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Note that apart from those for my direct line I hold few certificates and the information shown is therefore not fully researched
It is meant to be an aid and simply indicates where I would look if following a line
Home ~~~~ 1851 census file 4 ~~~~ Help
Note that apart from those for my direct line I hold few certificates and the information shown is therefore not fully researched
It is meant to be an aid and simply indicates where I would look if following a line
51-400St George Bloomsbury Middlesex
51-400Charles Storer29Bloomsbury, Middlesex Head
51-400Emma Storer21Roading, Berkshire Wife
51-400George Stower46Suffolk Head
51-400Eliza Stower16Marylebone, Middlesex Daughter
51-400George Stower14Brixton, Surrey Son
51-400Sarah Stower12Lambeth, Surrey Daughter
51-401St George Hanover Square Middlesex
51-401Bernard W STONER - STONEMAN20Gt Farrington, Devon Shopman
51-402St George Hanover Square 1 Middlesex
51-402George STONER51Eastbourne, Sussex HeadCoachman
51-402Harriet STONER40Little Glemham, Suffolk Wife
51-403St George Hanover Square 2 Middlesex
51-403Charles STONER44Portsmouth, Hampshire HeadSmith
51-403Elizabeth STONER40Mitcham, Surrey Wife
51-404St George Hanover Square 3 Middlesex
51-404Sarah STONER41Lambeth, Surrey Wife
51-404Alfred STONER39Cowfold, Sussex Head
51-404Francis Wm STONER13Lambeth, Surrey Son
51-404Alfred STONER7Lambeth, Surrey Son
51-404Wm Francis STONER3Lambeth, Surrey Son
51-404John Lewis STONER1St George Hanover Square Son
51-405St George Hanover Square 6 Middlesex
51-405Thomas Edward Stonor24Pyrton, Oxfordshire OccupierThe Honble xxxxxxx
51-405Francis Stonor22Pyrton, Oxfordshire OccupierClerk in House of Lords
51-406St George in the East Middlesex
51-406Thomas STONER24Westminster, Middlesex Head
51-406Emma STONER23Lambeth, Surrey Wife
51-406Thomas STONER3Stoke Newington, Middlesex Son
51-406William STONER1Whitechapel, Middlesex Son
51-406Maryan Stonis25Poplar, Middlesex Wife
51-406John Stonis23Birtemberg, Germany Head
51-406John Storer54Lambeth, Surrey Head
51-406Ann Storer30Whitechapel, Middlesex Wife
51-407St Giles Cripplegate Middlesex
51-407Elizabeth Stower34Glastonbury, Somerset Head (w)Stay Maker
51-407Stephen H Stower5St Lukes, Middlesex SonScholar
51-407Jane Williams33Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire VisitorCollar Maker
51-408St Giles in the Fields Middlesex
51-408Mary STONER52Scotland
51-408Ann Storer56Ealing, Middlesex Head
51-408William G Storer22Ealing, Middlesex Son
51-408Caroline Storer19Ealing, Middlesex Daughter
51-409St John the Evangelist Middlesex
51-409James Storer23Rothbury, Northumberland Servant
51-410St Katherine Cree Middlesex
51-410Susan Storer17St George in East, Middlesex Cousin
51-411St Luke Old Street Middlesex
51-411Elizabeth STONE - Stoner28St Luke, Middlesex Wife
51-411Samuel STONE - Stoner28Hoxton, Middlesex Head
51-411Jane STONE - Stoner8St Luke, Middlesex Daughter
51-411Mary Ann STONE - Stoner3St Luke, Middlesex Daughter
51-411Sarah Stower32Lambeth, Surrey Wife
51-411Samuel Stower31Somerset Head
51-411Sarah Stower8St Luke, Middlesex Daughter
51-411Samuel Alfred Stower1St Luke, Middlesex Son
51-412St Marylebone Middlesex
51-412Lewis Stonner50Middlesex Father
51-412Catharine Stonner27Middlesex Wife
51-412James Stower38Marllort, Somerset Head
