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Note that apart from those for my direct line I hold few certificates and the information shown is therefore not fully researched
It is meant to be an aid and simply indicates where I would look if following a line
Home ~~~~ 1841 census file 1 ~~~~ Help
Note that apart from those for my direct line I hold few certificates and the information shown is therefore not fully researched
It is meant to be an aid and simply indicates where I would look if following a line
41-100Nuthurst 2 Sussex
41-100Henry Flener - Stoner25 Sussex
41-100James Flener - Stoner20 Sussex
41-100Charles Flener - Stoner15 Sussex
41-101Nuthurst 3 Sussex
41-101Thomas STONER30 Sussex
41-101Sarah STONER25 Sussex
41-101Ellen STONER7 Sussex
41-101Eliza STONER5 Sussex
41-101Elizabeth STONER3 Sussex
41-101Thomas STONER1 Sussex
41-102Nuthurst 9 Sussex
41-102William Hopler Staples45 Ag Lab
41-102Alice Hopler Staples40
41-102James Hopler Staples15
41-102Elizabeth Hopler Staples9 Sussex
41-102Ann Hopler Staples7 Sussex
41-103Portslade Sussex
41-103Harriet STONER30 Sussex
41-103William STONER30 Sussex
41-103Jane STONER3 Sussex
41-103William STONER1 Sussex
41-103Mary STONER0.25 Sussex
41-104Rusper Cripplegate Sussex
41-104Rebacca Walder65 SussexFarmer
41-104John Walder25 SussexAg Lab
41-104Ann PackhamSTONER15 SussexF.S.
41-105Rye Sussex
41-105Ann Stromer Skinner55 Sussex
41-105George Stromer Skinner55 Sussex
41-105Jane Stromer Skinner25 Sussex
41-106Sidlesham 8 Sussex
41-106William Homer70 SussexAg Lab
41-106George Hopwood35 SussexAg Lab
41-106Sophia Hopwood42 Sussex
41-106Charlotte Hopwood7 Sussex
41-106Harriott Hopwood5 Sussex
41-106Mary Hopwood3 Sussex
41-106Elizabeth Hopwood-0.17 Sussex
41-106Charles Sharpe25 Sussex
41-107Slaugham 1 Sussex
41-107James Stonner - Stoner37 Sussex
41-107Ann Stonner - Stoner33 Sussex
41-107Charles Stonner - Stoner12 Sussex
41-107George Stonner - Stoner10 Sussex
41-107Jane Stonner - Stoner8 Sussex
41-107William Stonner - Stoner6 Sussex
41-107Henny Stonner - Stoner3 Sussex
41-107Jesse Stonner - Stoner0 Sussex
41-108Slaugham 2 Sussex
41-108Jesse STONER18 Sussex
41-109Slaugham 13 Stone Delph Sussex
41-109Edward STONER50 SussexAg Lab
41-109Lucy STONER45 Sussex
41-109William STONER19 Sussex
41-109Jessey STONER15 Sussex
41-109John STONER11 Sussex
41-109Mary STONER10 Sussex
41-109George STONER7 Sussex
41-109Caroline STONER5 Sussex
41-110Slaugham 4 Sussex
41-110John STONER18 Sussex
41-111Slaugham 6 Tilgate Cottage Sussex
41-111John Stone46 SussexAg Lab
41-111James Stone14 Sussex
41-111George Stone12 Sussex
41-112South Malling Sussex
41-112Mary Stane 30
41-113Southwick Sussex
41-113William STONER30 Sussex
41-113Catherine STONER25 Sussex
41-113George STONER10 Sussex
41-113William STONER7 Sussex
41-113Henry STONER5 Sussex
41-113Sarah Ann STONER2 Sussex
41-114Steyning Sussex
41-114James Drewett36 SussexMilkman
41-114Mary Drewett32 Sussex
