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Note that apart from those for my direct line I hold few certificates and the information shown is therefore not fully researched
It is meant to be an aid and simply indicates where I would look if following a line
Home ~~~~ 1861 census file 2 ~~~~ Help
Note that apart from those for my direct line I hold few certificates and the information shown is therefore not fully researched
It is meant to be an aid and simply indicates where I would look if following a line
61-200Bishopside Yorkshire
61-200John Storner59Pately, Yorkshire Head (u)
61-200Benjamin Storner47Pately, Yorkshire Brother (u)
61-201Bishopwearmouth 200) 12 Bedford Street, Sunderland Durham
61-201John N STONER22Hurstpierpoint SussexHead (u)Surgeon Dentists Assistant
61-202Blackburn Lancashire
61-202Ann STONER37Lamad, Lancashire Wife
61-202Joseph STONER28Ramsgrave, Lancashire Head
61-202Elizth STONER11Preston, Lancashire Daughter
61-202Alice STONER8Blackburn, Lancashire Daughter
61-202Margaret STONER5Blackburn, Lancashire Daughter
61-202Joseph STONER1Blackburn, Lancashire Son
61-203Blatchinworth with Calderbrook Lancashire
61-203John Stover32Middleton, Derbyshire Head
61-203Priscilla Stover29Cheadle, Cheshire Wife
61-203Martha Ann Stover5Rochdale, Lancashire Daughter
61-203Elizh Stover3Rochdale, Lancashire Daughter
61-203Eliza Stover1Rochdale, Lancashire Daughter
61-204Boston Lincolnshire
61-204Jacob Stower25Winshand, Somerset Head
61-204Susannah Stower24Boston, Lincolnshire Wife
61-205Bow Old Ford Middlesex
61-205Fanny Stover24Desford, Leicestershire Visitor
61-206Bowling Yorkshire
61-206Hannah STONER40Pately Bridge, Yorkshire Wife
61-206John STONER40Pately Bridge, Yorkshire Head
61-206Thomas STONER13Bradford, Yorkshire Son
61-206Hannah STONER10Bradford, Yorkshire Daughter
61-206David STONER19Bradford, Yorkshire Nephew
61-206James STONER17Bradford, Yorkshire Nephew
61-207Boxley Kent
61-207John Stornes56Thornham KentHeadAg Lab
61-207Harriett Stornes49Thornham KentWife
61-208Bradford 1 - West End Yorkshire
61-208Elizabeth Stonar - Stoner25Bradford, Yorkshire Boarder (u)Worsted Weaver
61-208Maria Stonar - Stoner52Eastby, Yorkshire Head (w)
61-208Alfred Stonar - Stoner15Bradford, Yorkshire Son
61-209Bradford 2 Hannah Gate Yorkshire
61-209Jane STONER55Rigton, Yorkshire Head (w)Proprietor of Houses
61-209Mary Ann STONER19Bradford, Yorkshire DaughterDomestic Servant
61-209Annie STONER16Bradford, Yorkshire DaughterBonnet Maker
61-210Bradford 3 Tumbling Hill Street Yorkshire
61-210Rosamond STONER53Horton, Yorkshire Head (w)House Proprietor
61-211Bradford 4 Yorkshire
61-211William STONER38Patley Bridge, Yorkshire Head
61-211Ann STONER36Hunslit, Yorkshire Wife
61-212Bradford 6 Yorkshire
61-212Emma STONER22Bfd, Yorkshire Wife
61-212John W STONER22Leeds, Yorkshire Head
61-213Bradford 8 Yorkshire
61-213Sarah Hills71Allerton, Yorkshire Wife
61-213Joshua Hills70Bolton, Yorkshire Head
61-213Thomas Stonar - Stoner20Bradford, Yorkshire Grandson
61-213Jane Stonar - Stoner18Bradford, Yorkshire Granddaughter
61-214Brewood Staffordshire
61-214Thomas Storer66Mickleover, Derbyshire Head
61-214Amelia Storer62Mickleover, Derbyshire Wife
61-214Anne Storer26Mickleover, Derbyshire Daughter
61-214William T Storer17Gailey, Staffordshire Son
61-215Bridport Dorset
