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Note that apart from those for my direct line I hold few certificates and the information shown is therefore not fully researched
It is meant to be an aid and simply indicates where I would look if following a line
Home ~~~~ 1861 census file 5 ~~~~ Help
Note that apart from those for my direct line I hold few certificates and the information shown is therefore not fully researched
It is meant to be an aid and simply indicates where I would look if following a line
61-500Spitalfields Middlesex
61-500John Loader23Hackney Rd MiddlesexHeadPrinter
61-500Ann Loader20Spitalfields MiddlesexWifeMiliner
61-501St Alkmund Derbyshire
61-501Rebecca Stover27 DerbyshireDaughter
61-501Mary J Stover12Dudley StaffordshireSister
61-501Elizh Stover11Derby DerbyshireServant
61-501Arthur L Stover1 DerbyshireSon
61-502St George Hanover Square Middlesex
61-502James Stonis26Monkleigh DevonLodger
61-502Thomas Stonis25Monkleigh DevonLodger
61-503St George in the East Middlesex
61-503Benjamin Boyden45Rochford EssexHeadTailor
61-503Jane Boyden45Whitechapel MiddlesexWife
61-503Mary A Boyden22Ham EssexDaughter
61-503Jane Boyden7Whitechapel MiddlesexDaughter
61-503Sarah STONER17Whitechapel MiddlesexStepdaughter
61-503James STONER3St George in the East, Middlesex Relative
61-504St Giles Middlesex
61-504Ann Stover66Ealing, Middlesex Head
61-504W George Stover32St Giles, Middlesex Son
61-505St Gregory By St Paul Middlesex
61-505Walter Stones17Welling Kent
61-506St Luke Middlesex
61-506Samuel Stower41Sopham, Somerset Head
61-506Sarah Stower41Newington SurreyWife
61-506Sarah Stower18St Luke, Middlesex Daughter
61-506Alfred Stower10St Luke, Middlesex Son
61-506Arthur Stower8St Luke, Middlesex Son
61-506James Stower5St Luke, Middlesex Son
61-506Annie Stower3St Luke, Middlesex Daughter
61-507St Luke 1 Middlesex
61-507Elizabeth Stones - Stoner28St Luke Wife
61-507Samuel Stones - Stoner28St Leonard Shoreditch Head
61-507Mary A Stones - Stoner13St Luke Daughter
61-507John E Stones - Stoner10St Luke Son
61-507Samuel Stones - Stoner7St Luke Son
61-508St Luke x Middlesex
61-508Elizabeth Howes Stower44Glastonbury, Somerset Head (w)Stay Maker
61-509St Mary Aldermanbury Middlesex
61-509James Stiner39Cheshire Boarder
61-510St Mary Magdalen Somerset
61-510Mary Stonor61Esp British Subject Members Of A Religious Community
61-511St Marylebone Middlesex
61-511Ann STONER60Worthy Parden, Berkshire Boarder
61-511Sarah STONER58Gloucestershire Sister
61-511James Stower44Mortlake, Somerset Head
61-511Minty  Stower39Penn St, Buckinghamshire Wife
61-511Maria Stower32Bewdley, Warwickshire Lodger
61-511Joseph Stower23Mortlake, Somerset Nephew
61-511Joseph Stower15Marylebone, Middlesex Son
61-511Emily Stower12Marylebone Daughter
61-511Martha E Stower10Marylebone Daughter
61-512St Pancras Middlesex
61-512Ann Stonis61Pancras, Middlesex Head
61-512Fredrick Stover29Sevan Caks KentHead
61-512Mary Stover27Romsey, Hampshire Wife
61-512Alfred Stonner25St Pancras, Middlesex Servant
61-512John Stonner22 FranceBoarder
61-512Sarah Honer18Georges Hanover, Middlesex Stepdaughter
61-512Elizabeth Honer16Georges Hanover, Middlesex Stepdaughter
61-512John Honer14Georges Hanover, Middlesex Stepson
61-512Mary Honer11Georges Hanover, Middlesex Daughter
61-512William Stover1St Pancras, Middlesex Son
