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Note that apart from those for my direct line I hold few certificates and the information shown is therefore not fully researched
It is meant to be an aid and simply indicates where I would look if following a line
Home ~~~~ 1881 census file 1 ~~~~ Help
Note that apart from those for my direct line I hold few certificates and the information shown is therefore not fully researched
It is meant to be an aid and simply indicates where I would look if following a line
81-100Eastbourne 2 Woodbourne Sussex
81-100Mary Stoner20Cheriton HampshireServant
81-101Eastbourne 3 37 Susans Rd Sussex
81-101Alice Stoner14Slaugham SussexServant
81-102Eastbourne 4 6 Hardwick Rd School Sussex
81-102Lucy DStoner12Newhaven SussexBoarder
81-103Easebourne U Union Workhouse Sussex
81-103John Stoner44Tillington SussexPauperFormerly Farm Servant
81-104Findon Gun Inn Findon St Sussex
81-104Hephezibah Stoner57Lewes SussexHead
81-104Alice Stoner26Melbourne AustraliaDaughter
81-104Minnie KateStoner13Partridge Green SussexDaughter
81-105Framfield Easons Green Sussex
81-105Stephen Stoner58Cuckfield SussexHead
81-105Sarah Stoner45Cuckfield SussexWife
81-106Hastings St Mary Magdalen 2 Valentine Passage Shepherd St Sussex
81-106Henry Stoner30Horsham SussexHeadGeneral Labourer
81-106Jane Stoner30Battle SussexWifeDressmaker
81-106Robert Stoner2St Leonards SussexSon
81-107Henfield Nymans Sussex
81-107Phillip Stoner56Cowfold SussexHead
81-107Jane Stoner45Cowfold SussexWife
81-107George Stoner18Henfield SussexSon
81-107James Stoner16Henfield SussexSon
81-107Frederick Stoner10Henfield SussexSon
81-107Allen Stoner8Henfield SussexSon
81-107Chard JStoner5Henfield SussexDaughter
81-108Henfield Paragon Villas Sussex
81-108Charles NStoner68Henfield SussexHead
81-108Louisa CStoner62London MiddlesexWife
81-109Horsham Denne House Sussex
81-109Caroline Stoner18Slaugham SussexServant
81-110Horsham Queen St 30 Sussex
81-110Charles Stoner33Horsham SussexHead
81-110Agnes Stoner22Horsham SussexWife
81-110Ellen Stoner10Horsham SussexDaughter
81-110Mary Stoner1Horsham SussexDaughter
81-111Horsham 2 22 East St Sussex
81-111Mary LLOYD62Horsham SussexWife
81-111William Stoner38Horsham SussexSon in Law
81-111Henry LLOYD30Horsham SussexSon
81-112Horsham 3 18 Richmond Ter Carfax Sussex
81-112Jane Stoner27Nuthurst SussexServant
81-113Horsham 6 6 North Parade Sussex
81-113Lucy Stoner29Cowfold SussexServant
81-114Horsham 8 Magpie House Sussex
81-114James Stoner57Maidstone KentHead
81-114Harriet Stoner47Lower Beeding SussexWife
81-114James Stoner16Nuthurst SussexSon
81-114Joseph Stoner14Nuthurst SussexSon
81-114Minnie Stoner12Nuthurst SussexDaughter
81-114Alfred Stoner10Nuthurst SussexSon
81-114Ernest Stoner3Horsham SussexSon
81-115Horsham 9 Staples 1 86 New St Sussex
81-115William Staples23Nuthurst SussexHead
81-115Mary JStaples20Ashington SussexWife
81-115Edward AStaples1Horsham SussexSon
81-116Horsham x Sussex
81-116Elizabeth Young59Ifield SussexWife
81-116George Young54East Grinstead SussexHead
81-116George Young24Ifield SussexSon
81-116James Young15Ifield SussexSon
81-117Horsham x Staples 2 9 Barrington Rd Sussex