41-114Mary Drewett12 Sussex
41-114Francis Drewett10 Sussex
41-114Caroline Drewett8 Sussex
41-114Jane Drewett6 Sussex
41-114Walter Drewett4 Sussex
41-115Storrington 1 Sussex
41-115Jane STONER25 Sussex
41-116Storrington 9 Sussex
41-116Harriott Moner35 Sussex
41-117Tangmere x Sussex
41-117William Stow60 SussexCarpenter
41-117Ann Stow50 Sussex
41-117Sarah Stow20 Sussex
41-117Harriett Stow12 Sussex
41-118Tillington 1 Sussex
41-118Edwd STONER20 Sussex
41-119Tillington 2 Sussex
41-119Charlott STONER20 Sussex
41-120Tillington 3 Sussex
41-120Hannah STONER41 Sussex
41-120Thomas STONER41 Sussex
41-120Thos STONER19 Sussex
41-120William STONER14 Sussex
41-120Ann STONER10 Sussex
41-120Harriett STONER7 Sussex
41-120Jane STONER2 Sussex
41-121Tillington 4 Sussex
41-121James STONER40 Sussex
41-121Mary STONER40 Sussex
41-121James STONER20 Sussex
41-121William STONER18 Sussex
41-121John STONER15 Sussex
41-121Mary STONER15 Sussex
41-121Elizth STONER13 Sussex
41-121Ann STONER11 Sussex
41-122Tillington 17 Upperton Sussex
41-122Ellen STONER29 Sussex
41-122John STONER27 Sussex
41-122Fanney STONER2 Sussex
41-122Albert STONER1 Sussex
41-122Edward Stones - Stoner42 Sussex
41-122Sarah Stones - Stoner42 Sussex
41-122Elizabeth Stones - Stoner7 Sussex
41-122Sarah Stones - Stoner5 Sussex
41-122John Stones - Stoner2 Sussex
41-122Edward Stones - Stoner0.08 Sussex
41-123Twineham Sussex
41-123Jane STONER20 Sussex
41-124Upper Beeding 1 Beeding Street Sussex
41-124John STONER20 Sussex
41-124Sophia STONER20 Sussex
41-124John STONER2 Sussex
41-124Elizabeth STONER1 Sussex
41-125Upper Beeding 2 Sussex
41-125Philidelpha STONER55 Sussex
41-125Philip STONER55 Sussex
41-125Anne STONER15 Sussex
41-125William STONER12 Sussex
41-126Upper Beeding 3 Sussex
41-126Ann STONER25 Sussex
41-126Thomas STONER25 SussexGardener
41-126Harriet STONER4 Sussex
41-126Ann STONER2 Sussex
41-126Ellen STONER1 Sussex
41-126John Boniface35 Sussex
41-127Upper Beeding 4 Sussex
41-127Nimo Honer - Stoner60 Sussex
41-127William Honer - Stoner60 Sussex
41-127George Honer - Stoner15 Sussex
41-128Warnham Sussex
41-128John STONER50 SussexCollector of Tolls
41-128Thomas STONER19 Sussex
41-128Mary STONER17 Sussex
41-128Sarah STONER8 Sussex
41-129Washington Sussex
41-129Allea Allen EFloan Floate25 SussexGrocer
41-129Armal Hannah Floan Floate35 Sussex
41-129Steale Frederick Flook Floate1.5 Sussex
41-130West Bourne Sussex
41-130Ann Stones40
41-131Wivelsfield Sussex
41-131Amos STONER20 Sussex
41-132Woodmancote Sussex
41-132Charlotte Moner - Stoner25 Sussex
41-133Adderbury Oxfordshire
41-133Mary Ann Honer20 Oxfordshire
41-133Willm Honer20
41-133Ann Honer1 Oxfordshire
41-134Addlethorpe Lincolnshire
41-134Maria Stones40 Lincolnshire
41-134Robert Stones40 Lincolnshire
41-134William Stones10 Lincolnshire
41-134Iley Stones5 Lincolnshire
41-134Matilda Stones1 Lincolnshire
41-135Adwick le Street Yorkshire
41-135William Staner9 Yorkshire
41-136Alfreton Derbyshire
