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Note that apart from those for my direct line I hold few certificates and the information shown is therefore not fully researched
It is meant to be an aid and simply indicates where I would look if following a line
Home ~~~~ 1861 census file 1 ~~~~ Help
Note that apart from those for my direct line I hold few certificates and the information shown is therefore not fully researched
It is meant to be an aid and simply indicates where I would look if following a line
61-100Lewes St Peter and St Mary Westout Otherwise St Anne 108) 3 Western Cottages, Spital (?), Lewes Sussex
61-100John STONER22Beeding SussexLodgerGroom
61-101Lindfield 48) Wickham Farm, Lindfield Sussex
61-101Mary STONER16Cuckfield SussexServant (u)House Servant
61-102Lindfield Sussex
61-102Barbary Stover - Stoner71Cockfield SurreyHead
61-103Lodsworth Farm House, Lodsworth Sussex
61-103William STONER17Petworth SussexServant
61-104Lodsworth Montana Farm, Lodsworth Sussex
61-104Alfred STONER15Lodsworth SussexServant
61-105Lower Beeding 18 18) Hammerpond Road, Lower Beeding Sussex
61-105Thomas STONER57Lower Beeding SussexHead
61-105Sarah STONER46Nuthurst SussexWife
61-105Ellen STONER26Lower Beeding SussexDaughter
61-105James STONER20Lower Beeding SussexSon
61-105Walter STONER14Lower Beeding SussexSon
61-105Sarah STONER12Lower Beeding SussexDaughter
61-105Henry STONER10Lower Beeding SussexSon
61-105Harriett STONER7Lower Beeding SussexDaughter
61-106Lower Beeding 29 29) Sussex
61-106William Bonniface27Lower Beeding SussexHeadAg Lab
61-106Eliza Bonniface26Lower Beeding SussexWife
61-106Ellen Bonniface3Lower Beeding SussexDaughter
61-106Caroline Bonniface1Lower Beeding SussexDaughter
61-106Infant Bonniface0.16Lower Beeding SussexDaughter
61-107Lower Beeding 35 35) Black Hill, Blackam Lane, Lower Beeding Sussex
61-107Henry STONER41Lower Beeding SussexHeadAg Lab
61-107Caroline STONER39Nuthurst SussexWife
61-107James STONER17Horsham SussexSonAg Lab
61-107William STONER14Lower Beeding SussexSonAg Lab
61-107Edward STONER9Lower Beeding SussexSonScholar
61-107Mary Ann STONER5Nuthurst SussexDaughterScholar
61-107Jonathan STONER2Lower Beeding SussexSon
61-108Lower Beeding 36 36) Black Hill, Blackam Lane, Lower Beeding Sussex
61-108Thomas STONER37Lower Beeding SussexHead (w)Ag Lab
61-108Elizth STONER8Lower Beeding SussexDaughter
61-108Edward STONER6Lower Beeding SussexSon
61-109Lower Beeding 46 46) Warninglid Lane, Lower Beeding Sussex
61-109Sarah STONER39West Grinstead SussexWife
61-109Edmund STONER38Lower Beeding SussexHead
61-109Caroline STONER8Lower Beeding SussexDaughter
61-109Esther STONER6Lower Beeding SussexDaughter
61-110Lower Beeding 47 47) Warninglid Lane, Lower Beeding Sussex
61-110Jane STONER48Slaugham SussexWife
61-110James STONER46Lower Beeding SussexHead
61-110George STONER18Lower Beeding SussexSon
61-111Lower Beeding 48 48) Warninglid Lane, Lower Beeding Sussex
61-111Jacob STONER44Lower Beeding SussexHead
61-111Elizabeth STONER42Nuthurst SussexWife
61-111William STONER24Lower Beeding SussexSon
61-111Walter STONER22Lower Beeding SussexSon
61-111Thomas STONER13Lower Beeding SussexSon
