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Note that apart from those for my direct line I hold few certificates and the information shown is therefore not fully researched
It is meant to be an aid and simply indicates where I would look if following a line
Home ~~~~ 1861 census file 3 ~~~~ Help
Note that apart from those for my direct line I hold few certificates and the information shown is therefore not fully researched
It is meant to be an aid and simply indicates where I would look if following a line
61-300Fradley Staffordshire
61-300William Storer90Doveridge, Derbyshire Head
61-300Fanny Storer85Rollaston, Derbyshire Wife
61-300Catherine Storer36Fradley, Staffordshire
61-300Harriett Storer18Fradley, Staffordshire Servant
61-301Fradley 1 Staffordshire
61-301Mary Storer44Coton, Derbyshire Wife
61-301Charles Storer38Drayton Bassett, Staffordshire Head
61-301Jane Storer13Alrewas, Staffordshire Daughter
61-301Hannah Storer7Alrewas, Staffordshire Daughter
61-301George Storer3Alrewas, Staffordshire Son
61-301Charles Storer1Alrewas, Staffordshire Son
61-302Fressingfield Suffolk
61-302John Saver Storer42Tannington SuffolkHeadHawker
61-302Ellen Saver Storer28Fressingfield SuffolkWife
61-302Alice Saver Storer4Fressingfield SuffolkDaughter
61-302Walter Saver Storer2Fressingfield SuffolkSon
61-302Anna Saver Storer0.5 Fressingfield SuffolkDaughter
61-303Friary Kent
61-303James Shepard74Chobham SurreyWifes Father
61-303Catherine STONER33Worth SussexWife
61-303George STONER31Staugham SussexHead
61-303Alfred Stilwell12Farnham SurreyStepson
61-303Catherine Stilwell9Farnham SurreyStep Daughter
61-303Eliza STONER1Guildford SurreyDaughter
61-304Friskney Lincolnshire
61-304Robert STONER57Roughton, Lincolnshire HeadFarmer
61-304James STONER25Woodhall, Lincolnshire Son
61-305Gargrave 118) Gargrave Yorkshire
61-305Betsy STONER62Gargrave, Yorkshire Head (w)Bread Baker
61-305John STONER20Gargrave, Yorkshire Son (u)Railway Labourer
61-306Gargrave 2 Yorkshire
61-306Sarah Stoney - Stoner75 IrelandHead (w)Grocer
61-306Joseph Stoney - Stoner18Chapel Thorpe, Yorkshire Grandson
61-306Frances Mary Stoney - Stoner15Gargrave, Yorkshire Granddaughter
61-307Gateshead Durham
61-307Mary A Stover50Morpeth, Northumberland Visitor
61-308Gillingham Kent
61-308Sarah Stones38 IrelandWife
61-308William Stones37Barrington, Derbyshire Head
61-308James Stones19St Margarets, Leicestershire Patient
61-308Ellen Stones1Chichester SussexDaughter
61-309Gravesend Kent
61-309Elizabeth STONER14Chelsea, Middlesex Niece - of Samuel & Eliza GRANT (1821)
61-310Great Baddow Essex
61-310Martha Staner58Deptford KentWife
61-310Joseph Staner56Stock, Essex Head
61-311Great Bolton Lancashire
61-311Henry Stover35Bolton, Lancashire Head
61-311Sarah Stover34Bolton, Lancashire Wife
61-311Edward Stover8Bolton, Lancashire Son
61-311Elizabeth AStover0 Bolton, Lancashire Daughter
61-312Great Chisall Essex
61-312Elizabeth STONER83Barley, Hertfordshire Head (w)Domestic - Ag Lab's widow
61-313Great Yarmouth St Nicholas Norfolk
61-313Henry STONER37Yarmouth NorfolkHead
61-313Mary TSTONER37Yarmouth NorfolkWife