41-136Luke Storer60 Derbyshire
41-136Joseph Storer50 Derbyshire
41-136Mary Storer50
41-136Ann Storer45 Derbyshire
41-136John Storer45 Derbyshire
41-136William Storer43 Derbyshire
41-136Ann Storer40 Derbyshire
41-136Harriet Storer40
41-136William Storer40 Derbyshire
41-136Jacob Storer35 Derbyshire
41-136Mary Storer35 Derbyshire
41-136John Storer30 Derbyshire
41-136Ann Storer25 Derbyshire
41-136Anthony Storer20 Derbyshire
41-136Elizabeth Storer20 Derbyshire
41-136Mary Storer17 Derbyshire
41-136Joseph Storer15 Derbyshire
41-136Mary Storer15 Derbyshire
41-136William Storer15 Derbyshire
41-136John Storer14 Derbyshire
41-136Hannah Storer11 Derbyshire
41-136Genda Storer10 Derbyshire
41-136Hannah Storer10 Derbyshire
41-136Louisa Storer10 Derbyshire
41-136Ann Storer9 Derbyshire
41-136Joseph Storer9 Derbyshire
41-136Luke Storer9 Derbyshire
41-136Eliza Storer8 Derbyshire
41-136Thomas Storer8 Derbyshire
41-136William Storer8 Derbyshire
41-136Elizabeth Storer6 Derbyshire
41-136Samuel Storer5 Derbyshire
41-136Emma Storer4 Derbyshire
41-136George Storer2 Derbyshire
41-136Anthony Storer1 Derbyshire
41-136Elizabeth Storer1 Derbyshire
41-136William Storer1 Derbyshire
41-137All Saints Derbyshire
41-137Elizabeth Storer55
41-137George Storer55 Derbyshire
41-137Gran Storer55 Derbyshire
41-137James Storer55 Derbyshire
41-137Thomas Storer55 Derbyshire
41-137Sarah Storer45 Derbyshire
41-137Mary MONER30 Leicestershire
41-137Richard Storer30 Derbyshire
41-137Jas MONER25
41-137Caroline Storer20 Derbyshire
41-137Mary Storer20 Derbyshire
41-137Thos Storer15 Derbyshire
41-137Emma Storer8 Derbyshire
41-137Elizh Storer7 Derbyshire
41-137Francis Storer6 Derbyshire
41-137Henry Storer5 Derbyshire
41-138Allstonefield Staffordshire
41-138Samuel Staner70 Staffordshire
41-138Hannah Staner65 Staffordshire
41-139Almondbury 1 Yorkshire
41-139Joseph STONER20 YorkshireBookkeeper
41-140Almondbury 2 Yorkshire
41-140Thomas STONER20 YorkshireBookkeeper
41-141Alnwick Northumberland
41-141Ann Storer70 Northumberland
41-141Elizabeth Storer65 Northumberland
41-141Mary Storer60 Northumberland
41-141Isabella Storer55 Northumberland
41-141Eleanor Storer50 Northumberland
41-142Alrewas Staffordshire
41-142William Storer60
41-142Frances Storer50 Staffordshire
41-142James Storer25 Staffordshire
41-142Thomas Storer25 Staffordshire
41-142Hannah Storer20 Staffordshire
41-142Susannah Storer20 Staffordshire
41-142Catherine Storer16 Staffordshire
41-142Joseph Storer13 Staffordshire
41-142Abraham Storer8 Staffordshire
41-142Mary Storer6 Staffordshire
41-142Mary Storer0 Staffordshire
41-143Alverstoke Hampshire
41-143Martha Storer25
41-144Andover 1 Hampshire
41-144Charles Stone35 Hampshire
41-144Ellen Stone30 Hampshire
41-144Joseph Stone15 Hampshire
41-144James Stone11 Hampshire
41-144Charles Stone9 Hampshire
41-144Ann Stone7 Hampshire
41-144Thomas Stone4 Hampshire
41-144Sarah Stone0 Hampshire
41-145Andover 2 Hampshire
