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Note that apart from those for my direct line I hold few certificates and the information shown is therefore not fully researched
It is meant to be an aid and simply indicates where I would look if following a line
Home ~~~~ 1851 census file 2 ~~~~ Help
Note that apart from those for my direct line I hold few certificates and the information shown is therefore not fully researched
It is meant to be an aid and simply indicates where I would look if following a line
51-200Chorley Lancashire
51-200Helen STONER77Preston, Lancashire Head (w)Annuitant
51-200Joseph STONER22Knutsford, Cheshire Servant
51-201Christchurch Hampshire
51-201Mana Stower12Ringwood, Hampshire Granddaughter
51-202Christchurch Spitalfields Middlesex
51-202Louisa STONER70Essex Wife (w)
51-203Clerkenwell Middlesex
51-203Hannah Maria Stonner25Portsea, Hampshire Wife
51-203Susannah Stonyer55Bewdley WorcestershireMother (w)
51-203Mary AnnStonyer30Wateringbury KentWife
51-203John Stonyer29W Bromwich StaffordshireHeadMillwright
51-203John Storer22London Foreman
51-203Edmund Stower38Bow Lane, London Head
51-203Rebecca Stower38Bee, Dorset Wife
51-203Ann Stower13Bridport, Dorset Daughter
51-203Edmund Stower3Clerkenwell, Middlesex Son
51-204Clewer Berkshire
51-204John STONER8Radley OxfordshirePupil
51-205Cley next the Sea Norfolk
51-205Henry Stonex37Field Dalling, Norfolk Head
51-205Hannah Stonex33Bale, Norfolk Visitor
51-205Emma Stonex3Cley, Norfolk Daughter
51-206Cookham Berkshire
51-206Daniel Stower52St Giles, London Head
51-206John Stower19Marden, Berkshire Son
51-206Grace Stower16Marden, Berkshire Daughter
51-207Creech St Michael Somerset
51-207Thomas Stower37Cudworth, Somerset Head
51-207Emma Stower23Buckland St Mary, Somerset Wife
51-207Sabina Stower1Creech St Michael, Somerset Daughter
51-208Crigglestone Yorkshire
51-208Thomas Hepworth30Kirk Smeaton, Yorkshire Head
51-208Mary P Hepworth24Doncaster, Yorkshire Wife
51-208Hannah M Hepworth3Sandal, Yorkshire Daughter
51-208Mary J Hepworth1Sandal, Yorkshire Daughter
51-208Elizabeth Stoney - STONER40Gayle YorkshireHead (w)Shop Keeper
51-208Richard Stoney - STONER5Chapelthorpe YorkshireSonScholar
51-208Sarah A Stoney - STONER3Hale Green YorkshireDaughterScholar
51-208Harriet STONER9Harmthorpe, Yorkshire Sister-in-law
51-209Croydon 1 Surrey
51-209Thomas Hall60Horsham, Sussex HeadPlumber
51-209Elizabeth Hall53Cuckfield, Sussex Wife
51-209Hannah Hall29Mersham, Surrey Niece (u)House Servant
51-209Maria Hall17Mersham, Surrey Niece (u)House Servant
51-210Cudworth Somerset
51-210Joseph Stower72Dowlish, Somerset Head
51-210Mary Stower72Dowlish, Somerset Wife
51-210Thomas Stower65Dowlish, Somerset Head
51-210Grace Stower60Cudworth, Somerset Wife
51-210Jemima Stower58West Hatch, Somerset Head
51-210Eli Stower36Cudworth, Somerset Son-in-law
51-210Isaac Stower24Cudworth, Somerset Son
51-210Anthony Stower17Cudworth, Somerset Son
51-210Honor Stower15Cudworth, Somerset Daughter
51-211Dawdon Durham
