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Note that apart from those for my direct line I hold few certificates and the information shown is therefore not fully researched
It is meant to be an aid and simply indicates where I would look if following a line
Home ~~~~ 1841 census file 0 ~~~~ Help
Note that apart from those for my direct line I hold few certificates and the information shown is therefore not fully researched
It is meant to be an aid and simply indicates where I would look if following a line
41-1Ashurst near Steyning Fountain Sussex
41-1Mary STONER30 Sussex
41-1Stephen STONER30 SussexPublican
41-2Balcombe Part of Wharf House Sussex
41-2John Tester35 Sussex
41-2Lydia Tester25 Sussex
41-2Lydia Tester10 Sussex
41-2Robert Tester6 Sussex
41-2Stephen Tester3 Sussex
41-2N K (m)Tester0.08 Sussex
41-3Bolney Sussex
41-3Edward STONER25 Sussex
41-4Brighthelmstone 1 Sussex
41-4Elizabeth STONER40 Sussex
41-4George STONER40 Sussex
41-4Henry STONER17 Sussex
41-4Cordila STONER15 Sussex
41-4Mary STONER13 Sussex
41-4Adelphas STONER9 Sussex
41-4Selina STONER6 Sussex
41-5Brighthelmstone 2 Sussex
41-5Sarha STONER25
41-5Fred STONER20 SussexFly Man
41-5Emma STONER1 Sussex
41-6Brighthelmstone 3 Sussex
41-6James STONER25 Sussex
41-7Brighthelmstone 4 Sussex
41-7George STONER20 SussexBaker
41-8Brighthelmstone 5 Sussex
41-8Fanny STONER20 Sussex
41-9Brighthelmstone 6 Sussex
41-9Mary STONER30 Sussex
41-10Brighthelmstone 91 Sussex
41-10James Stane30 Sussex
41-10Mary Stane30 Sussex
41-10Mary Stane15 Sussex
41-10Edmund Stane11 Sussex
41-10Elizabeth Stane6 Sussex
41-10Charles Stane0.25 Sussex
41-11Brighthelmstone 93 Sussex
41-11Michael Flener45 Ireland
41-12Brighthelmstone 92 Sussex
41-12Earnes Flener40 Sussex
41-13Brighthelmstone 93 Sussex
41-13John Flener12
41-14Brighthelmstone x Sussex
41-14Edward May50 SussexCoachman
41-14Jane May35 Sussex
41-14William May5 Sussex
41-14Thomas May3 Sussex
41-14Ellen Martin10 Sussex
41-15Chichester - St Bartholomew Sussex
41-15Charlotte Stones56
41-15Caroline Stones20 Sussex
41-15Sarah Stones20 Sussex
41-16Chichester - Sub Deanery Sussex
41-16Louisa STONER35 Sussex
41-16Henry STONER14 Sussex
41-16Mary STONER12 Sussex
41-16John STONER10 Sussex
41-16Thomas STONER8 Sussex
41-16Sarah STONER4 Sussex
41-16Alfred STONER1 Sussex
41-17Clayton 1 Sussex
41-17John STONER30 Sussex
41-17Ann STONER25 Sussex
41-17Steven STONER2 Sussex
41-18Clayton 1a Sussex
41-18Stephan STONER61 Sussex
41-18Ester STONER59 Sussex
41-18Peter STONER20 Sussex
41-18Mary STONER14 Sussex
41-19Clayton 3 Sussex
41-19Wm STONER40
41-20Cowfold 1 Sussex
41-20Thos STONER71 Sussex
41-20Barbara STONER66 Sussex
41-20Sophia STONER7
41-21Cowfold 2 Sussex
41-21Sarah STONER45 Sussex
41-21Jno STONER40 Sussex
41-21Jas STONER20 Sussex
41-21Reba STONER12 Sussex
41-21Carol STONER10 Sussex
41-21Pater STONER8 Sussex
41-21Emely STONER1 Sussex
41-22Cowfold 3 Sussex
41-22George STONER13 Sussex
41-23Cowfold 4 Sussex
41-23Henry Mobsby52 Sussex
41-23Hannah Mobsby11 Sussex
41-23Lucy Mobsby7 Sussex
41-23Harriet Mobsby9 Sussex
41-23Mary STONER22 Sussex
