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Note that apart from those for my direct line I hold few certificates and the information shown is therefore not fully researched
It is meant to be an aid and simply indicates where I would look if following a line
Home ~~~~ 1851 census file 3 ~~~~ Help
Note that apart from those for my direct line I hold few certificates and the information shown is therefore not fully researched
It is meant to be an aid and simply indicates where I would look if following a line
51-300Liverpool Lancashire
51-300Jacob Stower38Somerset Head
51-300Elizabeth H Stower28Bristol Wife
51-300Herbert S Stower8Bristol Son
51-300Charles John Stower5Bristol Son
51-300Henry P Stower4Liverpool Son
51-300John S Stower1Liverpool Son
51-301Liverpool 9 Lancashire
51-301Margaret Sloan40St Helens LancashireWifeCooper's Wife
51-302Livesey Lancashire
51-302Bose Stonis28Ireland Lodger
51-302Thomas Stonis25Walton, Lancashire Lodger
51-302Ross Stonis12Ireland Lodger
51-302John Stonis5Walton, Lancashire Lodger
51-302James Stonis4Samlesbury, Lancashire Lodger
51-302Thomas Stonis1Blackburn, Lancashire Lodger
51-303Lockwood Yorkshire
51-303Anne Elliot Dyson38Rotherham YorkshireHead (u)Teacher of School
51-303Harriot STONER33Rotherham YorkshireSister (w)Teacher of School
51-303Eugene STONER5Honley YorkshireNephewScholar
51-304Long Lawford Warwickshire
51-304Elizabeth Flener63Warmingham, Warwickshire Wife
51-304Thomas Flener63??, Warwickshire Head
51-305Long Sandall Yorkshire
51-305George Stonis15Ardsler YorkshireServant
51-306Long Whatton Leicestershire
51-306Frederick Storer41Stevson Head
51-306Hannah Storer41Belton Wife
51-306John Storer7Long Whatton Son
51-306Thomas Storer6Long Whatton Son
51-306Annie Storer4Long Whatton Daughter
51-306Frederick Storer2Long Whatton Son
51-307Lowestoft Suffolk
51-307Henry Flener32St James, London Lodger
51-307Caroline Flener30Barking, Essex Wife
51-307Henry Flener7Barking, Essex
51-307Emma Flener2Barking, Essex
51-308Ludworth Derbyshire
51-308William Storer65Mellor DerbyshireHead (w)Cotton Twister
51-308Mary Storer36Marple CheshireDaughterCotton Warper
51-308Elizabeth Storer22Marple CheshireDaughterCotton Winder
51-308Alice Storer2Ludworth DerbyshireNiece
51-308Jane Storer42Marple CheshireSons WifeCotton Winder
51-308Thomas Storer41Marple CheshireSonPower Loom Weaver
51-309MacClesfield Cheshire
51-309John Flener29Stone, Staffordshire Lodger
51-310Macclesfield Cheshire
51-310Williams Stonner47Withengton, Cheshire Head
51-310Ann Stonner44Marston, Cheshire Wife
51-310Betsey Stonner11Sutton, Cheshire Daughter
51-310William Stonner3Macclesfield, Cheshire Daughter
51-311Macclesfield x Cheshire
51-311James Stoneburner Stonehewer43Macclesfield, Cheshire HeadHand Loom Weaver
51-311Martha Stoneburner Stonehewer43Leek, Staffordshire Wife
51-311Sarah Stoneburner Stonehewer17Macclesfield, Cheshire SonHand Loom Weaver
51-311Joseph Stoneburner Stonehewer14Macclesfield, Cheshire SonSilk Spinner
51-311John Stoneburner Stonehewer11Macclesfield, Cheshire SonSilk Spinner
51-311Matilda Stoneburner Stonehewer9Macclesfield, Cheshire DaughterScholar
51-311Dinah Stoneburner Stonehewer7Macclesfield, Cheshire DaughterScholar
51-311Alfred Stoneburner Stonehewer3Macclesfield, Cheshire Son
