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Note that apart from those for my direct line I hold few certificates and the information shown is therefore not fully researched
It is meant to be an aid and simply indicates where I would look if following a line
Home ~~~~ 1881 census file 7 ~~~~ Help
Note that apart from those for my direct line I hold few certificates and the information shown is therefore not fully researched
It is meant to be an aid and simply indicates where I would look if following a line
81-700Sculcoates "Sculcoates Union Wkhs " Beverley Rd Hull Yorkshire
81-700Charlotte Honor12Hull YorkshirePauper
81-700Laura Honor8Hull YorkshirePauper
81-701Sculcoates 11 Derby Street Yorkshire
81-701Mary JaneStancer39Hull YorkshireHead
81-701George HStancer11Hull YorkshireSon
81-701John WmStancer9Hull YorkshireSon
81-701Frederick Stancer7Hull YorkshireSon
81-701Michael LStancer4Hull YorkshireSon
81-702Sculcoates 6 Grahams Sq Yorkshire
81-702Edward Stancer57Hull YorkshireHead
81-703Sculcoates Yorkshire
81-703Ernst STROMER28 GermanyBoarder
81-704Seer Green The Yew Trees Buckinghamshire
81-704Alfred Honor48Seer Green BuckinghamshireLodger
81-705Sevenoaks 138 High St Kent
81-705Annie Stoner16London MiddlesexServant
81-706Sharlston 9 Crossley St Yorkshire
81-706Hannah Stover62Spittal ScotlandIn Law
81-707Sheffield 155 Portobello St Yorkshire
81-707Alford OStancer46Sheffield YorkshireHead
81-707Lucy Stancer45Broughton NorthamptonshireWife
81-708Sheffield No 1 Park Hill Lane Yorkshire
81-708Joseph Stoner47Sheffield YorkshireHeadGrocer
81-708Hannah Stoner44Sheffield YorkshireWife
81-708Hannah Hollingsworth13Sheffield YorkshireNieceScholar
81-709Shenley Club House Hertfordshire
81-709Eliza Stoner67Farrington HampshireHead (w)Laundress
81-710Shoreditch - St Leonard London
81-710Henry Storer46Shoreditch LondonHeadCabinet Maker
81-710Annie Storer41Shoreditch LondonWife
81-710Henry Storer16Shoreditch LondonSonCabinet Maker
81-710George Storer14Shoreditch LondonSonOn Railway
81-710Ellen Storer11Shoreditch LondonDaughterScholar
81-710Clara Storer9Shoreditch LondonDaughterScholar
81-710Alice Storer6Shoreditch LondonDaughter
81-710William Storer4Shoreditch LondonSon
81-710Florence Storer1Shoreditch LondonDaughter
81-711Shoreditch St Leonards 37 Fellow Street London
81-711Ellen Stoner39Finchinfield EssexWife
81-711Phillip AlfredStoner39London MiddlesexHead
81-711John WilliamStoner16Lambeth SurreySon
81-712Shotley Suffolk
81-712Sarah Storrer40Pettaugh SuffolkWife
81-712Samuel Storrer39Saxtead SuffolkHead
81-712Arthur Storrer18Martlesham SuffolkSon
81-712John Storrer15Martlesham SuffolkSon
81-712William Storrer13Martlesham SuffolkSon
81-712Julia Storrer9Laxfield SuffolkDaughter
81-712Florence Storrer8Laxfield SuffolkDaughter
81-712Elen Storrer6Laxfield SuffolkDaughter
81-713Singleton Garden Lodge Lancashire
81-713William Stoner19Brighton SussexBoarder
81-714Skipton 21 Primrose Hill Yorkshire
81-714Thomas Stancer44Ludford LincolnHead
81-714Rachell Stancer42Kirton Lindsay LincolnWife
81-715Somerford Holmes Chapel Road (Hall Farm) Cheshire
81-715Samuel Stonier70Astbury CheshireHead
81-715Martha Stonier67Astbury CheshireWife
