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Note that apart from those for my direct line I hold few certificates and the information shown is therefore not fully researched
It is meant to be an aid and simply indicates where I would look if following a line
Home ~~~~ 1851 census file 0 ~~~~ Help
Note that apart from those for my direct line I hold few certificates and the information shown is therefore not fully researched
It is meant to be an aid and simply indicates where I would look if following a line
51-1Beeding 1 Sussex
51-1John STONER32Clayton SussexHead
51-1Sophia STONER32Beeding SussexWife
51-1Elizh STONER10Beeding SussexDaughter
51-1Thos STONER8Beeding SussexSon
51-1James STONER6Beeding SussexSon
51-1Jane STONER4Beeding SussexSon
51-1Henay STONER2Beeding SussexSon
51-1Mary STONER1Beeding SussexDaughter
51-2Beeding 2 Sussex
51-2Phillis STONER65Beeding SussexWife
51-2Phillip STONER61Nuthurst SussexHead
51-2Ann STONER25Beeding SussexDaughter
51-2Willm STONER22Beeding SussexSon
51-3Beeding 3 Sussex
51-3Elizl STONER51Beeding SussexWife
51-3Thos STONER38Beeding SussexHeadGardener & Parish Clerk
51-3Ann STONER12Beeding SussexDaughter
51-3Michael STONE - Stoner8Beeding SussexSon
51-4Beeding 4 Sussex
51-4John STONER12Beeding SussexGrandson
51-5Beeding 5 Sussex
51-5Jane STONER36Beeding SussexVisitor
51-6Brighthelmstone 20 Sussex
51-6Elizabeth STONER55Shoreham SussexWife
51-6George STONER51Cowfield SussexHead
51-6Cordelia STONER26Brighton SussexDaughter
51-6Adolphus STONER19Brighton SussexSon
51-6Selina J STONER16Brighton SussexDaughter
51-7Brighthelmstone 21 Sussex
51-7John STONER38Beeding SussexHead
51-7Susanna STONER32Edburton SussexWife
51-7Henry STONER4Brighton SussexSon
51-7Ann STONER1Brighton SussexDaughter
51-8Brighthelmstone 22 Sussex
51-8Mary Ann STONER6Hurst SussexVisitor
51-9Brighthelmstone 23 Sussex
51-9George STONES - Stoner34Shoreham SussexHead
51-9Martha STONES - Stoner33Rottingdean SussexWife
51-9George STONES - Stoner5Coringvean SussexSon
51-10Brighthelmstone x Sussex
51-10Antoniette Hills48Brighton SussexWife
51-10Richard Hills44Brighton SussexHeadButcher
51-10Antoniette Hills14Brighton SussexWife
51-10Richard Hills11Brighton SussexHead
51-10Rosina Hills10Brighton SussexHead
51-10Henry Hills8Brighton SussexHead
51-11Brighton Sussex
51-11Edith Stonner60Caldcest, Bedfordshire Mother
51-11John Bird Stonner14Luton, Bedfordshire Brother
51-12Brighton 1 Sussex
51-12Janes STONES - Stoner29Tillington SussexServant
51-13Brighton 2 Sussex
51-13William STONER32Cuckfield SussexVisitor
51-14Brighton 7 Sussex
51-14Caroline STEVER - Stoner35Cowfold SussexServant
51-15Brighton 4 Sussex
51-15Lucy STONES - Stoner36Lindfield SussexWife
51-15John STONES - Stoner29Cowfold SussexHead
51-15John STONES - Stoner4Brighton SussexSon
51-15Mary STONES - Stoner2Brighton SussexDaughter
51-15Caroline STONES - Stoner1Brighton SussexDaughter
51-16Brighton 5 Sussex
51-16Martha Hones - Stoner18Wolverhampton StaffordshireServant
51-17Brighton 6 Sussex
51-17Ann STONER62Midhurst SussexWife
51-17Thomas STONER60East Bourne SussexHead
51-18Brighton 3 13) 7 Richmond St Sussex
51-18William Sayers51Shire SurreyHeadBaker (Journeyman)