51-311William Stoneburner Stonehewer0.75Macclesfield, Cheshire Son
51-312Malborough Devon
51-312Sophia C Stonore49London, Middlesex Head
51-312Emily C Stonore19Cheltenham, Somerset Daughter
51-312Clare Stonore16Longford, Gloucestershire Daughter
51-312Eugenia Stonore12Shiplake, Oxfordshire Daughter
51-313Maldon St Mary Essex
51-313Cornelius Frederick STONER23Rotherham, Yorkshire
51-314Mancetter 1 Warwickshire
51-314John STONER64Hartshill, Warwickshire Head
51-314Sarah STONER61Hungarton, Nottinghamshire Wife
51-315Mancetter 2 Warwickshire
51-315Mary STONER48Stoke Golding, Leicestershire Wife
51-315George STONER42Hartshill, Warwickshire Head
51-315Thomas STONER10Hartshill, Warwickshire Son
51-315Caroline STONER8Hartshill, Warwickshire Daughter
51-316Manchester Lancashire
51-316Joshua STONER22Newton, Lancashire VisitorShoemaker
51-316Charles Stonner22Suton, Bedfordshire
51-316John Stower25??, Lancashire Head
51-316Mary Stower24??, Lancashire Wife
51-316Elizth Stower1??, Lancashire Daughter
51-317Mansfield Nottinghamshire
51-317Ann STONER18Mansfield NottinghamshireServant
51-317Eliza Stoma16Mansfield NottinghamshireServant
51-318Margate St John the Baptist 118 High Strret Kent
51-318George Staner47Margate KentHeadMaster Baker
51-318Mary AnnStaner44Ash KentWife
51-318Mary Ann RiceStaner18London MiddlesexDaughterBaker
51-318Louisa HammondStaner3Margate KentDaughterTeacher of Music
51-319Margate St John the Baptist 69 High Street Kent
51-319Susannah HStaner21Margate KentHeadBaker's Daughter
51-319Eliza S RStaner15Margate KentWifeBaker's Daughter
51-319Lavinia M BStaner8Margate KentSonBaker's Daughter
51-319Sarah A BStaner6Margate KentDaughterBaker's Daughter
51-319Anne MStaner1Margate KentDaughterBaker's Daughter
51-320Margate St John the Baptist Kent
51-320George Staner16Margate KentBoarderScholar
51-320Joseph Staner10Margate KentBoarderScholar
51-321Martock Somerset
51-321Mary Stower77South Petherton, Somerset Head
51-321Eliza Stower48Martock, Somerset Wife
51-321John Stower41Martock, Somerset Head
51-321John Stower24Martock, Somerset Nephew
51-321Joseph Stower13Martock, Somerset Son
51-321Susana Stower10Martock, Somerset Daughter
51-321Richard Stower8Martock, Somerset Son
51-322Matlock Scarthe Lodge Derbyshire
51-322Thomas Martha STONER48Wirksworth DerbyshireHeadHatter Wool Carder
51-322Catherine STONER48Bonsall DerbyshireWifeLodge Keeper
51-323Merrington Durham
51-323Jane Harnson Harrison61Harrington, Durham Wife
51-323William Harnson Harrison60Harrington, Durham Head
51-323Joseph Harnson Harrison21Harrington, Durham Son
51-323Isabela Harnson Harrison19Harrington, Durham Daughter
51-323Simpson Harnson Harrison10Harrington, Durham Son
51-323John Harnson Harrison7Harrington, Durham Grandson
51-324Mickleover Derbyshire
51-324Ann STONER50Mickleover, Derbyshire Wife
51-324Joseph STONER48Mickleover, Derbyshire Head
51-324William STONER21Mickleover, Derbyshire Son
51-324Hannah STONER19Mickleover, Derbyshire Daughter
51-324Maria STONER17Mickleover, Derbyshire Daughter
51-324Mary STONER14Mickleover, Derbyshire Daughter
51-324John STONER12Mickleover, Derbyshire Son
51-324Harriet STONER8Mickleover, Derbyshire Daughter
51-324Joseph STONER5Mickleover, Derbyshire Son
51-324Emily STONER2Mickleover, Derbyshire Daughter