81-715William Stonier41Astbury CheshireSon
81-716Somerford Loach Brook Cheshire
81-716Annie ElizabethStonier17Siddington CheshireServant
81-717Somerford Booths Crab Mill Farm Cheshire
81-717Charlotte Stonier18Hollin Lane StaffordshireServant
81-718South Pickenham Norfolk
81-718Rhoda Stone21East Dereham NorfolkDaughter
81-719Southampton - St Mary 1 Head Hampshire
81-719Charles EdwardStoker - Stoner30Streatham SurreyEngland
81-720Southampton - St Mary 1 Son Hampshire
81-720Charles HenryStoker - Stoner8Surbiton SurreyEngland
81-720Sarah JaneStoker - Stoner2Southampton HampshireEngland
81-721Southampton - St Mary 1 Wife Hampshire
81-721Sarah Stoker - Stoner34Shepperton MiddlesexEngland
81-722Southampton All Sts 24 Upper Portland St Hampshire
81-722Louisa Stoner78Chichester SussexMother in Law
81-723Southcoates 1 Richmond Terr Yorkshire
81-723Henry Stancer34Horncastle LincolnHead
81-723Elizebeth Stancer32Louth LincolnWife
81-723Margaret EStancer13Hull YorkshireDaughter
81-723George HStancer12Hull YorkshireSon
81-723Edward Stancer9Hull YorkshireSon
81-723Arthur Stancer6Hull YorkshireSon
81-723Florence Stancer2Hull YorkshireDaughter
81-723Eldred Stancer1Hull YorkshireSon
81-724Southcoates Yorkshire
81-724Paul STROMER40(Not B.S) PreussenHeadCorn Merchant
81-724Lucy STROMER37Lambeth MiddlesexWife
81-724Paul STROMER0 Hull YorkshireSon
81-725Southorpe Southorpe Terrace Northamptonshire
81-725Mabel AStancer8Walcot LincolnNiece
81-726Southwark St George Martyr 136 Newington Causeway London
81-726Clara Stoner27Hanslop BuckinghamshireWife
81-726Thos. Stoner27Brighton SussexHead
81-727Southwark St George Martyr 4 Parliament Street London
81-727Margaret Stonar66 ScotlandWife
81-727George Stonar49 ScotlandHead
81-728Southwark St George Martyr 55 Friar St London
81-728Harriet Plover39South Petherton SomersetWife
81-728Henry JasperPlover37East Lambrook SomersetHead
81-728Harriet HannahPlover11Southwark SurreyDaughter
81-728Jane AnnPlover7Southwark SurreyDaughter
81-729Spilsby Lincolnshire
81-729Edward Stones17Keal Cotes LincolnshireServant
81-730St Alkmund Derbyshire
81-730Abraham Storer43Derby DerbyshireHead
81-730Emma Storer43Swanwick DerbyshireWife
81-731St Clement Danes London
81-731Richard Storer22St Clements LondonHead
81-731Julia Storer21Shepperton MiddlesexWife
81-731Richard HStorer1St Clements LondonSon
81-731Louisa SStorer0.16St Clements LondonSon
81-732St George 16 Conduit St (Coach & Horses) London
81-732William Honor25London MiddlesexServant
81-733St George Hanover Square "Wellington Barracks" 2nd Battalion Grendier Gu London
81-733Albert Stonnar23Bristol SomersetUnknown
81-734St George Hanover Square 61 South Street London
81-734Francis WmStonor - Stoner42Westm(inster) MiddlesexSon (Head) (widower)
81-735St George Martyr 1 Three Cups Yard London
81-735Caroline Stoner57 SussexHead (w)
81-735John Stoner15Holborn MiddlesexSon
81-736St Giles in the Fields 10 Lumber Court London
81-736Frances Honor26Dover KentDaughter
81-736George Honor7Dover KentGrandson
81-737St Giles Reading 1 Berkshire
81-737Harry Stone28Christchurch HampshireHeadBiscuit Factory Storekeeper
81-737Sarah JStone25Bermondsey LondonWife