51-18Jane Sayers50Billingshurst SussexWife
51-18Jane STOME - Stoner31Ifield SussexSister (u)Annuitant
51-19Brighton 8 Sussex
51-19Jessa STONER23Eastbourne SussexHead
51-19Maria STONER23Crowley SussexWife
51-19Jesse Thomas House - Stoner0.25Brighton SussexSon
51-20Brighton 9 Sussex
51-20Sabina STEVER - Stoner21Nuthurst SussexLodger (u)Servant
51-21Brighton10 Sussex
51-21Sarah STONER42Brighton SussexWife
51-21James STONER38Portslade SussexHead
51-22Brighton11 Sussex
51-22Jane STONER30Henfield SussexServant
51-23Brighton12 Sussex
51-23Hary STONER28Brighton SussexHead
51-23Harriett STONER27Brighton SussexWife
51-23Harriett STONER6Brighton SussexDaughter
51-24Brighton12a Sussex
51-24Sophia STONER1Brighton SussexDaughter
51-25Brighton13 Sussex
51-25James STONER35Isborn SussexHead
51-25Mary Ann STONER32Isborn SussexWife
51-25James STONER12Isborn SussexSon
51-25Alfred STONER10Isborn SussexSon
51-25Caroline STONER7Isborn SussexDaughter
51-25Ellen STONER5Isborn SussexDaughter
51-26Brighton13a Sussex
51-26Frank STONER2Isborn SussexSon
51-27Brighton14 Sussex
51-27Sarah STONER33 CambridgeshireHead
51-27Emma STONER12Brighton SussexDaughter
51-28Brighton 31 Sussex
51-28George Green19Southwick SussexServantPotman
51-29Brighton88 Sussex
51-29Hannah Stowers - Stoner35Goudhurst KentWifeBaker
51-29George Stowers - Stoner32Beeding SussexHeadStraw Bonnet Maker
51-29George Stowers - Stoner7Brighton SussexSonScholar
51-29James Stowers - Stoner5Brighton SussexSonScholar
51-29Henry Wm Stowers - Stoner3Brighton SussexSon
51-29Cornelius Stowers - Stoner1Brighton SussexSon
51-30Brighton89 Sussex
51-30Mary Ann Stone - Stoner28Holest SussexWife
51-30Charles Stone - Stoner26Eastbourne SussexHeadCarpenter
51-31Brighton y Sussex
51-31Henry Stoneham28Ditchling SussexHeadLabourer
51-31Jane Stoneham25Falmer SussexWifeDomestic
51-31George Stoneham4Preston SussexSonScholar
51-31Susan Stoneham1.33333333333333Falmer SussexDaughter
51-32Brighton x Sussex
51-32Edward May64Oystedcanes SussexHeadBlind - Formerly Fly Driver
51-32Jane May52Lewes SussexWife
51-32William May18Brighton SussexSonFly Driver
51-32Thomas Stone - Stoner28Ditchling SussexHead Son in LawStore Porter
51-32Ellen Stone - Stoner23Brighton SussexWife
51-32William Stone - Stoner4Brighton SussexSon
51-32James Stone - Stoner0.75Brighton SussexSon
51-33Chichester Subdeanry Sussex
51-33Louisa STONER48Appledram SussexHead (m)Mariner's Wife
51-33Henry STONER26Schenor SussexSonGrocer's Assistant
51-33John STONER20Bosham SussexSonLaborer
51-33Thomas STONER18Chichester SussexSonRope Maker (Journeyman)
51-33Sarah STONER14Chichester SussexDaughter
51-33Alfred STONER12Chichester SussexSonScholar
51-33William STONER8Chichester SussexSonScholar
51-33Ellen STONER4Chichester SussexDaughterScholar
51-34Clayton 3 Sussex
51-34Samuel STONER39Cuckfield SussexHead (w)
51-34Sarah STONER13Hurst Herpoint SussexDaughter
51-34John STONER10Cuckfield SussexSon
51-34Esther STONER6Hosdmancote SussexDaughter
51-35Clayton 1 Sussex
51-35Stephen STONES - Stoner35Cuckfield SussexHead
51-35Mary Ann STONES - Stoner28Hussh SussexWife
51-35George STONES - Stoner8Hussh SussexSon
51-36Cowfold Sussex
51-36Sarah STONER77Manningford Bruce WiltshireWife