51-211Elizabeth Stones51Wolsingham, Durham Wife
51-211William Stones47Bainton, Durham Head
51-211Robert Stones20Hetton, Durham Son
51-211Isabella Stones6Hartlepool, Durham Daughter
51-212Deptford St Paul 1 Kent
51-212John STONER33Deptford, Kent Head
51-212Elizabeth STONER25Reading, Berkshire Wife
51-213Deptford St Paul 2 Kent
51-213Joseph STONER30England Head
51-213Ellen STONER26England Wife
51-213Selina STONER7England Daughter
51-214Deptford St Paul 3 Kent
51-214Thomas Stone - Stoner61Deptford, Kent HeadGardener
51-214Frances Stone - Stoner57Deptford, Kent Wife
51-214James Stone - Stoner19Deptford, Kent Son
51-214Henry Stone - Stoner14Deptford, Kent Son
51-215Derby - St Peter Derbyshire
51-215John Stover40Derby, Derbyshire HeadPipefactioner
51-215Mary Stover37Derby, Derbyshire Wife
51-215Ann Stover15Derby, Derbyshire DaughterSilk Winder
51-215Samuel Stover12Derby, Derbyshire Son
51-215William Stover8Derby, Derbyshire Son
51-215Sarah Stover6Derby, Derbyshire Daughter
51-215Isaac Stover3Derby, Derbyshire Son
51-215Joseph Stover1Derby, Derbyshire Son
51-216Dorking Surrey
51-216James Tidy43Dorking SurreyHead (w)Bricklayer
51-216Thomas Tidy22Dorking SurreySonBricklayer
51-216Sarah Tidy19Dorking SurreyDaughter
51-216James Fanny STONER42Horham, Surrey Visitor Niece
51-217Drayton Oxfordshire
51-217Thomas Stonis45Warborough, Oxfordshire Head
51-217Sarah Stonis43Moreton, Berkshire Wife
51-217Joseph Stonis21Warborough, Oxfordshire Son
51-217William Stonis10Warborough, Oxfordshire Son
51-217Enoch Stonis7Warborough, Oxfordshire Son
51-218Dukinfield Lancashire
51-218Thomas Stoma16Newton CheshireServant
51-219Duloe Cornwall
51-219Mary Cole38Ireland Wife
51-219Stephen Cole26Duloe CornwallHeadAg Lab
51-219Jane Stone Cole0.66Duloe CornwallDaughter
51-219Sarah Stone13Poltimore DevonStepdaughter
51-220Earl Shilton Leicestershire
51-220Hy Stores/Storer36Wigston Magna, Leicestershire Head
51-220Sarah Stores/Storer28Sharnford, Leicestershire Wife
51-220John Stores/Storer4Shilton, Leicestershire Son
51-220Ann Stores/Storer3Earl Shilton, Leicestershire Son
51-220David Stores/Storer1Earl Shilton, Leicestershire Son
51-221Earl Shilton 8 Leicestershire
51-221Thomas Hores46Desford, Leicestershire Head
51-221Mary Hores44Desford, Leicestershire Wife
51-221Joseph Hores18Desford, Leicestershire Son
51-221Rebecca Hores12Earl Shilton, Leicestershire Daughter
51-221Sarah A Hores9Earl Shilton, Leicestershire Daughter
51-222Earl Shilton 8a Leicestershire
51-222Betsy Storer6Earl Shilton, Leicestershire Daughter
51-223Earl Shilton 9 Leicestershire
51-223Zachariah Storer64Wigston Magna, Leicestershire Head
51-223Christian Storer61Wigston Magna, Leicestershire Wife
51-224East Butterwick Lincolnshire
51-224Edward Honn57Scotter, Lincolnshire HeadFarmer
51-224Mary Honn44Scotter, Lincolnshire Wife
51-224William Honn21Scotter, Lincolnshire Son
51-224Mary Honn15East Butterwick, Lincolnshire Daughter
51-225East Harling Norfolk
51-225Samuel Flener77Old Buckenham, Norfolk Head