41-23Elene STONER1 Sussex
41-24Cowfold 5 Sussex
41-24John STONER45 SussexFarm Labourer
41-24Susan STONER45 Sussex
41-24Fillidr STONER20 Sussex
41-24Phillip STONER15 SussexFarm Labourer
41-24Thos STONER14 SussexFarm Labourer
41-24Danl STONER12 SussexFarm Labourer
41-25Cowfold 5a Sussex
41-25Phillip STONER73 SussexCarpenter
41-26Cowfold 7 Sussex
41-26Sarah STONER64
41-26Thos STONER59 Sussex
41-27Cowfold 8 Sussex
41-27Chas STONER56 Sussex
41-27Charla STONER51 Sussex
41-27Jno STONER20 Sussex
41-27Reber STONER20 Sussex
41-27Saml STONER18 Sussex
41-27Henry STONER15 Sussex
41-27Steph STONER13 Sussex
41-27Sarah STONER9 Sussex
41-27Mark STONER5 Sussex
41-28Cowfold 8a Sussex
41-28Rebec STONER15 Sussex
41-29Cowfold 9 Sussex
41-29Henry STONER23 Sussex
41-29Nahomi STONER18 Sussex
41-30Cowfold10 Sussex
41-30Jno STONER25 Sussex
41-31Cuckfield - Haywards Heath Sussex
41-31Thomas Stone - Stoner30 Sussex
41-31Mary Stone - Stoner25 Sussex
41-32Cuckfield 1 Sussex
41-32John STONER35 Sussex
41-32Susan STONER25 Sussex
41-32Harriet Staner - Stoner9 Sussex
41-32Peter Staner - Stoner7 Sussex
41-32Philip Staner - Stoner6 Sussex
41-33Cuckfield 1a Sussex
41-33Henry STONER5 Sussex
41-34Cuckfield 2 Sussex
41-34Stephen STONER23 Sussex
41-34Mary STONER21 Sussex
41-34James STONER6 Sussex
41-34Alfred STONER4 Sussex
41-34George STONER1 Sussex
41-35Cuckfield 3 Sussex
41-35Harriott STONER31 Sussex
41-35Samuell STONER29 Sussex
41-35Sarah STONER3 Sussex
41-35John STONER0.25 Sussex
41-36Cuckfield 4 Sussex
41-36Barbara STONER52 Sussex
41-37Cuckfield 5 Sussex
41-37Henry STONER10 Sussex
41-38Cuckfield 6 Sussex
41-38James STONER10 Sussex
41-38Allen Blanch50 Sussex
41-38Phillis Blanch45 Sussex
41-39Cuckfield 7 Sussex
41-39Maria STONER20 Sussex
41-40Cuckfield 8 Sussex
41-40William STONER14 Sussex
41-41Cuckfield 9 Sussex
41-41Mary STONER13 Sussex
41-42Cuckfield10 Sussex
41-42Edwd STONER20 Sussex
41-43Cuckfield11 Sussex
41-43Sarah STONER10 Sussex
41-44Cuckfield18 Sussex
41-44Thomas Stone45 SussexAg Lab
41-44Mary Stone25 Sussex
41-44Mary Stone6 Sussex
41-44Harriett Stone4
41-44Elizabeth Stone2
41-44John Stone0.16
41-45Cuckfield19 Sussex
41-45John Stone40 Sussex
41-45Ann Stone25 Sussex
41-45John Stone4 Sussex
41-45Maria Stone2 Sussex
41-45George Stone0 Sussex
41-46Ditchling 1 Sussex
41-46James STONER40 SussexAg Lab
41-46Mary STONER40 Sussex
41-46Henry STONER15 SussexAg Lab
41-46William STONER15 SussexAg Lab
41-46Robert STONER12 Sussex
41-46George STONER10 Sussex
41-46Harriett STONER7 Sussex
41-46John STONER0.01 Sussex
41-46Jemima STONER55 SussexNurse
41-47Ditchling 3 Sussex
41-47James STONER25 Sussex
41-47Elizabeth STONER20 Sussex
41-48Ditchling 4 Sussex
41-48Jane STONER20 Sussex
41-49Ditchling 5 Sussex
41-49Elizabeth STONER60 Sussex
41-49Henry STONER50 Sussex
41-49Henry STONER25 Sussex
41-49John STONER15 Sussex
41-49Martha STONER8 Sussex
41-50Ditchling 6 Sussex
41-50William STONER55 Sussex
41-50Mary STONER45 Sussex
41-50Elizabeth STONER20 Sussex
41-51Ditchling 7 Sussex
41-51Thomas STONER50 Sussex
41-51Kitty STONER15 Sussex
41-52Easebourne 1 Sussex