61-512William Stover1St Pancras, Middlesex Son
61-513St Pancras 1 Middlesex
61-513Charles Stover - Stoner34Clayton SurreyLodger
61-513Mary Stover - Stoner33 MiddlesexWife
61-513Mary Ann Stover - Stoner8 KentDaughter
61-513Charles T Stover - Stoner4 KentSon
61-513Emily Stover - Stoner2St Pancras Daughter
61-513Henry Stover - Stoner1St Pancras 0
61-514St Pancras 2 Middlesex
61-514Elizabeth STONER25Lambeth SurreyBarmaid
61-515St Pancras 9 Middlesex
61-515William Flower56Edmonton, Middlesex Head
61-515Helen Flower55Hackney, Middlesex Wife
61-515Susan Flower24Dalston, Middlesex Daughter
61-515Calvert O Flower23Dalston, Middlesex Son
61-515Harry S Flower21Dalston, Middlesex Son
61-515Emily M Flower19Dalston, Middlesex Daughter
61-515Annie J Flower11Dalston, Middlesex Daughter
61-516St Peter Derbyshire
61-516John Stover20Mickleover, Derbyshire Servant
61-516Emma Stover13Micklover, Derbyshire Visitor
61-516Infant Stover0 Derby, Derbyshire Visitor
61-517St Peter Cornhill Middlesex
61-517John Honer34Leicestershire Head
61-517Ann Honer32Great Glenn, Leicestershire Wife
61-518St Sepulchre Middlesex
61-518Joseph S Stover51St Lukes, Middlesex Head
61-518Mary A Stover48St Georges St End, Middlesex Wife
61-518Charles J Stover33St Luke, Middlesex Head
61-518Elizabeth A Stover16St Sepulchre, London Daughter
61-518Samuel J Stover14St Sepulchre, London Son
61-518Joseph S Stover12St Sepulchre, London Son
61-519St Stephen Walbrook Middlesex
61-519Anna Stower70 Somerset
61-519Jane Stower29South Petherton, Somerset Daughter
61-520St Swithin Lincolnshire
61-520Ann Plover31Tilsworth, Northamptonshire Wife
61-520John Plover28Norwich, Norfolk Head
61-521St Werburgh Derbyshire
61-521Richard Honer57Matlock, Derbyshire Father-in-law
61-522Stapeley Cheshire
61-522Joseph STONER31Hassergreen, Cheshire HeadMiller
61-522Edney STONER29Stunstall, Staffordshire Wife
61-522Thomas STONER8Stunstall, Staffordshire SonScholar
61-522Mary A STONER4Crewe, Cheshire DaughterScholar
61-522Joseph STONER2Crewe, Cheshire Son
61-523Stathern Leicestershire
61-523Elizabeth Storr63Stathern, Leicestershire Wife
61-523James Storr53Nottinghamshire Head
61-523Ann Storr28Stathern, Leicestershire Daughter
61-523Mary Storr23Stathern, Leicestershire Daughter
61-523Jane Storr22Stathern, Leicestershire Daughter
61-524Staveley Derbyshire
61-524Joseph Stones37Eage DerbyshireHeadCoal Miner
61-524Elizabeth Stones36Sheffield YorkshireWife
61-524Maryan Revil14Sheffield YorkshireDaughter
61-524John STONER5Staveley DerbyshireSon
61-524Levi STONER2Staveley DerbyshireSon
61-525Stella Durham
61-525James W Stokoe55Stella, Durham Head
61-525Winifred Stokoe55Rye, Durham Wife
61-525William Stokoe28Stella, Durham Son
61-525John W Stokoe19Stella, Durham Son
61-526Stepney Middlesex
61-526Saml Stower28Southampton, Hampshire Head
61-526Jane Stower26Northamptonshire Wife
61-527Stepney St Dunstan Middlesex
61-527Mary Ann Stover12Stepney, Middlesex Visitor
61-528Stewkley Buckinghamshire
61-528Fanny Stone42Drayton Parslow, Buckinghamshire ServantCook Domestic
61-529Stoke Golding Leicestershire
61-529Joseph Stores44Stoke Golding, Leicestershire Head
61-529Elizabeth Stores41Stoke Golding, Leicestershire Wife
61-529William Stores1Stoke Golding, Leicestershire Son
61-530Stoke Golding 8 Leicestershire
61-530John Storer56Barwell, Leicestershire Head (m)Ag Lab