51-36Thomas STONER69Shamanbury SussexHead
51-36James STONER36Haugham SussexHead
51-36Mary STONER31Cowfold SussexWife
51-36James STONER27Cowfold SussexHead
51-36William STONER27Slaugham SussexLodger
51-36Ann STONER25Cowfold SussexWife
51-36Rebecca STONER22Cowfold SussexVisitor
51-36Walter STONER13Low Beeding SussexServant
51-36Ellen STONER10Cowfold SussexDaughter
51-36George STONER9Cowfold SussexSon
51-36Jesse STONER3Buding SussexSon
51-36Elizabeth STONER2Buding SussexDaughter
51-36Jesse STONER2Cowfold SussexSon
51-36Emily STONER0 Cowfold SussexDaughter
51-37Cowfold 2 9) Little North Fields Sussex
51-37James STONER29Cowfold SussexHeadFarm Labourer
51-37Ann STONER25Ashurst SussexWife
51-37Jane STONER6West Grinstead SussexDaughterScholar
51-38Cowfold 3 9) Little North Fields Sussex
51-38Alfred STONER4Cowfold SussexSon
51-38William STONER1Cowfold SussexSon
51-38Caroline Carter10West Grinstead SussexSister in Law
51-39Cowfold 3 11) Burnt House Sussex
51-39James STONER60Cowfold SussexHeadAg Lab
51-39Susan STONER61Cowfold SussexWife
51-39James STONER36Cowfold SussexSonAg Lab
51-39Philip STONER27Cowfold SussexSonAg Lab
51-39Thomas STONER24Cowfold SussexSonAg Lab
51-40Cuckfield 1 Sussex
51-40Sarah STONER18Clayton SussexServant
51-41Cuckfield 2 Sussex
51-41Alfred STONER14Cuckfield SussexServant
51-42Cuckfield 3 Sussex
51-42Stephen STONES - Stoner38Cuckfield SussexHeadAg Lab
51-42Mary STONES - Stoner36Cuckfield SussexWife
51-42George STONES - Stoner10Cuckfield SussexSonScholar National School
51-42John STONES - Stoner9Cuckfield SussexSonScholar National School
51-42Mary A STONES - Stoner7Cuckfield SussexDaughter
51-42Elizabeth STONES - Stoner4Cuckfield SussexDaughter
51-42Jane STONES - Stoner1Cuckfield SussexDaughter
51-43Cuckfield 4 Sussex
51-43Caroline STONER16Haugham SussexServant
51-44Cuckfield 5 Sussex
51-44James Hall Heall26Bolney SussexHead
51-44Matilda Hall Heall24Cuckfield SussexWife
51-44John Hall Heall3Bolney SussexSon
51-44Barbara A Hall Heall1Cuckfield SussexDaughter
51-44James Sloner - Stoner21Cuckfield SussexBrother-in-law (u)Shoemaker (Journeyman)
51-45Cuckfield 6 Sussex
51-45Elizabeth STONER26Cuckfield SussexWife
51-45Thomas STONER24Cuckfield SussexHead
51-45Mary STONER2Cuckfield SussexDaughter
51-45Ellen STONER0.5 Cuckfield SussexDaughter
51-45William STONER14Cuckfield SussexBrother
51-46Cuckfield 7 Sussex
51-46Samuel Anscombe45Cowfold SussexHedCarpenter (Journeyman)
51-46Mary Anscombe41Cowfold SussexWife
51-46Pheobe STONER12Cuckfield SussexNiece
51-47Cuckfield 8 Sussex
51-47Frances Shaw - Stoner5Clayton SussexPauper Inmate
51-48Ditchling 1 Sussex
51-48James STONER51Ditchling SussexHead
51-48Mary STONER51Ditchling SussexWife
51-48Robert STONER22Ditchling SussexSon
51-48George STONER19Ditchling SussexSon
51-48Harriett STONER17Ditchling SussexDaughter
51-48Charles STONER14Ditchling SussexSon
51-48John STONER9Ditchling SussexSon
51-49Ditchling 2 Sussex
51-49Jemmina STONER67Twineham SussexWife
51-49Thomas STONER61Ditckling SussexHead
51-49Ketty STONER25Ditchling SussexDaughter
51-50Ditchling 3 Sussex
51-50Elizabeth STONER70Balcombe SussexWife
51-50Henry STONER67Street SussexHead
51-50John STONER28Ditchling SussexSon
51-51Ditchling 4a Sussex
