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Note that apart from those for my direct line I hold few certificates and the information shown is therefore not fully researched
It is meant to be an aid and simply indicates where I would look if following a line
Home ~~~~ 1841 census file 5 ~~~~ Help
Note that apart from those for my direct line I hold few certificates and the information shown is therefore not fully researched
It is meant to be an aid and simply indicates where I would look if following a line
41-500Stapenhill Derbyshire
41-500Thomas Storer35 Derbyshire
41-500Thomas Storer35 Derbyshire
41-500Hannah Storer30 Derbyshire
41-500Hannah Storer30 Derbyshire
41-500Charles Storer9 Derbyshire
41-500Charles Storer9 Derbyshire
41-500Harriot Storer5 Derbyshire
41-500Harriot Storer5 Derbyshire
41-500Francis Storer2 Derbyshire
41-500Francis Storer2 Derbyshire
41-501Stepney Middlesex
41-501Alvan Honer15
41-501Mary Storer65
41-501Alexander Storer39 Middlesex
41-501Harriet Storer30 Middlesex
41-501Mary Storer30
41-501Henerett Ann Storer25
41-501James John Storer9 Middlesex
41-501Harriet Sarah Storer7 Middlesex
41-502Stepney 1 Middlesex
41-502William STONER30 Middlesex
41-502Jane STONER25 Middlesex
41-502John STONER9 Middlesex
41-502Mary STONER7 Middlesex
41-502William STONER5 Middlesex
41-502George STONER3 Middlesex
41-502Eliza STONER0.91 Middlesex
41-503Stewkley Buckinghamshire
41-503Frances Stone20 BuckinghamshireF.S.
41-504Stillington Yorkshire
41-504Mary Honer50 Yorkshire
41-504John Honer45 Yorkshire
41-505Marple, Stockport Cheshire
41-505Jane STONER30 CheshireCotton Spinner
41-505Thomas STONER30 CheshireCotton Weaver
41-506Stockport Cheshire
41-506Ann Storer50
41-506Elizabeth Storer30 Foreign Parts
41-506John Storer30 Cheshire
41-506Elizabeth Storer15 Cheshire
41-506Mary Storer4 Cheshire
41-506Elizabeth Storer1 Cheshire
41-507Stoke Damerell Devon
41-507Thomas Storer25
41-508Stoke Newington Middlesex
41-508Sarah Storer65
41-508Rosetta Storer25 Middlesex
41-508Susanna Storer25 Middlesex
41-509Stoke upon Trent Staffordshire
41-509Samuel Storer24 Staffordshire
41-509Jane Storer22 Staffordshire
41-509Eliza Storer0 Staffordshire
41-510Stony Stratford West Side (St Giles) Buckinghamshire
41-510Mary Honer15 Buckinghamshire
41-511Stourbridge New Street Worcestershire
41-511William Thirlby33 Butcher
41-511Mary Storer40
41-511Sarah Storer17
41-511Tabitha Storer11
41-511Richard Pitt50 Dealer
41-512Sutton cum Lound Nottinghamshire
41-512George Storer15 Nottinghamshire
41-513Sutton in Ashfield Nottinghamshire
41-513George Storer34 Nottinghamshire
41-513Mary Storer25 Nottinghamshire
41-513William Storer2 Nottinghamshire
41-514Sutton in Ashfield 8 Nottinghamshire
41-514George Storer34 Nottinghamshire
41-514Mary Storer25 Nottinghamshire
41-514William Storer2 Nottinghamshire
41-515Sutton in Ashfield 9 Nottinghamshire
41-515John Story60 Nottinghamshire
41-515Ann Story50 Nottinghamshire
41-515James Story20 Nottinghamshire
41-515Alice Story16 Nottinghamshire
41-516Aysgarth Yorkshire
41-516Betty Stoma30 Yorkshire
41-516George Stoma25 Yorkshire
41-516Thomas Stoma1 Yorkshire
41-517Bolton Le Moors Lancashire
41-517William Stoma40 Lancashire
41-517Janet Stoma30 Lancashire
41-517Thomas Stoma6 Lancashire