61-111Mary STONER9Lower Beeding SussexDaughter
61-111Sarah STONER5Lower Beeding SussexDaughter
61-112Lower Beeding 50 50) Warninglid Lane, Lower Beeding Sussex
61-112William Langley25Slaugham SussexHeadAg Lab
61-112Eliza Langley21Lower Beeding SussexWife
61-112Sally Langley2Lower Beeding SussexDaughter
61-113Lower Beeding 65 65) Plummers Plain, Lower Beeding Sussex
61-113Mary STONER80Cowfold SussexHead
61-114Lower Beeding 68 68) Plummers Plain, Lower Beeding Sussex
61-114John STONER50Lower Beeding SussexHead (w)Brickmaker
61-114Ann STONER13Lower Beeding SussexDaughter
61-114Sarah STONER9Lower Beeding SussexDaughter
61-114Abraham Penfold26Horsham SussexHead
61-114Betsey Penfold20Lower Beeding SussexWife
61-114John Penfold0.08Lower Beeding SussexSon
61-115Lower Beeding 78 78) Southgate ?) House, Lower Beeding Sussex
61-115Edward STONER46Lower Beeding SussexHead
61-115Caroline STONER37Horsham SussexWife
61-116Lower Beeding 83 83) Plummers Plain, Lower Beeding - [FEIST household] Sussex
61-116Rebecca STONER36Lower Beeding SussexBoarder
61-117Maresfield Stumblewood Sussex
61-117John Tester55Clayton SussexHeadFarms 6 acres & Ag Lab
61-117Lydia Tester50Lindfield SussexWife
61-117Isaac Tester18Balcombe SussexSonAg Lab
61-117Esther Tester9Clayton SussexDaughterScholar
61-117Charlotte Tester4Fletching SussexDaughterScholar
61-117Ann Tester1Maresfield SussexDaughter
61-118Midhurst North Street, Midhurst Sussex
61-118Ann STONER29Tillington SussexServant
61-119New Shoreham Steyning Union Workhouse, New Shoreham Sussex
61-119Elizabeth STONER21Beeding SussexVisitor
61-120Nuthurst 9 Mannings Heath Sussex
61-120James Stiner - Stoner37W.Farleigh KentHeadAg Lab
61-120Harriett Stiner - Stoner27L.Beeding SussexWife
61-120Jane Stiner - Stoner7Nuthurst SussexDaughterScholar
61-120George Stiner - Stoner5Nuthurst SussexSonScholar
61-120William Stiner - Stoner3Nuthurst SussexSon
61-120Harry J Stiner - Stoner1Nuthurst SussexSon
61-121Nuthurst 9a Mannings Heath Sussex
61-121William Stapils69Tunbridge KentHeadAg Lab
61-121Allice Stapils60W.Farleigh KentWife
61-121William Stapils32Hunton KentSonAg Lab
61-122Nuthurst Newells, Nuthurst - [GRINSTED household] - Fo 79 Sussex
61-122Alice STONER19Beeding SussexServant
61-123Nuthurst 8 Dinages Lane Sussex
61-123Alexander Stone44Nuthurst SussexHead
61-123Ann Stone27Nuthurst SussexWife
61-123Mary AnnStone1Nuthurst SussexDaughter
61-124Old Shoreham 72) Old Shoreham Village - 603 F22 Sussex
61-124Henry STONER34 SussexHead
61-124Jane STONER23Horsham SussexWife
61-124Henry STONER4Old Shoreham SussexSon
61-124George STONER2New Shoreham SussexSon
61-124William STONER0.25Old Shoreham SussexSon
61-125Petworth Petworth - ex Index Cards - 611 Fo 10 Sussex
61-125Mary STONER36North Chapel SussexVisitor
61-126Petworth Petworth - ex Index Cards - 611 Fo 24 Sussex
61-126Ellen STONER49Petworth SussexWife
61-126John STONER46Tillington SussexHead
61-126Fanny STONER22Lillington SussexDaughter
61-126Albert STONER20Lillington SussexSon
61-126William STONER16Petworth SussexSon
61-126James STONER14Petworth SussexSon
61-126Julia STONER10Petworth SussexDaughter
61-127Portslade 163) Wellington Road, Portslade Sussex
61-127Lucy STONER20Southwick SussexServant (u)