41-52Ann STONER50 Sussex
41-52Thomas STONER50 Sussex
41-52Charles STONER15 Sussex
41-52Jane STONER15 Sussex
41-52Jesse STONER12 Sussex
41-53Easebourne 2 Sussex
41-53Mary STONER40 Sussex
41-53Robert STONER13 Sussex
41-53Charlotte STONER10 Sussex
41-53Sarah STONER8 Sussex
41-53Jane STONER3 Sussex
41-54Easebourne 2a Sussex
41-54George Stonner - Stoner15 Sussex
41-55Easebourne 3 Sussex
41-55Ann STONER55 Sussex
41-55John STONER55 Sussex
41-55Charles STONER14 Sussex
41-55Anthony STONER12 Sussex
41-56Easebourne 4 Sussex
41-56James STONER25 Sussex
41-56Mary STONER20 Sussex
41-56James STONER2 Sussex
41-57Easebourne 5 Sussex
41-57Sarah STONER25 Sussex
41-57William STONER25 Sussex
41-57George STONER1 Sussex
41-58Easebourne 6 Sussex
41-58William STONER55 Sussex
41-58Elizabeth STONER45 Sussex
41-58Charlott STONER25 Sussex
41-58William STONER25 Sussex
41-58Ann STONER20 Sussex
41-58Jane STONER15 Sussex
41-58Martha STONER12 Sussex
41-58Sarah STONER10 Sussex
41-58Frances STONER5 Sussex
41-58Peter STONER2 Sussex
41-59Easebourne 6a Sussex
41-59Genesee George Storen - Stoner20 Sussex
41-59Jane Storen - Stoner20 Sussex
41-60Easebourne 8 Sussex
41-60John STONER30 Sussex
41-60Sarah STONER25 Sussex
41-60Henry STONER4 Sussex
41-60William STONER2 Sussex
41-61East Levant Sussex
41-61James Staples20 Sussex
41-62East Wittering Sussex
41-62Philip Moner30
41-62Mary Moner20
41-63Frant Sussex
41-63Deana Storen45
41-64Graffham Sussex
41-64Catharine Stane - Stoner45 Sussex
41-64James Stane - Stoner40 Sussex
41-64Jane Stane - Stoner15 Sussex
41-64James Stane - Stoner14 Sussex
41-64Elizabeth Stane - Stoner10 Sussex
41-64William Stane - Stoner4 Sussex
41-65Henfield Sussex
41-65Bethiah STONER65 Sussex
41-66Heyshott Sussex
41-66James White70 Sussex
41-66Sarah STONER70 Sussex
41-67Horsham 1 Sussex
41-67Sophia Holden30 Sussex
41-67Albert STONER9 Sussex
41-67Frances Holden5 Sussex
41-67Robert Holden3 Sussex
41-68Horsham 2 Sussex
41-68William STONER25 Sussex
41-68Mary STONER20 Sussex
41-68Fanny STONER1 Sussex
41-69Horsham 3 Sussex
41-69Emily STONER23 Sussex
41-69William STONER3 Sussex
41-69Mary STONER1 Sussex
41-70Horsham Workhouse Sussex
41-70Lebenia STONER12 Sussex
41-70Mary Ann STONER10 Sussex
41-70William Staples13 Sussex
41-70Edmund Staples11 Sussex
41-71Horsham Sussex
41-71Jane Staples19 Sussex
41-72Hurst Perpoint Sussex
41-72Nathan STONER25 Sussex
41-72Catherine STONER20 Sussex
41-72John STONER2 Sussex
41-72Alfred STONER1 Sussex
41-73Ifield Sussex
41-73Ellen Stonner8 Sussex
41-74Ifield 3 Sussex
41-74Thomas Thornton40 SussexFarmer
41-74Martha Thornton35 Sussex
41-74Richard Tullett45 SussexAg Lab
41-74George Stone - Stoner12 SussexAg Lab
41-75Keymer 1 Sussex
41-75William STONER34 Sussex
41-75Mary Cottingham17 Sussex
41-75Jane Cottingham14 Sussex
41-75Richard STONER20 Sussex
41-75Elizabeth STONER12 Sussex
41-76Keymer 2 Sussex
41-76Thomas STONER15 Sussex
41-77Keymer 3 Sussex
41-77George STONER25 Sussex
41-77Sarah STONER20 Sussex
41-77Fanny STONER1 Sussex
41-78Keymer 4 Sussex
41-78Thomas STONER15 Sussex
41-79Keymer 8 Sussex
41-79Ann Penfold15 SussexF.S.