41-517William Stoma4 Lancashire
41-518Epsom Surrey
41-518Stephan Stoma3 Surrey
41-519Sidmouth Devon
41-519Mary Stoma15 Devon
41-520St Clement Danes Middlesex
41-520Charles RalphStoma33 Middlesex
41-520Frances Stoma31
41-521St John The Baptist Margate Kent
41-521Jane AethlerStoma10
41-521Elizabeth Stoma9
41-522Stapleford Cambridgeshire
41-522Ann Stoma22 Cambridgeshire
41-523Stoke Upon Trent Staffordshire
41-523Maria Stoma18 Staffordshire
41-524Sutton Valence Kent
41-524Charles Stoma3 Kent
41-524Richard Stoma2 Kent
41-524Elizabeth Stoma0 Kent
41-525Whalley Lancashire
41-525Hannah Stoma30 Lancashire
41-526Swaby 1 Lincolnshire
41-526Edmund Stones15 LincolnshireAg Lab
41-527Swaby 2 Lincolnshire
41-527John Stones45 LincolnshireButcher
41-527Mary Stones45 Lincolnshire
41-527Eliza Stones12 Lincolnshire
41-527Sophia Stones10 Lincolnshire
41-527Mehetabel Stones8 Lincolnshire
41-527Jabez Stones6 Lincolnshire
41-528Swepstone Leicestershire
41-528Maria Storer50 Leicestershire
41-529Swinnerton Staffordshire
41-529Joseph STONER75 Staffordshire
41-529Rachel STONER75
41-530Tadcaster Yorkshire
41-530Joseph STONER40 Yorkshire
41-531Tamworth Staffordshire
41-531Ann Storer75 Staffordshire
41-531John Storer65 Staffordshire
41-531William Storer25 Staffordshire
41-531Elizabeth Storer20 Staffordshire
41-532Tannington 1 Suffolk
41-532Jemima STONER20 Suffolk
41-532John STONER20 SuffolkHawker
41-532John STONER0.01 Suffolk
41-533Tannington 2 Suffolk
41-533Susan Wiskin55 Suffolk
41-533Samuel Wiskin45 Suffolk
41-533George STONER25 Suffolk
41-533Robert STONER15 Suffolk
41-533David Wiskin13 Suffolk
41-534Tannington 3 Suffolk
41-534Mary Ann STONER19 Suffolk
41-535Tavistock Devon
41-535Jessy Storer18 Foreign Parts
41-536Tetford Lincolnshire
41-536Thomas STONER20 Lincolnshire
41-537Thame Oxfordshire
41-537John STONER40 Oxfordshire
41-537Dresille Drusilla STONER38 Oxfordshire
41-537John STONER9 Oxfordshire
41-537Sarah STONER7 Oxfordshire
41-537Fanny STONER5 Oxfordshire
41-537Anne STONER3 Oxfordshire
41-537Harry STONER0.08 Oxfordshire
41-538Theddlethorpe All Saints Lincolnshire
41-538Elizabeth STONER76 Lincolnshire
41-539Thruxton Herefordshire
41-539Thomas Stinar30 HerefordshireAg Lab
41-539Elizabeth Stinar25 Herefordshire
41-539Thomas Stinar1 Herefordshire
41-540Tichborne Hampshire
41-540Charles Stonage - Stoner45 Hampshire
41-540Eliza Stonage - Stoner50 Hampshire
41-540Charles Stonage - Stoner7 Hampshire
41-541Tichfield Hampshire
41-541Elizabeth STONER45
41-542Tickhill Yorkshire
41-542Jas Storer55 Yorkshire
41-542Mary Storer50 Yorkshire
41-542Mary Storer15 Yorkshire
41-542Joseph Storer11 Yorkshire
41-542Edward Storer8 Yorkshire
41-543Toppersfield Essex
41-543Sarah Staner15 Essex
41-544Torksey Lincolnshire
41-544Jame Honer30 Lincolnshire
41-544James Honer30
41-544Mary Honer30
41-544Mary Honer30 Lincolnshire
41-544George Honer4 Lincolnshire
41-544George Honer4
41-544Emma Honer3
41-544Emma Honer3 Lincolnshire
41-544Henry Honer2
41-544Henry Honer2 Lincolnshire
41-545Townstal Devon
41-545Mary STONNER63 Devon
41-545Thomas STONNER57 Devon
41-546Toxteth Park Lancashire
41-546Frederick Stann - Stoner22 LancashireHarness Maker
41-546David Stann - Stoner20 LancashireTailor
41-546Louisa Stann - Stoner15 F.S.