51-225Mary Ann Flener66East Wretham, Norfolk Wife
51-225Mary Flener58South Lopham, Norfolk Wife
51-225Edward Flener51East Harling, Norfolk Head
51-225Edward Flener27East Harling, Norfolk Son
51-225James Flener23East Harling, Norfolk Son
51-225Harriet Flener21East Harling, Norfolk Daughter
51-226East Malling Kent
51-226Harriot E Stonner17Wrotham, Kent Servant
51-227Eastoft Lincolnshire
51-227Thomas Stones50Yorkshire Head
51-227Elizabeth Stones48Lincolnshire Wife
51-227Hannah Stones20Lincolnshire Daughter
51-227William Stones19Lincolnshire Son
51-227George Stones12Lincolnshire Son
51-227Mary Stones8Lincolnshire Daughter
51-228Ecclesall Bierlow 1 Yorkshire
51-228Alice STONER78Sheffield, Yorkshire Mother
51-228Samuel Stones35Eckington, Derbyshire Head
51-229Ecclesall Bierlow 2 Yorkshire
51-229Ann STONER31Sheffield, Yorkshire Wife
51-229Henry STONER27Sheffield, Yorkshire Lodger
51-229Sarah STONER2Sheffield, Yorkshire Daughter
51-229Elizabeth STONER1Sheffield, Yorkshire Daughter
51-230Ecclesall Bierlow 3 Yorkshire
51-230Ann Arundle17Sheff, Yorkshire ServantHouse Servant
51-230John Stones61Sheff, Yorkshire HeadBrush Maker
51-230Mary Stones59Sheff, Yorkshire Wife
51-230John Stones20Sheff, Yorkshire Son
51-231Ecclesall Bierlow 9 Yorkshire
51-231Henry Stones25Birmingham, Warwickshire Lodger (u)File Cutter
51-232Eckington Derbyshire
51-232Julia Storner35Eckington DerbyshireServant (u)Nail Maker
51-232John Stower54Eckington, Derbyshire Lodger
51-233Edgbaston 1 Warwickshire
51-233George STONER65Hartshill, Warwickshire Head
51-233Phoebe STONER63Sutton, Warwickshire Wife
51-233Henry STONER23Edgbaston, Warwickshire Son
51-233Edwin STONER3Edgbaston, Warwickshire Grandson
51-234Edgbaston 2 Warwickshire
51-234Elizabeth STONER19Rosliston, Derbyshire Servant
51-235Edington Somerset
51-235Mary Stower54Bulleigh, Somerset Wife
51-235Thomas Stower52Charlotn, Somerset Head
51-236Epsom Surrey
51-236Mary Puttack67Ewhurst, Surrey Head
51-236Harriett STONER23Somer Beeding, Surrey Granddaughter
51-237Extraparochial Northamptonshire
51-237John STONER40 DerbyshireHeadCarriers Clerk
51-237Jane STONER38Birmingham WarwickshireWife
51-237John Norton81Bridgenorth SalopFather in lawFormerly Lime Scaler
51-237Richard Stone8Birmingham Son
51-237Anne Stone6Birmingham Daughter
51-237Rowland Stone5Birmingham Son
51-237Julia Stone3Northampton Daughter
51-237Susan Taylor17Birmingham VisitorSpinster
51-238Farndon Nottinghamshire
51-238Charlotte Horner31Collingham, Nottinghamshire Wife
51-238Thomas Horner28Balderton, Nottinghamshire Head
51-238Joseph Horner4Farndon, Nottinghamshire Son
51-238Edward Horner3Farndon, Nottinghamshire Son
51-239Farnworth Lancashire
51-239William Riley7Farnworth, Lancashire Grandson
51-239John Riley5Farnworth, Lancashire Grandson
51-239Betty Stones58Kersley, Lancashire Wife
51-239John Stones58Little Hulton, Lancashire Head
51-240Field Dalling 1 Norfolk
51-240John Stonex36Field Dalling, Norfolk Head
51-240John Stonex10Field Dalling, Norfolk Son