61-313Mary GSTONER9Yarmouth NorfolkDaughter
61-313Henry BSTONER7Yarmouth NorfolkSon
61-313Francis TSTONER3Yarmouth NorfolkSon
61-313Edwin CSTONER2Yarmouth NorfolkSon
61-313Edith BSTONER1Yarmouth NorfolkDaughter
61-313Griulla Isabella Stoma47Yarmouth NorfolkHead (u)Schoolmistress (Private)
61-314Greenwich Kent
61-314George Harley60Plumstead KentLodgerEngineer
61-314Elizh Harley47Deptford KentWife
61-315Greenstead Essex
61-315Jacob Stower31Greenstead Colchester Head
61-316Grittleton Wiltshire
61-316Robert Stonar36London, Middlesex Head
61-316Robert Stonar26London, Middlesex Head
61-317Guildford St Mary Surrey
61-317Thomas STONER34Brighton SussexHead
61-317Charlotte STONER25Cowfold SussexWife
61-317Elizabeth STONER1Guildford SurreyDaughter
61-318Guildford St Nicholas Surrey
61-318Israel Honer25Chobham SurreyLodger
61-319Hackney St John 8 Middlesex
61-319Eleanor Stover44West Hackney, Middlesex WifeDressmaker
61-319Thomas Joseph Stover42Stoke Newington, Middlesex HeadGas Fitter & Bell Hanger
61-319Joseph Thomas Stover16West Hackney, Middlesex SonApprentice
61-319Emma Charlotte Stover10West Hackney, Middlesex DaughterScholar
61-319Susan Stover6West Hackney, Middlesex Daughter
61-319Eleanor Stover4West Hackney, Middlesex Daughter
61-319Mary Ann Stover1West Hackney, Middlesex Daughter
61-320Hackney St John 9 Middlesex
61-320George Stover52Hackney, Middlesex Head
61-320Sarah Elizabeth Stover52Hackney, Middlesex Wife
61-320George Thomas Stover15Hackney, Middlesex Son
61-321Hammersmith Middlesex
61-321Jonathan Stower50Ederver, Derbyshire Lodger
61-322Hampstead Middlesex
61-322James Staner65Blacheash KentHead
61-322Jane S Staner33City, Middlesex Daughter
61-322Sarah P Staner27City, Middlesex Daughter
61-322Hay T Staner25City, Middlesex Son
61-322Eliz W Staner22City, Middlesex Daughter
61-323Harlaston Staffordshire
61-323Elizabeth Stover39Tamworth, Staffordshire Wife
61-323George Stover39Drayton-Bassett, Staffordshire Head
61-323Sarah A Stover10Drayton-Bassett, Staffordshire Daughter
61-323Amelia Stover7Drayton-Bassett, Staffordshire Daughter
61-323George Stover3Drayton-Bassett, Staffordshire Son
61-324Hartlepool Durham
61-324Edward STONER47Paddington, Durham HeadEngine Man
61-324Elizabeth STONER44Hartlepool, Durham Wife
61-324Elizabeth A STONER6Hartlepool, Durham DaughterScholar
61-324Edward STONER4Hartlepool, Durham SonScholar
61-325Havering Essex
61-325Catherine Staner17Boringer Servant
61-326Hawridge Buckinghamshire
61-326Jane Stower57Little Winsor, Dorset Servant
61-327Heather Leicestershire
61-327Mary Stover53Barlestone, Leicestershire Wife
61-327George Stover43Packington, Leicestershire Head
61-327Mary Stover19Heather, Leicestershire Daughter
61-328Heaton Norris Lancashire
61-328Jane Stonehewer52 CheshireWife
61-328Samuel B Stonehewer49 CheshireHead
61-328Samuel B Stonehewer20 CheshireSon
61-329Heversham With Milnthorpe Westmorland
61-329Edward Stones61Cartmel, Lancashire Head
61-329Nancy Stones57Milnthorpe Wife
61-329Elizabeth Stones27Milnthorpe Daughter
61-329Sarah Stones26Milnthorpe Daughter
61-329Edward Stones23Milnthorpe Son