81-738St James 28 Warwick St London
81-738Mosci Stoner19Brighton SussexNiece
81-739St James 9 London
81-739Catherine Foster26Dublin IrelandHead (w)Dressmaker
81-739John AFoster7Clerkenwell MiddlesexSon
81-739Catherine LFoster5Clerkenwell LondonDaughter
81-739Sarah Stringer27Dublin IrelandSister (u)Dressmaker
81-740St John the Baptist 24 Queen Victoria St London
81-740Eliza Stoner49Dorchester DorsetHead (w)Housekeeper
81-740Thomas HenryStoner23St Pancras MiddlesexSonPorter
81-740Georgina Field18Byfleet SurreyVisitorDressmaker
81-741St Luke 1 C18 Golden Lane Baths London
81-741Elizabeth Stoner64Glastonbury SomersetHeadSeamstress
81-741Sarah Wildman63Shoreditch MiddlesexBoarderSeamstress
81-742St Luke 2 14 Baldwin Street London
81-742Stephen Stoner36St Lukes MiddlesexHead
81-742Sarah Stoner32Spitalfields MiddlesexWife
81-742James Stoner12St Lukes MiddlesexSon
81-742Sophia Stoner9St Lukes MiddlesexDaughter
81-742Henry Stoner6St Lukes MiddlesexSon
81-743St Margarets Leicestershire
81-743Thomas Storer23 Leicestershire
81-743Ellen Storer21 Leicestershire
81-743Charles WilliamStorer0 Leicestershire
81-744St Mary 18 Clarence St London
81-744James Stonex35Norwich NorfolkHead
81-744Jane Stonex28Bishopsgate MiddlesexWife
81-745St Pancras 1 5 Grafton Mews London
81-745Mary AnnStoner54Chelsea LondonWife
81-745Charles Stoner54 SurreyHead
81-745Emily Stoner22Pancras LondonDaughter
81-745James Stoner16Pancras LondonSon
81-745George Stoner15Pancras LondonSon
81-745Joseph Stoner13Pancras LondonSon
81-745Alfred Stoner10Pancras LondonSon
81-745Elizabeth Stoner7Pancras LondonDaughter
81-746St Pancras 2 57 Osney Crescent London
81-746William StephenPlover37St Marys ... Head
81-746Sarah AnnPlover35London St Pancras MiddlesexWife
81-746Stephen HowellPlover6London St Lukes Kentish Tn MiddlesexSon
81-746Wilfred BoundPlover4London St Lukes Kentish Tn MiddlesexSon
81-746Dorothy HowellPlover2London St Lukes Kentish Tn MiddlesexDaughter
81-747St Pancras 3 3 Park Village West London
81-747John TStonier58Midlothian ScotlandHead
81-747Mary AStonier38 CambridgeshireWife
81-748St Pancras 4 14 Little Edward St London
81-748Ann Stoner71Isle of Wight HampshireLodger
81-749St Pancras 5 Head London
81-749William Stone - Stoner50Doncaster YorkshirePolice Constable
81-750St Pancras 5 Wife London
81-750Ann Stone - Stoner50Dublin Ireland
81-751St Pancras 6 6 Lawford Rd London
81-751Eliza MStoner28 MiddlesexWife
81-751Alfred Stoner27 MiddlesexHead
81-751Lizzie MStoner6 MiddlesexDaughter
81-751Alfred HStoner5 MiddlesexSon
81-752St Pancras 7 7 Sidney St London
81-752Thomas Honor22St Pancras Head
81-752Elizabeth Honor21St Pancras Wife
81-752Thomas Honor2St Pancras Son
81-752George Honor0 St Pancras Son
81-753St Pancras 8 8 Croftdown Rd London
81-753Henrietta JStonier42London MiddlesexWife
81-753William Stonier42Burslem StaffordshireFather (head)Glass Merchant
81-753William HStonier18Smethwick StaffordshireSonArchitect Pupil
81-753Henrietta BStonier17Smethwick StaffordshireDaughterScholar
81-754St Pancras 9 Drummond St (Euston Hotel) London
81-754Amy Stonier25London MiddlesexServant
81-755St Pancras10 2 Little Drummond St London