61-127Diana STONER11Southwick SussexServant (u)
61-128Portslade 174) Wellington Road, Portslade Sussex
61-128Henry STONER22Southwick SussexHeadMariner
61-128Lucy STONER20Southwick SussexWife
61-129Pulborough 1) Broomers Farm, Pulborough Sussex
61-129Elizabeth STONER27Tillington SussexServant (u)
61-130Rustington 74) Rustington Sussex
61-130Thomas STONER50Ditchling SussexHeadEngine Driver
61-130Ellen STONER32Brighton SussexWife
61-130William STONER14Brighton SussexSonAg Lab
61-130Ellen STONER9Brighton SussexDaughterScholar
61-131Shipley Shipley, Sussex Sussex
61-131George STONER19Cowfold SussexServantAg Lab Carter
61-132Slaugham d 9 9 43) Slaugham - 582 Fo 140 Sussex
61-132William STONER40Slaugham SussexHead
61-132Ann STONER30Shipley SussexWife
61-132George STONER8Slaugham SussexSon
61-132Ellen STONER5Slaugham SussexDaughter
61-132Kate STONER3Slaugham SussexDaughter
61-132William STONER0.66Slaugham SussexSon
61-133Slaugham d 9 13 60) Eastlands Sussex
61-133Thomas Haner - Stoner21Reading Beeding SussexLodger (u)Carter Ag Lab
61-134Slaugham d 9 21 113) Slaugham Sussex
61-134Mary Mitchell53Cuckfield SussexHead (w)Charwoman
61-134Barbary Mitchell14Slaugham SussexDaughter
61-134Edward STONER48Cowfold SussexBoarder (u)Millers Loader
61-135Slaugham d10 10 49) Handcross, Slaugham - 582 Fo 164 Sussex
61-135John STONER35West Farley KentHead
61-135Eliza STONER29Lower Beeding SussexWife
61-135Susanah J STONER9Lower Beeding SussexDaughter
61-135Ellen STONER7Lower Beeding SussexDaughter
61-135Edmund STONER5Lower Beeding SussexSon
61-135Alfred STONER3Lower Beeding SussexSon
61-135Harry STONER0.16Slaugham SussexSon
61-136Slaugham d10 27 137) Black Swan, Peas Pottage, Slaugham - 582 Fo 173 - BARTLEY household Sussex
61-136Mary A STONER19Slaugham SussexServant
61-137Slaugham d10 27 138) Peas Pottage Sussex
61-137John Stone67Crawley SussexHeadAg Lab
61-137Amelia Stone67(H)Ardingley SussexWife
61-138Slinfold Sussex
61-138William Honer27Newbury BerkshireServant
61-139South Ambersham 27) Park Gate Lodge, South Ambersham Sussex
61-139William Stonne - Stoner49Easebourne SussexHeadAg Lab
61-139Sarah Stonner - Stoner48Upperton SussexWife
61-139George Stonner - Stoner21Easebourne SussexSonLabourer
61-139Wyndom Stonner - Stoner20Ambersham HampshireSonScholar
61-139William Stonner - Stoner18Easebourne SussexSonBlacksmith
61-140Southwick Albion Place ?), Southwick Sussex
61-140William STONER50Witchling SussexHead
61-140Catharine STONER49Southwark SussexWife
61-140John STONER17Southwark SussexSon
61-140Thomas STONER8Southwark SussexSon
61-141Steyning 4) Forge (?) Hole, Steyning Sussex
61-141William STONER32Cuckfield SussexHeadAg lab
61-141Barbary STONER30Cuckfield SussexWife
61-141Mary Elizabeth STONER5Cuckfield SussexDaughter
61-141Emily Philis STONER2Kirdford SussexDaughter
61-142Steyning 72) Charlton Street, Steyning Sussex
61-142James Stover - Stoner17Beeding SussexLodgerGroom
61-143Steyning x Sussex
61-143James Drewett56Steyning SussexHeadDairyman
61-143Mary ADrewett52Nuthurst SussexWife
61-143Walter Drewett23Steyning SussexSonGrocer Ast
61-143Agnes Drewett18Steyning SussexDaughterDress Maker