41-79James Stoneham - Stoner20 SussexM.S.
41-80Kirdford Sussex
41-80Sarah STONER15 Sussex
41-81Laughton Sussex
41-81Thomas Starnes60 SussexFarmer
41-81Sarah Starnes58 Sussex
41-81Thomas Starnes30 SussexBuilder
41-81Charles Starnes20 Sussex
41-82Lewes - St Ann Sussex
41-82Mary STONER75 Sussex
41-83Lodsworth Sussex
41-83Harriott STONER25 Sussex
41-84Lower Beeding 1 Knowles Farm Sussex
41-84Elizabeth STONER65 Sussex
41-84Philip STONER60 SussexShepherd
41-85Lower Beeding 6 Hammer Hill Sussex
41-85John STONER30 SussexLabourer
41-85Harriot STONER20 Sussex
41-85John STONER3 Sussex
41-85Louisa STONER1 Sussex
41-85James STONER25 SussexLabourer
41-85Jane STONER20 Sussex
41-85Thomas STONER2 Sussex
41-85Harriot STONER0.01 Sussex
41-86Lower Beeding 4 Plummers Plain Sussex
41-86Elizabeth STONER25 Sussex
41-86Jacob STONER25 Sussex
41-86William STONER6 Sussex
41-86Walter STONER3 Sussex
41-86Helen STONER0.25 Sussex
41-87Lower Beeding 5 Sussex
41-87Mary Storen - Stoner60 Sussex
41-87Robert Storen - Stoner60 Sussex
41-87Edmond Storen - Stoner17 Sussex
41-88Lower Beeding 5a Sussex
41-88Edward Storen - Stoner20 Sussex
41-89Lower Beeding 7 Sandygate Sussex
41-89John STONER60 SussexLabourer
41-89Matilda STONER15 Sussex
41-89Thomas STONER15 SussexLabourer
41-89Amos STONER6 Sussex
41-89Caroline STONER13 Sussex
41-89Mary STONER0.83 Sussex
41-90Lower Beeding 7a Plough Inn Sussex
41-90Frances STONER14 Sussex
41-91Midhurst 1 Sussex
41-91Hart STONER15 Sussex
41-92Midhurst 2 Sussex
41-92Mary STONER15 Sussex
41-93Midhurst 3 Sussex
41-93Susan Stones - Stoner14 Sussex
41-94Mountfield Sussex
41-94George Stones15 Sussex
41-95Newhaven Sussex
41-95Charles Stones25 Sussex
41-95Martha Stones20 Sussex
41-96North Chapel Sussex
41-96William STONER20 Sussex
41-97North Mundham Sussex
41-97John STONER75 Sussex
41-98Northiam Sussex
41-98Frances Stiner15 Sussex
41-98Jane Stiner15 Sussex
41-98Lydia Haner50 Sussex
41-98Walter Haner7 Sussex
41-99Nuthurst 1 Sussex
41-99Henry STONER25 Sussex
41-99Caroline STONER15 Sussex