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Note that apart from those for my direct line I hold few certificates and the information shown is therefore not fully researched
It is meant to be an aid and simply indicates where I would look if following a line
Home ~~~~ 1891 census file 7 ~~~~ Help
Note that apart from those for my direct line I hold few certificates and the information shown is therefore not fully researched
It is meant to be an aid and simply indicates where I would look if following a line
91-700Somerby Leicestershire
91-700Hilda D Stoner5Charlwood SurreyVisitor
91-701South Claines Worcestershire
91-701Harry Spencer Wones8St Peter, Worcestershire Stepson
91-702South Molton Devon
91-702Susanna Stonner16South Molton, Devon Or Devonshire Daughter Servant
91-703South Shoebury Essex
91-703John Stoner48Cuckfield SussexHead
91-703Mary A Stoner47Little Wakering EssexWife
91-703William H Stoner17South Shoebury EssexSon
91-703Eliza A Stoner12Wellington SussexDaughter
91-703Frederick C Stoner10Newhaven SussexSon
91-703Anna E Stoner8Barling EssexDaughter
91-704South Stoneham Hampshire
91-704Winifred Stong31Southampton HampshireNiece
91-705Southampton - St Mary 1 Hampshire
91-705Sarah Stones - Stoner44Shepperton MiddlesexWife
91-705Charles Stones - Stoner42Streatham SurreyHead
91-705Jane Stones - Stoner13Southampton HampshireDaughter
91-705Nellie Stones - Stoner8Southampton HampshireDaughter
91-705William Stones - Stoner6Southampton HampshireSon
91-705Alfred Stones - Stoner4Southampton HampshireSon
91-706Southcoates 5 Yorkshire
91-706Harriet Stones - Stoner18Stainforth YorkshireServant
91-707Southcoates 8 Yorkshire
91-707Harriet Stamy - Stoner51Louth, Lincolnshire Head (w)
91-707George Stamy - Stoner26Hull YorkshireSon (u)
91-707Arthur Stamy - Stoner22Stainforth (Near Giggleswick) YorkshireSon (u)
91-707Elizabeth Stamy - Stoner20Stainforth (Near Giggleswick) YorkshireDaughter
91-707Emily Stamy - Stoner18Stainforth (Near Giggleswick) YorkshireDaughter
91-707John Stamy - Stoner11Keady, Lincolnshire Son
91-708Speldhurst Kent
91-708William Stoner41Cuckfield SussexHead
91-708Sophia Stoner39Frant SussexWife
91-708William J Stoner16Tunbridge Wells KentSon
91-708Charles R Stoner14Tunbridge Wells KentSon
91-708Sophia A Stoner9Tunbridge Wells KentDaughter
91-709Spondon Derbyshire
91-709Edith Stoner3Spondon DerbyshireGranddaughter
91-710Spondon x Derbyshire
91-710Walter Stower36Chaffcombe, Somerset Head
91-710Emma Stower26Spondon DerbyshireWife
91-710Sarah Stower7Spondon DerbyshireDaughter
91-710Emma Stower5Spondon DerbyshireDaughter
91-710Edith Stower3Spondon DerbyshireDaughter
91-710Anne Stower1Spondon DerbyshireDaughter
91-711Spratton Northamptonshire
91-711Samuel Austin52Spratton, Northamptonshire Head
91-711Emma Austin50Bradford YorkshireWife
91-711Hannah Mariea Austin24Bradford YorkshireDaughter
91-711Harry Austin19Bradford YorkshireSon
91-711Ned Austin17Bradford YorkshireSon
91-711Arthur Austin12Bradford YorkshireSon
91-711William Stone - Stoner68Patley Bridge YorkshireVisitor
91-712St Alkmund Derbyshire
91-712Abraham Glour54Derby DerbyshireHead
91-712Emma Glour54Swanwick DerbyshireWife
91-712Lucy Stover22Derby DerbyshireSister-in-law
91-712Samuel Stone35Belper DerbyshireHeadPainter Paperhanger
91-712Louisa Stone38Derby DerbyshireWife
91-712Ernest Stone11Ilkeston DerbyshireSonScholar
91-712Louisa Stone8Eastwood NottinghamshieDaughter
91-712Kate Stone6Eastwood NottinghamshieDaughter
91-712Annie Stone4Belper DerbyshireDaughter
91-712Arthur SStone2Derby DerbyshireSon
91-712Ruth Stone0.08Derby DerbyshireDaughter
91-713St Andrew Devon
91-713Thomas Stoner44Pelworth SussexHead
91-713Hannah Stover43West Minster LondonLodger
91-713Bessie Honer29Stonehouse, Devon Or Devonshire Daughter
91-713Caroline E Stoner17Plymouth, Devon Or Devonshire Daughter
91-713Bessie Honer8Plymouth Granddaughter
91-713Thomas R Stoner7Plymouth, Devon Or Devonshire Son
91-714St Andrew and St George London
91-714Sarah E Stover58Spitalfields LondonHead
91-714Robert W Stover26Hackney LondonSon
91-714Alexander Stover23St Pancras LondonSon
91-715St Anne Blackfriars London
91-715Edward K Honer27Cheshunt, Hertfordshire Servant
91-716St Bartholomew the Great London
91-716James Stoner44Norwich NorfolkHead
91-716Jane Stoner38Bishops Gate St LondonWife
91-717St Benedict Norfolk
91-717Elizabeth Wones76Norwich Head
91-718St Clement Oxfordshire
91-718John Honer64Leicester LeicestershireLodger
91-718Ann Honer62Leicester LeicestershireLodger
91-719St Clement Danes London
91-719Lily Mary Stower22Barton LeicestershireNurse