51-324Robert Storer42Radbourne, Derbyshire Head
51-324Edith Storer41Radbourne, Derbyshire Wife
51-324Caroline Storer19Radbourne, Derbyshire Daughter
51-324Mary Storer14Radbourne, Derbyshire Daughter
51-324Robert Storer14Radbourne, Derbyshire Son
51-324Frances Storer10Radbourne, Derbyshire Son
51-324Maira Storer7Radbourne, Derbyshire Daughter
51-324Charles Storer3Radbourne, Derbyshire Son
51-324Frederic Storer1Radbourne, Derbyshire Son
51-325Middlestone and Westerton Durham
51-325Thos Stoker27Wiltshire Head
51-325Mary Ann Stoker26Menigton, Durham Wife
51-325Eliz Stoker2Middlestone, Durham Daughter
51-325James Jane Stoker1Middlestone, Durham Daughter
51-326Mile End Old Town Middlesex
51-326Mary Ann Stower3Stepney, Middlesex Visitor
51-327Mile End Old Town - Stepney Middlesex
51-327Mary H STONER41Peckham, Surrey Wife
51-327John STONER39Kingsland, Middlesex HeadJourneyman Tallow Chandler
51-327John STONER15Shoreditch, Middlesex Son
51-327Sarah J STONER8Lambeth, Surrey Daughter
51-327Mary J STONER7Lambeth, Surrey Daughter
51-327Martha STONER4Stepney, Middlesex Daughter
51-327Samuel STONER2Stepney, Middlesex Son
51-327Keith Ruth STONER1Stepney, Middlesex Daughter
51-328Minehead Somerset
51-328Mary Stone59Minehead, Somerset Lodger
51-329Mistley Essex
51-329Eliza Flener20Mannington, Essex Visitor
51-330Moreton in the Marsh Gloucestershire
51-330Henry M Stower30St Sepulchre, Middlesex Head
51-331Morley Yorkshire
51-331James Spence21West Ardsley, Yorkshire Servant
51-332Neithrop Oxfordshire
51-332Ann Stower63Warwick, Warwickshire Widow
51-332Hannah Stower31Neithrop, Oxfordshire Wife
51-332John Stower29Neithrop, Oxfordshire Head
51-332George Stower9Neithrop, Oxfordshire Son
51-332Elizabeth Stower7Neithrop, Oxfordshire Daughter
51-332Mary Jane Stower3Neithrop, Oxfordshire Daughter
51-332Henry Stower1Neithrop, Oxfordshire Son
51-333Nether Hallam Yorkshire
51-333Anne Stones40Sheffield, Yorkshire Wife
51-333Thomas Stones40Hathersage, Derbyshire HeadSaw & machine knife Maker
51-333John Stones18Sheffield, Yorkshire SonApprentice to Saw Maker
51-333Emma Stones16Sheffield, Yorkshire DaughterScholar
51-333Hannah Stones14Sheffield, Yorkshire DaughterScholar
51-333Elizabeth Stones10Sheffield, Yorkshire DaughterScholar
51-333George Stones2Sheffield, Yorkshire Son
51-334Newchurch Hampshire
51-334Robert Flener50Newchurch, Hampshire Head
51-334Elizabeth Flux51Newchurch, Hampshire Wife
51-335Newington Surrey
51-335Thos STONER47Surrey Head
51-335Caroline STONER44Brighton, Surrey Wife
51-335Alfred STONER17Lambeth, Surrey Son
51-335William STONER9Lambeth, Surrey Son
51-335Elizabeth STONER15Lambeth, Surrey Niece
51-336Newport Hampshire
51-336Thomas Stonner - Stoner63Baeth, Hampshire HeadHawker
51-336Elen Stonner - Stoner56Chereton, Hampshire Wife
51-337Newton Valence Hampshire
51-337James Stonum - Stoner33Cheriton, Hampshire Servant
51-338North Petherton Somerset
51-338M A Stower48Hatton Garden, London Sister-in-law
51-339Norwich Heigham Norfolk
51-339Elizabeth Stone72Bawdeswell, Norfolk NorfolkClear Starcher
51-339Priscilla Stone40Bawdeswell, Norfolk NorfolkClear Starcher
51-340Norwich Heigham 1 Norfolk
51-340James STONER46Bardswell, Norfolk HeadBookseller
51-340Lydia STONER38Norwich; Heigham Wife
51-340James STONER3Norwich; Heigham Son