61-215Emily Stower25Bridport, Dorset Servant
61-215William Stower24Bridport, Dorset Servant
61-215Lydia Stower5Bridport, Dorset Daughter
61-215Edward Stower3Bridport, Dorset Son
61-216Briercliffe with Extwistle Lancashire
61-216Mary Honer55Trawden, Lancashire Wife
61-216James Honer51Lynton, Yorkshire Head
61-217Brinkburn South Side Northumberland
61-217Jane Stover56Morpeth, Northumberland Head (w)Farmer of 2/3 acres
61-217William G Stover18Brinkburn, Northumberland SonManager of Farm
61-217Barbara Stover23Brinkburn, Northumberland Daughter
61-217Jane Stover22Brinkburn, Northumberland Daughter
61-217Mary Robinson25Brinkburn, Northumberland Daughter (m)
61-218Bristol St Philip and St Jacob Gloucestershire
61-218George Stover36Bristol, St Philip Head
61-218Eliza Stover34Bristol, St Philip Wife
61-218Martha Ann Stower24Yeovil, Somerset Sister-in-law
61-218George Stover14Bristol, St Philip Son
61-218William Stover11Bristol, St Philip Son
61-218William Stover11Bristol, St Philip Son
61-218Eliza Stover10Bristol, St Philip Daughter
61-218Elijah Stover7Leicestershire Son
61-218Nathaniel Stover3Bristol, St Philip Son
61-219Broughton Lancashire
61-219Marianne Stover17Wickleover, Derbyshire Servant
61-220Burton Extra Staffordshire
61-220Fanny STONER23Tutbury, Staffordshire WifeLabourer
61-220Fras STONER22Newhall, Derbyshire Head
61-220Harriett STONER1Tutbury, Staffordshire Daughter
61-221Bury Lancashire
61-221Henrietta Stonehewer13Lancashire Servant
61-222Bury St Edmunds St James Suffolk
61-222Frederic Thuer22Bury St Edmunds Lodger
61-223Butley Cheshire
61-223Rebecca STONER61Burton-Upon-Trent, Staffordshire Mother-in-law (w)
61-223James Heyer25Bollington Prestbury, Cheshire Head
61-223Ann Hoyer25Tutbury, Staffordshire Wife
61-223Sarah Hoyer3Bollington Prestbury, Cheshire Daughter
61-223Robert Hoyer1Bollington Prestbury, Cheshire Son
61-224Byfleet Surrey
61-224Israel Honer56Pirbright SurreyBoarder
61-225Camberwell St Giles Surrey
61-225Henry STONER59Cowfold SussexHead
61-225Martha STONER58Wincanton, Somerset Wife
61-225George STONER24Camberwell SurreySon
61-225Henry J STONER22Camberwell SurreySon
61-225Ellen STONER19Camberwell SurreyServant
61-225Helen STONER18Camberwell SurreyDaughter
61-225Elizabeth A STONER15Camberwell SurreyDaughter
61-226Camberwell St Giles 1 Surrey
61-226Mary A STONER31Hamer Ditton SurreyWife
61-226William STONER31Camberwell SurreyHead
61-226William G STONER8Camberwell SurreySon
61-226Henry J STONER7Camberwell SurreySon
61-226Alfred STONER1Camberwell SurreySon
61-227Catherington Hampshire
61-227Elizabeth Staner67Catherington, Hampshire Head
61-227Mary A Staner30Catherington, Hampshire Daughter
61-227James Staner12Southsea, Hampshire Grandson
61-227George Staner10Southsea, Hampshire Grandson
61-227Mary A Staner8Southsea, Hampshire Granddaughter
61-227Ellen Staner6Southsea, Hampshire Granddaughter
61-227Elizabeth Staner3Southsea, Hampshire Granddaughter
61-227Anne Staner1Southsea, Hampshire Granddaughter
61-228Chaffcombe Somerset
61-228John Stower43Cudworth, Somerset Head
61-228Sarah Stower42Ilminster, Somerset Wife
61-228Geo Stower19Chaffcombe, Somerset Son
61-228Emma Stower15Chaffcombe, Somerset Daughter
61-228Robert Stower13Chaffcombe, Somerset Son
61-228Job Stower11Chaffcombe, Somerset Son
61-228Walter Stower6Chaffcombe, Somerset Son