81-117George Staples24Nuthurst SussexLodger
81-118Hove 2 58 Goldstone Rd Sussex
81-118George Stoner54Cowfold SussexHead
81-118Sariah Stoner44Cuckfield SussexWife
81-118Matilda Stoner32Southwick SussexVisitor
81-118William Stoner25Hamsey SussexVisitor
81-118James HStoner8Brighton SussexSon
81-118Mabel Stoner2Brighton SussexDaughter
81-118Percy WStoner1Brighton SussexVisitor
81-119Hove 3 62 Livingstone Rd Sussex
81-119Sarah Stoner36Eaton BedfordshireWife
81-119Jessie Stoner33Beeding SussexHead
81-119Ada Stoner9Hove SussexDaughter
81-119Charles Stoner7Hove SussexSon
81-119Nelly Stoner5Hove SussexDaughter
81-119Alice Stoner2Hove SussexDaughter
81-119William Stoner0 Hove SussexSon
81-120Hove 4 69 Livingstone Road Sussex
81-120Mary AnnStoner62Petworth SussexWifeLabourer
81-120Thomas Stoner62Tillington SussexHead
81-120Charles Stoner22Tillington SussexSon
81-120Fanny White6Tillington SussexGranddaughterScholar
81-120Thomas Smith24 LondonSon-in-lawCarter
81-120Amy Smith18Tillington SussexDaughter
81-121Hove 5 73 Livingstone Road Sussex
81-121Edward Stoner25Tillington SussexHead
81-121Fanny Stoner19Angleton SussexWife
81-121William Stoner1Hove SussexSon
81-122Hove 6 6 First Avenue Sussex
81-122Alfred Stonor - Stoner22Peckham Rye (S in) ServantFootman
81-123Hove 7 Chapel Place Sussex
81-123Eliza Stoner28Romsey HampshireWife
81-123Thomas Stoner28Southwick SussexHead
81-123Hetty Stoner4Portslade SussexDaughter
81-123Thomas Stoner2Portslade SussexSon
81-124Hove 78 78 Clarendon Road Sussex
81-124Willm. Stoner60Petworth SussexHeadLabourer
81-124Ruth Stoner48Nuthurst SussexWife
81-125Hove 8 8 Brooker St Sussex
81-125Nathan Honor - Stoner22Warenlidd SussexHead
81-125Jane Honor - Stoner21Sompton SussexWife
81-126Hove 87 87 Shirley St Sussex
81-126Harry Stoner35Illington SussexHead
81-126Harriet Stoner30Dodsworth SussexWife
81-126Edith Stoner7Hove SussexDaughter
81-126Charles Stoner1Hove SussexSon
81-127Hove 87a 88 Shirley St Sussex
81-127Alex Stone64Nuthurst SussexBoarder (m)Labourer
81-128Hove 88 Alice Street Mews Sussex
81-128Mori Stoner19Petworth SussexServant (u)Groom
81-129Hove10 10 Selbourne Rd Sussex
81-129Bertha Stoner28Bell Guernsey, Channel IslandsUnknown
81-130Hove11 Sussex Road Stables Sussex
81-130James Stoner58Cowfold SussexHead
81-130Ann Stoner56Cowfold SussexWife
81-130James Stoner15Hove SussexSon
81-131Hove12 12 Albany Villas Sussex
81-131Rhoda Stoner26Stopham SussexServant
81-132Hove14 14 Shirley Street Sussex
81-132Frederick EdwardStoner35Slangham SussexHead
81-132Eliza AStoner32Hove SussexWife
81-132Susan EStoner9Brighton SussexDaughter
81-133Hove 14 2 3) 3 Haddington St Sussex
81-133John Allen20Brighton SussexHeadPlasterer
81-133Sarah AnnAllen19Portslade SussexWife
81-133Thomas Allen1Hove SussexSon
81-134Hurstpierpoint 5 Rose Cot Sussex
81-134Emily Stoner24Hurstpierpoint SussexWife
81-134Henry Stoner24Shoreham SussexHeadAg Lab
81-134Henry Stoner1Hurstpierpoint SussexSon
81-135Hurstpierpoint High St Sussex
81-135Harry Stoner21Cowfold SussexLodger (u)Butcher (Journeyman)
81-136Ifield 1 Rusper Lane Sussex
81-136Jesse Stoner57Slaugham SussexHead
81-136Mary Stoner50Thakeham SussexWife
