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Note that apart from those for my direct line I hold few certificates and the information shown is therefore not fully researched
It is meant to be an aid and simply indicates where I would look if following a line
Home ~~~~ 1841 census file 2 ~~~~ Help
Note that apart from those for my direct line I hold few certificates and the information shown is therefore not fully researched
It is meant to be an aid and simply indicates where I would look if following a line
41-200Broxted Essex
41-200Mary Staner25 Essex
41-200Wm Staner25 Essex
41-200Elizabeth Staner20 Essex
41-200Susan Staner20 Essex
41-200Charles Staner8 Essex
41-200George Staner4 Essex
41-200Emma Staner1 Essex
41-200N K Staner0 Essex
41-201Bulwell Nottinghamshire
41-201John Storer15 Nottinghamshire
41-202Burley Yorkshire
41-202John STONER55 YorkshireAg Lab
41-202Martha STONER55 Yorkshire
41-202William STONER35 YorkshireAg Lab
41-202Mary STONER25 Yorkshire
41-202Martha Wright5 Yorkshire
41-203Burton upon Stather Lincolnshire
41-203William STONER35 Lincolnshire
41-204Burton upon Trent Staffordshire
41-204Louisa STOREN15 Staffordshire
41-205Bury Lancashire
41-205George Storer15
41-206Camberwell St Giles 2 Surrey
41-206Henry Stow - Stoner40
41-206Martha Stow - Stoner35 Surrey
41-206William Stow - Stoner13 Surrey
41-206Mary Stow - Stoner9 Surrey
41-206George Stow - Stoner4 Surrey
41-206Henry Stow - Stoner2 Surrey
41-207Cassington Oxfordshire
41-207Edward Honer50 Oxfordshire
41-207Sarah Honer45 Oxfordshire
41-208Castle Acre Norfolk
41-208William Stonis25 Norfolk
41-209Castleton Dorset
41-209John STONER20 Dorset
41-210Chapel en le Frith Derbyshire
41-210Allice Storer50 Derbyshire
41-210Thomas Storer47 Derbyshire
41-210Martha Storer35 Derbyshire
41-210Thomas Storer30 Derbyshire
41-210Elizabeth Storer25 Derbyshire
41-210Ellen Storer16 Derbyshire
41-210James Storer15 Derbyshire
41-210Joseph Storer13 Derbyshire
41-210Thomas Storer8 Derbyshire
41-210Adam Honer6 Derbyshire
41-210John Storer6 Derbyshire
41-210Mary Storer5 Derbyshire
41-210Rodge Honer4 Derbyshire
41-210Samuel Storer3 Derbyshire
41-210James Honer2 Derbyshire
41-210Ann Honer1 Derbyshire
41-210Martha Storer1 Derbyshire
41-211Charlton Kent
41-211John Staner62 Kent
41-212Charlton next Woolwich 1 Kent
41-212Maryann Stoney53
41-213Charlton next Woolwich 2 Kent
41-213Mary Stoney30 KentGoverness
41-213Selina Stoney20 KentAssistant
41-214Chatham Kent
41-214John STOREN20 Ireland
41-214Thomas STOREN20 Ireland
41-214Thomas Storer20
41-215Cheadle Staffordshire
41-215Thomas Stones70 StaffordshireCollier
41-215Thomas Stones30 StaffordshireLabourer
41-216Chelsea Middlesex
41-216Francis Honer19
41-217Chelsea 1 Lower Symons St Middlesex
41-217David STONER27 Cap maker
41-217Elizabeth STONER27
41-218Chelsea 2 Middlesex
41-218Maria STONER15 Middlesex
41-219Cheriton 1 Hampshire
41-219James STONER55 Hampshire
41-219Ruth STONER20 Hampshire
41-220Cheriton 2 Hampshire
41-220John STONER25 Hampshire
41-221Chesham Buckinghamshire
41-221Thomas Honer47 Buckinghamshire
41-221Wm Staner20 Buckinghamshire
41-222Chesterfield Derbyshire
41-222John Storer20 Derbyshire
41-223Chevening Kent
41-223John Storer2 Kent
41-224Chilvers Coton Warwickshire
41-224William Storer45 Warwickshire
41-224William Storer45 Warwickshire
41-224Mary Storer15 Warwickshire
41-224William Storer15 Warwickshire
41-224Mary Storer15 Warwickshire
41-224William Storer15 Warwickshire
41-224Henry Storer14 Warwickshire
41-224Thomas Storer11 Warwickshire
41-224Thomas Storer11 Warwickshire
41-224Sarah Storer8 Warwickshire
41-224Sarah Storer8 Warwickshire
41-224George Storer5 Warwickshire
41-224George Storer5 Warwickshire
41-225Chiselhurst Kent
41-225Robert Storer12
41-226Chiswick Middlesex
41-226Agnes Stromer8
41-227St Clement Danes - Westminster Middlesex
41-227Alban Stonar25 MiddlesexBarrister
41-227Henry Stoncer20 MiddlesexStudent
41-228Chiswick Middlesex
41-228Mary Stonar20 F.S.