51-240Lucy Stonex8Field Dalling, Norfolk Daughter
51-240William Stonex4Field Dalling, Norfolk Son
51-241Fisherwick Staffordshire
51-241Edward Storner34Drayton Bassett StaffordshireHead (m)
51-242Fressingfield Suffolk
51-242Jemima Storer36Dickleburgh Norfolk
51-242John Storer31Tannington SuffolkHawker
51-242John Storer9Tannington Suffolk
51-242William Storer5Fressingfield Suffolk
51-243Friskney Lincolnshire
51-243Robert Stones47Roughton, Lincolnshire HeadFarmer
51-243Robert Stones20Kirkstead, Lincolnshire Son
51-243James Stones14Kirkstead, Lincolnshire Son
51-243Rebecca Stones12Kirkstead, Lincolnshire Daughter
51-244Fulham Middlesex
51-244Mary Stonner31Ireland Wife
51-244Arthur Stonner30Ireland Head
51-244Arthur Stonner2Fulham Son
51-244Mary Stonner0 Fulham Daughter
51-245Gargrave 1 Yorkshire
51-245Henry STONER57Broughton, Yorkshire Head
51-245Elizabeth STONER50Coulcoats, Yorkshire Wife
51-245Elizabeth STONER24Gargrave, Yorkshire Daughter
51-245Mildman STONER20Airton, Yorkshire Son
51-245Henry STONER18Airton, Yorkshire Son
51-245Agness STONER16Gargrave, Yorkshire Daughter
51-245Jane STONER14Gargrave, Yorkshire Daughter
51-245John STONER8Gargrave, Yorkshire Son
51-246Gargrave 2 Yorkshire
51-246Sarah STONER60Ireland Head (w)Grocer
51-246Joseph STONER8Wakefield, Yorkshire Grandson
51-247Gedney Lincolnshire
51-247Isaac Stone35East Dereham, Norfolk Head
51-247Rhoda Stone33East Dereham, Norfolk Wife
51-247James Stone15East Dereham, Norfolk Son
51-247Barbara Stone13East Dereham, Norfolk Daughter
51-247Rhoda Stone11East Dereham, Norfolk Daughter
51-247Robert Stone9East Dereham, Norfolk Son
51-247Sarah Ann Stone7East Dereham, Norfolk Daughter
51-247Isaac Stone3East Dereham, Norfolk Son
51-248Godstone Surrey
51-248George STONER20Stougham, Sussex Servant
51-248Henry STONER13Horne, Surrey Servant
51-249Goxhill Lincolnshire
51-249Christopher Stower35Thornton, Lincolnshire Head
51-249Ann Stower34Winterton, Lincolnshire Wife
51-249Holland Stower11Barton, Lincolnshire Son
51-250Gravesend Kent
51-250Mary AnnStone32Pitsey, Essex Servant (u)
51-251Great Bolton Lancashire
51-251Ann Staner48Little Hulton, Lancashire Wife
51-251William Staner48Bolton, Lancashire Head
51-251Alice Staner21Little Hulton, Lancashire Daughter
51-251Elizabeth Staner18Little Hulton, Lancashire Daughter
51-251Ann Staner16Little Hulton, Lancashire Daughter
51-251Mary Staner14Worsley, Lancashire Daughter
51-251Limeon Simeon Staner10Bolton, Lancashire Son
51-251William Staner7Bolton, Lancashire Son
51-252Great Yarmouth Norfolk
51-252Henry Stoves27Norwich, Norfolk Head
51-252Mary M Stoves27Norwich, Norfolk Wife
51-253Greenwich Kent
51-253William STONER76Fulham, Middlesex Private Pensioner
51-254Hackney Middlesex
51-254Sarah Ann Flener16St John; Hackney, Middlesex Servant
51-254Ann Jane STONER40Lee, Kent Wife
51-254John STONER35Baeding, Sussex Head
51-254John STONER10Bethnal Green, Middlesex Son
51-254Philip Alfnead STONER9Bethnal Green, Middlesex Son
51-254William STONER7Bethnal Green, Middlesex Son