41-546Margt Stubbs70 Housekeeper
41-547Tutbury Staffordshire
41-547William Stone50 StaffordshireBlacksmith
41-547Rebecca Stone40 Staffordshire
41-547Mary Stone15 Staffordshire
41-547Frances Stone14 Staffordshire
41-547William Stone11 Staffordshire
41-547George Stone8 Staffordshire
41-547Ann Stone5 Staffordshire
41-548Tweedmouth Durham
41-548David Storer45 Durham
41-548Sarah Storer45 Durham
41-548Martha Storer25 Scotland
41-548Cathrine Storer20 Durham
41-548George Storer20 Durham
41-548John Storer20 Durham
41-548David Storer13 Durham
41-548James Storer10 England
41-548Thomas Storer8 England
41-548Agnes Storer6 Durham
41-548Fordyce Storer4 Durham
41-548David Storer1 Durham
41-549Tynemouth Northumberland
41-549Robert Storer65
41-549Mary Storer40
41-549Thomas Storer15 Northumberland
41-549Geo Storer13
41-549Robert Storer12 Northumberland
41-549Jonathan Storer10 Northumberland
41-549Mary Storer8 Northumberland
41-549Henrietta Storer1 Northumberland
41-550Walcot Somerset
41-550Hannah Storer70
41-550William STONER35
41-550John Storer30 Somerset
41-550Mary Storer25 Somerset
41-550Lydia Storer10 Somerset
41-550John Storer5 Somerset
41-550Mary Storer3 Somerset
41-550Lydia Storer2 Somerset
41-551Walesby Lincolnshire
41-551John STONER45
41-551Mary STONER45 Lincolnshire
41-551Steana STONER12 Lincolnshire
41-551Sophia STONER10 Lincolnshire
41-551Achapsbeel STONER8 Lincolnshire
41-551Jabez STONER6 Lincolnshire
41-552Walsall Staffordshire
41-552Thomas Storer71
41-552Elizabeth Honer40 Ireland
41-552William Honer40 Staffordshire
41-552Jane Honer14 Staffordshire
41-552James Honer12 Staffordshire
41-553Walthamstow Essex
41-553Rosina Honer15
41-553Mary A Honer10
41-554Wapley and Codrington Gloucestershire
41-554Thoms MONER12 Gloucestershire
41-554Charles MONER5 Gloucestershire
41-554John MONER3 Gloucestershire
41-554Joseph MONER1 Gloucestershire
41-555Warborough Shillingford Oxfordshire
41-555William STONER70 Maltster
41-555Mary STONER70
41-556Warrington Lancashire
41-556John Honer65 Lancashire
41-557Wedmore Somerset
41-557Elizabeth STONER14 Somerset
41-558Weedon Loys Northamptonshire
41-558William Honer50 Northamptonshire
41-558Ann Honer45 Northamptonshire
41-558Henry Honer15 Northamptonshire
41-558Mary Honer11 Northamptonshire
41-558William Honer9 Northamptonshire
41-559Welby Lincolnshire
41-559John Storer60
41-559Rebecca Storer45 Lincolnshire
41-559Martha Storer30 Lincolnshire
41-559William Storer25 Lincolnshire
41-559Mary Storer15 Lincolnshire
41-559Ann Storer14 Lincolnshire
41-559Rebecca Storer12 Lincolnshire
41-559John Storer11 Lincolnshire
41-559Joseph Storer8 Lincolnshire
41-559Phebe Storer5 Lincolnshire
41-559John Storer4 Lincolnshire
41-559Ann Storer3 Lincolnshire