61-329Walter B Stones21Milnthorpe Son
61-329Elenor Stones15Milnthorpe Daughter
61-329Rebecca Stones13Milnthorpe Daughter
61-329James Stones10Milnthorpe Son
61-330Holme Northamptonshire
61-330Thomas Storrer42Ramsey, Huntingdonshire Head
61-330Ann Storrer35Holme, Huntingdonshire Wife
61-330Annie Storrer15Ramsey, Huntingdonshire Daughter
61-330Elizabeth Storrer14Ramsey, Huntingdonshire Daughter
61-330Thomas Storrer12Holme, Huntingdonshire Son
61-330William Storrer10Holme, Huntingdonshire Son
61-330Shelton Storrer6Holme, Huntingdonshire Son
61-331Holy Cross Shropshire
61-331George Honer38Mountsorrel, Leicestershire Head
61-331Ann Honer35London, Middlesex Wife
61-331Elizabeth Ann Honer8Shrewsbury, Shropshire Daughter
61-331Eliza Honer7Shrewsbury, Shropshire Daughter
61-331George Honer5Shrewsbury, Shropshire Son
61-331Joseph Honer4Shrewsbury, Shropshire Son
61-332Horley 18) Tuns (?) Bottom, Horley Surrey
61-332Stephen STONER31Corsfol SussexHead
61-332Frances STONER26Ifield SussexWife
61-332Mary Ann STONER4Ifield SussexDaughter
61-332Alice STONER2Ifield SussexDaughter
61-332Frances J STONER1Horley SurreyDaughter
61-333Horncastle Lincolnshire
61-333John Stower52Langton, Lincolnshire Head
61-333Marthe Stower49Waddingworth, Lincolnshire Wife
61-333Betsey Stower18Horncastle, Lincolnshire Daughter
61-333George Stower16Horncastle, Lincolnshire Son
61-333Henry Stower14Horncastle, Lincolnshire Son
61-334Horne 53) Croydon Barn Lane, Horne, Surrey Surrey
61-334Ester STONER80Keymer SussexLodger (w)Ad Labs Widow
61-335Huddersfield Yorkshire
61-335Emma STONER42Almondbury, Yorkshire Wife
61-335Thomas STONER40Bradford, Yorkshire Head
61-335Harriot Stower19Macclesfield, Cheshire
61-335Helen A STONER17Penistone, Yorkshire Daughter
61-335Mary L STONER12Huddersfield, Yorkshire Daughter
61-335David STONER9Huddersfield, Yorkshire Son
61-335Clara STONER4Huddersfield, Yorkshire Daughter
61-335Willie Stoney1Huddersfield Yorkshire
61-336Hugglescote Leicestershire
61-336James Stover15Bosworth, Leicestershire Servant
61-337Hull - Holy Trinity Yorkshire
61-337Sarah STONER65Woodelsworth, Yorkshire (w / m ?)Nurse
61-337Ann Eliza Staner6Hull Visitor
61-338Hulme Lancashire
61-338Martha Stover47Middleton, Derbyshire Niece
61-339Hulme 1 Lancashire
61-339Agnes STONER58 ScotlandHead (w)
61-339Violet M STONER30 ScotlandDaughter
61-339Agnes STONER25 ScotlandDaughter
61-339Joseph STONER21Bristol, Gloucestershire Son
61-339Elizabeth STONER18Bristol, Gloucestershire Daughter
61-340Hulme 2 Lancashire
61-340Mary STONER36Settle, Yorkshire Son Servant (u)Servant - of BRADWELL family
61-341Humberstone Lincolnshire
61-341Thomas Stones24North Thoresby, Lincolnshire Servant
61-341Elizabeth Reed18Reston, Lincolndhire Servant
61-342Hunslet Yorkshire
61-342James Hartley47 YorkshireHead
61-342Hannah Hartley40 YorkshireWife
61-342Richard Stoney17 YorkshireWife's Son Step Son
61-342Hannah Hartley3 YorkshireDaughter
61-342Emma Hartley1 YorkshireDaughter
61-343Hyde Cheshire
61-343Abraham Storer24Batterley, Derbyshire Head
61-343Emma Storer24Swanwick, Derbyshire Wife