81-755Henry Stones - Stoner22Lambeth SurreyHead
81-755Mary JStones - Stoner22Lambeth SurreyWife
81-756Stafford St Mary 3 Chapel St Staffordshire
81-756William Stonier71 StaffordshireHead
81-756Alice Stonier65 StaffordshireWife
81-757Stafford St Mary 8 Eastgate St Staffordshire
81-757Eliza Stonier41 StaffordshireSister
81-757George Stonier30 StaffordshireHead
81-757Mary AStonier29 StaffordshireWife
81-757Lizzie Stonier8 StaffordshireDaughter
81-757Millie Stonier5 StaffordshireDaughter
81-757Mary AStonier4 StaffordshireDaughter
81-757Gertrude Stonier3 StaffordshireDaughter
81-757Nellie Stonier2 StaffordshireDaughter
81-757Florance Stonier1 StaffordshireDaughter
81-758Stanley Cum Wrenthorpe "West Riding Pauper Lunatic Asylum" Yorkshire
81-758Elizabeth AStover - Stoner28Cartmel Grange ? LancashireNurse
81-759Staveley Derbyshire
81-759Hannah Stone60Staveley DerbyshireHead (w)House Keeper
81-759Levi Stone23Coal Aston DerbyshireNephew (m)Coal Miner
81-759Eliza Stone19Edge DerbyshireNiece (m)
81-759William Stone45Ashton Under Lyne LancashireNephew (m)Coal Miner
81-759John Stone25Staveley DerbyshireNephew (w)Coal Miner
81-760Stewkley Buckinghamshire
81-760Fanny Stone63Drayton Parslow BuckinghamshireServantCook Domestic
81-761Stockton On Tees 40 Langley St Durham
81-761Ellen Stover38Lumley DurhamWife
81-761Robert Stover38Seatin Caren DurhamHead
81-761John WStover9Stockton DurhamSon
81-761Arthur Stover7Stockton DurhamSon
81-761Robert Stover5Stockton DurhamSon
81-761George PStover2Stockton DurhamSon
81-762Stockton On Tees Durham
81-762Elizabeth Stones64Hartlepool DurhamWife
81-763Stoke "Stoughton Barracks" Stoughton Guildford Surrey
81-763Harry Stoner21Horsham SussexSoldier
81-763Walter Stonner - Stoner17Croydon SurreyMilitiaman
81-764Stoke Chertsey St Surrey
81-764Susan Stoner17Guildford SurreyServant
81-765Stoke Stoke Road Surrey
81-765Annie Stoner18Guildd SurreyServant
81-766Stoke Golding Leicestershire
81-766Joseph STORER65Stoke Golding LeicestershireHead (w)
81-766William STORER20Stoke Golding LeicestershireSon
81-767Stoke Golding 9 Leicestershire
81-767John STORER79Barwell LeicestershireHeadAg Lab
81-767Ann HAMMONDS33Stoke Golding LeicestershireGranddaughterStocking Factory Hand
81-768Stoke Upon Trent "Stoke Upon Trent Workhouse" Penkhull Staffordshire
81-768John Stonier57Hanley StaffordshirePauper
81-768Joseph Stonier52Hanley StaffordshirePauper
81-769Stoke Upon Trent 1 Havelock St Staffordshire
81-769Thomas Stonier27Longton StaffordshireHead
81-769Annie Stonier24Longton StaffordshireWife
81-770Stoke Upon Trent 100 Church Street Staffordshire
81-770Petsy Stonier56Hanley StaffordshireBoarder
81-770Elizabeth Stonier19Hanley StaffordshireBoarder
81-771Stoke Upon Trent 11 Edensor Terrace Staffordshire
81-771Ann Stonier65Fenton StaffordshireHead
81-772Stoke Upon Trent 125 Werrington Rd Staffordshire
81-772Mary AnnStonier27Stoke On Trent StaffordshireWife
81-772Thomas Stonier27Stoke On Trent StaffordshireHead
81-772Thomas Stonier1Stoke On Trent StaffordshireSon
81-773Stoke Upon Trent 13 William Sreet Staffordshire
81-773John Stonier64Orton StaffordshireHead
81-773Hannah Stonier54Norton StaffordshireWife