41-559Rebecca Storer1 Lincolnshire
41-560West Ardsley Yorkshire
41-560James Spence11 Yorkshire
41-561Westminster St James Middlesex
41-561Maria Stone25
41-561Samuel Stone25
41-561Mary Stone5
41-561Edwin Stone3 Middlesex
41-561Mark Stone0 Middlesex
41-562Weston upon Trent Derbyshire
41-562John STONER25 Derbyshire
41-563Whalley Lancashire
41-563Jane STONER30
41-563James STONER9
41-564Whitby Yorkshire
41-564Sarah STOREN69 Yorkshire
41-564Mary STONNER35 Yorkshire
41-564Elizabeth Storer35 Yorkshire
41-564John Storer34 Yorkshire
41-564Judith STOREN29 Yorkshire
41-564Elizabeth STONNER23 Yorkshire
41-564Mary STONNER13 Yorkshire
41-564Ann Storer12 Yorkshire
41-564Samuel Storer10 Yorkshire
41-564Emma Storer8 Yorkshire
41-564Hannah STONNER7 Yorkshire
41-564Fanny STONNER5 Yorkshire
41-564Sarah Storer5 Yorkshire
41-564John STONNER3 Yorkshire
41-564Mary Storer3 Yorkshire
41-564Rebecca STONNER1 Yorkshire
41-564John Storer1 Yorkshire
41-565Whitkirk Yorkshire
41-565Dinah STONER35 Yorkshire
41-566Wigston Magna Leicestershire
41-566Eleanor Storer45 Leicestershire
41-566Thomas Storer40 Leicestershire
41-567Winlaton Durham
41-567Ralph STONER35 Durham
41-567Elizabeth STONER32 Durham
41-567Barbara STONER11 Durham
41-567James STONER9 Durham
41-567Willian STONER5 Durham
41-567Mary STONER3 Durham
41-567Elizabeth STONER1 Durham
41-568Wirksworth Derbyshire
41-568Mary STONER40 Derbyshire
41-568John STONER15 Derbyshire
41-568Joseph STONER15 Derbyshire
41-568Mary STONER15 Derbyshire
41-568Hannah STOREN2 Derbyshire
41-568William Storer75 Derbyshire
41-568George Storer60 Derbyshire
41-568Alice Storer55 Derbyshire
41-568Hannah Storer55 Derbyshire
41-568William Storer40 Derbyshire
41-568James Storer35 Derbyshire
41-568John Storer35 Derbyshire
41-568Mary Storer35 Derbyshire
41-568John Storer25 Derbyshire
41-568Elizabeth Storer20 Derbyshire
41-568Eliza Storer18 Derbyshire
41-568Harriet Storer15 Derbyshire
41-568Charles Storer13 Derbyshire
41-568Ann Storer13 Derbyshire
41-568Charls Storer13 Derbyshire
41-568Edward Storer11 Derbyshire
41-568Edward Storer11 Derbyshire
41-568Abraham Storer10 Derbyshire
41-568George Storer10 Derbyshire
41-568Moses Storer9 Derbyshire
41-568Richard Storer7 Derbyshire
41-568Ellen Storer2 Derbyshire
41-569Wisbeach St Peter Cambridgeshire
41-569John Honer25 Cambridgeshire
41-570Withernwick Yorkshire
41-570Nancy STONER57 Yorkshire
41-570William STONER50 Yorkshire
41-570Mary STONER13 Yorkshire
41-571Wolverhampton Staffordshire
41-571William MONER45
41-571Ann Storer30 Staffordshire
41-571William Storer30 Staffordshire
41-571Henry Storer1 Staffordshire
41-572Woodford Wiltshire
41-572Stephen FLENER35 Wiltshire
41-572Sarah FLENER25 Wiltshire
41-573Woodhall Allotment Lincolnshire