61-344Ilkeston Derbyshire
61-344Esther Smith49Ilkeston, Derbyshire Wife
61-344John Smith49Strelley, Nottinghamshire Head
61-344John Smith19Ilkeston, Derbyshire Son
61-344Hannah Smith12Ilkeston, Derbyshire Daughter
61-344William STONER2Ilkeston, Derbyshire Grandson
61-345Isle Brewers Somerset
61-345Elizabeth Stower23Puckington, Somerset Sister-in-law
61-346Islington 37) Lyon Street, Islington Middlesex
61-346Stephen STONER44Henfield SussexHeadLicensed Victualler
61-346Hephzibah STONER32Lewes SussexWife
61-346Hephzibah STONER9Henfield SussexDaughter
61-346Alice STONER6 AustraliaDaughter
61-347Islington Middlesex
61-347John S Stower43 East IndiesHead
61-347Hannah M A Storrar36Shoreditch, Middlesex Wife
61-347Charles E Storrar34Islington, Middlesex Head
61-347Anna Stower32Bungay, Suffolk Wife
61-347Frances A Stower10Mile End Rd Daughter
61-347Selby L Stower8Mile End Rd Daughter
61-347Emily S Stower6Mile End, Middlesex Daughter
61-347Harry Stower4Mile End, Middlesex Son
61-347Violet Stower0 Islington, Middlesex Daughter
61-348Islington St Mary Middlesex
61-348Eliza STONER30Christchurch SurreyWife
61-348Alfred STONER27Lambeth SurreyHead
61-348Eliza STONER3Lambeth SurreyDaughter
61-348Charlotte STONER1Islington, Middlesex Daughter
61-349Islington St Mary 9 Middlesex
61-349Thomas F Stonor - Stoner34Lambeth SurreyHead
61-349Emma Stonor - Stoner32Lambeth SurreyWife
61-349William E Stonor - Stoner19Lambeth SurreyBrother
61-349Thomas Stonor - Stoner13Stoke Newington, Middlesex Son
61-349William Stonor - Stoner10Whitechapel, Middlesex Son
61-349Alfred Stonor - Stoner7St Georges East, Middlesex Son
61-349Charles Stonor - Stoner5Islington, Middlesex Daughter
61-349Caroline H Stonor - Stoner2Islington, Middlesex Daughter
61-350Islington West Middlesex
61-350Thomas Honer - Stoner39Brighton SussexServant
61-350Mary Ann Honer - Stoner32Cheltenham, Gloucestershire Servant
61-350William Honer - Stoner3Camden Rd, Middlesex Son
61-350Richard Honer - Stoner0 Camden Rd, Middlesex Son
61-351Kearsley Lancashire
61-351William STONER28Kersley, Lancashire Head
61-351Hannah STONER25Kersley, Lancashire Wife
61-351Jane STONER7Kersley, Lancashire Daughter
61-351David STONER5Kersley, Lancashire Son
61-351John STONER2Kersley, Lancashire Son
61-351Rachael STONER1Kersley, Lancashire Daughter
61-352Keighley Yorkshire
61-352Elizabeth Stina - Stoner35Gargrave, Yorkshire Servant (u)
61-353Kelvedon Essex
61-353Frederick L Stonner14Luton, Bedfordshire Boarder
61-354Kimberworth 9 Yorkshire
61-354John Stones33Rotherham YorkshireHeadMoulder
61-354Mary AnnStones30Stalybridge LancashireWife
61-354Mary EStones6Marbrough YorkshireDaughterScholar
61-354Fanny Stones3Marbrough YorkshireDaughterScholar
61-354William Stones0.16Marbrough YorkshireSon
61-355Kingston Surrey
61-355Charlotte STONER36 SurreyWife
61-355Daniel STONER31 SurreyHeadJourneyman Carpenter
61-355Charlotte Smith11 SurreyStep-daur
61-355John Smith10 SurreyStep-daur
61-355William Smith6 SurreyStep-son
61-355George H STONER2 SurreySon
61-356Kingstone Somerset
61-356Ellice Stower4Cudworth, Somerset Daughter-in-law