61-143Phillis Drewett14Steyning SussexDaughterScholar
61-144Tillington 7 104) Upperton Street, Tillington Sussex
61-144Edwd STONER19Tillington SussexNephew
61-145Tillington 8 33) River, Tillington Sussex
61-145Edward Stones - Stoner45Tillington SussexHead (w)
61-146Tillington 9 5) Tillington Village Sussex
61-146Elizabeth STONER67Petworth SussexSister
61-147Tillington 1 51) Old Moat House, Tillington Sussex
61-147Wm STONER39Tillington SussexHead
61-147Jane STONER37Tillington SussexWife
61-147Jame STONER12Tillington SussexSon
61-147Martha STONER10Tillington SussexDaughter
61-147Ann STONER4Tillington SussexDaughter
61-147Fanny STONER1Tillington SussexDaughter
61-148Tillington 5 65) Upperton Street, Tillington Sussex
61-148Hannah STONER66Tillington SussexHead
61-149Tillington 6 74) Parnells Villa, Tillington Sussex
61-149Sarah STONER63Kirdford SussexHead
61-149Sarah STONER25Tillington SussexDaughter
61-150Tillington 2 81) Upperton Street, Tillington Sussex
61-150Thos STONER40Tillington SussexHead
61-150Mary A STONER39Petworth SussexWife
61-150Thos STONER15Petworth SussexSon
61-150Henry STONER12Petworth SussexSon
61-150Sarah STONER9Petworth SussexDaughter
61-150Edwd STONER4Tillington SussexSon
61-150Chas STONER2Tillington SussexSon
61-150Emma STONER0.75Tillington SussexDaughter
61-151Tillington 3 83) Upperton Street, Tillington Sussex
61-151Wm STONER33Tillington SussexHead
61-151Jane STONER32Camberwell SurreyWife
61-151Albert STONER10Tillington SussexSon
61-151Ann STONER6Tillington SussexDaughter
61-151Ellen STONER4Tillington SussexDaughter
61-151Rosa STONER2Tillington SussexDaughter
61-152Tillington 4 9) Monument Hill, Tillington Sussex
61-152John STONER37Tillington SussexHead
61-152Caroline STONER35Billingshurst SussexWife
61-152George STONER13Tillington SussexSon
61-152Sophia STONER10Tillington SussexDaughter
61-152Chars STONER7Tillington SussexSon
61-152Wilm STONER4Tillington SussexSon
61-152Sarah Ann STONER1Tillington SussexDaughter
61-153Upper Beeding 36) High Street, Upper Beeding Sussex
61-153John PSTONER43Clayton SussexHeadMarine Stone Collector
61-153Sophia STONER43Beeding SussexWife
61-153Thos STONER18Beeding SussexSonAg Lab
61-153Harry STONER11Beeding SussexSonAg Lab
61-153Mary STONER9Beeding SussexDaughterScholar
61-153Fanny STONER7Beeding SussexDaughterScholar
61-153George STONER5Beeding SussexSonScholar
61-153Eliza STONER3Beeding SussexDaughter
61-154Upper Beeding 52) Post Office, Upper Beeding Sussex
61-154Ann STONER35Beeding SussexHead
61-154William STONER32Beeding SussexBrother
61-155Upper Beeding 8) Hobjoins Farm, Upper Beeding Sussex
61-155Elizabeth STONER60Beeding SussexHead
61-155Ann STONER22Beeding SussexDaughter
61-155Michel STONER18Beeding SussexSon
61-156Upper Beeding High Street, Upper Beeding Sussex
61-156Anna STONER83Findon SussexWife
61-156William STONER82Horsham SussexHead
61-157West Grinstead 43) Dial Post, West Grinstead Sussex
61-157Ellen Staner - Stoner28Ashington SussexWife
61-157George Staner - Stoner28Warninglead SussexHead
61-157George Staner - Stoner6Washington SussexSon
61-157Jane Staner - Stoner5Washington SussexDaughter
61-157Louisa Staner - Stoner3Washington SussexDaughter