51-412Unity Stower37Penn, Buckinghamshire Wife
51-412Joseph Stower5St Marylebone, Middlesex Son
51-413St Marylebone 51 279) Middlesex
51-413Thomas Omer Viner55Bath SomersetHeadCarver in wood
51-413Ruth Omer Viner57Kelverden EssexWife
51-414St Nicholas Acon Middlesex
51-414Joseph Stower30Winsham, Somerset Servant
51-415St Pancras Middlesex
51-415Charlotte Storer32 DevonServant
51-415Jessie Storer28On the Sea
51-416St Pancras 1 Middlesex
51-416Ann STONER39Little M B Cold, Buckinghamshire Wife
51-416Robert STONER38Gloucestershire HeadFarrier
51-416Annie STONER9London Daughter
51-417St Pancras 2 Middlesex
51-417Anne STONER25Slinfold SussexHead (m)Washerwoman
51-417Mary STONER8Cuckfield SussexDaughter
51-417Jane STONER5Cuckfield SussexDaughter
51-418St Pancras 3 Middlesex
51-418Martha STONER17Cammering EssexDaughter Servant
51-419St Pancras 8 Middlesex
51-419John STORER - Stoner60Hurstperpoint Essex SussexHead (w?)Toll Collector
51-419Thomas STORER - Stoner29Cuckfield SussexSonLabourer
51-419Charles STORER - Stoner23Clayton SussexSonLabourer
51-419Esther STORER - Stoner21Keymer SussexDaughter
51-420St Vedast Middlesex
51-420Ann Storer55St Vedast, London Wife
51-420George Storer53St Vedast, London Head
51-421Stepney Middlesex
51-421Edward Colson62Halsdon, Norfolk HeadFishmonger
51-421Jane Colson50Loughton, Essex Wife
51-421William STONE4Whitechapel, Middlesex Grandson
51-422Stewkley Buckinghamshire
51-422George Stone34Drayton Parslow, Buckinghamshire ServantFarm Labourer
51-422Fanny Stone32Drayton Parslow, Buckinghamshire ServantHouse Servant
51-423Stockport Cheshire
51-423William STONER22Bredo, Staffordshire Visitor (m)Painter
51-423Harrel STONER40Bredo, Staffordshire Visitor (?)
51-424Stoke Golding Leicestershire
51-424Ann Storer59Cotem, Durham Wife
51-424John Storer46Barwell, Leicestershire Head
51-424James Storer42Barwell, Leicestershire Brother
51-424Ann Hammon4Stoke Golding, Leicestershire Granddaughter
51-425Stoke Newington Middlesex
51-425Sarah Storer78Woolwich, Kent Head
51-425Joseph Evans Storer13Kensington Grandson
51-426Stoke upon Trent Staffordshire
51-426Thomas STONER23Stoke, Staffordshire HeadShoe Maker
51-426Elizabeth STONER22Stoke, Staffordshire Wife
51-426John STONER1Stoke, Staffordshire Son
51-426William Stower35Canton, Staffordshire Lodger
51-427Streatham 1 Surrey
51-427Ann STONER21Milton, Kent Wife
51-427Thomas STONER19Deptford, Kent Head
51-427Charles STONER1Streatham, Surrey Son
51-428Streatham 2 Greyhound Inn Surrey
51-428John Hollick39Whittlesford CambridgeshireHeadLicensed Victualler
51-428Ann Hollick39Spitalfields MiddlesexWife
51-428Eliza STONER11Whitechapel MiddlesexNieceScholar
51-429Streatham 8 Surrey
51-429William Stones - Stoner22Cuckfield, Sussex Lodger
51-430Sutton - Carshalton Kent Surrey
51-430George Stone - Stoner21Epsom, Surrey Servant
51-431Sutton in Ashfield Nottinghamshire
51-431William STONER55Heage, Derbyshire WidowerShoemaker
51-432Sutton in Ashfield 8 Nottinghamshire
51-432John Stover77Sutton IN Ashfd, Nottinghamshire HeadHead
51-432Ann Stover65Edwinstowe, Nottinghamshire WifeWife
51-432George Stover44Sutotn IN Ashfd, Nottinghamshire SonSon (w)
51-432James Stover34Sutotn IN Ashfd, Nottinghamshire SonSon
51-432William Stover10Sutotn IN Ashfd, Nottinghamshire GrandsonGrandson
51-432George Stover8Sutotn IN Ashfd, Nottinghamshire GrandsonGrandson