51-340Jane STONER1Norwich; Heigham Daughter
51-341Norwich Heigham 2 Norfolk
51-341Hannah STONER31Bardeswell, Norfolk ServantHouse Servant
51-342Norwich St John de Sepulchre Norfolk
51-342William Stones44Bawdeswell, Norfolk HeadButcher
51-342Mary Stones42Swanton Abbot, Norfolk Wife
51-342Mary A Stones13Norwich, Norfolk DaughterScholar
51-342Henry Stones8Norwich, Norfolk SonScholar
51-342William Stones6Norwich, Norfolk SonScholar
51-343Nottingham St Mary Nottinghamshire
51-343Sarah STONER16Nottinghamshire Lodger
51-344Nottingham St Mary 7 Nottinghamshire
51-344William Stones32Nottingham HeadClothes Dealer
51-344Ann Stones23Ireland WifeSeamer
51-344Ann Stones4Derby DaughterScholar
51-344William Stones2Nottingham Son
51-345Nottingham St Mary 8 Nottinghamshire
51-345John Stover53Long Eastley, Derbyshire HeadLabourer agricultural
51-345Elizabeth Stover44Long Eastley, Derbyshire Wife
51-345Thomas Stover21Long Eastley, Derbyshire SonCab Driver
51-345Mary Stover15Long Eastley, Derbyshire DaughterCake Maker
51-345John Stover4Nottingham SonScholar
51-346Nottingham St Mary x District Union Workhouse Nottinghamshire
51-346Susan Stones11Nottingham Pauper
51-347Oaken Staffordshire
51-347Thomas Stoer55Mickleover, Derbyshire Head
51-347Amelia Stoer50Mickleover, Derbyshire Wife
51-347Helen Stoer25Mickleover, Derbyshire Daughter
51-347Arthur Stoer19Mickleover, Derbyshire Son
51-347Ann Stoer17Mickleover, Derbyshire Daughter
51-347William Thomas Stoer7Gailey, Staffordshire Son
51-348Old Park Durham
51-348William STONER15West Auckland, Durham Servant
51-349Ormskirk Lancashire
51-349Joseph STONER41Shoreditch, Middlesex Head
51-349Jane STONER27Lathom, Lancashire Wife
51-349Margaret STONER9Ormskirk, Lancashire Daughter
51-349Alice STONER5Ormskirk, Lancashire Daughter
51-349Ann STONER4Ormskirk, Lancashire Daughter
51-349Martha STONER1Ormskirk, Lancashire Daughter
51-350Penge Kent
51-350Fanny Rose8Lenham, Kent Pupil
51-350Emma Rose6Croydon, Surrey Pupil
51-350Charlotte J STONE - Stoner12Lambeth, Surrey Pupil
51-350Eliza Mary STONE - Stoner9Lambeth, Surrey Pupil
51-351Piddletrenthide Dorset
51-351Elizabeth STONER40Bridport DorsetServant (w)
51-352Pirbright Surrey
51-352Stephen H Stanard Stonard70Pirbright SurreyHeadOut of business farmer
51-352Elizabeth Stanard Stonard26Pirbright SurreyDaughterHousekeeper
51-352Henry Stanard Stonard6Pirbright SurreyGrandsonScholar
51-352William Stanard Stonard2Pirbright SurreyGrandson
51-353Plumstead Kent
51-353Mary Ann STONER63Hawley SurreyWife
51-353Benjamin STONER62Tlindelonke, Norfolk HeadDealer in Tea
51-353Selina STONER33East Haddon, Kent DaughterSchool Mistress
51-354Plymouth Charles the Martyr 4 Woodside Devon
51-354William Hayden48Crewkerne SomersetHeadActuary of Savings Bank
51-354Phebe Hayden32Ireland Wife
51-354Anna STONER11Ireland NieceScholar at Home
51-354Robert STONER9Ireland NephewScholar
51-355Pontefract Yorkshire
51-355John Naylor36Sykhouse YorkshireHeadShoemaker & Coal Dealer
51-355Mary Naylor22Doncaster YorkshireSister
51-355Thomas STONER20Bentley YorkshireApprenticeShoemakers Apprentice
51-356Poplar Middlesex
51-356Chas Storer74Clerkenwell, Middlesex Lodger
51-356Henry Storer40Chesterfield, Derbyshire Head
51-356Mary Storer38Chesterfield, Derbyshire Wife
51-356George Storer19Pentridge, Derbyshire Son
