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Note that apart from those for my direct line I hold few certificates and the information shown is therefore not fully researched
It is meant to be an aid and simply indicates where I would look if following a line
Home ~~~~ 1881 census file 0 ~~~~ Help
Note that apart from those for my direct line I hold few certificates and the information shown is therefore not fully researched
It is meant to be an aid and simply indicates where I would look if following a line
81-1Amberley 9 47) 4 North Road Sussex
81-1John Sowter46Amberley SussexHeadAg Lab
81-1Jane Sowter43Tillington SussexWife
81-1Fanny Sowter19Amberley SussexDaughterHousemaid
81-1Samuel Sowter75Amberley SussexFatherAg Lab
81-2Ardingly Sussex
81-2William GeorgeStown - Stoner36Ditchling SussexServant
81-3Balcombe 1 Upper Rowdens Sussex
81-3Francis EStoner39Poyning SussexWife
81-3Henry Stoner38Cuckfield SussexHead
81-3Albert HStoner13Poyning SussexSon
81-3Alice EStoner10Cuckfield SussexDaughter
81-3Ernest EStoner7Balcombe SussexSon
81-3Charles FStoner4Balcombe SussexSon
81-3Harry EStoner1Balcombe SussexSon
81-4Balcombe 2 Balcombe Rectory Sussex
81-4Mary AnneStoner15Cuckfield SussexServant
81-5Balcombe 3 Brants Sussex
81-5Annie MStoner15Balcombe SussexServant
81-6Bolney 1 Colwood Hill Sussex
81-6George Ayling24Wimbledon SurreyHeadLabourer General
81-6Kate Ayling23Slaugham SussexWife
81-6Ellen Stoner25Slaugham SussexSister in LawHousekeeper
81-7Bolney 2 Thomsetts Cottages Sussex
81-7George Stoner39Cowfold SussexHead
81-7Sarah AStoner31Cowfold SussexWife
81-7James Stoner9Bolney SussexSon
81-7Mary AStoner1Bolney SussexDaughter
81-8Brighton 1 Russell Crescent Sussex
81-8Hannah Plover23London MiddlesexServant
81-9Brighton 1 1 Ivory Court Sussex
81-9Mark Stoner52Cowfold SussexHead
81-9Susan Stoner44Brighton SussexWife
81-9Emely Stoner13Brighton SussexDaughter
81-9Charles Stoner10Brighton SussexSon
81-9James Stoner5Brighton SussexSon
81-10Brighton 2 14 New York St Sussex
81-10Susanah Stone - Stoner62Fulking SussexHead
81-10Ambrose Stone - Stoner22Brighton SussexSon
81-11Brighton 3 10 Coleman St Sussex
81-11Annie MStoner31Brighton SussexWife
81-11Allen Stoner29Cowfold SussexHead
81-11Alice AStoner5Balcombe SussexDaughter
81-11Amy L MStoner3Balcombe SussexDaughter
81-11Albert AStoner1Brighton SussexSon
81-12Brighton 4 4 Victoria Street Sussex
81-12Elizabeth Stoner86Shoreham SussexUnknown
81-13Brighton 5 5 Robert Street Sussex
81-13Harriet Stoner49Rogate SussexWife
81-13Henry Stoner42Horsham SussexHead
81-13Hounie Stoner14Brighton SussexDaughter
81-13George Stoner9Brighton SussexSon
81-14Brighton 6 6 Queens Place Sussex
81-14James Stoner30Keymer SussexHead
81-14Jane Stoner29Woolbeding SussexWife
81-14Charity Stoner17Keymer SussexSister
81-14Elizabeth Stoner3Brighton SussexDaughter
81-14Alice CStoner1Brighton SussexDaughter
81-15Brighton 7 110 Queens Rd Sussex
81-15John NStoner42Hurstpierpoint SussexHead