51-51Ann STONER43Ditchling SussexWife
51-51William STONER43Ditchling SussexSon-in-law
51-51George STONER6Ditchling SussexSon
51-51Lucy STONER3Ditchling SussexDaughter
51-52Ditchling 4b Sussex
51-52William STONER62Street SussexHead
51-52Mary STONER60Keymer SussexWife
51-52John STONER8Ditchling SussexGrandson
51-53Ditchling 5 Sussex
51-53Richard STONER32Ditchling SussexLodger
51-54Ditchling 6 Sussex
51-54Anna STONES - Stoner35Lewes SussexWife
51-54James STONES - Stoner35Ditchling SussexHead
51-54Benjamin STONES - Stoner15Lewes SussexSon
51-54Edwin STONES - Stoner10Lewes SussexSon
51-54William STONES - Stoner10Lewes SussexSon
51-54Richard STONES - Stoner6Ditchling SussexSon
51-54Emma STONES - Stoner4Ditchling SussexDaughter
51-54James STONES - Stoner2Ditchling SussexSon
51-55Easebourne 1 Sussex
51-55Ann STONER64Lodsworth SussexWife
51-55John STONER60Easeboune SussexHead
51-56Easebourne 2 Sussex
51-56William STONER65Easebourne SussexHead
51-56Sarah STONER57Easebourne SussexWife
51-56William STONER37Easebourne SussexSon (w)
51-57Easebourne 3 Sussex
51-57Mary STONER56Tillington SussexHead (w)
51-57Charlotte STONER12Easebourne SussexDaughter
51-57Jane STONER12Easebourne SussexDaughter
51-57George Dummer39Tillington SussexBrother (u)
51-58Easebourne 4 Sussex
51-58George STONER33Easebourne SussexHead
51-58Jane STONER30Treyford SussexWife
51-58George STONER7Easebourne SussexSon
51-59Easebourne 6 Sussex
51-59George STONER29Easeborne SussexServant
51-60Easebourne 7 Sussex
51-60George STONER20Lephork HampshireServant
51-61Easebourne 8 Sussex
51-61William Dummer45Tillington SussexHeadDealer in Fruit
51-61Anne Dummer55West Dean SussexWife
51-61Alfred Staner - Stoner4Easebourne SussexVisitor
51-62Easebourne x Sussex
51-62Henry Saubet - Talbot24Easebourne SussexHeadFarm Labourer
51-62Jane Saubet - Talbot26Easebourne SussexWife
51-62Harry Saubet - Talbot2Easebourne SussexSon
51-63East Grinstead Sussex
51-63James STONER29Upperton SussexServant
51-64Graffham Sussex
51-64Catherine STONER56Burton SussexWife
51-64James STONER52Woolavington SussexHead
51-64James STONER24Graffham SussexSon
51-64Elizabeth STONER20Graffham SussexDaughter
51-64William STONER14Graffham SussexSon
51-65Hangleton Sussex
51-65Henry STONER40Ditchling SussexLodger
51-66Hastings St Mary in The Castle Sussex
51-66Edward Haner35Stoke Newington MiddlesexVisitor
51-67Hastings - St Mary Magdalen 20 Grand Parade Sussex
51-67John Stowe Storer39Thornton NottinghamshireHeadJustice of the Peace & Clergyman (No Cure)
51-67Margaret Stowe Storer26Blantisham HuntingdonshireWife
51-67Sophia Thurman24Tollerton NottinghamshireServantLadys Maid
51-68Henfield Sussex
51-68Anna STONER73Cinden SussexWife
51-68William STONER72Horsham SussexHead
51-68Charles N STONER38Henfield SussexHead
51-68Catharine STONER33Nuthurst SussexWife
51-68Alfred STONER10Harstheyforest SussexSon
51-69Heyshott 2 6) Hayle Lane Sussex
51-69William Wrapsen50Easbourne SussexHead
51-69Mary WWrapsen45Elstead SussexWife
51-69Thomas Wrapsen14Heyshott SussexSon
51-69John Wrapsen11Heyshott SussexSon
51-69Sarah Wrapsen9Heyshott SussexDaughter
51-69Charlotte Wrapsen6Heyshott SussexDaughter
51-69Sarah STONER92 SurreyLodger (?)