81-773Joseph Stonier19Stoke On Trent StaffordshireSon
81-773Samuel Stonier16Stoke On Trent StaffordshireSon
81-774Stoke Upon Trent 137 High Street Staffordshire
81-774Sarah Stonier42Blurton StaffordshireWife
81-774Levi Stonier41Longton StaffordshireHead
81-774Sarah AStonier16Longton StaffordshireDaughter
81-774Mary LStonier11Longton StaffordshireDaughter
81-774Amelia Stonier6Longton StaffordshireDaughter
81-774Ellen Stonier3Longton StaffordshireDaughter
81-775Stoke Upon Trent 15 Cross St Staffordshire
81-775Richard Stonier45Stoke StaffordshireHead
81-775William Stonier12Stoke StaffordshireSon
81-775Emma Stonier10Stoke StaffordshireDaughter
81-775John Stonier8Stoke StaffordshireSon
81-775Walter Stonier4Stoke StaffordshireSon
81-776Stoke Upon Trent 2 Toll Street Staffordshire
81-776Sary EllenStonier15Norton In Moors StaffordshireBoarder
81-777Stoke Upon Trent 20 Middle John St Staffordshire
81-777Martha Stonier40Longton StaffordshireBoarder
81-777John Stonier17Longton StaffordshireBoarder Son
81-777Alfred Stonier7Longton StaffordshireBoarder Son
81-777William Stonier5Longton StaffordshireBoarder Son
81-778Stoke Upon Trent 21 Princess St Staffordshire
81-778John Stonier50Newcastle StaffordshireHead
81-778Agnes Stonier35 ScotlandWife
81-778Olive Stonier12Hanley StaffordshireDaughter
81-778Sophia Stonier11Hanley StaffordshireDaughter
81-779Stoke Upon Trent 26 Princess St Staffordshire
81-779Robert Stonier27Hanley StaffordshireSon
81-780Stoke Upon Trent 37 Fleet Street Staffordshire
81-780Alice Stonier7Longton StaffordshireGranddaughter
81-781Stoke Upon Trent 4 Water Street Staffordshire
81-781Catherine DStonier36Scropton DerbyshireWife
81-781James Stonier31Longton StaffordshireHead
81-781Rosannah Stonier3Stoke On Trent StaffordshireDaughter
81-782Stoke Upon Trent 49 Albert Street Staffordshire
81-782Matilda Stonier63Leek StaffordshireHead
81-782William Stonier21Hanley StaffordshireSon
81-783Stoke Upon Trent 51 Ashwood Staffordshire
81-783Sarah Stonier84Longton StaffordshireMother in Law
81-784Stoke Upon Trent 55 Prince Street Staffordshire
81-784John Stonier31Hanley StaffordshireHead
81-784Ellen Stonier30Hanley StaffordshireWife
81-784Thomas Stonier22Hanley StaffordshireBrother
81-784Ann Stonier6Hanley StaffordshireDaughter
81-784William Stonier3Hanley StaffordshireSon
81-784Olive Stonier1Hanley StaffordshireDaughter
81-785Stoke Upon Trent 6 Ashwood Terrace Staffordshire
81-785Lois Stonier60Longton StaffordshireWife
81-785Geo. Stonier55Horton StaffordshireHead
81-785Lois Stonier33Longton StaffordshireDaughter
81-786Stoke Upon Trent 75 Union St Staffordshire
81-786Horatio Stonier46Hanley StaffordshireHead
81-786Mary Stonier45Longport StaffordshireWife
81-786Gertrude Stonier16Hanley StaffordshireDaughter
81-786Edmund Stonier11Hanley StaffordshireSon
81-786Horatio Stonier2Hanley StaffordshireSon
81-787Stoke Upon Trent 94 Sutherland Rd Staffordshire
81-787Hannah Stonier63Hulme StaffordshireWife
81-787John Stonier62Shooters Hill StaffordshireHead
81-787William Stonier36Longton StaffordshireSon
81-787John Stonier20Longton StaffordshireGrandson
81-787Frederick Stonier16East Vale StaffordshireGrandson