81-15Harriett Stoner36Brighton SussexWife
81-15Catherine HStoner14Brighton SussexDaughter
81-15Sophia AStoner13Brighton SussexDaughter
81-15Harold BStoner10Brighton SussexSon
81-15Ethel MStoner7Brighton SussexDaughter
81-15Marguerite RStoner4Brighton SussexDaughter
81-15Bertha MStoner2Brighton SussexDaughter
81-16Brighton 8 6 Kemp St Sussex
81-16Hannah Stoner65Goudhurst KentHead
81-16John CStoner22Brighton SussexSon
81-17Brighton 9 9 Over Street Sussex
81-17John HStoner35Brighton SussexHead
81-17Emily Stoner34London MiddlesexWife
81-17Henry CStoner12Brighton SussexSon
81-17Emily EStoner11Brighton SussexDaughter
81-17Arthur EStoner7Brighton SussexSon
81-18Brighton10 Bristol Hotel Sussex
81-18Eliza Stoner48London MiddlesexBoarder
81-18Julia Stoner19London MiddlesexBoarder
81-18Edward AStoner13London MiddlesexBoarder
81-19Brighton11 11 Spring St Sussex
81-19Eliza AnnStoner31Brighton SussexWife
81-19Chas. Stoner28Bath SomersetHead
81-19Chas. JohnStoner7Brighton SussexSon
81-19Albert Stoner5Brighton SussexSon
81-20Brighton12 12 Egremont Place Girls Industrial House Sussex
81-20Minnie Stoner15London MiddlesexPupil
81-20Jennie Stoner12London MiddlesexPupil
81-21Brighton13 150 Elm Grove Sussex
81-21Albert Stoner27Cowfold SussexLodger
81-22Brighton15 15 Coleman St Sussex
81-22Caroline Stoner29Eastergate SussexWife
81-22George Stoner28Slaugham SussexHead
81-22Albert JStoner1Brighton SussexSon
81-23Brighton16 16 1/2 Western St Sussex
81-23Harry Stoner52Ditchling SussexHead
81-23Maria HStoner49Lewes SussexWife
81-23Martin JStoner26Plumpton SussexSon
81-23Katherine Stoner20Brighton SussexDaughter
81-23Ellen Stoner18Brighton SussexDaughter
81-23Harry Stoner11Brighton SussexSon
81-23Jane Stoner9Brighton SussexGranddaughter
81-24Brighton17 17 Ashton St Sussex
81-24Harry Stoner21Lindfield SussexHeadBricklayers Labourer
81-24Mary Stoner21Brighton SussexWife
81-24Harriet Stoner0 Brighton SussexDaughter
81-25Brighton18 17 Crown Gardens Sussex
81-25Frank Stoner32Brighton SussexHead
81-25Susanah Stoner30Brighton SussexWife
81-25John Stoner5Brighton SussexSon
81-25Carrien Stoner3Brighton SussexDaughter
81-25William Stoner1Brighton SussexSon
81-26Brighton18a 19 Crown Gardens Sussex
81-26Mary Stoner62Eastbourne SussexHead
81-26Caroline Stoner37Eastbourne SussexDaughter
81-26William Stoner21Brighton SussexSon
81-27Brighton20 194 To 197 Eastern Rd Sussex
81-27Mary AnnStoner22Norwich NorfolkVisitor
81-28Brighton21 22 Jersey St Sussex
81-28William Stoner32Brighton SussexHead
81-28Ruth Stoner31Siddlesham SussexWife
81-28William Stoner11Berwick SussexSon
81-28Albert Stoner9Brighton SussexSon
81-28Frederick Stoner3Brighton SussexSon
81-29Brighton22 22 Western Rd Sussex
81-29Ester Stoner26Lr Beeding SussexServant
81-30Brighton24 24 Buckingham Rd Sussex
81-30Ann Stoner26Brighton SussexServant
81-31Brighton27 27 Church Street Sussex
81-31Alfred Stoner39Easebourne SussexHead
81-31Barbara Stoner37Uckfield SussexWife
81-31Emily Stoner12Brighton SussexDaughter