61-357Kingswood Gloucestershire
61-357Ambrose L STONER62Kingswood, Gloucestershire Head
61-357Emma STONER60Wotton Under Edge, Gloucestershire Wife
61-357Emma E STONER33Kingswood, Gloucestershire Daughter
61-357Sarah STONER29Wroughton, Wiltshire Wife
61-357William STONER25Kingswood, Gloucestershire Head
61-357Sarah E STONER4Kingswood, Gloucestershire Daughter
61-357William G STONER3Kingswood, Gloucestershire Son
61-357Mary L STONER1Kingswood, Gloucestershire Daughter
61-357Florence A STONER0 Kingswood, Gloucestershire Daughter
61-358Knaresborough Yorkshire
61-358Ann Storner - Stoner23Knaresborough, Yorkshire Daughter
61-358Eliza Storner - Stoner22Knaresborough, Yorkshire Daughter
61-358Harriat Storner - Stoner15Knaresborough, Yorkshire Daughter
61-359Lambeth Surrey
61-359Harriet Stover83St Anns Soho, Middlesex Lodger
61-359Joseph Honer40Barningham, Warwickshire Head
61-359Ann Honer39Barningham, Warwickshire Wife
61-359Joseph Honer17Liverpool, Lancashire Son
61-360Lambeth St Mary Surrey
61-360William Stower45Newington SurreyHead
61-360Harriet Stower41Kent Road SurreyWife
61-360James Honer40Lambeth SurreyHead
61-360Phoebe Honer39St Giles, Middlesex Wife
61-360James Honer12Lambeth SurreySon
61-360George Honer6Lambeth SurreySon
61-360Eliza Honer1Lambeth SurreyDaughter
61-361Lancaster Lancaster Infirmary Lancashire
61-361John STONER18Lancaster, Lancashire Partner PatientClerk in Shipping Office
61-362Langley Priory Leicestershire
61-362Mary Stover56Littleover, Derbyshire Servant
61-362Charlette L Stover22Coleorton, Leicestershire Servant
61-363Leamington Priors 163) 136 Warwick St Warwickshire
61-363Mary A JStover33Ibstock LeicestershireHead (u)
61-363Tabitha JStover31Newtown LeicestershireSister (u)
61-363Mary Pitt61Ibstock LeicestershireMother (w)
61-364Leeds Yorkshire
61-364Elizabeth Stower49Barnsley, Yorkshire Head
61-364Elizabeth STONER19West Ardsley, Yorkshire Visitor
61-364Ellen Stower16Leeds, Yorkshire Daughter
61-364George Stower13Leeds, Yorkshire Son
61-365Leeds 3 Yorkshire
61-365Mary Stoney - Stoner46Patley Bridge, Yorkshire Wife
61-365William Stoney - Stoner46Patley Bridge, Yorkshire Head
61-365George Stoney - Stoner20Morton Banks, Yorkshire Son
61-365Ann Stoney - Stoner15Leeds, Yorkshire Daughter
61-365William Stoney - Stoner6Leeds, Yorkshire Son
61-366Leeds 5 Yorkshire
61-366Joseph Staner - Stoner32Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire Head
61-366Matilda Staner - Stoner30Leeds, Yorkshire Wife
61-366Jane H Staner - Stoner9Leeds, Yorkshire Daughter
61-366Louisa Staner - Stoner7Leeds, Yorkshire Daughter
61-366George Staner - Stoner5Leeds, Yorkshire Son
61-366Thomas Staner - Stoner3Leeds, Yorkshire Son
61-366Sarah A Staner - Stoner1Leeds, Yorkshire Daughter
61-367Leeds 8 Yorkshire
61-367Sarah A STONER27Leeds, Yorkshire Wife
61-367Ralph STONER25Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire Head
61-367Alban STONER3Leeds, Yorkshire Son
61-367Mary E STONER1Leeds, Yorkshire Daughter
61-368Leek and Lowe Staffordshire
61-368Wm Stonehewer73 StaffordshireHead
61-368Sarah Stonehewer24 StaffordshireWife