81-136Jesse Stoner22Ifield SussexSon
81-136Alice Stoner20Ifield SussexDaughter
81-136John Stoner7Ifield SussexSon
81-137Ifield 2 West Green Sussex
81-137Stephen Stoner50Cowfold SussexHead
81-137Jane Stoner20Horley SurreyDaughter
81-137Henry EStoner18Horley SurreySon
81-137Sarah Stoner15Leigh SurreyDaughter
81-137Stephen Stoner13Ifield SussexSon
81-137Charles Stoner5Ifield SussexSon
81-137Rose Stoner3Ifield SussexDaughter
81-138Ifield 8 County Oak Sussex
81-138Stephen Stover - Stoner24Ifield SussexHead
81-138Caroline Stover - Stoner22Charlwood SurreyWife
81-138George Stover - Stoner1Ifield SussexSon
81-139Keymer 3 Norway Cottages Sussex
81-139Dinah Stoner40Ilchsfield SussexWife
81-139William Stoner35Ditchling SussexHead
81-139George Stoner12Keymer SussexSon
81-139Annie Stoner10Keymer SussexDaughter
81-139William Stoner7Keymer SussexSon
81-139James Stoner3Keymer SussexSon
81-139Henry Stoner1Keymer SussexSon
81-140Keymer Avon House Inholmes Park Rd Sussex
81-140Jane Stoner25Crawley SussexServant
81-140Ellen Stoner15Crawley SussexServant
81-141Keymer Lodge Road Park Mead Cottages Sussex
81-141Robert Stoner52Ditchling SussexHead
81-141Lucy Stoner45Heathfield SussexWife
81-141Robert Stoner24Ditchling SussexSon
81-142Keymer Oldlands House Sussex
81-142James Stoner60Ditchling SussexHead
81-142Ann Stoner56Keymer SussexWife
81-142Charity AStoner17Keymer SussexDaughter
81-143Keymer Savage & Co Brickyd Black House Sussex
81-143George Stoner70Lindfield SussexHead
81-143Sarah Stoner60Patcham SussexWife
81-143Jessie Stoner33Wivelsfield SussexSon
81-143Eliza Stoner24Keymer SussexDaughter
81-143Frank Stoner20Keymer SussexSon
81-144Lancing Sussex
81-144Alfred Stoner34Cowfield SussexHead
81-144Mary JStoner29Horsham SussexWife
81-144William AStoner7Bolney SussexSon
81-144Warden Stoner5West Grinstead SussexSon
81-144Arthur KStoner3Cowfold SussexSon
81-144Florence Stoner2Cowfold SussexDaughter
81-145Lindfield 36 212) 2 Frederick Place Sussex
81-145Alfred ThomasBox32Cuckfield SussexHeadGas Maker
81-145Sarah Box32Handcross SussexWife
81-145Thomas Box10Cuckfield SussexSonScholar
81-145Sarah Box7Cuckfield SussexDaughterScholar
81-145Stephen Box4Lindfield SussexSonScholar
81-145Lizzie Box2Lindfield SussexDaughter
81-145Alfred Box0.58Lindfield SussexSon
81-145Harry Box0.58Lindfield SussexSon
81-146Littlehampton 18 High Street Crown Inn Sussex
81-146Albert Stoner40Tillington SussexHead
81-146Mary Stoner35Petworth SussexWife
81-146William Stoner6Midhurst SussexSon
81-146Margaret Stoner4Midhurst SussexDaughter
81-146Albert Stoner2Petworth SussexSon
81-146Ellen Stoner67Buyworth Petworth SussexMother
81-146Fanny Stoner42Tillington SussexSister
81-147Littlehampton 8 Island Terrace Sussex
81-147William Stoner41Cookfield SussexLodger
81-148Lower Beeding 1 1 Brickyard Cottages Sussex
81-148George FredStoner26Washington SussexHead
81-148Mary AnnStoner23Warnham SussexWife
81-148Frederick JohnStoner1Lower Beeding SussexSon
81-149Lower Beeding 1 3 Brickyard Cottages Sussex
81-149Caroline Stoner42Lower Beeding SussexWife
81-149George Stoner38Lower Beeding SussexHead
81-149Jane Stoner12Lower Beeding SussexDaughter