81-31Alice Stoner10Brighton SussexDaughter
81-31Kate Stoner8Brighton SussexDaughter
81-31Annie Stoner7Brighton SussexDaughter
81-31Frank Stoner5Brighton SussexSon
81-31Ellen Stoner3Brighton SussexDaughter
81-31Louisa Stoner1Brighton SussexDaughter
81-32Brighton29 145 Western Rd Sussex
81-32Harry WStoner58Brighton SussexHeadSurgeon Dentist
81-32Harriet Stoner57Brighton SussexWife
81-32Anne Stoner29Brighton SussexDaughter
81-32Kate Stoner26Brighton SussexDaughter
81-32Charles BStoner24Brighton SussexSonGraduate Phil Dental College USA
81-32Alfred BStoner22Brighton SussexSonRegistered Dentist
81-32Harry JStoner15Brighton SussexSonStudent
81-33Brighton30 3 Regent Hill Sussex
81-33George Stoner49Ditchling SussexHead
81-34Brighton32 32 Derby Place Sussex
81-34Eliza Stoner30Faversham KentHead
81-35Brighton34 34 Frederick Place Sussex
81-35Jane Stoner60Brighton SussexWife
81-35James Stoner58Tillington SussexHead
81-36Brighton35 34 Redcross St Sussex
81-36Eliza Stoner19Cuckfield SussexVisitor
81-37Brighton37 Sussex County Hospital Sussex
81-37Harriett Stoner21Cuckfield SussexPatient
81-38Brighton38 Richmond Hill Alma Tavern Sussex
81-38Anne Stoner30Brighton SussexWife
81-38William Stoner29Brighton SussexHeadShoemaker
81-38Richard CStoner9Brighton SussexSonScholar
81-38Fanny Ford5Brighton SussexAdopted DaughterScholar
81-39Brighton39 39 Queens Road Sussex
81-39Susan Stoner33Brighton SussexServant
81-40Brighton40 40 Cambridge St Sussex
81-40Elizabeth AliceStoner27Southwick SussexHead (w)
81-40Thomas WilliamSlater7Southwick SussexSon
81-41Brighton41 41 Hendon St Sussex
81-41William Stoner45Easebourne SussexHeadMilkman
81-41Eliza Stoner48Brighton SussexWifeLaundress
81-41Ellen Humphrey28Brighton SussexStep DaughterLaundress
81-41Lily Stoner9Ovingdean SussexDaughterScholar
81-42Brighton42 42 Elm Grove Sussex
81-42Sophia Stoner73Penshurst KentHead (w)
81-42Harriett Tasker61Penshurst KentSister (u)?
81-43Brighton43 4 Queens Gardens Sussex
81-43William Stoner20Shoreham SussexLodger
81-44Brighton44 4 And 5 Bond St Sussex
81-44Alice Stoner16Brighton SussexServant
81-45Brighton45 45 Surry St Sussex
81-45Adolphus Stoner49Brighton SussexHead (w)Jeweller
81-45Sydney Stoner15Brighton SussexSonDentist Apprentice
81-45Henry HStoner13Brighton SussexSonScholar
81-45Frank HStoner11Brighton SussexSonScholar
81-46Brighton46 46 Park Crescent Sussex
81-46Kate Stoner19Brighton SussexServant
81-47Brighton47 46 & 48 Buckingham Place Home For Orphan Boys Sussex
81-47George Stoner10Portslade SussexInmate
81-48Brighton48 40 Park Crescent Sussex
81-48Annie Stoner21Upperton SurreyServant
81-49Brighton49 49 Princes Road Sussex
81-49Edward Stoner29Brighton SussexHead
81-49Elizabeth Stoner29Brighton SussexWife
81-50Brighton52 2 Old Steine Sussex
81-50Fanny Smith45Slaugham SussexHead (u)Lodging House Keeper
81-50Sabina Stoner51Walworth SurreyVisitor (w)Sick Nurse
81-50Charlotte Heasman19Chailey SussexVisitor (u)Servant
81-50Ann SmithHeasman21Chailey SussexServantHousemaid