61-228Simeon Stower4Chaffcombe, Somerset Son
61-228Mark Stower2Chaffcombe, Somerset Son
61-229Chard Somerset
61-229Charlotte Stower71Dowlish Wake, Somerset
61-230Charlton Mackrell Somerset
61-230James Stower66Charlton Mackrell, Somerset Head
61-230Mary Stower63Lydford, Somerset Wife
61-230Jane Stower40Charlton Adam, Somerset Daughter
61-231Cheadle Mill Lane Staffordshire
61-231Elizabeth Stones67Cheddleton StaffordshireWife
61-231Thomas Stones53Cheadle StaffordshireHeadMarine Store Dealer
61-232Cheetham Lancashire
61-232George Stover38Derby, Derbyshire Visitor
61-232Martha Stover30Derby, Derbyshire Visitor
61-232Robert C Stoney35East Wickham, Hertfordshire Head
61-232Catharine L Stoney33Norwich, Norfolk Wife
61-232Robert Stoney9Salford, Lancashire Son
61-232John Edwd Stoney7Salford, Lancashire Son
61-232Louisa Stoney3Manchester, Lancashire Daughter
61-232Henry Stoney2Manchester, Lancashire Son
61-233Chelsea 8 Middlesex
61-233Louisa Robinson40Westr, Middlesex Wife
61-233George Robinson38Newport Pagnal, Buckinghamshire HeadCarpenter
61-233Tom B Staner - Stoner16Lambeth SurreySon
61-233Edwin I Staner - Stoner14Lambeth SurreySon
61-234Chelsea x Middlesex
61-234Charles P Loxley28Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire Head
61-234Sophia B Loxley27Lambeth SurreyWife
61-234Lousia E Loxley3Chelsea, Middlesex Daughter
61-235Cheltenham Gloucestershire
61-235Henry Stoner STONER TROUGHTON5London, Middlesex Son
61-235George Stoner STONER TROUGHTON4London, Middlesex Son
61-235Charley Stoner STONER TROUGHTON3London, Middlesex Son
61-236Cheriton Kent
61-236Lawrence Plover29Roscommon, Ireland
61-237Cheriton 1 Hampshire
61-237George STONER34Beanworth, Hampshire Brother-in-law (u)Ag Lab
61-237Charlotte STONER29Bridport, Hampshire Head (w)Shepherd Widow
61-237Mary STONER7Tichborne, Hampshire Daughter
61-238Cheriton 2 Hampshire
61-238Lucy STONER35Old Alresford, Hampshire Wife
61-238John STONER34Cheriton, Hampshire Head
61-238Louise STONER15Tichborne, Hampshire Daughter
61-238James STONER9Beauworth, Hampshire Son
61-238Eliza STONER7Cheriton, Hampshire Daughter
61-238Elizabeth STONER5Cheriton, Hampshire Daughter
61-238William STONER3Cheriton, Hampshire Son
61-238Mary STONER1Cheriton, Hampshire Daughter
61-239Chiddingfold Coomb Court Surrey
61-239John STONER49Thowton, Nottinghamshire Head (m)Clergyman
61-240Chillington Somerset
61-240Thomas Stower44Cudworth Head
61-240Emma Stower34Buckland St Mary Wife
61-240Sabina Stower10Aeech St Michall Daughter
61-240John Henry Stower8Dougatt Son
61-240Susan Emma Stower6Aeech St Michall Daughter
61-240Robert Dolling Stower3Henlade Son
61-240James Stower1Chillington Son
61-241Chilvers Coton Warwickshire
61-241Thomas Storer30Chilvers Coto, Warwickshire Head
61-241Susan Storer29Nuneaton, Warwickshire Wife
61-241William Storer3Cloton, Warwickshire Son
61-241Thomas Storer0 Cloton, Warwickshire Son
61-242Chisel Borough Somerset
61-242Edgar Robert Stower31Chisel Borough, Somerset Head
61-242George Stower26Yeovil, Somerset Brother
61-243Chobham Surrey
61-243Richard Honer64Pirbright SurreyHead
61-243Hannah Honer52Worplesdon SurreyWife
61-243John Honer31Pirbright SurreySon
61-243Harriet Honer29Pirbright SurreyDaughter
61-243Richard Honer8Pirbright SurreyGrandson
61-244Chorlton upon Medlock Lancashire
61-244Mary Stover30Stoke, Worcestershire Wife