81-150Lower Beeding 2 Bew Bush Sussex
81-150Thomas Stoner47Lower Beeding SussexLodger (u)Farm Labourer
81-151Lower Beeding 3 Colgate Brick Yard Cottage Sussex
81-151Edmond Stoner56Lower Beeding SussexHead
81-151Harriett Stoner53Shipley SussexWife
81-152Lower Beeding 4 Hammer Hill Sussex
81-152Thomas Stoner71Nuthurst SussexHead
81-152Sarah Stoner66Nuthurst SussexWife
81-152Alice Stoner4Lower Beeding SussexGranddaughter
81-153Lower Beeding 5 Hammer Hill Sussex
81-153James Stoner39Lower Beeding SussexHead (w)Ag Lab
81-153James Stoner16Lower Beeding SussexSonAg Lab
81-153Frederick Stoner14Lower Beeding SussexSonStock Boy
81-153Alice Stoner10Lower Beeding SussexDaughterScholar
81-153Sarah JaneStoner12Lower Beeding SussexDaughterScholar
81-153Harry Stoner7Lower Beeding SussexSonScholar
81-153Albert Stoner4Lower Beeding SussexSonScholar
81-153Jane Stoner2Lower Beeding SussexDaughter
81-154Lower Beeding 6 New Cottage Sussex
81-154George Stoner48Slaugham SussexHead
81-154Ellen Stoner47Ashington SussexWife
81-154Edward Stoner9L Beeding SussexSon
81-155Midhurst North Street Sussex
81-155Ann Stoner48Tillington SussexServant
81-156New Shoreham 2 Buckm Pl Sussex
81-156Michael Stoner38Beeding SussexHead
81-156Fanny Stoner33Arundel SussexWife
81-156William Stoner7Beeding SussexSon
81-156John Stoner1Shoreham SussexSon
81-157Newhaven Elphick Road Sussex
81-157Charles Trow30St Ives CornwallHead
81-157Diana Trow29Southwick SussexWife
81-157Alice Trow - Stoner3Southwick SussexDaughter
81-158North Chapel Village Sussex
81-158Jane GStoner61Ifield SussexHead
81-159Nuthurst Monks Common Sussex
81-159James Plover - Stoner36Horsham SussexHead
81-159Mary APlover - Stoner36Cuckfield SussexWife
81-159Jesse Plover - Stoner18Beeding SussexSon
81-159Peter WPlover - Stoner15Beeding SussexSon
81-159George APlover - Stoner12Beeding SussexSon
81-159Edward Plover - Stoner8Nuthurst SussexSon
81-159Annie EPlover - Stoner5Beeding SussexDaughter
81-159Mercy EPlover - Stoner1Beeding SussexDaughter
81-160Nuthurst 1 Mannings Heath Sussex
81-160Henry Stoner65Beeding SussexHead
81-160Caroline Stoner57Nuthurst SussexWife
81-160Edward Stoner29Beeding SussexHead
81-160Leah Stoner27Nuthurst SussexWife
81-160Lucy Stoner4Nuthurst SussexDaughter
81-160Sylvia Stoner1Nuthurst SussexDaughter
81-161Nuthurst 2 Brighton Road Sussex
81-161Jane Stoner22Nuthurst SussexWife
81-161Jonathen Stoner22Beeding SussexHead
81-161Jonathon JStoner2Nuthurst SussexSon
81-161Jane Stoner0 Nuthurst SussexDaughter
81-162Nuthurst 11 58) Mannings Heath Sussex
81-162William Staples52East Farley KentHead
81-163Nuthurst 11 61) Mannings Heath Sussex
81-163William Boniface47Beeding SussexHeadAg Lab
81-163Eliza Boniface46Beeding SussexWife
81-163Caroline Boniface21Beeding SussexDaughterDomestic Servant
81-163Alfred Boniface17Beeding SussexSon
81-163Sarah JBoniface16Beeding SussexDaughterDomestic Servant
81-163Alice Boniface11Beeding SussexDaughterScholar
81-163Minnie Boniface9Beeding SussexDaughterScholar
81-163Harry Boniface8Beeding SussexSonScholar
81-163Charles Boniface6Beeding SussexSon
81-163George Boniface4Beeding SussexSon
81-164Oving 89 Oving Rd Sussex