61-368William Stonehewer23 StaffordshireHead
61-368Mary Stover7Nantwich, Cheshire Niece
61-368George Stonehewer2 StaffordshireSon
61-368Hannah Stonehewer1 StaffordshireDaughter
61-369Leicester All Saints Leicestershire
61-369John Stover50Market Bosworth, Leicestershire Head
61-369Sarah Stover48Rasby, Leicestershire Wife
61-369Alfred Stover31Coventry Head
61-369Sarah Stover30 EssexWife
61-369Emma Stover6Leicestershire Daughter
61-369Frederick Stover1Leicestershire Son
61-370Leicester St Margaret Leicestershire
61-370William Storer52 LeicestershireFrame Work Knitter
61-370Ann Storer42 LeicestershireSeamer
61-370James Storer23 LeicestershireFrame Work Knitter
61-370Eliza Stover23St Margarets, Leicestershire Wife
61-370James Stover23Great Glema, Leicestershire Head
61-370John Stover2St Margarets, Leicestershire Son
61-371Leicester St Mary Leicestershire
61-371Ellen Stover31Enderby, Leicestershire Wife
61-371Geroge Stover31Enderby, Leicestershire Head
61-371Harry Stover7Enderby, Leicestershire Son
61-371Rachael Stover1St Mary, Leicestershire Daughter
61-372Lewisham Kent
61-372Mary V Stones47Holborn, St Andrew, London Wife
61-372William Stones40St George in the East, London Head
61-372Emily R Stones9Queenhithe, London Daughter
61-372Marion W Stones7Queenhithe, London Daughter
61-372Ellen Stones5Queenhithe, London Daughter
61-373Liberty of the Rolls Middlesex
61-373Alex Jas Stover58Spitalfields, Middlesex Head
61-373Harriett Stover53Whitechapel, Middlesex Wife
61-374Limpsfield Surrey
61-374Frances Ann STONER13Limpsfield SurreyServantGeneral Servant
61-375Little Glemham Suffolk
61-375George STONER60Estborne SussexHead - Lodger (w)Formerly a Gentleman's Servant
61-376Little Marsden Lancashire
61-376George STONER17Marsden Son
61-377Littlemore St Mary Oxfordshire
61-377A Honer56Southleigh, Oxfordshire
61-378Liverpool Lancashire
61-378Catherine Plover50 IrelandWife
61-378Patrick Plover50 IrelandHead
61-378Jacob Stower48South Petherton, Somerset Head
61-378John Plover40 IrelandHead
61-378Samuel Stover39Derby, Derbyshire Cousin
61-378Elizabeth H Stower39Bristol, Somerset Wife
61-378Margaret Staner - Stoner19Ormskirk, Lancashire Servant
61-378Mary Plover18 IrelandDaughter
61-378Herbert S Stower18Bristol, Somerset Son
61-378Charles J Stower15Bristol, Somerset Son
61-378Henry P Stower14Liverpool, Lancashire Son
61-378Patrick Plover13 IrelandSon
61-378John S Stower11Liverpool, Lancashire Son
61-378James G Stower9Liverpool, Lancashire Son
61-378Mary A L Stower7Liverpool, Lancashire Daughter
61-378Alexander R Stower2Liverpool, Lancashire Son
61-378William Oconer45 IrelandHead
61-378Elizabeth Oconer36 ScotlandWife
61-379Manchester Lancashire
61-379Mary Oconer30 IrelandServant
61-380Long Whatton Leicestershire
61-380Frederick Storer51Stevson Head
61-380Hannah Storer48Belton Wife
61-380John Storer17Long Whatton Son
61-380Thomas Storer16Long Whatton Son
61-380Annie Storer14Long Whatton Daughter
61-380Frederick Storer12Long Whatton Son
61-380Hannah Storer6Long Whatton Daughter
61-381Longton Staffordshire
61-381Mary Stiner30Staffordshire Servant
61-382Louth Lincolnshire