61-244Henry Stover28Newsham, Derbyshire Head
61-245Christchurch Hampshire
61-245Louisa Stone32Christchurch HampshireHead (u)Fuser chain Maker
61-245Harry BStone8Christchurch HampshireSonScholar
61-246Church Stretton Shropshire
61-246James R Honer28Church Stretton Head
61-246Harriet F Honer27Leebotwood Wife
61-246Jemima Honer11Corfton, Shropshire Apprentice
61-247Clayworth Nottinghamshire
61-247Harriet Stover56Bawtry, Yorkshire Head
61-247Joanna Stover54Clayworth, Nottinghamshire Sister
61-248Clerkenwell Middlesex
61-248Charles P Stower53Cambridgeshire Lodger
61-248Mary AnnStonyer40Wateringbury KentWife
61-248John Stonyer39W Bromwich StaffordshireHeadMillwright
61-248Benjamin Stover34Midlands, St Marylebone Head
61-248Ellen Stover27Midlands, St Marylebone Wife
61-248Susannah STONER25Shoreditch, Warwickshire Servant
61-248Robert P Staner17St Danetans West Lodger
61-248John RStonyer6Clerkenwell MiddlesexSon
61-248Elizabeth Stover2Midlands, St Marylebone Daughter
61-248Ellen Stover0 Midlands, Clerkenwell Daughter
61-249St Marylebone Middlesex
61-249Anne Stonum64 IrelandPauper (u)Servant
61-250Clerkenwell St James Middlesex
61-250John Stonum50Portsmouth HampshireServant (?)Journeyman Baker
61-251Clifton Gloucestershire
61-251Anna Stover13Bristol
61-252Colchester St Botolph Essex
61-252John Stover26Stoke, Staffordshire
61-253Colchester St Martin Essex
61-253Elizabeth Stower19Ramsey, Essex Servant
61-254Coleorton Leicestershire
61-254John Stower63Thringstone, Leicestershire Head
61-255Congleton Cheshire
61-255Mary A Stonehewer6Cheshire Granddaughter
61-256Coventry Holy Trinity Warwickshire
61-256George Stover29Foleshill, Warwickshire Head
61-256Ann Stover25Foleshill, Warwickshire Wife
61-256William A Stover1Coventry, Warwickshire Son
61-256William A Stover1Coventry, Warwickshire Son
61-257Crewkerne Somerset
61-257Mary Stower67Crewkerne, Somerset Mother-in-law
61-257James Stower59Crewkerne, Somerset Head
61-257Ann Stower30Brighton Daughter
61-258Crich Derbyshire
61-258Thomas STONER39Holloway, Derbyshire Head (w) LodgerWood Cutter
61-259Crigglestone Yorkshire
61-259Elizabeth Honer - Stoner50Scotland HeadGrocer
61-259Richard Honer - Stoner15Sandal, Yorkshire SonCoal Miner
61-259Sarah A Honer - Stoner13Sandal, Yorkshire DaughterScholar
61-260Cromford Derbyshire
61-260Joseph Stover43Cromford, Derbyshire Head
61-260Mary A Stover39Cromford, Derbyshire Wife
61-260Richard Stover9Cromford, Derbyshire Son
61-260Ann Stover5Cromford, Derbyshire Daughter
61-260Mary Stover3Cromford, Derbyshire Daughter
61-261Croydon Surrey
61-261Frances STONER41Reading Beeding SussexServant (u)Housekeeper
61-262Croydon 1 Surrey
61-262Elizabeth Hall60Cuckfield SussexHead (w)Retired - Ind
61-262Augusta Woodness38Calcutta Tutor (u)Tutor
61-262Maria Hall28Mersham SurreyNiece (u)
61-263Cudworth Somerset
61-263Thomas Stower80Dowlish Head
61-263Grace Stower74Cudworth Wife
61-263Jemima Stower70North Cary Head
61-263Sarah Stower60Cudworth Lodger
61-263Eli Stower47Cudworth Son
61-263Isace Stower36Cudworth Head
61-263Anna Stower34Chillington Wife
61-263Elan Stower11Chillington Daughter
61-263Anthoney Stower6Cudworth Son
61-263Arthur Stower3Cudworth Son
61-264Dawdon Durham
61-264Isabella STONER17Seaham, Durham Servant
61-265Deptford St Paul 1 Kent
61-265Thomas STONER73Deptford KentHeadDealer in Coke