81-50Bessie Shergold13Winchester HampshireServantHutchermaid
81-51Brighton55 100) 5 Manchester Row Sussex
81-51Jane Stoner57Falmer SussexHead (w)Charwoman
81-51William Stoner14Brighton SussexSonErrand Boy
81-51Sarah Stoner12Brighton SussexDaughterScholar
81-51William Rogers55Brighton SussexBoarder (u)Stoker (Gas)
81-52Brighton59 19 Tidy Street Sussex
81-52Agnes Stoner16Ansty SussexUnknown
81-53Brighton62 62 John Street Sussex
81-53George Stoner34Brighton SussexHead
81-53Eliza Stoner32Brighton SussexWife
81-53Eliza Stoner5Brighton SussexDaughter
81-53Louisa Stoner3Brighton SussexDaughter
81-53Charles Stoner1Brighton SussexSon
81-54Brighton65 65 A Middle St Sussex
81-54George Stoner19Chichester SussexLodger
81-55Brighton66 66 Regency Sq Sussex
81-55Rebbeca Stoner19Horsham SussexServant
81-56Brighton75 45 Gt College St Sussex
81-56Clara Stoner14Southwick SussexServant
81-57Brighton86 86 St James St Sussex
81-57Florence AStoner17Hurstpierpoint SussexServant
81-58Brighton92 2 Cameron Ter Sussex
81-58Mary Stoner0 Brighton SussexNurse Child
81-59Brighton98 19 Victoria Rd Sussex
81-59Eliza Stonar - Stoner68 LondonHead (u)
81-59Mary Stonar - Stoner58 LondonSister (u)
81-60Broadwater Broadwater St Sussex
81-60Harry Stoner28Broadwater SussexLodger
81-61Broadwater South Farm Lane Sussex
81-61James Stoner57Nuthurst SussexHead
81-61John Stoner24Broadwater SussexSon
81-61Charles Stoner17Broadwater SussexSon
81-61Fanny Stoner16Broadwater SussexDaughter
81-61Mary Stoner8Broadwater SussexDaughter
81-62Bury Brick Kiln (Blue Bell) Sussex
81-62William Stoner58North Chapel SussexHead
81-62Mary AStoner56North Chapel SussexWife
81-63Chichester - Subdeanary 1 2 South Bank Sussex
81-63Emma Stoner15Portfield SussexServant
81-64Chichester - Subdeanary 2 17 West St Sussex
81-64Alfred Stoner11Chichester SussexPupil
81-65Chichester - Subdeanary 3 2 North Road Sussex
81-65Steven Stoner43St Johns Clayton SussexHead
81-65Ester Stoner33Burgess Hill SussexWife
81-65Ethele MStoner0 Subdeanary Chichester SussexDaughter
81-66Chichester - Subdeanary 4 Bishop Otter College Sussex
81-66Eliza MStoner20Llanely Carmarthenshire, WalesBoarder
81-66Fanny SophiaStoner18Llanelly WalesBoarder
81-67Chichester - Subdeanary 5 George St Sussex
81-67Henry Stoner54Chichester SussexHead
81-67Charlott Stoner53West Dean SussexWife
81-68Chichester - Subdeanary Workhouse "North Road Workhouse" North Road Sussex
81-68Minie Stoner18Chichester SussexInmate
81-68Louisa Stoner15Chichester SussexInmate
81-69Chichester All Sts South Pallant St Sussex
81-69Sarah SStoner14Chichester SussexServant
81-70Chichester St Bartholomew Fishbourne Road Sussex
81-70George Stoner23Old Shoreham SussexServant
81-71Chichester St Peter Less North Street Sussex
81-71William Stoner39Easebourne SussexHead
81-71Ann Stoner38Faundhall NorfolkWife
81-71Walter Stoner13Easbourne SussexSon
81-72Chichester St Peter Less Priory St Sussex
81-72George Stoner57Eastbourne SussexHead