61-157Mary Ann Staner - Stoner1West Grinstead SussexDaughter
61-158West Grinstead 64) West Lands, West Grinstead Sussex
61-158Alfred STONER16Cowfold SussexServant
61-159West Hoathly 65) White House (?) Cottage Sussex
61-159Thomas Leopard Leppard53West Hoathly SussexHeadSawyer
61-159Sarah Leopard Leppard30Lindfield SussexWife
61-159John Leopard Leppard19West Hoathly SussexSonSawyer
61-159William Leopard Leppard17West Hoathly SussexSonSawyer
61-159George Leopard Leppard14West Hoathly SussexSonSawyer
61-159Sarah Jane Leopard Leppard11West Hoathly SussexDaughter
61-159Fanny STONER3Horsham SussexDaughter
61-159Sarah Jane STONER6West Hoathly SussexDaughter
61-159Emily STONER3West Hoathly SussexDaughter
61-159Eliza Leopard Leppard1West Hoathly SussexDaughter
61-160Woolavington Rectory, Woolavington Sussex
61-160James STONER60Woolavington SussexBoarder
61-161Worth Sussex
61-161William H Stora - Stoner27Westminster MiddlesexLodger (u)
61-161Emily Stover - Stoner5Worth SussexGranddaughter
61-162Aldenham Hertfordshire
61-162James Honer58Stanmore, Middlesex Head
61-163Aldershot Kent
61-163T Stover24Longeaton, Derbyshire Soldier
61-164Alderwasley Derbyshire
61-164John Stover76Crich, Derbyshire Boarder
61-164Elizabeth Stover58Barton Made Needwood, Staffordshire Head
61-164George Stover32Crich, Derbyshire Lodger
61-164Jonathan Stover31Alder Wasley, Derbyshire Son
61-164Joseph Stover30Alder Wasley, Derbyshire Son
61-164Ann Stover24Fairfield, Derbyshire Daughter
61-164Robert Stover20Alder Wasley, Derbyshire Son
61-164Frederick Stover1Alder Wasley, Derbyshire Grandson
61-164John Edward Stover1Alder Wasley, Derbyshire Grandson
61-165Alfreton Derbyshire
61-165Thomas Stover6Meshaw, Derbyshire Grandson
61-166Alnwick Northumberland
61-166Edward A Stover34Hepple, Northumberland Head
61-167Alverstoke Hampshire
61-167Alfred STONER27Brighton SussexHead
61-167Matilda J STONER25Salisbury, Hampshire Wife
61-167Helen M STONER1Salisbury, Hampshire Daughter
61-168Alwoodley Yorkshire
61-168Mary STONER60Addle cum Eccup, Yorkshire Sister Visitor (m)Farmers Wife
61-169Ardsley Yorkshire
61-169George STONER45Gargrave, Yorkshire Head
61-169Elizabeth STONER41Shafdon, Yorkshire Wife
61-169Thomas F STONER12Ardsley, Yorkshire Son
61-169Joseph STONER10Ardsley, Yorkshire Son
61-169James STONER8Ardsley, Yorkshire Son
61-169William STONER6Ardsley, Yorkshire Son
61-169Benjamin STONER4Ardsley, Yorkshire Son
61-169Henry STONER2Ardsley, Yorkshire Son
61-170Armthorpe Yorkshire
61-170Samuel Stones76Armthorpe, Yorkshire Head (w)
61-171Arnold Nottinghamshire
61-171John Turner38Heanor, Derbyshire Head
61-171Mary Turner38Woodborough, Nottinghamshire Wife
61-171Sandford Turner9Arnold, Nottinghamshire Son
61-171Benjamin Turner2Arnold, Nottinghamshire Son
61-171Elizabeth Stone60Heanor, Derbyshire Mother
61-172Ashton under Lyne 1 Lancashire
61-172Elizabeth Riley51Ireland Head (w)
61-172Caroline Riley31Hyde, Cheshire Daughter (w)
61-172Sarah A Riley26Dukinfield, Cheshire Daughter
61-172James Riley23Dukinfield, Cheshire Son
61-172Sophia Riley21Ashton Under Lyne, Lancashire Daughter (m)
61-172William Riley19Dukinfield, Cheshire Son (m)
61-172Thomas Stones - Stoner4Ashton Under Lyne, Lancashire Grandson
