Help in using the Database

Note that apart from those for my direct line I hold few certificates and the information shown is therefore not fully researched. It is meant to be an aid and simply indicates where I would look if following a line.

You may find it useful to cut and paste from the web pages to a file as you go.

Tracing Back

Many birth index entries have a link in the Father column and, if present, this can be used. Alternatively you can use the Mother link to see the siblings and parents, then click on the parents' Marriage link, and then on the father's Birth link. Repeat for the next generation.

Tracing Forward

After finding a Birth use the Marr link if present, then click on the sp surname to see the family. Select a child, click on the B entry in the Event column, and repeat the process. There may be a Death link on the Birth entry.


You know the forename and an approximate date of birth and maybe birthplace

Suppose you were looking for George S Stoner, around 1880. If you just know Sussex that doesn't help a great deal as half will be in Sussex!

Tracing back

  1. In the Birth Indexes section, click on F-G.
  2. Scroll down the alphabetical listing to find George S, who may be shown with one or more forenames in the index. They are listed chronologically within exact forenames. (But see Some amendments below.)
    135018857George SharpeEast Preston2b 339Kennett6061050CW36455

    The Ref numbers are my own and used for links between the pages. Column entries in blue are links

  3. Click on the mother's maiden name Kennett to go to the Family page
    EventYearQ M d/mFatherMotherNeeDistrictRef
    ChildMarriageDeath& marriage
    M606 ↑1885 01Harry STONER Emily KennettWesthampnett 2b 467
    B13501885 7 George Sharpe M1050 ↓ CW36M606Kennett East Preston 2b 339
    B17681896 7 Harry M1337 ↓D2441M606Kennett East Preston 2b 336
    B19321900 1 Fred M1537 ↓M606Kennett East Preston 2b 347
  4. Click on 606 to see the marriage entry
    RefnoYearQ/Mforenamessp forenamessp surnameDistrictVol/PBirth or ..
    60618851HarryEmilyKennettWesthampnett2b 467455

    If the Stoner marrying is a lady who previously married a Stoner, the Birth or .. column may contain a reference to the earlier marriage, rather than to a Stoner birth.

  5. Click on 455 in the Birth column to see the birth entry.
  6. Now the process can be repeated to go back another generation. An uparrow ↑ has been added by some M events. Click on this for a quick way to go back a generation.
  7. Alternatively, from the Birth entry you can click on Death link, here CW36 which shows the Commonwealth War grave entry - for more see that website.

Tracing forward

  1. Find the birth
    135018857George SharpeEast Preston2b 339Kennett6061050CW36455
  2. Then click on 1050 in the Marriage column then, on the marriage record, on the mother's name Short to go to the Family page.
    EventYearQ M d/mFatherMotherNeeDistrictRef
    ChildMarriageDeath& marriage
    M1050 ↑1906 07George Sharpe STONER Mary Jane ShortEast Preston 2b 811
    B2184 1906 10 George Sharpe M1659 ↓ M2517 ↓D2829M1050Short East Preston 2b 308
    B2243 1908 4 Herbert Henry M1871 ↓D2791M1050Short East Preston 2b 339
    B2425 1913 10 Frederick J D1235M1050Short East Preston 2b 542
    A downarrow ↓ has been added by some M events. Click on this for a quick way to come forward a generation.
  3. You know a lady who married a Stoner

    Try the Families section using her surname.

    You know a man who married a Stoner

    Try the Spouses section using the surname.

    There is no link

    For example, no marriage link. Maybe there was no marriage.

    Or there are too many options without seeing the certificate. For example, if there's no marriage link against a birth you might try looking at the marriages for that name. I'd recommend also looking at the births to see how many other candidates there might be for any marriage you find!

    Sometimes people are in the birth, marriage, and death indexes with different forenames or initials, or maybe just in a different sequence.

    It may be because I haven't yet tried to work out what the link should be. Or haven't yet updated the page.


    Some amendments

    The indexes were transcribed over several years and during that period I added some christian names to the bare initials, not knowing that I would eventually build this website. So Edmund Clifton that I show may have been Edmund C in the index. Index entries from 1837 to around 1950 may be checked at

    Full christian names and mother's maiden names up to 1911 have also been added using

    Questions, Corrections, Additions

    Feel free to email me with any questions, corrections or new information. There's a checkbox on the home page. I have much data yet to be added.


    I have put online extracts from certificates I have seen, and am very happy to receive scans if you have certificates.