51-433Sutton St Nicholas Lincolnshire
51-433Jane STONER22Ketsby, Lincolnshire Servant (u)
51-434Swaby 1 Lincolnshire
51-434Edmand STONER25Swaby, Lincolnshire Head
51-434Sarah STONER24S Reston, Lincolnshire Wife
51-434John STONER1Swaby, Lincolnshire Son
51-435Swaby 2 Lincolnshire
51-435John STONER56Lusby, Lincolnshire Head
51-435Mary STONER56Swaby, Lincolnshire Wife
51-435Mehetabel STONER18Swaby, Lincolnshire Daughter
51-436Tannington Suffolk
51-436Elizabeth STONER37St Andrew, Suffolk Wife
51-436Samuel STONER31Saxtead, Suffolk HeadShoe Maker
51-436Saml STONER9Dennington, Suffolk Son
51-436Elizabeth STONER6Dennington, Suffolk Daughter
51-436Walter STONER0 Farmington, Suffolk Son
51-437Tewkesbury Gloucestershire
51-437Mary A Stower13Forthampton, Gloucestershire Servant
51-438Thame Oxfordshire
51-438Elizabeth Stone79Thame, Oxfordshire Lodger
51-438John Stone51Thame, Oxfordshire Head
51-438Drusilla Stone49Thame, Oxfordshire Wife
51-438Fanny Stone15Thame, Oxfordshire Daughter
51-438Annie Stone13Thame, Oxfordshire Daughter
51-438Harry Stone9Thame, Oxfordshire Son
51-439Thorne Yorkshire
51-439John STONER35Belton, Lincolnshire Head
51-439Mary STONER29Hemingbrough, Yorkshire Wife
51-440Thringstone Leicestershire
51-440Joseph Storer36Whitwick, Leicestershire HeadHead
51-440Betsey Storer33Whitwick, Leicestershire WifeWife
51-440Alice Storer8Whitwick, Leicestershire
51-440Hannah Storer7Whitwick, Leicestershire
51-440Joseph Storer5Whitwick, Leicestershire
51-440Mary Storer2Bardon, Leicestershire
51-441Tichborne Hampshire
51-441Eliza STONER61Portsea, Hampshire Wife
51-441Charles STONER58Ovington, Hampshire HeadShepherd
51-442Tonbridge Kent
51-442John Stower40So Petherton, Somerset Lodger
51-443Toulston Yorkshire
51-443John Elsworth46Acaster Malbis HeadSchoolmaster & Farmer
51-443Ann Elsworth46Barwick in Elmet Wife
51-443Rebecca Elsworth12Tadcaster DaurScholar at Home
51-443Helen StonerCroft10St Eustatius West IndiesNieceScholar
51-443Joseph STONER52Barwick in Elmet YorkshireBrother (u)Schoolmaster
51-443Mary Ann STONER48Birstall YorkshireSister (w)Independant Lady
51-444Toxteth Park Lancashire
51-444Mary STONER36North Wales Wife
51-444Frederick STONER32Toxteth Park, Lancashire HeadSadler
51-444Sarah STONER1Toxteth Park, Lancashire Daughter
51-444Griffith WILLIAMS14Toxteth Park, Lancashire StepsonScholar
51-444Hugh WILLIAMS4Toxteth Park, Lancashire StepsonScholar
51-445Upper Hallam Yorkshire
51-445Benjn Stonis68Sheffield, Yorkshire Head
51-445Ann Stonis36Sheffield, Yorkshire Daughter
51-445Benjn Albert Stonis25Sheffield, Yorkshire Son
51-446Upper Holker Lancashire
51-446Sarah STONER33Kirkby, Yorkshire Wife
51-446Joseph STONER32Paris, France - British Subject HeadPolice Constable
51-446John Thomas STONER7Gargrave, Yorkshire Son
51-446George STONER3Rochdale, Lancashire Son
51-447Walton Somerset
51-447Stephen Stower13N, Yorkshire Visitor
51-448Walton on Thames Surrey
51-448Mary STONER42Ashstead, Surrey Head
51-448Ann STONER6Ashstead, Surrey Daughter
51-449Wardleworth Lancashire
51-449Mary Ann STONER31Rochdale, Lancashire Head
51-449Alice STONER8Rochdale, Lancashire Daughter
51-449Thomas STONER5Rochdale, Lancashire Son
51-450Warminster Wiltshire
51-450Mary STONER79Glorter, Gloucestershire Aunt
51-451Wells St Cuthbert In Somerset
51-451William Stower47Walton, Somerset Head
51-451Ann Stower46Charlotn Markrell, Somerset Wife