61-172Elizabeth Riley1Ashton Under Lyne, Lancashire Granddaughter
61-173Ashton under Lyne 9 Lancashire
61-173Law Stoney49Huddersfield, Yorkshire Head
61-173Mary Stoney48Ashton U, Lancashire Wife
61-173Joank Stoney14Longton, Staffordshire Son
61-173Mary Stoney13Mossley, Lancashire Daughter
61-174Aston Warwickshire
61-174Elizabeth Stover34Yardley, Worcestershire Wife
61-174William Stover32Micklever, Derbyshire Head
61-174William Stover32Micklever, Derbyshire Head
61-174Ellen Stover5B'ham, Warwickshire Daughter
61-174Rosa Stover3B'ham, Warwickshire Daughter
61-174William Stover1Saltley, Warwickshire Son
61-174William Stover1Saltley, Warwickshire Son
61-175Attercliffe and Darnall Yorkshire
61-175George STONER22Clown, Derbyshire Head
61-176Aylesbury Buckinghamshire
61-176Elizabeth STONER80Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire Lodger
61-177Banstead Surrey
61-177Peter STONER25Horsham SussexSon-in-law
61-177Selina STONER23Watton SurreyDaughter
61-177Henry STONER5Banstead SurreyGrandson
61-178Barking Essex
61-178Joseph Stone73Barking, Essex HeadBlacksmith
61-178Louisa Stone67Barking, Essex Wife
61-178Mary Ann Abbott31Barking, Essex Daughter
61-178Mary Elizabeth Stone9Barking, Essex Granddaughter
61-179Barnsley Yorkshire
61-179Ann STONER63Barnsley, Yorkshire Head
61-179William STONER24Barnsley, Yorkshire Son
61-179James W STONER17Barnsley, Yorkshire Son
61-180Basford Nottinghamshire
61-180Henry Stones34St Marys, Nottinghamshire HeadBrickmaker
61-180Ann Stones32St Marys, Nottinghamshire Wife
61-180Henry Stones12St Marys, Nottinghamshire Son
61-180Eliza Stones6St Marys, Nottinghamshire Daughter
61-180Harriett Stones4Mapperley Hill, Nottinghamshire Daughter
61-180William Stones2Mapperley Hill, Nottinghamshire Son
61-180Mary Ann Stones1Mapperley Hill, Nottinghamshire Daughter
61-181Batcombe Dorset
61-181William Stinar64Batcombe, Dorset Head
61-181Ruth Stinar54Batcombe, Dorset Wife
61-182Batley Yorkshire
61-182Mary Hartley75Batley, Yorkshire Wife
61-182William Hartley65Batley, Yorkshire Head
61-182James Spence30Batley, Yorkshire Head
61-182Susan Spence30Batley, Yorkshire Wife
61-182Martha Armitage14Batley, Yorkshire Niece
61-183Battersea 157) 25 The Grove, Falcon Rd Surrey
61-183Jesse STONER30Brighton SussexHead
61-183Maria STONER30Crowley SussexWife
61-183Jesse T STONER10Brighton SussexSon
61-183Annie M STONER8Brighton SussexDaughter
61-183Clara E STONER4Brighton SussexDaughter
61-183George E STONER1Brighton SussexSon
61-184Beauworth Hampshire
61-184Samuel STONER66Beauworth, Hampshire Head
61-185Beauworth x Hampshire
61-185Mary Browning73Cheriton, Hampshire Wife
61-185James Browning63Cheriton, Hampshire Head
61-186Bebington Cheshire
61-186Mary STONER39Norton, Derbyshire Wife
61-186Henry STONER35Birmingham, Warwickshire HeadFile Cutter
61-186Henry STONER7Sheffield, Yorkshire Son
61-187Belper Derbyshire
61-187William Stone37Belper, Derbyshire HeadNail Maker
61-187Ruth Stone36Belper, Derbyshire Wife
61-187Agnes AStone13Belper, Derbyshire DaughterFactory Girl
61-187John Stone10Belper, Derbyshire SonFactory Girl
61-187Martha Stone7Belper, Derbyshire DaughterScholar
61-187Samuel Stone5Belper, Derbyshire SonScholar