51-356Thomas Storer16Pentridge, Derbyshire Son
51-356William Storer13Pentridge, Derbyshire Son
51-356John Storer11Pentridge, Derbyshire Son
51-356Henry Storer6Pentridge, Derbyshire Son
51-356Hannah Storer2Poplar, Middlesex Daughter
51-357Portland 1 Dorset
51-357Emma Dalgleish20Portland, Dorset Daughter (m)
51-357William  Flener62Portland, Dorset Head
51-357Grace  Flener53Portland, Dorset Wife
51-357William  Flener22Portland, Dorset Son
51-357Daniel Flew17Portland, Dorset Son
51-358Portland 2 Dorset
51-358Robert Flener20Dorset Head
51-358Elizabeth Flener19Dorset Wife
51-358Robert PFlener1Dorset Son
51-359Preston Lancashire
51-359Elizabeth Stones46Preston, Lancashire Daughter (w)
51-359John Stones17Preston, Lancashire GrandsonCurrier Apprentice
51-359James Stones14Manchester, Lancashire GrandsonCurrier Apprentice
51-359Thomas Threllfall73Preston, Lancashire Head (w)Shoe Maker
51-359James McMahon39Ireland Lodger (w)Chelsea Pensioner
51-360Preston 9 Lancashire
51-360Ann Stones28Blackburn, Lancashire Wife
51-360Joseph Stones28 Head
51-360Elizabeth Stones0.83Preston, Lancashire Daughter
51-361Preston x Lancashire
51-361George Stones47Blackburn LancashireRetired Grocer
51-361Ann Stones41Kirkham Lancashire
51-361Thomas Stones16Preston Lancashire
51-361William Stones12Preston Lancashire
51-361Ellen Stones10Preston Lancashire
51-361Jane Stones7Preston Lancashire
51-361Georgiana Stones4Preston Lancashire
51-362Puckington Somerset
51-362Catherine Stower85Hambridge, Somerset Lodger
51-362Hannah Stower74Martock, Somerset Mother
51-362Mary Stower48Fivehead, Somerset Wife
51-362Robert Stower38Puckington, Somerset Head
51-362Elizabeth Stower14Puckington, Somerset Daughter
51-362Caroline Stower12Puckington, Somerset Daughter
51-362Robert Stower8Puckington, Somerset Son
51-362James Stower6Puckington, Somerset Son
51-362Samuel Stower5Puckington, Somerset Son
51-362Eliza Stower3Puckington, Somerset Daughter
51-362Theresa Stower1Puckington, Somerset Daughter
51-363Radford 1 Nottinghamshire
51-363David Stores24Chesterfield DerbyshireHead
51-363Sarah Stores22 NottinghamshireWife
51-363Davis Stores4Radford NottinghamshireSon
51-363Ighnly Stores1Radford NottinghamshireSon
51-363John Carlisle24 NottinghamshireLodger (F-in-L)
51-364Radford 2 Nottinghamshire
51-364Charles Stover55Chesterfield Derbyshire
51-364Ellen Stover54Chesterfield Derbyshire
51-364Rosina Stover19Hyson Green Nottinghamshire
51-364Henry Stover15Hyson Green Nottinghamshire
51-365Radford 3 1 Dales Row, Freizland Nottinghamshire
51-365Mary Ann Stores30Farnsley DerbyshireWifeDress Maker
51-365Thomas Stores28Critch DerbyshireHeadWoodman
51-365Ann Stores2Critch DerbyshireSon
51-366Radford 4 Nottinghamshire
51-366George Stonor16Hyson Green NottinghamshireServant
51-367Redbourn Hertfordshire
51-367John Stone34Redbourn, Hertfordshire DaughterBaker
51-367Mary Ann Stone33Studham, Hertfordshire Head (w)
51-367Thomas Stone8Studham, Hertfordshire SonScholar
51-367Sarah Stone6Studham, Hertfordshire DaughterScholar
51-367Emily Stone3Redbourn, Hertfordshire DaughterScholar
51-367Harriet Stone0.75Redbourn, Hertfordshire Daughter
51-368Ripley Derbyshire
51-368John STONER38Chesterfield, Derbyshire Head
51-368Sarah STONER36Ripley, Derbyshire Wife
51-368John STONER18Ripley, Derbyshire Son