51-254James STONER5Bethnal Green, Middlesex Son
51-254Elizabeth STONER3Bethnal Green, Middlesex Daughter
51-254Ann STONER1Hackney, Surrey Daughter
51-255Hackney 8 Middlesex
51-255John Stene38Bloomsbury, Middlesex Head
51-255Catherine Stene34Shoreditch, Middlesex Wife
51-255Susannah Stene11Shoreditch, Middlesex Daughter
51-255Caratine Stene7Shoreditch, Middlesex Daughter
51-255Frederick Stene2Shoreditch, Middlesex Son
51-255Louisa Stene0.91Wacking, Middlesex Daughter
51-255Susan Stene71Wiling, Oxfordshire Mother
51-256Hackney 9 Middlesex
51-256William Flower46Edmonton, Middlesex Head
51-256Helen Flower45Hackney, Middlesex Wife
51-256Helen J Flower18Hackney, Middlesex Daughter
51-256William Flower16Hackney, Middlesex Son
51-256Susan Flower14Hackney, Middlesex Daughter
51-256Harry J Flower11Hackney, Middlesex Son
51-256Emily M Flower9Hackney, Middlesex Daughter
51-256Annie J Flower1Hackney, Middlesex Daughter
51-257Hackney St John 8 Middlesex
51-257William Adkins22Norwich, Norfolk Wife's BrotherGeneral Dealer
51-257Eleanor Stover34Hackney, Middlesex Wife
51-257Joseph Stover33Hackney, Middlesex HeadSmith
51-257Joseph Stover6Hackney, Middlesex SonScholar
51-257Amelia Stover3Hackney, Middlesex Daughter
51-257Emma Stover0.83Hackney, Middlesex Daughter
51-258Hackney 36 163) 12 Thomas St Middlesex
51-258David Stormer36Waltham Abbey EssexHeadWatchman at Colour Factory
51-258Hannah Stormer42Rudham SuffolkWifeCharwoman
51-259Halifax Yorkshire
51-259Law Stoney39Huddersfield, Yorkshire Head
51-259Mary Stoney38Ashton Under Lyne, Lancashire Wife
51-259Anne Stoney11Ashton Under Lyne, Lancashire Daughter
51-259John RStoney3Longton, Staffordshire Son
51-259Mary BSTOM2Morley, Lancashire Daughter
51-260Hammersmith Middlesex
51-260Thomas Storer57Stoke Newington, Middlesex Head
51-260Ann Storer29Leyton Stone, Essex Wife
51-260Thomas Storer25Stoke Newington, Middlesex Head
51-260Matilda Storer23Hammersmith, Middlesex Wife
51-260Jane Storer4Stoke Newington, Middlesex Daughter
51-260Matilda Storer4Hammersmith, Middlesex Daughter
51-260Mary Storer2Stoke Newington, Middlesex Daughter
51-261Handsworth Yorkshire
51-261Thomas Stonis64Gleadless, Yorkshire Head
51-261Hannah Stonis61Gleadless, Yorkshire Wife
51-261Ann Stonis21Gleadless, Yorkshire Daughter
51-261Thomas Stonis18Gleadless, Yorkshire Son
51-262Harewood Yorkshire
51-262Mary STONER50Eccup, Yorkshire Wife
51-262William STONER42Wike, Yorkshire Head
51-263Hartlepool Durham
51-263Edward Stones36Peaton, Durham HeadDock Labourer
51-263Elizabeth Stones34Hartlepool, Durham Wife
51-264Hendon Middlesex
51-264Charlotte Spencer49Petworth SussexWife
51-264Osborn Spencer48Ashurst KentHeadKeeper of Reservoir
51-264William Spencer16Wandworth SurreySonLaw Stationer
51-264George Spencer14Vauxhall SurreySonOil Man
51-265Heversham With Milnthorpe Westmorland
51-265Edward Stones51Flackborough, Lancashire Head
51-265Ann Stones45Milnthorpe Wife
51-265Mary Ann Stones20Milnthorpe Daughter
51-265Francis Stones15Milnthorpe Son
51-265Edward Stones13Milnthorpe Son