61-531Stoke Newington St Mary Middlesex
61-531Ann Stover39Laytarston, Essex Wife
61-531Thomas Stover35Stoke Newington, Middlesex Head
61-531William G Stover32Stoke Newington, Middlesex Head
61-531William G Stover32Stoke Newington, Middlesex Head
61-531Emma E Stover27Blenhorghy SurreyWife
61-531Jane Stover14West Hackney, Middlesex Daughter
61-531Mary Stover12West Hackney, Middlesex Daughter
61-531Thomas Stover7Acton, Middlesex Son
61-531William Stover6West Hackney, Middlesex Son
61-531William Stover6West Hackney, Middlesex Son
61-531Sarah Stover5Acton, Middlesex Daughter
61-531Minnie F Stover3Stoke Newington MiddlesexDaughter
61-531George Stover2Stoke Newington Son
61-531Alfred Stover0 Stoke Newington Son
61-532Stoke next Guildford Surrey
61-532Jane Howard42Worplesdon SurreyWife
61-532Henry Howard41Ash SurreyHead
61-532Martha Howard12Shalford SurreyDaughter
61-532James Howard5Shalford SurreySon
61-532Alfred STONER5Pirbright SurreyCousin
61-533Stoke Upon Trent Staffordshire
61-533Elizabeth Stonier34Hanley StaffordshireWife
61-533Thomas Stonier34Hanley StaffordshireHead
61-533John Stonier11Hanley StaffordshireSon
61-533Alexander Stonier9Hanley StaffordshireSon
61-533Ann Stonier7Hanley StaffordshireDaughter
61-533William Stonier5Hanley StaffordshireSon
61-533Thomas Stonier2Hanley StaffordshireSon
61-534Stonehouse Gloucestershire
61-534Benjamine Honer60Randwick, Gloucestershire Head
61-535Stourbridge Worcestershire
61-535Hanah STONER54 EnglandSister
61-536Stowmarket Suffolk
61-536William Honer25Onibury, Suffolk Head
61-536Emma Honer21Emborough, Suffolk Wife
61-536William A Honer2Stowmarket, Suffolk Son
61-536Mary Ann Honer1Stowmarket, Suffolk Daughter
61-537Streatham 1 Surrey
61-537William STONER32Cuckfield SussexHead
61-537Sarah Ann STONER24Streatham SurreyWife
61-537Thomas H STONER5Streatham SurreySon
61-537Emily STONER2Streatham SurreyDaughter
61-537Sarah STONER1Streatham SurreyDaughter
61-538Streatham 2 Surrey
61-538Henrietta STONER30Streatham SurreyWife
61-538James STONER30Cuckfield SussexHead
61-539Streatham 35 199) Surrey House Surrey
61-539John Hollick49Whittlesford CambridgeshireHeadLicensed Victualler
61-539Ann Hollick49Spitalfields MiddlesexWife
61-539Eliza STONER20Stepney MiddlesexNieceBarmaid
61-539Sarah AGrout6Streatham SurreyNieceScholar
61-540Streatham 4 Surrey
61-540Charles Figg49St Pauls Deptford Head
61-540Jane Figg47St Pauls Deptford Wife
61-540Charles STONER11Streatham SurreyGrandson
61-541Sunderland Durham
61-541Mary STONER32Bradford YorkshireLodger (m)
61-542Sutton in Ashfield Nottinghamshire
61-542George STONER52Sutton in Ashfield NottinghamshireHead
61-542William STONER21Sutton in Ashfield NottinghamshireSon
61-542William Stones66Heage DerbyshireHeadShoemaker
61-542Hannah Stones68Bulwell NottinghamshireWifeStocking F W K
61-543Swaby 1 Lincolnshire
61-543Edward Stones35Swaby LincolnshireHead
61-543Sarah Stones34S Reston LincolnshireWife
61-543Levi Stones8Swaby LincolnshireSon
61-543James Stones6Swaby LincolnshireSon
61-543Edward Stones0.41Swaby LincolnshireSon
61-544Swaby 2 Lincolnshire
61-544John Stones66Swaby LincolnshireHeadButcher
61-544Mary Stones66Swaby LincolnshireWife
61-545Swaffham Prior Cambridgeshire
61-545Sarah Honer27Bryton, Suffolk Servant
61-546Swinton Yorkshire
61-546William Stones22Thorne, Yorkshire
61-547Tanfield Durham