51-451Joseph Stower16Morton Cum, Yorkshire Son
51-451Martha Stower6Wells, Somerset Daughter
51-452West Bromwich Staffordshire
51-452Mary Stower51Bersted, Gloucestershire Wife
51-452Janes Stower50Bersted, Gloucestershire Head
51-453West Derby Lancashire
51-453Louisa STOVER - Stoner26Barton in Niedward Servant
51-454Westbury on Trym Gloucestershire
51-454Charlotte STONER28London Inmate
51-455Westhoughton Lancashire
51-455James Stonis63Hamworthy, Lancashire Head
51-455An Stonis29West, Lancashire Daughter
51-455Wm Stonis24West, Lancashire Son
51-456Westminster St James Middlesex
51-456Maria Stone38Mosedenhamsha, Devon Wife
51-456Samuel Stone36Exeter, Devon Head
51-456Edward Stone22Exeter, Devon Brother
51-456Mary A Stone15Devon Daughter
51-456Edwin Stone12Westr, Middlesex Son
51-456Mark Stone10Westr, Middlesex Son
51-456Lewis Stone8Westr, Middlesex Son
51-456Lovinia Stone6Westr, Middlesex Daughter
51-456Hubert Stone4Westr, Middlesex Son
51-456Clara Stone2Westr, Middlesex Daughter
51-456Rosina Stone1Westr, Middlesex Daughter
51-457Westminster St John the Evangelist Middlesex
51-457James Storer34St Anne Westr, Middlesex Head
51-457Ann McDonald Storer31Scotland Wife
51-457Jas John Storer10St Clement Ossas, Middlesex Son
51-457John Thos Storer7St Giles, Middlesex Son
51-457Benjamin Storer5St Johns Westr, Middlesex Son
51-457Ann Storer3St Johns Westr, Middlesex Daughter
51-457Charlotte Storer1St Johns Westr, Middlesex Daughter
51-457Joseph Stower37Mare, Somerset Convict
51-458Westminster St Margaret Middlesex
51-458Eliza STONER19Rushbury, Berkshire Servant
51-459Whiston Staffordshire
51-459Elizabeth STONER45Bramshall, Staffordshire Servant
51-460Whitechapel St Mary Middlesex
51-460William STONE25Bristol Head
51-460Susan STONE25London Wife
51-460John STONE2London Son
51-460George STONE0.25London Son
51-461Winchester St Thomas Hampshire
51-461Daniel STOWER - Stoner21Cowfold, Sussex Hearred Head
51-462Winestead Yorkshire
51-462Rickard STONER22North Maister, Buckinghamshire Servant
51-463Winlaton Durham
51-463Ralph Stones45Ryton Woodside, Durham Head
51-463Elizabeth Stones43Winlaton, Durham Wife
51-463James Stones18Winlaton, Durham Son
51-463William Stones15Winlaton, Durham Son
51-463Mary Ann Stones13Ryton Woodside, Durham Daughter
51-463Elizabeth Stones10Ryton Woodside, Durham Daughter
51-464Wisbech St Mary Cambridgeshire
51-464James Stonner22Tilney All Saints, Norfolk Servant
51-465Withernwick Yorkshire
51-465Robert Ashbridge34Yorkshire Head
51-465Elizabeth Ashbridge28Hornsea, Yorkshire Wife
51-465Charles Ashbridge3Yorkshire Son
51-465John Ashbridge1Yorkshire Son
51-465William Ashbridge1Yorkshire Son
51-465Mary STONES - STONER23Yorkshire Wife's Sister
51-466Woburn Bedfordshire
51-466Jane Stonis1Woburn, Bedfordshire Granddaughter
51-467Wolverhampton 9 Staffordshire
51-467Edward Davis28Newtown, Montgomeryshire Brother to wifeLabr
51-467Daniel Stone27Stokeheath, Salop HeadBricklayer
51-467Ann Stone27Newtown, Montgomeryshire Wife
51-468Woodford Essex
51-468Mary STONER22Hillfield, Dorset Visitor
51-469Woolwich Kent
51-469William Stonner35Dontlead, Wiltshire Head
51-469Lucy Stonner26Greenwich, Kent Wife
51-469Garge Stonner9Lewisham, Kent Son
51-469Emma Stonner7Lewisham, Kent Daughter
51-469Rose Stonner5Lewisham, Kent Daughter
51-470Worcester St Michael Worcestershire