81-164Marian Stoner36Tangmere SussexWife
81-164Wm. Stoner36Chichester SussexHead
81-164George Stoner9Oving SussexSon
81-164Walter Stoner6Oving SussexSon
81-164Louisa Stoner3Oving SussexDaughter
81-164Frederick Stoner1Oving SussexSon
81-165Patching Arundel Rd Sussex
81-165Walter Stoner28 SussexLodger (Head)
81-165Betsy Stoner25Patching SussexWife
81-165Martha RStoner4Patching SussexDaughter
81-166Petworth Golden Square Sussex
81-166Joseph Plover31Lyston LancashireServant
81-167Petworth North St (Private House) Sussex
81-167Harriett AStoner35Petworth SussexWife
81-167James Stoner34Tillington SussexHead
81-167Alice MStoner7Petworth SussexDaughter
81-168Petworth 6 31) Mile House No 1 Sussex
81-168William Stoner59Tillington SussexHead
81-168Jane Stoner57Tillington SussexWife
81-168William Stoner17Tillington SussexSon
81-168Agnes Stoner14Tillington SussexDaughter
81-168Ann Scott24Tillington SussexDaughter (m)Wife of Decorator of Picadilly
81-168George FScott0.66Leytonstone EssexGrandson
81-169Portslade East Hill Sussex
81-169Kate Stoner18Ifield SussexServant
81-170Portslade 1 3 Wellington Road Sussex
81-170Emma Stoner45Sompting SussexWife
81-170Charles HStoner42Southwick SussexHead
81-170William Charles - Stoner18Shoreham SussexSon
81-170Charles Stoner17Shoreham SussexSon
81-170John Charles - Stoner15Portslade SussexSon
81-170Clara Stoner9Portslade SussexDaughter
81-170Henry Stoner6Portslade SussexSon
81-170Jesse Stoner3Portslade SussexSon
81-170George Stoner0.83Portslade SussexSon
81-171Poynings Sussex
81-171Thomas Smart62Southwick SussexHeadAg Lab
81-171Jane Smart43Horsham SussexWife
81-171Elizabeth Smart5Poynings SussexDaughter
81-171Charles ASmart3Poynings SussexSon
81-171Alice Smart0.75Poynings SussexDaughter
81-172Preston 33 Vere Rd Sussex
81-172Louisa Stoner17Brighton SussexServant
81-173Pulborough 31) Todhurst Sussex
81-173Sarah AScutt18Pulborough SussexDaughterCook
81-174Pulborough 47) Sussex
81-174James Scutt48Pulborough SussexHeadAg Lab
81-174Elizabeth Scutt50Tillington SussexWife
81-174Edmund Scutt14Pulborough SussexSonAg Lab
81-174Harry Scutt11Pulborough SussexSonScholar
81-174Charlotte Scutt5Pulborough SussexDaughterScholar
81-175Seaford Little Sutton Newbarn Sussex
81-175Thomas Stoner60Ditchling SussexBoarder
81-176Shermanbury Cottage Sussex
81-176Arthur Stoner7Brighton SussexBoarder
81-177Slaugham 1 Handcross Sussex
81-177Ellen Stoner16Lower Beeding SussexServant
81-178Slaugham 2 Rout Sussex
81-178William Stoner61Slaugham SussexHead
81-178Ann Stoner49Shipley SussexWife
81-178William Stoner20Slaugham SussexSon
81-178Frederick Stoner17Slaugham SussexSon
81-178Jesse Stoner15Slaugham SussexSon
81-178Albert Stoner7Slaugham SussexSon
81-179Slaugham 23 114) Eastland Sussex
81-179John Staples55 KentHeadFarm Carter
81-179Eliza Staples42Nuthurst SussexWife
81-179Harry Staples20Slaugham SussexSonAg Lab
81-179Sarah JStaples12Bolney SussexDaughterScholar
81-179Florence AStaples10Bolney SussexDaughterScholar
81-179Annie MStaples7Slaugham SussexDaughterScholar
81-179Mary AnnStaples4Slaugham SussexDaughter
81-180Slaugham 24 120) Harveys Sussex
81-180Henry Sharp41Tudley KentLodger (u)Ag Lab