81-72Martha Stoner52Cocking SussexWife
81-73Clayton 1 14 St Mary Terrace Sussex
81-73Mary AnnStoner39Little Wakering EssexWife
81-73John Stoner38Cuckfield SussexHead
81-73Rosetta Stoner11Shoeburyness EssexDaughter
81-73Alfred JohnStoner9Shoeburyness EssexSon
81-73William HenryStoner7Shoeburyness EssexSon
81-73Alice MaryStoner4Langley Fort SussexDaughter
81-73Elizabeth AnnStoner2Langley Fort SussexDaughter
81-73Frederick CharlesStoner0 Newhaven SussexSon
81-74Clayton 2 Friars Oak (Villa) Sussex
81-74Henry GStoner24Keymer SussexHead
81-74Harriett Stoner22Brighton SussexWife
81-74Edith Stoner5Burgess Hill SussexVisitor
81-75Clayton 3 West Street Sussex
81-75George Stoner40Cuckfield SussexHead
81-75Mary SophiaStoner35Hailsham SussexWife
81-75Elizabeth JaneStoner5Clayton SussexDaughter
81-75Alfred GeorgeStoner1Clayton SussexSon
81-76Cowfold 1 Brook Farm Sussex
81-76Jessie Stoner18London MiddlesexServant
81-77Cowfold 2 Brownings Farm Sussex
81-77Jesse Stoner30Cowfold SussexServant
81-78Cowfold 3 Burnt House Sussex
81-78Ester Stoner34Bolney SussexHead
81-78James Stoner4Cowfold SussexSon
81-79Cowfold 4 Frithland Sussex
81-79Caroline Stoner77Brighton SussexHead
81-79Eliza Stoner23Southwark LondonGranddaughter
81-79Edward TStoner9Lambeth SurreyGrandson
81-80Cowfold 5 Henfield Road Cowfold Street Sussex
81-80James Stoner60Cowfold SussexHead
81-80Ann Stoner55Ashurst SussexWife
81-80Frederick Stoner19Cowfold SussexSon
81-80Edward Stoner16Cowfold SussexSon
81-80Arthur Stoner15Cowfold SussexSon
81-80Ernest Stoner10Cowfold SussexSon
81-81Cowfold 6 Trenchmores Sussex
81-81James Stoner66Slaugham SussexHead
81-81Mary Stoner60Cowfold SussexWife
81-81Harriet Stoner23Cowfold SussexDaughter
81-82Cuckfield 1 22 South Street Sussex
81-82William Stoner31Cowfold SussexHead
81-82Louisa Stoner26South Heytiton SussexWife
81-82Horace WStoner4Cuckfield SussexSon
81-82Sidney AStoner1Cuckfield SussexSon
81-83Cuckfield 2 7 Osborn Cottags Sussex
81-83Ellin Stoner25Lindfield SussexHeadHousekeeper
81-83Charles Stoner23Lindfield SussexBrotherWhitesmith
81-83Alfred Stoner21Lindfield SussexBrotherNews Agent
81-83George Stoner18H Heath SussexBrotherFootman - Unemployed
81-83Ernest Stoner15H Heath SussexBrotherRailway Porter
81-84Cuckfield 3 Austrey Lane Sussex
81-84Susannah Stoner49Cuckfield SussexWife
81-84James WilliamStoner47Cuckfield SussexHead
81-84Georgina Stoner19Cuckfield SussexDaughter
81-84William Stoner17Lindfield SussexSon
81-84Caleb Stoner15Lindfield SussexSon
81-84Norah Stoner12Cuckfield SussexDaughter
81-84Julia HenriettaStoner10Cuckfield SussexDaughter
81-84Alma RosetaStoner7Cuckfield SussexDaughter
81-84Elsie Beatrice MayStoner5Cuckfield SussexDaughter
81-85Cuckfield 4 Clevelands Muster Green Sussex
81-85Ellen Stoner23Ditchling SussexServant
81-86Cuckfield 5 Handcross Choads Cott Sussex
81-86Jacob Stoner70Nuthurst SussexHead
81-86Elizabeth Stoner66Nuthurst SussexWife
81-87Cuckfield 5 Handcross Downer Cott Sussex
81-87Thomas Stoner30Slaugham SussexHead