51-470Elizabeth Stower38St Michael, Worcestershire Daughter-in-law
51-470Caleb Wm Stower6Bebington, Cheshire Gs;v
51-471Wrotham Kent
51-471Ann STONER31Cuckfield, Sussex Lodger
51-472Wyke Regis Dorset
51-472Prescella Stower50Wyke, Dorset Wife
51-472John Stower48Martock, Somerset Head
51-472Charles Stower20Wyke, Dorset Son
51-472John Stower17Wyke, Dorset Son
51-472George Stower14Wyke, Dorset Son
51-472Hannah Stower10Wyke, Dorset Daughter
51-473York - All Saints Yorkshire
51-473Frederick English11Hull, Yorkshire Son
51-473William Gill31York HeadMarble Mason
51-473Matilda Gill31Hull, Yorkshire Wife
51-473Arthur Gill2York Son
51-473Sarah Ann Gill0.33York Daughter
51-474Assington Suffolk
51-474Maria Haner18London MiddlesexVisitor
51-475Beddington Surrey
51-475Mary Ann Haner22Brill BuckinghamshireServant
51-476Bledington Gloucestershire
51-476Elizth Haner10Bledington GloucestershireDaughter
51-477Bramley Surrey
51-477Harriet Haner24Purbright SurreyServant
51-478Breightmet Lancashire
51-478James Haner45Harwood LancashireLodger
51-478Joseph Haner43Harwood LancashireHead
51-478Mary Haner36Elton LancashireWife
51-478James Haner16Breightmet LancashireSon
51-478John Haner14Breightmet LancashireSon
51-478Nancy Haner8Breightmet LancashireDaughter
51-479Burnham Westgate Norfolk
51-479Emily Mary Haner17Win B S DemareVisitor
51-480Chelsea Middlesex
51-480Mary Ann Haner36St Martins MiddlesexWife
51-480William Haner30Westmr MiddlesexHead
51-481Clerkenwell Middlesex
51-481Susanhar Haner73Newinton Newinton
51-482Diseworth Leicestershire
51-482Mary Haner4Diseworth LeicestershireGranddaughter
51-483Dukinfield Lancashire
51-483Eliza Haner18Woodbourn YorkshireServant
51-484Eltham Kent
51-484James Haner46Essex EssexHead
51-485Elton Lancashire
51-485Lucy Haner51Tottington LancashireWife
51-485Peter Haner51Tottington LancashireHead
51-486Great Bolton Lancashire
51-486Robert Haner38Bolton LancashireSon-in-law
51-486Matilda  Haner29Bolton LancashireDaughter
51-486Martha Haner12Bolton LancashireGranddaughter
51-486John Haner10Bolton LancashireGrandson
51-486Elizabeth Haner4Bolton LancashireGranddaughter
51-486Mary Haner2Bolton LancashireGranddaughter
51-487Hallow Worcestershire
51-487Mary Haner62Hallow WorcestershireWife
51-488Headington Wiltshire
51-488Elizabeth Haner43Headington WiltshireWife
51-488William Haner40Headington WiltshireHead
51-489Kensington Middlesex
51-489Elizabeth Haner76Oxfordshire OxfordshireVisitor
51-490Kingston Upon Thames Kent
51-490Thomas Haner41Halifax YorkshireHead
51-490Elizath Emma Haner23Kington SurreyDaughter
51-491Laxfield Suffolk
51-491James Haner17Laxfield SuffolkApprentice
51-492Lee Kent
51-492Sarah Haner22Watton SuffolkServant
51-493Leeds Yorkshire
51-493Charlotte Haner18Rothwell YorkshireServant
51-494Little Bolton Lancashire
51-494Jane Haner74G Bolton LancashireMother
51-494Thomas Haner17L Bolton LancashireSon
51-494Jonathan Haner15L Bolton LancashireSon
51-495Maldon St Peter Essex
51-495Ellen Jane Haner10Langford EssexVisitor
51-496Manchester Lancashire
51-496Caroline Haner16Ireland IrelandVisitor
51-497Markington Yorkshire
51-497Mary Haner18Markington YorkshireServant
51-498Mitcheldean Gloucestershire
51-498Lilly Haner17Forest of Dean GloucestershireServant
51-499Monks Coppenhall Cheshire
51-499Emma Rice Haner28Chesterfield DerbyshireWife
51-499David Haner27Scotland ScotlandHead