41-229St Mary Magdalen Convent Taunton Lodge Somerset
41-229Mary Stonar40
41-230Chorley Lancashire
41-230Helen Olover - Stoner65 Ind.
41-231Church Gresley Derbyshire
41-231Mary Storer36 Derbyshire
41-231Joseph Storer30
41-231Olive Storer4 Derbyshire
41-232Cole Orton Leicestershire
41-232Letitia Storer70 Leicestershire
41-232John Storer40 Leicestershire
41-232Joseph Storer20 Leicestershire
41-232Mary Storer15 Leicestershire
41-233Corfe Castle Dorset
41-233Thomas Honer50 Dorset
41-234Corsham Wiltshire
41-234Wiliam STONNER30
41-235Cranley Surrey
41-235John Honer14 Surrey
41-236Crich Derbyshire
41-236Mary Storer14 Derbyshire
41-237Crowle Lincolnshire
41-237Thomas Stones40 Lincolnshire
41-237Elizabeth Stones35 Lincolnshire
41-237Hannah Stones11 Lincolnshire
41-237William Stones9 Lincolnshire
41-237Charles Stones5 Lincolnshire
41-237George Stones2 Lincolnshire
41-238Croxall Derbyshire
41-238Hannah Storer20
41-238Thomas Storer20
41-238John Storer15 Derbyshire
41-238Josiah Storer15
41-238Mary Storer0
41-239Darfield - Ardsley, Barnsley Yorkshire
41-239Elizabeth STONER20 Yorkshire
41-239George STONER20 Yorkshire
41-239George STONER4 Yorkshire
41-239John STONER0.5 Yorkshire
41-240Davidstow Cornwall
41-240James Honer35
41-241Deane Lancashire
41-241Betty STONER45 Lancashire
41-241John STONER45 Lancashire
41-241Elizabeth STONER20 Lancashire
41-241Fanny STONER18 Lancashire
41-241Betty STONER16 Lancashire
41-241Ann STONER14 Lancashire
41-242Deptford St Paul 1 Kent
41-242Frances Storer - Stoner45 Kent
41-242Thomas Storer - Stoner45 Kent
41-242John Storer - Stoner23 Kent
41-242Frances Storer - Stoner15 Kent
41-242Charles Storer - Stoner12 Kent
41-242Thomas Storer - Stoner11 Kent
41-242James Storer - Stoner9 Kent
41-242Thovey Henry Storer - Stoner4 Kent
41-243Deptford St Paul 2 Kent
41-243Joseph Storer - Stoner18 Kent
41-244Deptford St Paul 3 Kent
41-244Elizabeth Storer15 Hampshire
41-245Desford Leicestershire
41-245Joseph Storer70 Leicestershire
41-245Mary Storer70 Leicestershire
41-245Ann Storer60 Leicestershire
41-245William Storer60 Leicestershire
41-245Joseph Storer40 Leicestershire
41-245Ann Storer35 Leicestershire
41-245John Storer35 Leicestershire
41-245Francis Storer30 Leicestershire
41-245Sarah Storer30 Leicestershire
41-245Job Storer25 Leicestershire
41-245Johnathan Storer15 Leicestershire
41-245Sarah Storer15 Leicestershire
41-245John Storer14 Leicestershire
41-245Charles Storer12 Leicestershire
41-245George Storer11 Leicestershire
41-245Albert Storer10 Leicestershire
41-245John Storer8 Leicestershire
41-245Henry Storer5 Leicestershire
41-245Ambrose Storer4 Leicestershire
41-245Emma Storer1 Leicestershire
41-246Doncaster Yorkshire
41-246Sarah Storer35 Yorkshire
41-246Adin Storer30
41-246Hannah Storer25
41-246Isabella Storer25
41-246John Storer1 Yorkshire
41-246Joseph Storer1 Yorkshire
41-247Dorking Surrey
41-247James Tidy30 SurreyBricklayer
41-247Fanny Tidy30
41-247Thomas Tidy13 Surrey
41-247Sarah Tidy10 Surrey
41-248Down Kent
41-248Catherine Storer18
41-249Drayton Bassett Staffordshire
41-249Hannah Storer60
41-249Joseph Storer60 Staffordshire
41-249Mary Storer59 Staffordshire
41-249Susanah Storer55 Staffordshire
41-249Tomas Storer55 Staffordshire
41-249William Storer40 Staffordshire