41-145Martha Stone60 Hampshire
41-145William Stone60 Hampshire
41-145Charles Stone5 Hampshire
41-146Armthorpe Yorkshire
41-146Samuel Stones50 Yorkshire
41-147Arnold Nottinghamshire
41-147William Stones43
41-147Elizabeth Stones41
41-147Mary Stones16 Nottinghamshire
41-148Ashby de la Zouch Leicestershire
41-148Mary Storer70 Leicestershire
41-148Robert Storer60 Leicestershire
41-148John Storer30 Leicestershire
41-149Ashover Derbyshire
41-149Martha Storer60 Derbyshire
41-149Mary Storer45 Derbyshire
41-149William Storer35 Derbyshire
41-149Ann Storer25 Derbyshire
41-149Frans Storer10 Derbyshire
41-149Richd Storer10 Derbyshire
41-149William Storer8 Derbyshire
41-149Hanh Storer5 Derbyshire
41-149Jerh Storer4 Derbyshire
41-149Enoch Storer3 Derbyshire
41-150Ashton under Lyne Lancashire
41-150Ann Storer35
41-150Alfred Storer3 Lancashire
41-151Ashton under Lyne 1 Lancashire
41-151Robert STONER30 Ag Lab
41-151Hannah STONER20
41-151Joseph STONER1
41-152Ashton under Lyne 2 Lancashire
41-152Jane STONER15
41-153Aston Warwickshire
41-153Richard Storer50 Warwickshire
41-153Sarah Storer50 Warwickshire
41-153Robert Storer35 Warwickshire
41-153John Honer30 Warwickshire
41-153Hannah Honer25
41-153Ann Storer25 Warwickshire
41-153Charles Honer15
41-153George Honer15
41-153John Storer14 Warwickshire
41-153Mary Honer11
41-153James Storer4 Warwickshire
41-154Aston Flamville Leicestershire
41-154Sarah Storer20
41-155Austrey Warwickshire
41-155Thomas Storer20 Warwickshire
41-156Aysgarth Yorkshire
41-156Sarah Honer75 Yorkshire
41-157Bakewell Derbyshire
41-157Mary Storer2 Derbyshire
41-158Baldock Hertfordshire
41-158Michael MONER54 Hertfordshire
41-159Barking Essex
41-159Joseph STONER50 EssexBlacksmith
41-159Louisa STONER45 Essex
41-159William STONER23 Essex
41-159Joseph STONER17 Essex
41-159Richard STONER15 Essex
41-159Mary STONER11 Essex
41-159Eliza STONER9 Essex
41-159Louisa STONER7 Essex
41-159Samuel STONER1 Essex
41-160Barnsley Yorkshire
41-160Jarvis Honer15 Yorkshire
41-160William Honer10 Yorkshire
41-160Joseph Honer9 Yorkshire
41-161Barrow upon Trent Derbyshire
41-161Samuel Storer60 Derbyshire
41-161Ann Storer55 Derbyshire
41-161John Storer55 Derbyshire
41-161John Storer35 Derbyshire
41-161Ann Storer30 Derbyshire
41-161Elizh Storer30 Derbyshire
41-161Mary Storer30 Derbyshire
41-161Samuel Storer30 Derbyshire
41-161Martha Storer25 Derbyshire
41-161Mary Storer25 Derbyshire
41-161Moses Storer25 Derbyshire
41-161Jacob Storer20 Derbyshire
41-161Margaret Storer20 Derbyshire
41-161Saml Storer20 Derbyshire
41-161Henry Storer15 Derbyshire
41-161Johmael Storer15 Derbyshire
41-161Mary Storer15 Derbyshire
41-161Sarah Storer15 Derbyshire
41-161Christopher Storer13 Derbyshire
41-161Isaac Storer11 Derbyshire
41-161Emma Storer10 Derbyshire
41-161Alice Storer9 Derbyshire
41-161Mary Storer9 Derbyshire
41-161Mary Storer8 Derbyshire
41-161Hanh Storer7 Derbyshire
41-161Hannah Storer6 Derbyshire
41-161Saml Storer5 Derbyshire