51-265Walter Stones11Milnthorpe Son
51-265Margaret Stones9Milnthorpe Daughter
51-265Elenor Stones6Milnthorpe Daughter
51-265Rebecca Stones2Milnthorpe Daughter
51-266Hinckley Leicestershire
51-266Charles STONER12Warwick, Warwickshire Pupil
51-267Holme Huntingdonshire
51-267Thomas Storror32Ramsey, Huntingdonshire, England Head
51-267Ann Storror24Holgay, Norfolk, England Wife
51-267Anne Storror5 Daughter
51-267Elizabeth Storror4Ramsey, Huntingdonshire, England Daughter
51-267Thomas Storror2Holme, Huntingdonshire, England Son
51-267William Storror1Holme, Huntingdonshire, England Son
51-268Horton 1 Yorkshire
51-268David STONER17Darlington, Yorkshire Son s/be Servant
51-269Horton 7 Yorkshire
51-269Jane STONE - Stoner42Hannord, Yorkshire Head (w)
51-269Elizabeth Jane STONE - Stoner16Bramley, Yorkshire Daughter
51-269Wilkinson STONE - Stoner13Bramley, Yorkshire Son
51-269Mary Ann STONE - Stoner9Bradford, Yorkshire Daughter
51-269Anne STONE - Stoner6Bradford, Yorkshire Daughter
51-270Horton 8 Yorkshire
51-270Edward Hill32Manningham, Yorkshire Head
51-270Margaret Hill26Horton, Yorkshire Wife
51-270Alfred Hill1Horton, Yorkshire Son
51-270Jane Stoure - Stoner10Bradford, Yorkshire Niece
51-271Horton 9 Staffordshire
51-271William Stonier36Horton, Staffordshire Head
51-271Matilda Stonier33Norton, Staffordshire Wife
51-271John Stonier10Horton, Staffordshire Son
51-271William Stonier7Horton, Staffordshire Son
51-271Ellen Stonier5Horton, Staffordshire Daughter
51-271Peter Stonier2Horton, Staffordshire Son
51-271Samuel Stonier0.25Horton, Staffordshire Son
51-272Huddersfield Yorkshire
51-272Emma STONER32Highroyd Wife
51-272Ellen Hannah STONER7Thurlestone Daughter
51-272Mary L STONER2Huddersfield Daughter
51-272Thomas STONES - STONER30Bradford Head
51-273Hunslet Yorkshire
51-273Hannah Stoney32Woolhouse, Yorkshire Head
51-273John Willim Stoney9Birstal, Yorkshire Son
51-273Richard Stoney7Hunslet, Yorkshire Son
51-274Ilkeston Derbyshire
51-274Easter Smith39Ilkeston, Derbyshire Wife
51-274John Smith39Strelley, Nottinghamshire Head
51-274Samuel Smith18Ilkeston, Derbyshire Son
51-274Enoch Smith15Ilkeston, Derbyshire Son
51-274Ellen Smith13Ilkeston, Derbyshire Daughter
51-274Eliza Smith10Ilkeston, Derbyshire Daughter
51-274John Smith8Ilkeston, Derbyshire Son
51-274Hannah Smith3Ilkeston, Derbyshire Daughter
51-275Ipswich St Margaret Suffolk
51-275Joseph Stower27Wherstead, Suffolk Head
51-275Lavenia R Stower27Ipswich, Suffolk Wife
51-275John J Stower1Nacton, Suffolk Son
51-276Ipswich St Margaret x Suffolk
51-276Ann Storey49Stoke By Nayland, Suffolk Wife
51-276George Storey41Cockfield, Suffolk Head
51-276James Storey12Stoke By Nayland, Suffolk Son
51-277Ipswich St Peter Suffolk
51-277George Stower56Hintlesham, Suffolk Head
51-277Mary Stower50Bulcamp, Suffolk Wife
51-278Islington Middlesex
51-278Catherine STONER24Strand, Middlesex (u)Dress Maker
51-278James S Storer79Clerkenwell, Middlesex Head
51-278Alfred Storer48Pentorweter, Middlesex Head
