuckfield Town Sussex
61-54Thomas STONER72Street SussexLodger
61-55Cuckfield 129) Highlands, Cuckfield Sussex
61-55Susanna STONER28Cuckfield SussexWife
61-55James STONER27Cuckfield SussexHead
61-55Hester STONER4Cuckfield SussexDaughter
61-55Edith STONER2Cuckfield SussexDaughter
61-56Cuckfield 206) Mytten Lane, Cuckfield Sussex
61-56Frank STONER55Cuckfield SussexHead
61-56Sarah STONER34Cuckfield SussexWife
61-56Betsey STONER16Cuckfield SussexDaughter
61-56Emma STONER10Cuckfield SussexDaughter
61-56Ann STONER7Brighton SussexDaughter
61-56Stephen STONER5Keymer SussexSon
61-56Harriett STONER2Cuckfield SussexDaughter
61-56Sarah STONER2Cuckfield SussexDaughter
61-57Cuckfield 24) Lucaster Cottage, Cuckfield - includes :- Sussex
61-57Mary STONER12Cuckfield SussexServant
61-58Cuckfield 37) 3 Forge Row, Cuckfield Sussex
61-58Thomas STONER39Cuckfield SussexHead
61-58Elizabeth STONER37Cuckfield SussexWife
61-58Ellen STONER10Cuckfield SussexDaughter
61-58Thomas STONER8Cuckfield SussexSon
61-58Andrew STONER5Cuckfield SussexSon
61-58Charles STONER3Cuckfield SussexSon
61-58??? STONER0.08Cuckfield SussexSon
61-59Ditchling 1 162) White Rails, Ditchling Sussex
61-59Anna STONER46Lewes SussexWife
61-59James STONER45Ditchling SussexHead
61-59James STONER12Ditchling SussexSon
61-59Emma STONER10Ditchling SussexDaughter
61-60Ditchling 2 38) North Street, Ditchling Sussex
61-60Robert STONER32Ditchling SussexHead
61-60Lucy STONER25Heathfield SussexWife
61-60Robert STONER4Ditchling SussexSon
61-60Elen STONER2Ditchling SussexDaughter
61-61Ditchling 3 4) West Street, Ditchling Sussex
61-61James STONER42East Grinstead SussexLodger (u)Ag Lab
61-62Ditchling 4 40) North Street, Ditchling - Ditchling XA2/9 Sussex
61-62James STONER62Street SussexHead
61-62Mary STONER61Ditchling SussexWife
61-62John STONER19Ditchling SussexSon
61-63Ditchling 5 55) East End Lane, Ditchling Sussex
61-63William STONER53Ditchling SussexHead
61-63George STONER16Ditchling SussexSon
61-63Frances L STONER13Ditchling SussexDaughter
61-64Ditchling 6 63) Church Street, Ditchling Sussex
61-64Richard STONER41Ditchling SussexHead
61-64Ann STONER38Rodmell SussexWife
61-64George STONER9Rodmell SussexSon
61-65Ditchling 7 68) East End Lane, Ditchling Sussex
61-65Elizabeth STONER81Balcombe SussexMother
61-65Henry STONER79Street SussexFather
61-65John STONER38Ditchling SussexHead
61-65Mary STONER37Ditchling SussexWife
61-65Mary A STONER2Ditchling SussexDaughter
61-66Ditchling 8 70) East End Lane, Ditchling Sussex
61-66Mary STONER67Keymer SussexAunt
61-67Easebourne 1 Upper Street, Easebourne Sussex
61-67John STONER78Easebourne SussexHead
61-67Ann STONER75Lodsworth SussexWife
61-68Easebourne 2 Upper Street, Easebourne Sussex
61-68George Dummer51Tillington SussexHead (u)Ag Lab
61-68Mary STONER60Tillington SussexSister (w)Housekeeper
61-68James STONER5Easebourne SussexGrandsonScholar
61-69Easebourne 3 Dodsley, Easebourne Sussex
61-69George Trussler30Easebourne SussexHeadShepherd