41-249Thomas Storer30
41-249Ann Storer28
41-249John Storer28 Staffordshire
41-249Edward Storer25 Staffordshire
41-249Mary Storer25 Staffordshire
41-249Edwin Storer20 Staffordshire
41-249Thomas Storer20 Staffordshire
41-249George Storer19 Staffordshire
41-249Ann Storer16 Staffordshire
41-249Elizabeth Storer15 Staffordshire
41-249William Storer15 Staffordshire
41-249Robert Storer13 Staffordshire
41-249Thomas Storer4 Staffordshire
41-249Mary Storer2 Staffordshire
41-249Alfred Storer1 Staffordshire
41-249Charles Storer1 Staffordshire
41-250Driffield Yorkshire
41-250John Storer30 Yorkshire
41-251Dudley Worcestershire
41-251Sarah Storer50
41-251Elizabeth Storer40 Worcestershire
41-251Joseph Storer40
41-251Timothy Storer35 Worcestershire
41-251John Storer15 Worcestershire
41-251Mary A Storer15 Worcestershire
41-251James R Storer14 Worcestershire
41-251Jane Storer12 Worcestershire
41-251Jemina Storer10 Worcestershire
41-251Charles Storer5 Worcestershire
41-252Duffield Derbyshire
41-252Mary Storer70 Derbyshire
41-252Sarah Storer60 Derbyshire
41-252William Storer60 Derbyshire
41-252Anne Storer50 Derbyshire
41-252Hannah Storer45 Derbyshire
41-252James Storer45 Derbyshire
41-252Mary Storer45 Derbyshire
41-252David Storer42 Derbyshire
41-252Eliza Storer40 Derbyshire
41-252Thos Storer40 Derbyshire
41-252Ann Storer35 Derbyshire
41-252Saml Storer35 Derbyshire
41-252Hannah Storer30 Derbyshire
41-252Joshua Storer30 Derbyshire
41-252Sarah Storer30 Derbyshire
41-252Anthony Storer25 Derbyshire
41-252Henry Storer25 Derbyshire
41-252Eliz Storer20 Derbyshire
41-252Isaac Storer20 Derbyshire
41-252John Storer15 Derbyshire
41-252John Storer15 Derbyshire
41-252Louisa Storer15 Derbyshire
41-252Richard Storer15 Derbyshire
41-252Jennina Storer14 Derbyshire
41-252Henry Storer12 Derbyshire
41-252Elizabeth Storer11 Derbyshire
41-252Anne Storer10 Derbyshire
41-252William Storer9 Derbyshire
41-252Joshua Storer8 Derbyshire
41-252David Storer5 Derbyshire
41-252Henry Storer4 Derbyshire
41-252George Storer0 Derbyshire
41-253Durley Hampshire
41-253John Stonage59 Hampshire
41-253Sarah Stonage50 Hampshire
41-253John Stonage30 Hampshire
41-253Elizabeth Stonage25 Hampshire
41-253Emma Stonage20 Hampshire
41-254Ealing Middlesex
41-254George Staner75
41-254Elizabeth Staner70 Middlesex
41-255Earsdon Northumberland
41-255Jane STOREN20 Northumberland
41-255Thomas STOREN7 Northumberland
41-256Ecclesall Bierlow 3, Sheffield Yorkshire
41-256John STONES50 YorkshireBrush Maker
41-256Mary STONES45 Yorkshire
41-256Henry STONES15 YorkshireFile Cutter
41-256John STONES10 Yorkshire
41-257Ecclesall Bierlow, Sheffield Yorkshire
41-257Alice Stoves Stones65 Yorkshire
41-257John Stoves Stones29
41-257Gambel Stoves Stones25
41-257Henry Stoves Stones11
41-258Edgbaston Warwickshire
41-258Mary Storer20 Warwickshire
41-259Edgbaston 8 Warwickshire
41-259George Storer30 Warwickshire
41-259Phoebe Storer30 Warwickshire
41-259Charles Storer16 Warwickshire
41-259Henry Storer13 Warwickshire
41-260Egham Surrey
41-260Richard Storer55
41-260Maria Storer50
41-260John G Sharpe30 IrelandCabinet Maker
41-260Mary Sharpe30
41-260Louisa STONER10
41-260Samuel STONER9
41-260John G Thos STONER4
41-260Alfred EdSTONER3
41-260William H STONER1
41-261Enderby Leicestershire