41-161Sarah Storer4
41-161Ann Storer3 Derbyshire
41-161Catherine Storer2
41-161Hannah Storer1 Derbyshire
41-161Henry Storer1 Derbyshire
41-161Mary Storer0 Derbyshire
41-162Barwick in Elmett Yorkshire
41-162Maria STONER40 YorkshireMiller
41-162Thomas STONER40 Yorkshire
41-162Joseph STONER15 Yorkshire
41-162Ann STONER11 Yorkshire
41-162David STONER9 Yorkshire
41-163Baswich Staffordshire
41-163Mary Storer18 Staffordshire
41-164Batley Yorkshire
41-164Mary Hartley50 Yorkshire
41-164William Hartley40 Yorkshire
41-164Susan Hartley12 Yorkshire
41-165Beaconsfield Buckinghamshire
41-165William MONER20 Buckinghamshire
41-166Beauchamp Roothing Essex
41-166Hester Staner70 Essex
41-167Beauworth 1 Hampshire
41-167Samuel STONER45 Hampshire
41-167George STONER15 Hampshire
41-167Maria STONER14 Hampshire
41-167Samuel STONER12 Hampshire
41-167Hannah STONER10 Hampshire
41-168Beauworth 1a Hampshire
41-168Mary STONER55 Hampshire
41-169Beauworth 2 Hampshire
41-169Thomas STONER50 Hampshire
41-169Ellenor STONER45 Hampshire
41-170Bedale Yorkshire
41-170Thos Honer35 Yorkshire
41-170Dinah Honer26 Yorkshire
41-170Ann Honer6 Yorkshire
41-170Thos Honer4 Yorkshire
41-170Jane Honer2 Yorkshire
41-170Elizh Honer1 Yorkshire
41-171Beeford Yorkshire
41-171George Honer15 Yorkshire
41-172Beeston Nottinghamshire
41-172Geo Storer25
41-172Hanh Storer20
41-172Metr Storer4 Nottinghamshire
41-172Emm Storer3 Nottinghamshire
41-172Sarah Storer1 Nottinghamshire
41-173Betchton, Sandbach Cheshire
41-173Joseph Stanyer35
41-173Mary Stanyer30 Cheshire
41-173Thomas Stanyer15 Cheshire
41-173Eliza Stanyer13 Cheshire
41-173Ann Stanyer12 Cheshire
41-173Joseph Stanyer10 Cheshire
41-173Henry Stanyer9 Cheshire
41-173Maria Stanyer7 Cheshire
41-173Mary Stanyer5 Cheshire
41-173James Stanyer3 Cheshire
41-174Betchton, Sandbach a Cheshire
41-174Hannah Stanyer20 Cheshire
41-175Bethnal Green Middlesex
41-175Samuel Storer30 Middlesex
41-175Ann James Jane Honer - Stoner29
41-175John STONER25
41-175James Storer10 Middlesex
41-175Ann Grant0.83
41-175Mary Grant0.83
41-175John STONER0.83
41-176Bexley Kent
41-176Sarah Storer70
41-176Priscilla Stener45
41-176James Stener40 Corn Dealer
41-176Henry Storer40
41-176Francis Stener30 Kent
41-176Catherine Storer15
41-176Francis Storer13
41-177Bingley Yorkshire
41-177Mary STONER20 Yorkshire
41-178Bingley 8 Yorkshire
41-178Mary Stoney - Stoner25 Yorkshire
41-178William Stoney - Stoner25 Yorkshire
41-178Ralph Stoney - Stoner6 Yorkshire
41-178Dinah Stoney - Stoner3 Yorkshire
41-178George Stoney - Stoner0.08 Yorkshire
41-179Birmingham Warwickshire
41-179Jane Storer30 Warwickshire
41-179John Storer30
41-179Charles FLENER20
41-179Susan FLENER20 Warwickshire
41-179Ann Storer20 Warwickshire
41-179Sarah STONER19 Warwickshire
41-179Eliza Honer13
41-180Birmingham - Ladywood Warwickshire
41-180Daniell Paton80 Warwickshire
41-180John Storer30 Clerk
41-180Jane Storer30 Warwickshire
41-181Birmingham St Thomas Warwickshire