51-368Henry STONER15Ripley, Derbyshire Son
51-368Abraham STONER14Ripley, Derbyshire Son
51-368Mena STONER12Ripley, Derbyshire Daughter
51-368Phebe STONER10Ripley, Derbyshire Daughter
51-368Joseph STONER6Ripley, Derbyshire Son
51-368Hannah STONER1Ripley, Derbyshire Daughter
51-369Rotherham Yorkshire
51-369Martha Stones49Bolton YorkshireWife
51-369William Stones48Doncaster YorkshireHead
51-369Mary Stones18Rotherham YorkshireDaughter
51-369Elizabeth Stones10Rotherham YorkshireDaughter
51-369William Stones8Rotherham YorkshireSon
51-370Rotherham 9 Yorkshire
51-370John Stones23Rotherham YorkshireHeadIron Moulder
51-371Ruswarp Yorkshire
51-371Hannah Storm20Fylingdales YorkshireServantHouse Servant
51-372Saxtead Suffolk
51-372Thomas STARER39Saxtead, Suffolk Head
51-372Sarah STARER36Saxtead, Suffolk Wife
51-372Thomas STARER14Saxtead, Suffolk Son
51-372George STARER13Saxtead, Suffolk Son
51-372Pamala STARER10Saxtead, Suffolk Daughter
51-372Samuel STARER7Saxtead, Suffolk Son
51-372Mary Ann STARER5Saxtead, Suffolk Daughter
51-372Robert STARER2Saxtead, Suffolk Son
51-373Scarborough Yorkshire
51-373Charlotte Storrer40Scarborough, Yorkshire Head (w)Formerly Cook
51-373George Storrer10Hull, Yorkshire Son
51-373Benjamin Storrer9Hull, Yorkshire Son
51-373Charlotte Storrer7Bridlington, Yorkshire Daughter
51-373Robert Storrer5Bridlington, Yorkshire Son
51-373Sarah Storrer3Bridlington, Yorkshire Daughter
51-373Mary F Storrer1Grimsby, Lincolnshire Daughter
51-374Selby Yorkshire
51-374John Stone60Wiston YorkshireServant
51-375Semer Suffolk
51-375William Story60Hartest, Suffolk Head
51-375Harriet Story52Hawkedon, Suffolk Wife
51-375Robert Story27Hawkedon, Suffolk Son
51-375Edward Story20Semer, Suffolk Son
51-376Sheering Essex
51-376Joseph Stone34Sheering, Essex HeadAg Lab
51-376Mary Stone31Hatfield Broad Oak Wife
51-376Thomas Stone4Sheering, Essex Son
51-376George Stone2Sheering, Essex Son
51-376Infant Stone0.03Sheering, Essex Daughter
51-377Sheffield 1 Yorkshire
51-377Jas STONER20Sheffd, Yorkshire HeadTable Knife Cutler
51-377Lucy STONER19Sheffd, Yorkshire Wife
51-377Jas STONER9Sheffd, Yorkshire SonTable Knife Cutler
51-377Hannah STONER70Chahelton, Yorkshire WifeDame
51-377N C - Rob ? STONER56Eckington, Derbyshire HeadLaborer
51-378Sheffield 2 Yorkshire
51-378Ruth STONER34Sheffield, Yorkshire Wife
51-378George STONER31Sheffield, Yorkshire HeadCabinet Case Maker
51-378Eliza A STONER2Sheffield, Yorkshire Daughter
51-378Lendon W (m)STONER0.19Sheffield, Yorkshire Son
51-379Sheffield 3 Yorkshire
51-379Thomas Stones56Sheffield YorkshireHead
51-379Ann Stones51Sheffield YorkshireWife
51-379Joseph Stones23Sheffield YorkshireSonCabinet Case Maker
51-379Thomas Stones19Sheffield YorkshireSonSchoolmaster
51-379Ann Ebth Stones11 DaughterScholar
51-380Sheffield 4 Yorkshire
51-380John Stones41Sheffield, Yorkshire, England HeadJoiners Tool Maker
51-380Harriet Stones38Sheffield, Yorkshire, England Wife
51-380Sarah L Stones17Sheffield, Yorkshire, England DaughterFork Burnisher
51-380Ann Stones12Sheffield, Yorkshire, England DaughterFork Filer
51-380Samuel Stones10Sheffield, Yorkshire, England SonErrand Boy
51-380Mary Stones7Sheffield, Yorkshire, England DaughterScholar
51-380Ann M Stones5Sheffield, Yorkshire, England DaughterScholar