61-547Elizabeth Stones34Tanfield, Durham Wife
61-547James Stones28Winlaton, Durham Head
61-547Ralph Wm Stones0 Tanfield, Durham Son
61-548Teddington Middlesex
61-548William STONER24Grappham SussexServant
61-549Thame Oxfordshire
61-549John Stone61Thame, Oxfordshire Head
61-549Drusilla Stone59Thame, Oxfordshire Wife
61-549Henry Stone19Thame, Oxfordshire Son
61-550Thorpe Norfolk
61-550Hannah Stonex37Hantbois, Norfolk Servant
61-551Thorpe Willoughby Yorkshire
61-551George Stones26Rawcliffe Bridge YorkshireHeadFarm Labourer
61-551Ann Stones23Selby YorkshireWife
61-551Mary A Stones1Thorp Willoughby YorkshireDaughter
61-551Sarah Stones0.16Thorp Willoughby YorkshireDaughter
61-552Tichborne Hampshire
61-552Charles STONER68Ovington, Hampshire Head (w)Shepherd
61-552Eliza STONER36Tichborne, Hampshire Daughter (u)Sempstress
61-553Tilton Leicestershire
61-553Andrew STONER30 ScotlandServant (u)Carter
61-554Tipton Staffordshire
61-554Fredrick Honer58Brierley Hill, Staffordshire Head
61-555Tormoham Devon
61-555Sophia C STONER58London, Middlesex Head
61-555Eugenia M STONER22Shiplake, Oxfordshire Daughter
61-556Toxteth Park Lancashire
61-556Mary STONER46 North WalesWife
61-556Frederick STONER42Liverpool, Lancashire Head
61-556Hugh STONER14Liverpool, Lancashire Son
61-556Sarah STONER11Liverpool, Lancashire Daughter
61-556Thomas STONER9Liverpool, Lancashire Son
61-556Frederick STONER4Liverpool, Lancashire Son
61-557Tranmere Cheshire
61-557Elizabeth Stower50 WorcestershireWife
61-557Caleb Stower49Hackney, Middlesex Head
61-557Caleb William Stower16Tranmere, Cheshire Son
61-557Edith Bessie Twnning Stower7Tranmere, Cheshire Daughter
61-558Tupton Derbyshire
61-558Mary Stover70Hartley, Derbyshire Visitor
61-558Sarah Stover37North Wingfield, Derbyshire Wife
61-558Isaac Stover36Ibstock, Leicestershire Lodger
61-558Ann Stover33Mansfield, Nottinghamshire Wife
61-558William Stover33Liverpool, Lancashire Head
61-558James Stover31Nottingham, Nottinghamshire Head
61-558Aaron Stover25Crick, Derbyshire Head
61-558Elizabeth Stover25Alderwasley, Derbyshire Wife
61-558John Stover7Edingley, Nottinghamshire Son
61-558William Stover4Alderwasley, Derbyshire Son
61-558William Stover4Alderwasley, Derbyshire Son
61-558William Stover3Morton, Derbyshire Son
61-558William Stover3Morton, Derbyshire Son
61-558Ann Stover2Shottle, Derbyshire Daughter
61-558George Stover1Tupton, Derbyshire Son
61-559Twickenham Berkshire
61-559Sarah STONER51Lambeth SurreyWife
61-559Alfred STONER48Cowfold SussexHead
61-559Frances W STONER23Lambeth SurreySon
61-559Eliza M STONER19Lambeth SurreyDaughter
61-559Alfred STONER17Lambeth SurreySon
61-559John STONER11St Georges Hanover Sqr Son
61-560Upper Holker Lancashire
61-560Sarah Stones - Stoner43 YorkshireWifeSergeant of County Constabulary
61-560Joseph Stones - Stoner42Fra British Subject Head
61-560George Stones - Stoner13Cartmel, Lancashire Son
61-560Elizabeth Ann Stones - Stoner7Cartmel, Lancashire Daughter
61-561Upwey Dorset
61-561James Stower64Ottery St Mary, Devon Head
61-562Vessels Vessels Urgent Royal Navy
61-562Edwin M Stone39Alverstoke, Hants Paymaster
61-563Vessels Kent
61-563William STONER49North Shields, Northumberland A B Seaman
61-563John STONER41Portsea, Hampshire Captaine Of The Mast
61-563William Stover26Dudley, Staffordshire A B S
61-563William Stover26Dudley, Staffordshire A B S