51-70Heyshott 5 16) Hayle Lane Sussex
51-70Thomas Holden28Heyshott SussexHeadFarm Labourer
51-70Ann Holden30Easbourne SussexWife
51-70Peter STONER11Easbourne SussexSon-in-law
51-70Susan Holden0.66Heyshott SussexDaughter
51-70Henry Bulbeck63East Dean SussexVisitor (u)Farm Labourer
51-71Horsham 1 Sussex
51-71Mary Mann67Horsham SussexHead
51-71James Mann42Horsham SussexSon
51-71Mary STONER32Horsham SussexDaughter
51-71Henry Mann26Horsham SussexSon
51-71William STONER8Horsham SussexGrandson
51-71Eliza STONER5Horsham SussexGranddaughter
51-72Horsham 1a Sussex
51-72Charles STONER3Horsham SussexGrandson
51-73Horsham 2 Sussex
51-73Albert STONER18Shipley SussexServant
51-74Horsham Sussex
51-74William Murrell35Horsham SussexHead
51-74Emily Murrell33Beeding SussexWife
51-74William Murrell12Beeding SussexSon
51-74Mary A Murrell11Horsham SussexDaughter
51-74Harriet Murrell7Horsham SussexDaughter
51-74Harry Murrell4Horsham SussexSon
51-74Caroline Murrell2Horsham SussexDaughter
51-75Hove 13 68) Market St Sussex
51-75Allen Sloate Floate37Wiston SussexHeadBricklayer's Lab
51-75Hannah Sloate Floate44Beeding SussexWifeCharwoman
51-75Frederick Sloate Floate10Washington SussexSonScholar
51-76Hurstpierpoint Sussex
51-76John STONER12Hurstpierpoint SussexVisitor
51-77Ifield 1 50) Bonwicks Place Sussex
51-77Jessey Stones - Stoner28Slaugham SussexServant
51-78Ifield 2 Sussex
51-78William STONER66Cowfold SussexHead
51-78Mary STONER58Cuckfield SussexWife
51-79Ifield 3 Sussex
51-79Thomas Thornton56Ifield SussexHeadFarmer
51-79Martha Thornton55Crawley SussexWife
51-79George STONER22East Grinstead SussexServantAg Lab
51-79Richard Tullett62Crawley SussexLodgerPauper Hay Binder
51-80Keymer 6 24) Mile Lane Cottages Sussex
51-80John Testor50Clayton SussexHeadAg Lab
51-80Lydia Testor40Lindfield SussexWife
51-80Isaac Testor9Balcombe SussexSon
51-80Emma Testor6Balcombe SussexDaughter
51-80Catherine Testor4Balcombe SussexDaughter
51-81Keymer Sussex
51-81James STONER31Ditchling SussexHead
51-81Ann STONER27Clayton SussexWife
51-81William STONER5Ditchling SussexSon
51-81Harriott STONER2Keymer SussexDaughter
51-81James STONER0 Keymer SussexSon
51-82Kirdford Sussex
51-82Harriot STONER35Northchaple SussexHead
51-83Lindfield Sussex
51-83James STONER16N Cuckfield SussexServant
51-84Laughton Sussex
51-84Thomas Stornes70Laughton SussexHeadFarmer
51-84Sarah Stornes68Battle SussexWife
51-84Eliza Stornes40Laughton SussexDaughter
51-84Maria Stornes30Laughton SussexDaughter
51-84Charles Stornes28Laughton SussexSon
51-84Frederick Stornes26Laughton SussexSon
51-84William Stornes5Laughton SussexVisitor
51-85Lower Beeding 1 Sussex
51-85John Peters58Beeding SussexHeadAg Lab
51-85Jane Peters54Worth Sussex WifeCharwoman
51-85Peter Peters24Beeding SussexSonAg Lab