61-69Jane Trussler35Easebourne SussexWife
61-69Harry Talbott12Easebourne SussexSon-in-lawShoemaker Ap
61-69William Talbott7Easebourne SussexSon-in-lawScholar
61-69George Trussler4Easebourne SussexSon
61-69Frances L Trussler2Easebourne SussexDaughter
61-69Susanna Trussler0.08Dodsley SussexDaughter
61-69William STONER74Easebourne SussexFather-in-lawAg Lab
61-70Easebourne 4 22) Cottage Sussex
61-70Henry Grant26Eling HampshireHeadPolice Constable
61-70Ann Grant31Weedon NorthamptonshireWife
61-70William Grant4Titchfield HampshireNephew
61-70Sarah Stainer73Braemore HampshireAunt (w)
61-71East Grinstead 93) Hanly Farm, East Grinstead Sussex
61-71Elizabeth Staner40Worth SussexServant (w)House Servant
61-72Fittleworth Sussex
61-72Henry Sherwin36Barlavington SussexHeadAg Lab
61-72Eliza Sherwin37Graffham SussexWife
61-72Thomas Sherwin8Fittleworth SussexSonScholar
61-72Maria Sherwin2Fittleworth SussexDaughter
61-72John Sherwin0.83Fittleworth SussexSon
61-73Graffham 2 Fields, Graffham Sussex
61-73James STONER35Graffham SussexHead
61-74Greatham Storrington Road Cottage, Greatham, Petworth - ex Index Cards - 622 Fo 91b Sussex
61-74William STONER39Northchappel SussexHead
61-74Mary Ann STONER36Northchappel SussexWife
61-74Elizebeth STONER15Northchappel SussexDaughter
61-75Henfield 126) George Inn, Henfield Sussex
61-75Charles N STONER48Henfield SussexHead
61-75Catherine STONER43Nuthurst SussexWife
61-75Alfred STONER20Hurstpierpoint SussexSon
61-75Mary Ann STONER17Hurstpierpoint SussexDaughter
61-76Henfield 1 59) The ??????? Lodge, Henfield Sussex
61-76Sarah Stone52Tangmere SussexServant (u)
61-77Henfield Sussex
61-77Robert Stower25Henfield SussexLodger
61-78Horsham 1 Carfax, Horsham - Fo106 Sussex
61-78Eliza STONER15Horsham SussexServant
61-79Horsham 2 East Street, Horsham - Fo115 Sussex
61-79Mary Lloyd42Hersham SurreyWife
61-79Henry Lloyd37Hersham SurreyHead
61-79William STONER18Hersham SurreySon-in-law
61-79Charles STONER11Hersham SurreySon-in-law
61-79Henry Lloyd10Hersham SurreySon
61-79Jane Lloyd1Hersham SurreyDaughter
61-79Sophia Lloyd1Hersham SurreyDaughter
61-80Horsham 3 West Street, Horsham - Fo76 Sussex
61-80Emma STONER17Lower Beeding SussexServant
61-81Hove 198) Hove Sussex
61-81William STONER22Horsham SussexServant (u)Man Serv
61-82Hove 249) 5 Blunt (?) Street West, Hove Sussex
61-82Lucy Phillips48Plumpton SussexWife
61-82John Phillips42Orsett EssexHeadOstler
61-82Ellen Phillips14Whitechapel MiddlesexDaur
61-82John Henry STONER14Beighton SussexSon-in-law
61-82Louisa Phillips12 LondonDaur
61-82Frances Phillips8Hove SussexDaur
61-82Jane Phillips6Hove SussexDaur
61-83Hove 3 35) Victoria Cotts Sussex
61-83James STONER37Cowfold SussexHeadFly Driver
61-83Ann STONER35Cowfold SussexWife
61-83Jesse STONER18Beeding SussexSon
61-83Elizabeth STONER12Beeding SussexDaughter
61-83Emily STONER10Cowfold SussexDaughter
61-83Alice STONER8Cowfold SussexDaughter
61-83Margaret STONER6Cowfold SussexDaughter