51-380Ellen Stones0.16Sheffield, Yorkshire, England Daughter
51-381Sherburn Durham
51-381Henry Flener25Antrem, Ireland Lodger
51-382Shoreditch Middlesex
51-382Susannah  Flener48London Head
51-382James Flener14London Son
51-382Ann Flener9London Daughter
51-383Shoreditch 6 Middlesex
51-383Charlotte STORER - Stoner17Shoreditch Servant
51-384Shoreditch 7 Middlesex
51-384Eliza STINER - STONER36St Lukes, Middlesex Sister
51-384Mary STONER48St Lukes, Middlesex Head
51-385Shoreditch 8 Middlesex
51-385James STONAR - Stoner43Hackney HeadWood Turner
51-385Ann STONAR - Stoner34St Andrews Holborn Wife
51-385Martha STONAR - Stoner7Shoreditch Daughter
51-385William STONAR - Stoner4Shoreditch Son
51-385George STONAR - Stoner2Shoreditch Son
51-385Jane STONAR - Stoner0.33Shoreditch Daughter
51-386Shoreditch 9 Middlesex
51-386James Storer43St L Shoreditch Head
51-386Elizabeth Storer38Bethnal Green Wife
51-386James Storer19Cripplegate Son
51-386Edmund Storer14St Lukes, Middlesex Son
51-387Skipton Yorkshire
51-387Frances Mary Stoney - Stoner4Gargrave, Yorkshire Visitor
51-388Snaith Yorkshire
51-388Betty Stonis69Levels, Lincolnshire Head
51-389South Petherton Somerset
51-389Robert Stower69South Petherton, Somerset Head
51-390South Stoneham 1 Hampshire
51-390Charles STONER16Avington, Hampshire Apprentice
51-391South Stoneham 2 Hampshire
51-391Eliza STONE - STONER26Avington, Hampshire Servant
51-392South Stoneham 3 142) Highfield Malt House Hampshire
51-392James Stainer64Kingston HampshireHeadRetired Dairyman
51-392Sarah Stainer64Brimmer WiltshireWife
51-393Southam Warwickshire
51-393Mary STONER28Thornton, Leicestershire Servant (u)Cook
51-393Martha STONER26Thornton, Leicestershire Servant (u)Housemaid
51-394Southwark St George 16 arkland Terrace Surrey
51-394Jane Flener - Stoner52Stoughton LeicestershireHead (w)
51-394Betsy Raeburn BarbaraFlener - Stoner12Lambeth SurreyDaughter
51-394Kate Settia SelinaFlener - Stoner10Lambeth SurreyDaughter
51-395Southwark St Saviour Surrey
51-395Sarah Flener56Southk, Surrey Head
51-395John Stower39St Saviour, Surrey Head
51-395Mary Stower39Loose, Kent Wife
51-395John Robt Stower8St Saviour, Surrey Son
51-395William Stower5St Saviour, Surrey Son
51-396St Bartholomew the Great Middlesex
51-396Joseph Storer41St Luke, Middlesex Head
51-396Mary Ann Storer38Whitechapel, Middlesex Wife
51-396Eliza Ann Storer18Whitechapel, Middlesex Daughter
51-396Sarah Jane Storer13London Daughter
51-396Matilda Storer11London Daughter
51-396Louisa Storer8London Daughter
51-396Elizabeth Storer6London Daughter
51-396Samuel Storer5London Son
51-396Joseph Storer2London Son
51-397St Botolph Aldgate Middlesex
51-397John B Stones41Clerkenwell, Middlesex HeadCommision Agent
51-397Martha Stones38Bromley, Middlesex WifeDress Maker
51-397Jane C Stones19Bow, Middlesex Daughter
51-397Thomas B Stones10Bermondsey, Surrey SonScholar
51-397John C Stones7Bermondsey, Surrey SonScholar
51-397Martha E Stones4St Lukes, Middlesex Daughter
51-397Ann B Stones1St Lukes, Middlesex Daughter
51-398St Clement Danes Middlesex
51-398Henry James STONER30St George Bloomsbury
51-399St Dunstan in the West Bott in Tun Tap Middlesex
51-399Shepherd Stephen STONES - STONER42Horfield Henfield SussexHeadVictualler
51-399Hephsebah STONES - STONER29Lewis Lewes SussexWife