61-265Frances STONER70Deptford KentWife
61-266Deptford St Paul 2 Kent
61-266John STONER42Deptford KentHead
61-266Elizabeth STONER33Reading, Berkshire Wife
61-266Jane STONER9Briston SurreyNiece
61-267Derby - All Saints 1 Derbyshire
61-267Henry Stover38Derby, Derbyshire Head
61-267Lydia Stover36Nottinghamshire Wife
61-267Sarah A Stover15Heage, Derbyshire Daughter
61-267Harriet Stover13Heage, Derbyshire Daughter
61-267Rosannah Stover11Derby, Derbyshire Daughter
61-267George Stover9Derby, Derbyshire Son
61-267Mary A Stover3Derby, Derbyshire Daughter
61-268Derby - All Saints 2 Derbyshire
61-268Charles Stover33Derby, Derbyshire Head
61-268Elizabeth B Stover29Aston, Derbyshire Wife
61-269Derby - All Saints 3 Derbyshire
61-269Robert Stover24Whitby, Yorkshire Assistant
61-270Derby - St Alkmund 1 Derbyshire
61-270John Storer50Derby, Derbyshire HeadSpar Worker
61-270Mary Storer47Derby, Derbyshire Wife
61-270Henry Storer18Derby, Derbyshire SonSpar Worker
61-270Sarah Storer15Derby, Derbyshire DaughterSilk Winder
61-270Isaac Storer13Derby, Derbyshire Son
61-270Joseph Storer11Derby, Derbyshire Son
61-270Emily Storer8Derby, Derbyshire Daughter
61-270Mary Storer5Derby, Derbyshire Daughter
61-271Desford Leicestershire
61-271Sarah Storer31Desford, Leicestershire Head (w)Stitcher of Gloves
61-271Eliza J Storer5Desford, Leicestershire Daughter
61-271Julia Storer2Desford, Leicestershire Daughter
61-271Elizabeth Storer0.66Desford, Leicestershire Daughter
61-272Ditchingham 1 Norfolk
61-272Mary Stone44Ditchingham, Norfolk Head
61-272Edward Stone19Norwich, Norfolk Son
61-272John Stone17Ditchingham, Norfolk Son
61-272Fredrick Stone11Ditchingham, Norfolk Son
61-272James Stone9Ditchingham, Norfolk Son
61-272Mary Ann Stone5Ditchingham, Norfolk Daughter
61-272Emma Stone0 Ditchingham, Norfolk Daughter
61-273Ditchingham 2 Norfolk
61-273Mary Stone58Ditchingham, Norfolk Wife
61-273Thomas Stone47Ditchingham, Norfolk Head
61-274Doncaster Yorkshire
61-274Harriet Stones - Stoner20Armthorpe YorkshireServant (u)
61-275Dorking Surrey
61-275Frances STONER22Horsham SussexServant
61-276Dorking 2 Surrey
61-276James Tidy52Dorking SurreyHeadBricklayer
61-276Fanny Tidy54Horsham SussexWife
61-276Thomas Tidy31Dorking SurreySonBricklayer
61-276Sarah Tidy29Dorking SurreyDaughterLaundress
61-277Drayton Bassett Staffordshire
61-277Josiah Stover41Drayton, Staffordshire Head
61-277Sarah Stover35Drayton, Staffordshire Wife
61-277Charles Stover16Fazeley, Staffordshire Son
61-277Emma Stover10Kingsbury, Warwickshire Daughter
61-277Alice Stover7Drayton, Staffordshire Daughter
61-277Roseanna Stover5Drayton, Staffordshire Daughter
61-277Ann Stover3Fazeley, Staffordshire Daughter
61-277Ellen Stover0 Drayton, Staffordshire Daughter
61-278Duloe Cornwall
61-278Mary Cole50 IrelandWife
61-278Steven Cole36Duloe CornwallHeadAg Lab
61-278Sarah Stone23Poltimore DevonStepdaughter
61-278Jane S Cole10Duloe CornwallDaughter
61-279Ealing Berkshire
61-279William STONER13 SurreyPupil
61-280Ecclesall Bierlow 1 Yorkshire
61-280John Charles STONER28Sheffield YorkshireHeadSaw & Edge Tool Manufacturer
61-280Mary A STONER27Sheffield YorkshireWife
61-280Kate E STONER4Sheffield YorkshireDaughter
61-280John C STONER2Sheffield YorkshireSon
61-280Jane A STONER0 Sheffield YorkshireDaughter
61-280George Hy STONER12Sheffield YorkshireBrotherSaw Maker Apprentice