61-83Ellen STONER4Cowfold SussexDaughter
61-83Rhoda STONER2Llangham SussexDaughter
61-83Nathan STONER1Llangham SussexSon
61-83George STONER0.08Hove SussexSon
61-84Hove 4 41) 30 Palmeira Lodge, Hove Sussex
61-84Lavinia M STONER18Margate KentGovernessGoverness
61-85Hove 89) 52 Western Road, Hove Sussex
61-85Mary STONER12Brighton SussexVisitor
61-86Hove 13 39) 2 Farm Road Sussex
61-86Allen ESloat Floate46Wiston SussexHeadHandchair man
61-86Hannah Sloat Floate53Beeding SussexWife
61-86Frederick Sloat Floate20Washington SussexSonCarpenter
61-87Hurstpierpoint 108) Hurstpierpoint Sussex
61-87Hester STONER16Hurstpierpoint SussexServantHouse Servant
61-88Hurstpierpoint 49) Danworth Brook/Bank, Hurstpierpoint - WICKHAM household Sussex
61-88Samuel STONER49Cuckfield SussexServant (w)
61-89Ifield 9 138) Bricklayers Arms, West Green, Ifield Sussex
61-89Thomas Stone21Shoreham or Horsham SussexLodger (u)
61-90Ifield 187) Rusper Lane, Ifield Sussex
61-90Tesse STONER37Slaugham SussexHead
61-90Mary STONER31Fakenham SussexWife
61-90William STONER9Ifield SussexSon
61-90Mary STONER7Ifield SussexDaughter
61-90Jane STONER5Ifield SussexDaughter
61-90Jessey STONER3Ifield SussexSon
61-90Alter STONER1Ifield SussexDaughter
61-91Ifield 74) Crawley Street, Ifield Sussex
61-91William STONER75Cowfold SussexHead
61-91Mary STONER68Cuckfield SussexWife
61-92Ifield 3 95) Brighton Road, Ifield Sussex
61-92Elizabeth STONER38Ifield SussexWife
61-92George STONER33Ifield SussexHead
61-92George STONER4Ifield SussexSon
61-92Fanny STONER2Ifield SussexDaughter
61-93Keymer 1 16) Black House, Keymer - RIGG household inc:- Sussex
61-93Henry STONER14Hougham SussexServant
61-94Keymer 2 187) "leanto", Keymer Sussex
61-94Peter STONER40Lindfield SussexHeadAg Lab
61-94Harriet STONER30Worth SussexWife
61-94Louisa STONER10Worth SussexDaughterScholar
61-94George STONER8Worth SussexSonScholar
61-94Maryanne STONER6Worth SussexDaughter
61-94James STONER3Worth SussexSon
61-94Hannah STONER1Keymer SussexDaughter
61-95Keymer 3 188) "leanto", Keymer Sussex
61-95George STONER50N. K HeadAg Lab
61-95Sarah STONER40Withdean SussexWife
61-95Jesse STONER14Wivelsfield SussexSonAg Lab
61-95Esther STONER11Wivelsfield SussexDaughterScholar
61-95George STONER8Keymer SussexSonScholar
61-95Eliza STONER4Keymer SussexDaughter
61-95Frank STONER0.16Keymer SussexSon
61-96Keymer 4 35) Thorpelands, Keymer - inc:- Sussex
61-96Fanny STONER24Keymer SussexServant
61-97Keymer 5 65) Oldland Cottage, Keymer Sussex
61-97James STONER41Ditchling SussexHead
61-97Ann STONER37Clayton SussexWife
61-97William STONER15Ditchling SussexSon
61-97Harriett STONER12Keymer SussexDaughter
61-97James STONER10Keymer SussexSon
61-97Henry G STONER4Keymer SussexSon
61-98Keymer 6 8) 1 Poar House, Keymer Sussex
61-98Sarah STONER27Loxwood SussexWife
61-98Charles STONER24Ditchling SussexHead
61-99Kirdford Shop House Kirdford, Petworth - ex Index Cards - 611 Fo 121 Sussex
61-99Hariett STONER44Northchaple SussexHead