51-278Ann Storer46Clerkenwell, Middlesex Daughter
51-278Sarah Storer43Onley, Buckinghamshire Wife
51-278Josiah Storer41St James; Pentonville Head
51-278Egbert Storer38Clerkenwell, Middlesex Son
51-278Ernest Storer36Clerkenwell, Middlesex Son
51-278Elizabeth Storer23St Pancras, Middlesex Wife
51-278Henry R Storer23St Pancras, Middlesex Head
51-278Henry Walter Storer17Islington, Middlesex Son
51-278William Edwin Storer17Oxfordshire Son
51-278Mary Eva Storer15St Lukes, Middlesex Daughter
51-278Elizth Ann Storer1Islington, Middlesex Daughter
51-279Keighley Yorkshire
51-279Francis STONER26Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire Lodger (u)Mechanic, Journeyman
51-280Kensington Middlesex
51-280Louisa Stower21Southampton, Hampshire Servant
51-281Kensington 8 Middlesex
51-281Eliza Tonne - Stoner21Pimlico, Middlesex Servant
51-281James Veitch75Scotland Head
51-281Mary Veitch22Chelsea, Middlesex Daughter
51-282Kibworth Harcourt Leicestershire
51-282William STONER44Great Glen, Leicestershire HeadFrame Work Knitter
51-282Ann STONER34Great Glen, Leicestershire WifeSeamer
51-282James STONER13Great Glen, Leicestershire SonSeamer
51-282Ann STONER9Great Glen, Leicestershire DaughterSeamer
51-283Kingston upon Hull - Holy Trinity Yorkshire
51-283Sarah Storrer55Hull, Yorkshire Wife (m)
51-283John Storrer18Hull, Yorkshire Son
51-284Kingswood 1 Gloucestershire
51-284Ambrose L STONER52Kingswood, Gloucestershire Head
51-284Emma STONER50Wotton Under Edge, Gloucestershire Wife
51-284Emma E STONER25Kingswood, Gloucestershire Daughter
51-284Henrietta STONER20Kingswood, Gloucestershire Daughter
51-284William STONER14Kingswood, Gloucestershire Son
51-285Kingswood 2 Gloucestershire
51-285William STONER61Kingswood, Gloucestershire Head
51-285Mary Matilda STONER46Wotton Under Edge, Gloucestershire Wife
51-286Knaresborough Yorkshire
51-286Fredrick STONE - Stoner46Yorkshire Head
51-286Hannah STONE - Stoner45Yorkshire Wife
51-286Ann STONE - Stoner13Yorkshire Daughter
51-286Eliza STONE - Stoner12Yorkshire Daughter
51-286Emma STONE - Stoner8Yorkshire Daughter
51-286Harriat STONE - Stoner5Yorkshire Daughter
51-287Lambeth Surrey
51-287Caroline STONER29Norsham, Sussex Servant (u)Cook
51-287William Stower36Kensington, Surrey Head
51-287Harriet Stower31Old Kent Rd, Surrey Wife
51-287Mary Ann Stracener44Halifax, Yorkshire Wife
51-287William Stracener36Cambridgeshire HeadStraw Hat Manufacturer
51-287Hannah Stracener15City of London Daughter
51-287Charles Stracener12City of London Son
51-287Alice Stracener8Lambeth, Surrey Daughter
51-287Edwin Stracener6Lambeth, Surrey Son
51-287Jesse Stracener3Lambeth, Surrey Daughter
51-288Lambeth 1 Surrey
51-288John STONER23Chelsea Lodger (u)Painter
51-289Langport Somerset
51-289Ann Stower39Charlton, Somerset Visitor
51-289Alfred Stower9Charlton, Somerset Lodger
51-290Leamington Priors 2) 67 Clarendon St Warwickshire
51-290Richard Pitt54Bewdley WorcestershireHead (w)Dealer in Hay & Corn
51-290Mary Storer50Ibstock LeicestershireHousekeeper (w)Housekeeper Etc