61-563Alfred STONER20Chichester SussexCook
61-563Frederick Stover19Bremenharm, Middlesex O Scaman
61-563Robt Stower18Pockerton, Somerset B 1 Cl
61-563Robert Stover16Dundee Aprentic Labourer
61-564Waddesdon Buckinghamshire
61-564William Honer36Fenkent, Oxfordshire Servant
61-565Walcot &2) 5 Long Acre Somerset
61-565Frederick Walker40Eston SussexHeadJilyman
61-565Hannah Walker40Lamington WarwickshireWife
61-565David Walker18Brighton SussexSonShopman
61-565Charles Walker8Walcot; Bath SomersetSonScholar
61-565Matilda Walker3Walcot; Bath SomersetDaughter
61-565Ann STONER77Eston SussexVisitor (w)Invalid
61-566Walsall Foreign Staffordshire
61-566William Stonner28Leeton, Staffordshire Head
61-566Catherine Stonner27Tamworth, Warwickshire Wife
61-566Joseph Stonner7Polesworth, Warwickshire Son
61-566Ann Stonner4Tamworth, Warwickshire Daughter
61-566Mary Stonner2Tamworth, Warwickshire Daughter
61-567Walthamstow Essex
61-567Mary Ann Plover31Ipswich, Suffolk Servant
61-568Walton on the Hill Lancashire
61-568Anne Stower53Bentham, Lancashire Wife
61-568Edward Stower52Manchester, Lancashire Head
61-568Edward F Stower19Liverpool, Lancashire Son
61-568Frederick Stower16Liverpool, Lancashire Son
61-568Alfred Stower14Liverpool, Lancashire Son
61-569Wandsworth Surrey
61-569James Stonehewer41 LancashireHead
61-569Fanny Stonehewer34 SurreyWife
61-569James F Stonehewer6 SurreySon
61-569Thomas D Stonehewer4 SurreySon
61-569Emily Anne Stonehewer3 SurreyDaughter
61-570Warwick St Nicholas Warwickshire
61-570Eliza Honer32Husborn Bosworth, Leicestershire Daughter-in-law
61-570Charlotte Honer28Husborn Bosworth, Leicestershire Daughter-in-law
61-571Watford Hertfordshire
61-571Elizabeth Plover38Wolvey, Warwickshire Servant
61-572Watton Hertfordshire
61-572Joseph STONER42Stoke Newington, Middlesex Lodger (m)Bell Hanger
61-573Weaverham Cheshire
61-573James Ferd STONER28Accrington, Cheshire Son
61-574Wedmore Somerset
61-574James Stiner16 SomersetServant
61-575Weeford Staffordshire
61-575William Stover17Drayton, Staffordshire Servant
61-575William Stover17Drayton, Staffordshire Servant
61-576Wembdon Somerset
61-576Ada Honer23Purbridght SurreyServant
61-577West Auckland Durham
61-577Robert Stover45West Auckland, Durham Head
61-577Mary Stover41West Auckland, Durham Sister
61-578West Bagborough Somerset
61-578Elizabeth Stower29Crewkerne, Somerset Wife
61-578George Stower29Crewkerne, Somerset Head
61-578Thomas Stower8Crewkerne, Somerset Son
61-579West Derby 1 Lancashire
61-579Margret Stower - Stoner36Montgomeryshire WalesWife
61-579Albert Stower - Stoner32 SussexHead
61-579Albert George Stower - Stoner7Liverpool Son
61-579Cecilia Stower - Stoner4Liverpool Daughter
61-580West Derby 2 Lancashire
61-580Joseph STONER51Thordetch, Middlesex Head
61-580Jane STONER38Burscough, Lancashire Wife
61-580Alice STONER16Ormskirk, Lancashire Daughter
61-580Martha STONER10Ormskirk, Lancashire Daughter
61-580Joseph STONER8Ormskirk, Lancashire Son
61-580Sarah STONER6Ormskirk, Lancashire Daughter
61-580Ebenezer STONER4Ormskirk, Lancashire Son
61-580Jane STONER1Liverpool, Lancashire Daughter
61-581West Heslerton Yorkshire
61-581Emma STONER18Knaresbro, Yorkshire Servant
61-582West Newton Yorkshire
61-582Thomas STONER36Honer, Oxfordshire Visitor
61-583Westbury on Trym Gloucestershire
61-583Charlotte Storan - Stoner29London, Middlesex Boarder