81-87Elizabeth Stoner23Slaugham SussexWife
81-87Helen Stoner5Slaugham SussexDaughter
81-87Florence Stoner3Slaugham SussexDaughter
81-87Ada Stoner1Slaugham SussexDaughter
81-88Cuckfield 6 No 2 Station Cottage Sussex
81-88Henry WilliamStoner33Brighton SussexHead
81-88Eliza Stoner32Brighton SussexWife
81-88Alice GeorginaStoner11Brighton SussexDaughter
81-88Henry Stoner10Brighton SussexSon
81-88Edith CarolineStoner7Cuckfield SussexDaughter
81-88Chas. EdwdStoner5Cuckfield SussexSon
81-88Clara ElizaStoner3Cuckfield SussexDaughter
81-88Gertrude Stoner1Cuckfield SussexDaughter
81-88George Stoner0 Cuckfield SussexSon
81-89Cuckfield 7 Old Mill Sussex
81-89William Stoner52Cuckfield SussexHead
81-89Barbara Stoner50Cuckfield SussexWife
81-90Cuckfield 8 Tyes Cottage Sussex
81-90William Stoner36Nuthurst SussexHead
81-90Harriet Stoner33Cuckfield SussexWife
81-90Mark Stoner12Nuthurst SussexSon
81-90Alice MStoner10Beeding SussexDaughter
81-90Henry Stoner8Beeding SussexSon
81-90Minnie KStoner7Nuthurst SussexDaughter
81-90Emma Stoner3Nuthurst SussexDaughter
81-90John Stoner1Cuckfield SussexSon
81-91Ditchling 1 West St Wynns Place Sussex
81-91Rhoda Stoner42Britwell OxfordshireWife
81-91John Stoner39Ditchling SussexHead
81-91Agnes JStoner12Ditchling SussexDaughter
81-91Charles JStoner10Ditchling SussexSon
81-91Ellen JStoner8Ditchling SussexDaughter
81-91Alfred JStoner7Ditchling SussexSon
81-91Frederick JStoner4Ditchling SussexSon
81-91Albert JStoner2Ditchling SussexSon
81-91Lucy JStoner0 Ditchling SussexDaughter
81-92Ditchling 2 East End Lane Willow Cottage Sussex
81-92Anna Stoner67Lewes SussexWife
81-92James Stoner66Ditchling SussexHead
81-93Ditchling 3 East St Sussex
81-93John Stoner58Ditchling SussexHead
81-93Mary AnnStoner22Ditchling SussexDaughter
81-94Ditchling 4 East St Golden Sq Sussex
81-94Ann Stoner58Rodmel SussexMother
81-94Annie Stoner31Ditchling SussexWife
81-94George Stoner28Arrundel SussexHead
81-94William Stoner5Ditchling SussexSon
81-94Rosa Stoner4Ditchling SussexDaughter
81-95Ditchling 5 Pond Green Cottage Sussex
81-95George Stoner37Hurstpierpt SussexHead
81-95Ann Stoner35Hurstpierpt SussexWife
81-95George Stoner9Hurstpierpt SussexSon
81-95Edith Stoner6Keymer SussexDaughter
81-95Florence Stoner3Keymer SussexDaughter
81-96East Grinstead 12 63) Hospital Farm Sussex
81-96John Tester74Preston SussexHeadFarmer of 20 acres
81-96Lydia Tester68Lindfield SussexWife
81-96John Simmons36 Lodger (Son-in-Law)Ag Lab
81-96Esther Simmons28 Wife (of lodger) / Daughter
81-97East Grinstead Blacklands Farm Sussex
81-97William  King64Hurstpierpoint SussexHeadFarmer
81-97Elizabeth  King61Twineham SussexWife
81-97Francis ArthurKing21Ardingly SussexSonFarm Labourer
81-97Thomas King18Ardingly SussexSonFarm Labourer
81-97Harriet Stoner18Ardingly SussexGranddaughter
81-98East Preston Preston Str Preston Cottage Sussex
81-98Walter Stoner32Lower Beeding SussexLodger
81-99Eastbourne 1 98 Tideswell Rd Sussex
81-99Andrew Stoner25Cuckfield SussexBoarder