81-180John Fiest28Lower Beeding SussexHeadFarm Carter
81-180Jane Fiest25Washington SussexWife
81-180Mary Fiest5Nuthurst SussexDaughterScholar
81-180Louisa Fiest4Slaugham SussexDaughter
81-180James Fiest2Slaugham SussexSon
81-180Margaret Fiest1Slaugham SussexDaughter
81-181Slaugham 25 126) Stone Delf Sussex
81-181William Langley46Slaugham SussexHeadAg Lab
81-181Eliza Langley40Lower Beeding SussexWife
81-181William Langley18Lower Beeding SussexSonAg Lab
81-181John Langley13Lower Beeding SussexSonAg Lab
81-182Slaugham 2a Rout Sussex
81-182John Stoner53Slaugham SussexLodger
81-183Slaugham 3 Scotland Sussex
81-183Edmund Stoner25Lower Beeding SussexHead
81-183Sarah Stoner21Slaugham SussexWife
81-184Slaugham 4 Slaugham Green Sussex
81-184Edward Stoner69Steepwood SussexLodger
81-185Slaugham 5 Slaugham Green (Old White Horse) Sussex
81-185Emma Stoner7Arundel SussexNiece
81-186Slaugham 6 Stable Houses Sussex
81-186Ann Stoner46Nuthurst SussexWife
81-186Frederick Stoner32Kingstone SurreyHead
81-186Elizabeth Stoner19Nuthurst SussexDaughter
81-187South Bersted 1 Snags Lane Sussex
81-187Fanny Stoner30Worthing SussexWife
81-187Wyndham Stoner30Eastbourne SussexHead
81-188South Bersted 5 Circus St Sussex
81-188William Stoner69Eastbourne SussexHead
81-188Sarah Stoner68Upperton SussexWife
81-188Alfred Stoner3Bognor SussexGrandson
81-189Southwick 1 Albion Pl Sussex
81-189William Stoner71Ditchling SussexHead
81-189Catherine Stoner70Southwick SussexWife
81-190Storrington Kithurst Farm House Sussex
81-190Edward Stoner24(Parish N K) SussexLodgerShepherd
81-191Thakeham Sprouts Sussex
81-191Eliza Stone - Stoner12West Grinstead SussexServantGeneral Servant
81-192Tillington 1 Upperton Sussex
81-192Jane Stoner50Camberwell SurreyHead (w)
81-192Albert Stoner30Tillington SussexSon
81-192Rose Stoner22Tillington SussexDaughter
81-192John AStoner16Tillington SussexSon
81-192George Stoner11Tillington SussexSon
81-192Alfred Stoner10Tillington SussexSon
81-192Henry EStoner7Tillington SussexSon
81-193Tillington 1a Upperton Sussex
81-193Percy Stoner1Tillington SussexGrandson
81-194Tillington 2 Upperton Sussex
81-194John Stoner57Tillington SussexHead
81-194Caroline Stoner54Billinghurst SussexWife
81-194William Stoner23Tillington SussexSon
81-194John Stoner15Tillington SussexSon
81-194James Stoner12Tillington SussexSon
81-195Tillington 3 River House Sussex
81-195Fanny Stoner21Tillington SussexServant
81-196Treyford Village Sussex
81-196Elizabeth Stoner46Treyford SussexHead (m)Grocer & Baker
81-196Annie AStoner19Chichester SussexDaughter
81-196Kate Stoner17Chichester SussexDaughter
81-196Frank Stoner7Treyford SussexSon
81-197Upper Beeding 1 High Street Sussex
81-197George Stoner25Beeding SussexLodger (u)Ag Lab
81-198Upper Beeding 1a High Street Sussex
81-198Enoch Winten41Beeding SussexHeadAg Lab
81-198Ann Winten42Beeding SussexWife
81-198Harry SWinten19Beeding SussexSonGeneral Lab
81-198Thomas SWinten8Beeding SussexSonScholar
81-198Harriett SWinten4Beeding SussexDaughter
81-199Upper Beeding 2 High Street Sussex
81-199Frances Stoner47Shoreham SussexHead (w)Cook Domestic Servant
81-199Annie Stoner8Beeding SussexDaughterScholar