51-85Eliza Peters19Beeding SussexDaughterSchoolmistress
51-85David Peters11Beeding SussexSonAg Lab
51-85John STONER25Farlington KentLodgerAg Lab
51-86Lower Beeding 2 Sussex
51-86John STONER40Beeding SussexHead
51-86Harriett STONER31Nuthurst SussexWife
51-86John STONER13Nuthurst SussexSon
51-86Laura STONER11Beeding SussexDaughter
51-86Elizabeth STONER9Beeding SussexDaughter
51-86Alice STONER7Beeding SussexDaughter
51-86Emma STONER5Beeding SussexDaughter
51-86Ann STONER2Beeding SussexDaughter
51-86David STONER0.33Beeding SussexSon
51-87Lower Beeding 4 32) Plummers Plain Sussex
51-87Henry STONER36Bewdley SussexHeadAg Lab
51-87Caroline STONER29Nuthurst SussexWife
51-87James STONER7Horsham SussexSon
51-87William STONER4Beeding SussexSon
51-88Lower Beeding 4 33) Plummers Plain Sussex
51-88James STONER49Beeding SussexHeadAg Lab
51-88Jane STONER38Haugham SussexWife
51-88Thomas STONER12Beeding SussexSon
51-88George STONER7Beeding SussexSon
51-88Jane STONER3Beeding SussexDaughter
51-88Thomas STONER27Beeding SussexLodgerAg Lab
51-89Lower Beeding 5 Sussex
51-89John STONES - Stoner70Nuthurst SussexFather-in-law
51-90Lower Beeding 6 Sussex
51-90Edward STONER31Beeding SussexHead
51-90Caroline STONER27Horsham SussexWife
51-91Lower Beeding 7 Sussex
51-91Rebecca STONER30Beeding SussexServant
51-91Mark STONER15Cowfold SussexServant
51-92Lower Beeding 8 Sussex
51-92Jacob STONER40Beeding SussexHead
51-92Elizabeth STONER38Nuthurst SussexWife
51-92William STONER16Beeding SussexSon
51-92Elizabeth STONER10Beeding SussexDaughter
51-92Thomas STONER2Beeding SussexSon
51-93Lower Beeding 9 Sussex
51-93John STONE - Stoner46Lower Beeding SussexHead
51-93Mary STONE - Stoner38Cuckfield SussexWife
51-93John STONE - Stoner13Horsham SussexSon
51-93Mary STONE - Stoner8Lower Beeding SussexDaughter
51-93Susannah H STONE - Stoner2Lower Beeding SussexDaughter
51-94Lower Beeding10 Sussex
51-94Thomas STONER43Beeding SussexHead
51-94Sarah STONER39Nuthurst SussexWife
51-94Ellen STONER17Beeding SussexDaughter
51-94Elizabeth STONER13Beeding SussexDaughter
51-94James STONER9Nuthurst SussexSon
51-94Walter STONER5Beeding SussexSon
51-94Sarah STONER1Beeding SussexDaughter
51-95Lower Beeding11 Sussex
51-95Elizabeth STONER75Cowfold SussexWife
51-95Phillip STONER72Thermanbury SussexHeadPauper
51-95Henry STONER40Nuthurst SussexSonShepherd / Labourer
51-96Lower Beeding12 Sussex
51-96Mary STONES - Stoner60Cowfold SussexMother-in-law
51-97Lower Beeding13 Sussex
51-97Robert STONER73Cowfold SussexHead
51-97Mary STONER70Cowfold SussexWife
51-97Edmund STONER27Beeding SussexSon
51-98Lower Beeding14 Sussex
51-98Stephen STONER23Cowfold SussexServant
51-99Lurgashall Sussex
51-99William STONER29Northchapel SussexHead
51-99Mary STONER27Northchapel SussexWife
51-99Elizabeth STONER5Northchapel SussexDaughter