41-181Robt Storey40
41-181Susan Storey40
41-181Hannah Storey20
41-181Sarah Storey20
41-181Mary Storey2 Warwickshire
41-181Geo Storey0 Warwickshire
41-182Bishops Cannings Wiltshire
41-182Eliza Honer20 Wiltshire
41-183Bishops Waltham Hampshire
41-183William STONER7 Hampshire
41-184Blaby Leicestershire
41-184Ann STONER15 Leicestershire
41-185Blackburn Lancashire
41-185James Staner45 Lancashire
41-186Bolsover Derbyshire
41-186Martha Storer15 Derbyshire
41-187Bolton le Moors Lancashire
41-187Ann Stones35 Lancashire
41-187William Stones35 Lancashire
41-187Mary STONER33
41-187Simeon STONER30 Lancashire
41-187James Stones16 Lancashire
41-187Sarah Stones14 Lancashire
41-187Alice Stones12 Lancashire
41-187Elizabeth Stones9 Lancashire
41-187Ann Stones7 Lancashire
41-187Mary Stones5 Lancashire
41-187Simas Simeon Stones1 Lancashire
41-188Bottesford Lincolnshire
41-188Edwd Storm45 Lincolnshire
41-188Mary Storm30 Lincolnshire
41-188William Storm12 Lincolnshire
41-188John Storm7 Lincolnshire
41-188Edmond Storm5 Lincolnshire
41-188Maria Storm3 Lincolnshire
41-189Bourn Cambridgeshire
41-189Ann MONER50 Cambridgeshire
41-189Joseph MONER45 Cambridgeshire
41-189Edward MONER25 Cambridgeshire
41-189Mary MONER20 Cambridgeshire
41-190Bowling - Bradford Yorkshire
41-190Sarah Stoney - Stoner25 Yorkshire
41-190Thomas Stoney - Stoner20 Yorkshire
41-190David Stoney - Stoner0.33 Yorkshire
41-190John Stoney - Stoner20 Yorkshire
41-190William Stoney - Stoner15 Yorkshire
41-190Joseph Stoney - Stoner15 Yorkshire
41-191Bradford Yorkshire
41-191George Honer20 Yorkshire
41-191Martha Honer20 Yorkshire
41-192Bradford 1 Yorkshire
41-192Sarah Hill51 Yorkshire
41-192Joshua Hill51 Yorkshire
41-192Edward Hill20 Yorkshire
41-192Thomas Hill15 Yorkshire
41-192George Hill15 Yorkshire
41-192Richard Hill15 Yorkshire
41-192John Hill3 Yorkshire
41-193Bradford 1a Yorkshire
41-193George STONER20 Yorkshire
41-193Elizabeth STONER20 Yorkshire
41-193Thomas STONER0.75 Yorkshire
41-194Bradford 2 Yorkshire
41-194Christopher Stornes - Stoner40 Yorkshire
41-194Maria Stornes - Stoner36 Yorkshire
41-194John Stornes - Stoner15 Yorkshire
41-194Mary Stornes - Stoner13 Yorkshire
41-194William Stornes - Stoner11 Yorkshire
41-194Christopher Stornes - Stoner9 Yorkshire
41-194Elizabeth Stornes - Stoner7 Yorkshire
41-195Bradford 7 Yorkshire
41-195John Shomer - Stoner35
41-195Jane Shomer - Stoner30
41-195Elizabeth Shomer - Stoner6
41-195Wilkinson Shomer - Stoner2
41-195Mary Shomer - Stoner0
41-195David Shomer - Stoner30
41-196Braintree Essex
41-196Sarah Staner15 Essex
41-197Brancepeth Durham
41-197Sarah STONER20 Durham
41-198Brinkburn Northumberland
41-198William Simer25 NorthumberlandFarmer
41-198Jane Simer35 Northumberland
41-198Mary Simer6 Northumberland
41-198Barbara Simer4 Northumberland
41-198Jane Simer2 Northumberland
41-198William Simer1 Northumberland
41-199Bromley Kent
41-199Elizth Storer82 Kent
41-199Mary Storer54 Kent