61-281Ecclesall Bierlow 2 Yorkshire
61-281John STONER71Heeley YorkshireHeadBrush Maker
61-281Ann STONER66Worksop NottinghamshireWife
61-281Thomas Stones61Sheffield YorkshireSpring Knife Cutler
61-281Mary Stones68Sheffield Yorkshire
61-282Ecclesall Bierlow y Yorkshire
61-282Sussana Stonne22 DerbyshireServant
61-283Ecclesall Bierlow 9 Yorkshire
61-283Ann Stones39Sheffield YorkshireWife
61-283Henry Stones37Sheffield YorkshireHead
61-283Sarah Stones12Sheffield YorkshireDaughter
61-283Elizabeth Stones11Sheffield YorkshireDaughter
61-283John Henry Stones7Sheffield YorkshireSon
61-284Ecclesall Bierlow x Yorkshire
61-284Joseph Stones45Armthorpe Head
61-284Mary Stones39Sheffield YorkshireWife
61-284Ann Stones19 YorkshireDaughter
61-284John Stones19Sheffield YorkshireSon
61-284Joseph Stones17 YorkshireSon
61-284Elizabeth Stones8 YorkshireDaughter
61-284Tom B Stones6 YorkshireSon
61-284James H Stones1 YorkshireSon
61-285Eccleston Lancashire
61-285Jane Plover22St Helens, Lancashire Servant
61-286Eckington & Mosborough Derbyshire
61-286Rachael Stones69Killamarsh DerbyshireBoarder (w)Midwife
61-287Edgbaston Warwickshire
61-287Charlotte Stover50Birmingham Wife
61-287William Stover46Drayton Bassett, Staffordshire Head
61-287William Stover46Drayton Bassett, Staffordshire Head
61-287Francis W Stover20Birmingham Son
61-287Charlotte Stover17Birmingham Daughter
61-287Fanny E Stover11Birmingham Daughter
61-287Theresa Stover8Edgbaston Daughter
61-288Edington Somerset
61-288Mary Stower64Butleigh Head
61-288Maria Honer59Erle Stoke, Wiltshire Head
61-288Clara Honer24Edington, Wiltshire Daughter
61-288Anna Maria Honer20Edington, Wiltshire Daughter
61-289Elvington Yorkshire
61-289William Stones29Eastoft Head
61-289Mary E Stones27Garthorpe Wife
61-289Charlotte Stones3Fiddington Daughter
61-290Enfield Berkshire Essex
61-290Michal STONER14Birmingham, Warwickshire BoarderGun Smith
61-291Epsom Kent
61-291Harriet Staner33Slaugham SurreyServant
61-292Everton Lancashire
61-292Edward Stower31Derbyshire Head
61-292Francis Stower28Ashby De La Youche Wife
61-292Joseph STONER5Derbyshire Son
61-292Elizth STONER2Ashby De La Youche Daughter
61-293Farndon Nottinghamshire
61-293Charlotte Storner41Collingham, Nottinghamshire Head (w)
61-293Joseph Storner14Farndon, Nottinghamshire Son
61-293Edward Storner13Farndon, Nottinghamshire Son
61-293Thomas Storner9Farndon, Nottinghamshire Son
61-294Farnworth Lancashire
61-294John Stones68Farnworth, Lancashire HeadFarmer
61-294William Riley17Farnworth, Lancashire GrandsonSpindle Turner
61-294John Riley15Farnworth, Lancashire GrandsonSpindle Turner
61-295Farringdon Hampshire
61-295Elizabeth Stoneer - Stoner44 HampshireWife
61-295James Stoneer - Stoner43Cheriton HampshireHeadPublican
61-295Mary Stoneer - Stoner4Newton Valance HampshireDaughter
61-296Field Dalling Norfolk
61-296William Stonex43Field Dalling, Norfolk Head
61-296Richard Stonex19Clay, Norfolk Nephew
61-297Field Dalling 1 Norfolk
61-297John Stonex45Field Dalling, Norfolk Head
61-297John Stonex20Field Dalling, Norfolk Son
61-297Lucy Stonex18Field Dalling, Norfolk Daughter
61-297William Stonex14Field Dalling, Norfolk Son
61-298Fisherton Anger Wiltshire
61-298Mary Ann Stiner18Dorset Servant
61-299Foleshill Warwickshire
61-299Joseph Plover80Wolvey, Warwickshire Inmate