41-261Jane Storer70
41-261Joseph Storer65 Leicestershire
41-262Epsom Surrey
41-262Mary Puttick55 Surrey
41-262Hanull Harriett STONER13 Surrey
41-262Daniell STONER11 Surrey
41-263Erith Kent
41-263John Storer15
41-264Eton Buckinghamshire
41-264Henry Honer15
41-265Field Dalling 1 Norfolk
41-265John Stones25 Norfolk
41-265Mary Stones25 Norfolk
41-265John Stones0.75 Norfolk
41-266Field Dalling 2 Norfolk
41-266Catherine Stonex56 Norfolk
41-266John Stonex55 Norfolk
41-266Deborah Stonex20 Norfolk
41-267Foleshill Warwickshire
41-267George Storer60
41-267Hannah Storer35 Warwickshire
41-267Mary Storer30 Warwickshire
41-267Charles Storer25 Warwickshire
41-267James Storer25 Warwickshire
41-267Ann Storer20 Warwickshire
41-267Eliza Storer15 Warwickshire
41-267George Storer15 Warwickshire
41-267John Storer8 Warwickshire
41-267Hannah Storer5 Warwickshire
41-267John Storer4 Warwickshire
41-267Richard Storer2 Warwickshire
41-268Foston Yorkshire
41-268Margaret Honer60 Yorkshire
41-268Robert Honer60 Yorkshire
41-269Gargrave 1 Yorkshire
41-269Elizabeth STONER45 Yorkshire
41-269Henry STONER45 Yorkshire
41-269Mary STONER19 Yorkshire
41-269Elizabeth STONER15 Yorkshire
41-269Wildman STONER12 Yorkshire
41-269Henry STONER8 Yorkshire
41-269Agnes STONER6 Yorkshire
41-269Jane STONER4 Yorkshire
41-269John STONER0.5 Yorkshire
41-270Gargrave 2 Yorkshire
41-270Sarah STONER55 Ireland
41-270Joseph STONER25 Ireland
41-271Gateshead Durham
41-271Charles Storer55
41-271Mary Storer50
41-272Gesthingthorpe Essex
41-272Francis Staner71 Essex
41-272Mary Staner69
41-273Glen Magna Leicestershire
41-273William Stora33 Leicestershire
41-273Ann Stora23 Leicestershire
41-273Thomas Stora3 Leicestershire
41-274Glossop Derbyshire
41-274William Storer48 Derbyshire
41-274Elizabeth Storer35 Derbyshire
41-274Joshua Storer35 Derbyshire
41-274Ann Storer25
41-274Mary Storer20
41-274Elizabeth Storer15
41-274Joseph Storer15 Derbyshire
41-274William Storer12 Derbyshire
41-274Sarah STOREN7 Derbyshire
41-274John Storer6 Derbyshire
41-274Mary Storer3 Derbyshire
41-274Martha Storer1 Derbyshire
41-275Grainthorpe Lincolnshire
41-275Mary Stoner Doe70 Lincolnshire
41-275Henery Stoner Doe65 LincolnshireFarmer
41-275John Doe25 LincolnshirePainter
41-275Eliza STONER9 Lincolnshire
41-276Great Canfield Essex
41-276Henry Staner84 Essex
41-277Great Chisall Essex
41-277Peter Stones63 Ag Lab
41-277Elizabeth Stones61
41-277Joseph Stones15 HertfordshireAg Lab
41-278Hackney - St John Middlesex
41-278William Flower37 MiddlesexSolicitor
41-278Helen Flower35 Middlesex
41-278Helen Flower8 Middlesex
41-278William Flower6 Middlesex
41-278Frederick Flower4 Middlesex
41-278Susan Flower4 Middlesex
41-278Calvert Flower3 Middlesex
41-278Harry Flower1 Middlesex
41-279Hackney St John 8 Middlesex
41-279Jane Storer45 Middlesex
41-279Joseph Storer40 MiddlesexSmith
41-279Joseph Storer20 Middlesex
41-279Eliza Storer18 MiddlesexBonnet Maker
41-279Louisa Storer16 Middlesex
41-279Thomas Storer16 MiddlesexSmith
41-279William Storer0.83 Middlesex
41-280Hales Owen Shropshire
41-280Ann Honer20 Shropshire
41-280John Honer20
41-281Halifax Yorkshire
41-281Hannah Storer25 Yorkshire
41-281Joseph Storer25
41-282Hammersmith Middlesex
41-282William Storer47 Middlesex
41-282Margaret Storer5 Middlesex