61-382Catherine J Stover24Hogsthorpe, Lincolnshire Daughter-in-law
61-383Lowick Northumberland
61-383Elizabeth Stover30Lowick, Northumberland Wife
61-383James Stover30Tweedmouth, Northumberland Head
61-383Andrew C Stover4B Wearmouth, Durham Son
61-383James Stover2Tweedmouth, Northumberland Son
61-384Ludworth Derbyshire
61-384William Storer76Mellor DerbyshireHead (w)Formerly Cotton Stripper
61-384Mary Storer44Marple CheshireDaughterCotton Warper
61-384Alice Storer13Ludworth DerbyshireNieceCotton Winder
61-384Thomas Storer51Marple CheshireHadPower Loom Cotton Weaver
61-384Ann Storer52Marple CheshireWifeCotton Winder
61-385Luton Bedfordshire
61-385Thomas Stonner36Luton, Bedfordshire Head
61-385Elizabeth W Stonner23Luton, Bedfordshire Wife
61-386Lyncombe and Widcombe Bath Union Workhouse Somerset
61-386Ruth STONER67Kelvedon EssexPauper (w)General Nurse
61-387Lyndhurst Hampshire
61-387George STONER35 LeicestershireServant
61-388Macclesfield Cheshire
61-388Ann Stonehewer40 CheshireWife
61-388James Stonehewer39 CheshireHead
61-388Ellen Stonehewer37 LancashireWife
61-388Samuel Stonehewer37 CheshireHead
61-388Harriet Stonehewer35 CheshireHead
61-388George Stonehewer29 CheshireHead
61-388John Stover28Hurdsfield CheshireHead
61-388Margaret Stover28Hurdsfield CheshireWife
61-388Mary Ann Stonehewer28 IrelandWife
61-388James Stonehewer17 CheshireSon
61-388Thomas Stonehewer14 CheshireSon
61-388Ann Stonehewer12 CheshireDaughter
61-388Sarah M Stonehewer12 CheshireNiece
61-388Helen Jane Stonehewer10 CheshireDaughter
61-388Samuel Stonehewer10 CheshireSon
61-388William Stonehewer10 CheshireSon
61-388Elizabeth Stonehewer8 CheshireDaughter
61-388John Stonehewer8 CheshireSon
61-388Charles Stover7Hurdsfield CheshireSon
61-388Isabella Stover6Hurdsfield CheshireDaughter
61-388Eliza Alice Stonehewer5 CheshireDaughter
61-388Hannah Stonehewer4 CheshireDaughter
61-388Mary Ann Stonehewer4 CheshireDaughter
61-388Emma Stonehewer2 CheshireDaughter
61-388George Henry Stonehewer2 CheshireSon
61-388Henry Stonehewer1 CheshireSon
61-388Mary Ann Stonehewer1 CheshireDaughter
61-389Macclesfield x Cheshire
61-389James Stonner53Macclesfield, Cheshire Head
61-389Martha Stonner53Leek, Staffordshire Wife
61-389Joseph Stonner25Macclesfield, Cheshire Son
61-389John Stonner22Macclesfield, Cheshire Son
61-389Dinah Stonner17Macclesfield, Cheshire Daughter
61-389Alfred Stonner14Macclesfield, Cheshire Son
61-389William Stonner10Macclesfield, Cheshire Son
61-390Madeley Shropshire
61-390Arabella Stover30Wolverhampton, Staffordshire Wife
61-390David Stover25Chippcotton, Warwickshire Head
61-390Charles H Stover11Birmingham, Warwickshire Son
61-391Maldon St Mary Essex
61-391Rhoda Staner36Gt Dunmow, Essex Wife
61-391Thomas B Staner36Hunbridge, Essex Head
61-391Hezekiah P Staner29Hunbridge, Essex Head
61-391Blinda Staner24St Mary; Maldon, Essex Wife
61-391Rhoda Staner11Staple, Essex Daughter
61-391Susanah Staner8St Mary; Maldon, Essex Daughter
61-391Martha J Staner6St Mary; Maldon, Essex Daughter
61-391Hezekiah P Staner4St Mary; Maldon, Essex Son
61-391William B Staner4St Mary; Maldon, Essex Son