51-290Mary Ann JStorer23Ibstock LeicestershireDaughter of Housekeeper (u)Visitor
51-291Rowley Regis 31) Cradley Heath Staffordshire
51-291Henry Warrall37Cubbington WarwickshirePork Butcher
51-291Sarah Warrall27Ibstock Leicestershire
51-291John Warrall0.41Rowley Staffordshire
51-291Tabitha Stover21Newtown LeicestershireInmate (u)Dress Maker
51-292Leeds Yorkshire
51-292Mark Flener23Wensall, Derbyshire Lodger
51-292Amm Stoney70Armley, Yorkshire Wife
51-292John Stoney68Farsley, Yorkshire Head
51-292Dinah Stoney66Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire Head
51-292Margaret Stoney45Leeds, Yorkshire Wife
51-292William Stoney43Raisbeck, Yorkshire Head
51-292Elizabeth Stoney41Leeds, Yorkshire Head
51-292Maria Stoney40Leeds, Yorkshire Head
51-292Mary Ann Stoney33Horbury, Yorkshire Servant
51-292Sarah Stoney26Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire Visitor
51-292Samuel Stoney19Leeds, Yorkshire Son
51-292Thomas Stoney17Leeds, Yorkshire Son
51-292Hannah Stoney16Leeds, Yorkshire Daughter
51-292Mary Stoney16Leeds, Yorkshire Daughter
51-292Robert Stoney16Leeds, Yorkshire Son
51-292Mary J Stoney15Leeds, Yorkshire Daughter
51-292John Stoney14Leeds, Yorkshire Son
51-292Joseph Stoney14Leeds, Yorkshire Son
51-292Jane Stoney11Leeds, Yorkshire Servant
51-292Sarah Stoney7Leeds, Yorkshire Daughter
51-292Elizabeth Stoney6Leeds, Yorkshire Daughter
51-293Leeds 3 Yorkshire
51-293Mary Stoney - Stoner36Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire Wife
51-293William Stoney - Stoner36Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire Head
51-293Ralph Stoney - Stoner15Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire Son
51-293Dinah Stoney - Stoner13Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire Daughter
51-293George Stoney - Stoner10Morton Banks Bingley, Yorkshire Son
51-293Ann Stoney - Stoner5Leeds, Yorkshire Daughter
51-294Leeds 8 Yorkshire
51-294Joseph STENCE - Stoner23Pately, Yorkshire Head
51-294Matilda STENCE - Stoner22Leeds, Yorkshire Wife
51-294Alfred STENCE - Stoner2Leeds, Yorkshire Son
51-295Leeds 8a Yorkshire
51-295Joseph Ransley49Leeds, Yorkshire Father
51-295William Ransley17Leeds, Yorkshire Son
51-295Joseph Ransley15Leeds, Yorkshire Son
51-295Mary Ann Ransley11Leeds, Yorkshire Daughter
51-296Limehouse Middlesex
51-296John STONER19Whitechapel MiddlesexServant
51-297Limehouse 8 Middlesex
51-297Elizabeth Stone26St Saviours, Surrey Head
51-297Henry Stone3Limeho, Middlesex Son
51-297Mary Ann Homer Stone55Limeho, Middlesex Mother
51-297Ellen Emma Stone21St Saviours, Surrey Sister
51-298Little Chishill Hertfordshire
51-298Susan Greenhill65Clavering, Essex Head (m)Bricklayers Wife
51-298Peter Stones74Foulmire, Cambridgeshire Lodger (m)Pauper formerly Ag Lab
51-298Elizabeth Stones72Barley, Hertfordshire Wife
51-299Little Lever Lancashire
51-299Ann Stone27Atherton, Lancashire Wife
51-299John Stone23Great Lever, Lancashire Head
51-299Jas Dearden STONER - STONE1Little Lever, Lancashire Son