41-573Ann Stones40 LincolnshirePublican
41-573Robert Stones37 Lincolnshire
41-573Robert Stones10 Lincolnshire
41-573Ann Stones7 Lincolnshire
41-573James Stones5 Lincolnshire
41-573Rebecca Stones3 Lincolnshire
41-574Worksop Nottinghamshire
41-574Faucek MONER25
41-575Acton Middlesex
41-575Kassah Haner15 Middlesex
41-576Aldermaston Berkshire
41-576Elizabeth Haner25 Berkshire
41-576Laura Haner1 Berkshire
41-577Aston Warwickshire
41-577Henry Haner25 Warwickshire
41-577Miller Haner25 Warwickshire
41-577Henry Haner4 Warwickshire
41-577Caroline Haner2 Warwickshire
41-577Levi Haner1 Warwickshire
41-578Bradford Yorkshire
41-578John Haner30 Yorkshire
41-578Martha Haner30 Yorkshire
41-578Betty Haner4 Yorkshire
41-578Amos Haner0 Yorkshire
41-579Camborne Cornwall
41-579Chas Haner55 Cornwall
41-579Elizabeth Haner15 Cornwall
41-579Jane Haner13 Cornwall
41-580Cardington Bedfordshire
41-580Elizabeth Haner55 Bedfordshire
41-580William Haner55 Bedfordshire
41-581Cottingham Yorkshire
41-581Timothy Haner15 Yorkshire
41-582Dunstable Bedfordshire
41-582Deborah Haner15
41-583Fishtoft Lincolnshire
41-583Elizabeth Haner35 Lincolnshire
41-583William Haner30 Lincolnshire
41-583Eliza Haner13 Lincolnshire
41-583Willm Haner7 Lincolnshire
41-584Gillingham Dorset
41-584James Haner55
41-584Thomas Haner30 Dorset
41-584Eliza Haner25 Dorset
41-584James Haner2 Dorset
41-584George Haner0 Dorset
41-585Godmanchester Huntingdonshire
41-585Sophia Haner40
41-585James Haner14 Huntingdonshire
41-585Ann Haner7 Huntingdonshire
41-586Holy Trinity Yorkshire
41-586Elizabeth Haner65 Yorkshire
41-587Isleworth Middlesex
41-587William Haner47 Middlesex
41-587Mary Haner45 Middlesex
41-587James Haner20 Middlesex
41-587George Haner14 Middlesex
41-587Henry Haner11 Middlesex
41-588Kelsale Suffolk
41-588Elizabeth Haner72 Suffolk
41-589Kings Cliffe Northamptonshire
41-589Elizh Haner65 Northamptonshire
41-590Kirkby Malzeard Yorkshire
41-590Maria Haner20 Yorkshire
41-591Latchingdon Essex
41-591Henry Haner25 Essex
41-592Lidlington Bedfordshire
41-592Elizabeth Haner60 Bedfordshire
41-592Thomas Haner60 Bedfordshire
41-593Mappleton Derbyshire
41-593Charlotte Haner35
41-593Francis Haner30 Derbyshire
41-593Elizabeth Haner20 Derbyshire
41-594Melton Mowbray Leicestershire
41-594Jane Haner10 Leicestershire
41-595Middleton Lancashire
41-595William Haner55 Lancashire
41-596Newport Pagnell Buckinghamshire
41-596Benjamin Haner30 Buckinghamshire
41-597North Ferriby Yorkshire
41-597James Haner59 Yorkshire
41-597Thomas Haner25 Yorkshire
41-597Ann Haner23 Yorkshire
41-598Redlingfield Suffolk
41-598Alfred Haner25 Suffolk
41-598Lucy Haner25 Suffolk
41-598Lucy Haner5 Suffolk
41-598Betsy Haner1 Suffolk
41-599Rotherham Yorkshire
41-599Thomas Haner26