41-283Hampton in Arden Warwickshire
41-283Ann Hollick63 Warwickshire
41-283John Hollick29 WarwickshireAg Lab
41-283Ann Hollick28
41-283Elizabeth Hollick0.75 Warwickshire
41-284Handworth with Soho Staffordshire
41-284Frus STONER12
41-284Edmund STONER10
41-285Harewood Yorkshire
41-285Mary STONER35 Yorkshire
41-285William STONER30 Yorkshire
41-285Ann Hainesworth7 Yorkshire
41-286Harrogate 1 Yorkshire
41-286Elizabeth STONER40 Yorkshire
41-287Harrogate 2 Yorkshire
41-287Margarette STONER35 Scotland
41-287William STONER35 YorkshireJoiner
41-288Harslope Buckinghamshire
41-288John STONER30 Buckinghamshire
41-288Mary STONER25
41-289Hartlepool Durham
41-289William Stones55 Durham
41-289Edward Stones25 Durham
41-289William Stones20 Durham
41-290Hartshorn Derbyshire
41-290Elizabeth Storer30
41-290William Storer29
41-290Ann Storer2 Derbyshire
41-290Mary Storer1 Derbyshire
41-291Hatfield Yorkshire
41-291James Honer17 Yorkshire
41-292Hatfield Broad Oak Essex
41-292William Staner35 Essex
41-292Betsy Staner30 Essex
41-292James Staner18 Essex
41-292Mary Staner12 Essex
41-292William Staner8 Essex
41-292Charles Staner5 Essex
41-293Heanor Derbyshire
41-293Mary Storer65 Derbyshire
41-293John Storer30 Derbyshire
41-293Sarah Storer30 Derbyshire
41-293Mary Storer25 Derbyshire
41-293Samuel Storer25 Derbyshire
41-293Samuel Storer7 Derbyshire
41-293Sarah Storer6 Derbyshire
41-293Eliza Storer5 Derbyshire
41-293Joseph Storer5 Derbyshire
41-293Rubin Storer3 Derbyshire
41-293Samuel Storer1 Derbyshire
41-294Heather Leicestershire
41-294Mary Storer30 Leicestershire
41-294George Storer25
41-294Ann Storer0 Leicestershire
41-295Heigham Norfolk
41-295Mary STONER60 Norfolk
41-295Priscilla STONER30 Norfolk
41-295Henry STONER16 Norfolk
41-296Hemel Hempstead Hertfordshire
41-296Sarah Honer60 Hertfordshire
41-296William Honer59 Hertfordshire
41-296Ann Honer30 Hertfordshire
41-296Jane Honer30 Hertfordshire
41-296Mary Honer27 Hertfordshire
41-296Charles Honer26 Hertfordshire
41-296Daniel Honer25 Hertfordshire
41-296Ann Honer20 Hertfordshire
41-296Willm Honer20 Hertfordshire
41-296Elizth Honer15 Hertfordshire
41-296Maria Honer15 Hertfordshire
41-296Saml Honer12 Hertfordshire
41-296Henry Honer8 Hertfordshire
41-296Elizth Honer6 Hertfordshire
41-296William Honer1 Hertfordshire
41-297High Laver Essex
41-297Mary Staner50 Essex
41-298Higham on the Hill Leicestershire
41-298Joseph Storer70 Leicestershire
41-298Mary Storer60
41-298Ann Storer20
41-298Mary Storer15 Leicestershire
41-299Hinckley Leicestershire
41-299Paul Storer75 Leicestershire
41-299Elizabeth Storer74 Leicestershire
41-299John Storer40 Leicestershire
41-299Ann Storer35
41-299John Storer35 Leicestershire
41-299Ann Storer35
41-299Elizabeth Storer35 Leicestershire
41-299John Storer35 Leicestershire
41-299George Storer26 Leicestershire
41-299George Storer15 Leicestershire
41-299Silvanus Storer15 Leicestershire
41-299Thomas Storer15 Leicestershire
41-299Kessiah Storer14 Leicestershire
41-299James Storer11 Leicestershire
41-299James Storer11 Leicestershire
41-299Ann Storer10 Leicestershire
41-299Bessy Storer8 Leicestershire
41-299Susan Storer6 Leicestershire
41-299Jane Storer4 Leicestershire
41-299Cristopher Storer2 Leicestershire
41-299Sofia Storer1 Leicestershire