61-391Arthur G Staner2St Mary; Maldon, Essex Son
61-391William T Staner2St Mary; Maldon, Essex Son
61-391Blinda A Staner0 St Mary; Maldon, Essex Daughter
61-391Earnest A Staner0 St Mary; Maldon, Essex Son
61-392Mancetter 1 Warwickshire
61-392Sarah Storer77Hungarton, Nottinghamshire WifeMidwife & Nurse
61-392John Storer74Hartshill, Warwickshire HeadAg lab
61-393Mancetter 2 Warwickshire
61-393Elizabeth Stover29Wolvey, Warwickshire Wife
61-393John Stover27Hartshill, Warwickshire Head
61-393Rosa Stover6Wolvey, Warwickshire Daughter
61-393Sarah Ann Stover4Hartshill, Warwickshire Daughter
61-393Eliza Stover1Hartshill, Warwickshire Daughter
61-393Mary Stover58Stoke Golding, Leicestershire Head (w)
61-393Caroline Stover18Hartshill, Warwickshire Daughter
61-394Mancetter 3 Warwickshire
61-394Mary Stover49Hartshill, Warwickshire Wife
61-394John Stover48Hartshill, Warwickshire Head
61-394Ann Stover22Hartshill, Warwickshire Daughter
61-394Charles Stover20Hartshill, Warwickshire Son
61-394Frederick Stover16Hartshill, Warwickshire Son
61-394Eliza Stover13Hartshill, Warwickshire Daughter
61-395Manchester Lancashire
61-395George Stonehewer34Cheshire Head
61-395Joshua Stower32Newton; Heath Head
61-395Eliza Stonehewer32Cheshire Wife
61-395Elizabeth Stower25Manr Wife
61-395Harriett Stover18Delper, Derbyshire Servant
61-395James T STONER12Ashton, Lancashire Boarder
61-395George Stonehewer12Lancashire Nephew
61-395Elizabeth A Stonehewer11Cheshire Daughter
61-395James S Stonehewer9Cheshire Son
61-395Jane Stonehewer7Cheshire Daughter
61-395May E Stower2Manr Daughter
61-395George Stonehewer2Lancashire Son
61-395Matha E Stower0 Manr Daughter
61-396Manchester 7 Lancashire
61-396John Stones46Bolton HeadFruit Dealer
61-396Mary Stones40Heminburgh YorkshireWifeFruit Dealer
61-397Manchester x Lancashire
61-397George Stonehewer34Macclesfield CheshireHeadSilk Picker
61-397Eliza Stonehewer32Macclesfield CheshireWifeSilk Winder
61-397Elizabeth A Stonehewer11Macclesfield CheshireDaughter
61-397James Stonehewer9Macclesfield CheshireSon
61-397Jane Stonehewer7Macclesfield CheshireDaughter
61-397George Stonehewer2Manchester LancashireSon
61-398Manningham Yorkshire
61-398Elizabeth Horner44Bradford YorkshireWife
61-398John Horner44Addingham YorkshireHead
61-398Mary H Horner21Thornton YorkshireDaughter
61-398Ackroyd Horner16Thornton YorkshireSon
61-398Martha Horner14Bradford YorkshireDaughter
61-398Mary Horner12Bradford YorkshireDaughter
61-398Rebecca Horner10Bradford YorkshireDaughter
61-398Edwin Horner8Bradford YorkshireSon
61-398Alma Horner6Bradford YorkshireSon
61-398Emma Horner2Bradford YorkshireDaughter
61-399Mansfield Nottinghamshire
61-399Sarah STONER39 Wife
61-399Denis STONER34Nottinghamshire Head
61-399Denis STONER13Radford, Nottinghamshire Son
61-399John C STONER11Radford, Nottinghamshire Son
61-399Eliza STONER8Radford, Nottinghamshire Daughter
61-399Morona STONER6Radford, Nottinghamshire Son
61-399Joseph STONER4Radford, Nottinghamshire Son
61-399Hyram STONER2Radford, Nottinghamshire Son
61-399Rosanah STONER1Mansfield, Nottinghamshire Daughter