61-584Westminster St Anne Middlesex
61-584Mary Ann Stammer51Halifax, Yorkshire Wife
61-584William Stammer47 CambridgeshireHeadStraw Hat Manufacturer
61-584Mary STONER34Ras Common, Ireland Wife
61-584John STONER33Pimlico SurreyHeadCoach Painter
61-584Hannah Stammer23St Giles Cripplegate, Middlesex Daughter
61-584Charles Stammer21St Giles Cripplegate, Middlesex Son
61-584Alice Stammer19St Giles Cripplegate, Middlesex Daughter
61-584Edwin Stammer17St Giles Cripplegate, Middlesex Son
61-584Elizabeth STONER7Lambeth Daughter
61-584Ellen STONER5Lambeth Daughter
61-584William J STONER3Marylebone Son
61-585Westminster St Clement Danes Middlesex
61-585James Stover44St Giles, Middlesex Head
61-585Anne Stover41 ScotlandWife
61-585James Stover20St Clement Danes, Middlesex Son
61-585John Stover17St Giles, Middlesex Son
61-585Mary An Stover9Westminster, Middlesex Daughter
61-585Elizabeth Stover7Westminster Daughter
61-585Richard Stover3St Clements Danes, Middlesex Son
61-586Westminster St James Middlesex
61-586Amer Stinar24 PolandLodger
61-587Westminster St John the Evangelist Middlesex
61-587Charles STONER34Portmoak
61-588Westminster St Margaret Middlesex
61-588R Stover25Mickleon, Derbyshire
61-588R Stover25Wicklewood, Derbyshire 0
61-588Mary A Honer13London, Middlesex Servant
61-589Westminster St Margaret x Middlesex
61-589Thomas Storer40Lichfield, Staffordshire HeadMessenger to Sumery Com
61-589Eliza Storer29Dorchester, Dorset WifeMessenger's Wife
61-589Thomas H Storer3London, Middlesex Son
61-589Harry Storer13Falmouth, Cornwall NephewScholar
61-590Westoe Durham
61-590Margt Stover37Theswick, Northumberland Wife
61-590John Stover35Chelsworth, Derbyshire Head
61-590Robert C Stover32Tynemouth, Northumberland Head
61-590Sarah Stover31Newcastle Upon Tyne Wife
61-590Sarah Stover12London Daughter
61-590Thos Stover9Spital, Northumberland Son
61-590David Stover7North Shields, Northumberland Son
61-591Weston super Mare Somerset
61-591Ann Stower57Charlton, Somerset Wife
61-591William Stower57Walton, Somerset Head
61-591Stephen Stower23Roundery, Yorkshire Son
61-591Martha Stower16Wells, Somerset Daughter
61-592Westwood Wiltshire
61-592John Stower59Sou Petherton, Somerset Head
61-592Diana Stower56Nunney, Somerset Wife
61-593Wethersfield Essex
61-593James Staner53Finchingfield, Essex Head
61-593Mary Staner43Shalford, Essex Wife
61-594Wettenhall Cheshire
61-594Elizabeth Stones36Dornhall, Cheshire WifeFarmer & Miller
61-594Charles Stones30Wettenhall, Cheshire Head
61-594Samuel Stones7Wettenhall, Cheshire Son
61-594Catherine A Stones6Wettenhall, Cheshire Daughter
61-594Thomas Stones3Wettenhall, Cheshire Son
61-594Charles Stones0 Wettenhall, Cheshire Son
61-595Whitechapel Middlesex
61-595Susan Stone33Whitechapel, Middlesex HeadDaughter
61-595William Stone14Whitechapel, Middlesex SonSon
61-595John Stone13Whitechapel, Middlesex SonSon
61-595George Stone11Whitechapel, Middlesex SonSon
61-595Elizabeth Stone5Whitechapel, Middlesex DaughterHead
61-596Whitkirk Yorkshire
61-596John STONER73Wistow, Yorkshire Boarder (w)Road Lab.
61-597Whitstable Kent
61-597Mary Stones31Harbledown KentHead
61-597Fanny Stones6Whitstable KentDaughter
61-598Whittingham Lancashire
61-598Ann STONER14Ormskirk, Lancashire Servant
61-599Whittington Staffordshire
61-599Esther STONER19Lechington WarwickshireServantDairy Maid