61-187Mary Stone2Belper, Derbyshire Daughter
61-187Emiler Stone0.25Belper, Derbyshire Daughter
61-188Betchworth Kent
61-188Henry STONER24Cuckfield SussexHead
61-188Sarah STONER22Dorking SurreyWife
61-188John STONER1Betchworth SurreySon
61-189Bethnal Green Middlesex
61-189Riosa Stiner42Hungary, Hungary Wife
61-189James Staner21Barbican Nephew
61-190Bethnal Green 1 Middlesex
61-190James STONER52Stamford Hill, Middlesex Head
61-190Ann STONER46Milton St, Middlesex Wife
61-190William STONER12Shoreditch, Middlesex Son
61-190Clara STONER9Shoreditch, Middlesex Daughter
61-190Thomas STONER5Bethnal Green, Middlesex Son
61-190James STONER3Bethnla Green, Middlesex Son
61-191Bethnal Green 9 Middlesex
61-191Charlotte Sheen25Shoreditch MiddlesexLodger (m)Shoe Binder
61-192Bewerley x Yorkshire
61-192Ann Stoney67Pateley YorkshireHead (u)FormerlyLodging House Keeper
61-193Bewerley y Yorkshire
61-193William Stones42Bewerley, Yorkshire Head
61-193Grace Stones36Bewerley, Yorkshire Wife
61-193Mary Ann Stones10Bewerley, Yorkshire Daughter
61-193George W Stones2Bewerley, Yorkshire Son
61-194Bexley Kent
61-194James Stones68Hendolvestone, Norfolk HeadLicensed Victualler - Kings Head
61-194Frances A Stones52Welling KentWife
61-194Harriet Stones19Welling KentDaughter
61-194Alfred Stones14Welling KentSon
61-194George Stones11L J Fields, London Visitor
61-195Bilston Staffordshire
61-195Samuel Lloyd Stower22Winshem, Somerset Lodger
61-195Mary E S Lloyd Stower18Manchester, Lancashire Lodger
61-195James S Stower2Manchester, Lancashire Lodger
61-195Margaret Stower1Walsall, Staffordshire
61-196Bilton with Harrogate Yorkshire
61-196William U STONER59Harrogate, Yorkshire Head
61-196Margaret STONER56Harrogate, Yorkshire Wife
61-197Birmingham Warwickshire
61-197Sampson Staner60Smethwick, Cornwall Head
61-197Ann Staner51Gnosall, Staffordshire Wife
61-197Mary Plover35Werfield, Shropshire Wife
61-197William Plover35Kingsnorth, Worcestershire Head
61-197James Stover31Stoke Golding, Liechtenstein Head
61-197Rebecca Stover30Stoke Golding, Liechtenstein Wife
61-197Emily Honer27Birming, Warwickshire Servant
61-197Mary Ann Staner19Kent Daughter
61-197Lucy Stover15Birmingham, Warwickshire Servant
61-197Mary Stover10Birmm, Warwickshire Adopted Child
61-197Thomas Stower9Birmingham, Warwickshire Grandson
61-197Elizth Plover7Birmm, Warwickshire Daughter
61-197John T Stover1Birmingham Son
61-197William Plover1Birmm, Warwickshire Son
61-197??? Plover0 Birmm, Warwickshire Son
61-198Birmingham 8 Warwickshire
61-198Robert Stover62Lichfield, Staffordshire HeadStone Mason
61-198Susannah Stover60Harwel, Oxfordshire Wife
61-198Hannah Warner38Lichfield, Staffordshire Visitor (m)
61-198George Stover19Lichfield, Staffordshire Son
61-199Birmingham 9 Warwickshire
61-199William STONER52Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire Head
61-199Elizabeth STONER44Westmeath, Shropshire Wife
61-199Mary STONER23Birmingham, Warwickshire Boarder
61-199Ellen Eva STONER7West Bromwich, Staffordshire Daughter
61-199Fredk A STONER5West Bromwich, Staffordshire Son
61-199Henry M STONER3Birmingham, Warwickshire Son Boarder
61-199Agnes STONER1Birmingham, Warwickshire Daur Boarder