81-787Mary Stonier12East Vale StaffordshireGranddaughter
81-787Lizzie Stonier9Dresden StaffordshireGranddaughter
81-788Stoke Upon Trent Glebe Cottage Staffordshire
81-788George Stonier52Longton StaffordshireHead
81-788Rosannah Stonier49Fenton StaffordshireWife
81-788George Stonier25Caverswall StaffordshireSon
81-788Alfred Stonier18Caverswall StaffordshireSon
81-788Edward Stonier14Fenton StaffordshireSon
81-788Richard Stonier9Fenton StaffordshireSon
81-789Stoke Upon Trent Hole House Staffordshire
81-789Samuel Stonier29Biddulph StaffordshireHead
81-789Sarah AStonier24Audley StaffordshireWife
81-789Enoch Stonier2Milton StaffordshireSon
81-789Rachael Stonier0 Bucknall StaffordshireDaughter
81-790Stoke Upon Trent No 7 Fenton Rd Staffordshire
81-790John Stonier30Leek StaffordshireHead
81-790Edith Stonier25Norton In Moors StaffordshireWife
81-790Sarah AnnStonier4Norton In Moors StaffordshireDaughter
81-790George Stonier2Leek StaffordshireSon
81-791Stoke Upon Trent - Shelton 48 Vine St Staffordshire
81-791Emma Stonier54Fenton StaffordshireWife
81-791John Stonier53Hanley StaffordshireHead
81-791Edward JStonier23Hanley StaffordshireSon
81-791Mary EStonier16Hanley StaffordshireDaughter
81-792Stoke Upon Trent - Shelton 7 Etruscan St Staffordshire
81-792William Stonier20Bovey Tracey DevonHead
81-792Mary Stonier19Trevethen WalesWife
81-792Alice Stonier1Hanley StaffordshireDaughter
81-793Stoke Upon Trent - Shelton No 11 Berrisford St Staffordshire
81-793Thomas Stonier49Mow Cop StaffordshireHead
81-793Peace Stonier45Congleton CheshireWife
81-793Samuel Stonier24Congleton CheshireSon
81-793John Stonier19Silverdale StaffordshireSon
81-793Martha Stonier17Mow Cop StaffordshireDaughter
81-793Jonas Stonier15Silverdale StaffordshireSon
81-793Alfred SamuelStonier4Silverdale StaffordshireSon
81-794Stone Meir Road Staffordshire
81-794Emma Stonier31Stoke StaffordshireDaughter
81-794John Stonier26Stoke StaffordshireSon in Law
81-794John JamesStonier2Stoke StaffordshireGrandson
81-794James Stonier1Normacott StaffordshireGrandson
81-795Stranton Durham
81-795John Storm39Robin Hood Bay YorkshireHeadMariner & Newsagent
81-795Mary AStorm36Sheriff Hutton YorkshireWife
81-795Betsy HStorm15West Hartlepool DurhamDaughter
81-795William EStorm12West Hartlepool DurhamSonScholar
81-795John Storm11West Hartlepool DurhamSonScholar
81-796Streatham 1 14 Bedford Row London Rd London
81-796William Stoner52Cuckfield SussexHead
81-796Sarah AStoner44Streatham SurreyWife
81-796Thomas HStoner24Streatham SurreySon
81-796Emily Stoner22Streatham SurreyDaughter
81-796Sarah Stoner20Streatham SurreyDaughter
81-796Charles BStoner18Streatham SurreySon
81-796William JStoner15Streatham SurreySon
81-796Arthur EStoner12Streatham SurreySon
81-796Alice Stoner10Streatham SurreyDaughter
81-796Ada Stoner7Streatham SurreyDaughter
81-797Streatham 2 Mitcham Rd London
81-797James Stoner23Worth SussexBoarder
81-798Streatham 8 4 Leigham Lane Surrey
81-798Henrietta Stone - Stoner57Streatham SurreyWife
81-798James Stone - Stoner48Cuckfield SussexHead
81-798Arthur Hallet - Stoner10Streatham SurreyAdopted Son
81-799Streatham 9 72 Fernlea Rd London
81-799Philip Honor43London Dean St Soho MiddlesexLodger