91-720St Dunstan Kent
91-720George W Stong19colombo, Ceylon Boarder
91-721St George Gloucestershire
91-721George Stower43Bristol Head
91-721Jane Stower43Marybonine LondonWife
91-721Mary Ann Honer39Bristol, Gloucestershire Wife
91-721Robert Honer37Bristol, Gloucestershire Head
91-721Emma Honer16Bristol, Gloucestershire Daughter
91-721Robert Honer14Bristol, Gloucestershire Son
91-721Blanche Stower12Bristol Daughter
91-721Eunice Honer11Bristol, Gloucestershire Daughter
91-721Murtha Honer9Bristol, Gloucestershire Daughter
91-721George Stower9Bristol Son
91-721John Honer7Bristol, Gloucestershire Son
91-721George Honer5Bristol, Gloucestershire Son
91-722St George Hanover Square London
91-722Ann Stong75Baldock, Hertfordshire Head
91-722James Staner46London Head
91-722Isaac C Stong46Westminster LondonSon
91-722Lizzie Staner42Pimlico LondonWife
91-722George Stoner20Portslade SussexBoarder
91-722Margaret Stonner19Churchdown, Gloucestershire Servant
91-722James Staner13Pimlico LondonSon
91-722Louie Staner7Pimlico LondonDaughter
91-722Jonah Staner6Pimlico LondonDaughter
91-723St George Hanover Square 1 London
91-723Mary F Stoner32Lambeth LondonWife
91-723Henry Stoner31Tottenham Caurt Road LondonHead
91-723Henry T Stoner9St Pancras LondonSon
91-723William Stoner7St Pancras LondonSon
91-723Edith Stoner5Tottenham LondonDaughter
91-723Elizabeth Stoner4Southlambeth LondonDaughter
91-723Rose Stoner2Southlambeth LondonDaughter
91-724St George in the East London
91-724Ann Stover70Whitechapel London0
91-725St George the Martyr London
91-725John Stoner48Birmingham Lodger
91-725Henry Honer39Pessmints HampshireHead
91-725William Staner27Notting Hill LondonLodger
91-725Harry Stonner14Stock Widge Hampshire0
91-726St Giles Berkshire
91-726Joseph H Staner50Margate KentHead
91-726Clara M Staner49S E, Cambrowell Wife
91-726Lavinia Staner22Margate KentDaughter
91-727St Giles Reading Berkshire
91-727Harry Stowe Stone38Christchurch HampshireHead
91-727Sarah J Stowe Stone35London Wife
91-727Mabel L Stowe Stone9Reading, Berkshire Daughter
91-727Ethel K Stowe Stone4Reading, Berkshire Daughter
91-728St Giles Chalfont Buckinghamshie
91-728Mary Stone71Seer Green BuckinghamshieHead (w)
91-728Joseph Stone7Lambeth LondonGrandson
91-729St Giles North London
91-729Arralds Stiner24Switzerland Servant
91-730St James Gloucestershire
91-730Catharine Loner59Anstey WiltshireHead
91-731St Just Cornwall
91-731Elizabeth Loner89St Mawes CornwallMother-in-law
91-732St Lawrence Warwickshire
91-732Henry Stover72Ibstock LeicestershireHead
91-732Caroline Stover71Baddesley Ensor, Warwickshire Wife
91-732Eliza Stover10Foleshill, Warwickshire Granddaughter
91-733St Leonard London
91-733Rebecca Loner42Poplar LondonWife
91-733Thomas Loner37Poplar LondonHead
91-733Annie Stoner33Birmingham Head
91-733Ema Stamy23St George East LondonWife
91-733Thomas R Stamy22Poplar LondonHead
91-733Thomas Loner16Poplar LondonSon
91-733Florence Loner12Poplar LondonDaughter
91-733Fred K Loner9Poplar LondonSon
91-733Eleanor Loner7Poplar LondonDaughter
91-733Sidney Loner2Poplar LondonSon
91-734St Luke 1 London
91-734Elizabeth Stoner69St Luke LondonHead (w)Bookfolder
91-734Elizabeth Stoner15St Luke LondonGranddaughterBookfolder
91-735St Luke 2 London
91-735Alfred Stoner40 SussexServant (u)Manager (Publican)
91-736St Luke x London
91-736James Stoner22 Middlesex
91-736Henry Stoner16 Middlesex
91-737St Luke y London
91-737Sarah Stower72Weymouth Head
91-738St Margaret, Rochester London
91-738Elizabeth AStowers37Rochester KentHead (w)
91-738Edith AStowers14Rochester KentDaughter
91-738Phoebe JStowers10Rochester KentDaughter
91-738Edward PStowers6Rochester KentSon
91-739St Margaret and St John the Evangelist Westminster London
91-739Ellen Staner30Durweston, Dorset Servant
91-739Francis STROMER19Austria Lodger
91-740St Martin in the Fields London
91-740Henry Stiner46Switzerland Servant
91-740Henry Stover45St Pancras LondonLodger
91-740Selina Stamy23Bermondsey LondonServant
91-740Lizzie Hannah Stoner23Brighton SussexServant
91-741St Mary Nottinghamshire
91-741James Stover67Carrington, Nottinghamshire Head
91-741Thomas B Staner66hull bridge EssexHead
91-741Sarah E Stover63Arnold, Nottinghamshire Wife
91-741Jane Staner53Tollesbury EssexWife
91-741Martha Stong49Greenham, Gloucestershire Wife
91-741George W Stong47Reading, Berkshire Head
91-741Susannah Staner37Maldon EssexDaughter
91-741Arthur Staner32Maldon EssexSon
91-741Mary Stover31Arnold, Nottinghamshire Daughter
91-741Larissa Staner25Maldon EssexDaughter
91-741Frances A B Stover22Belper DerbyshireSaleswoman
91-741Charlotte Honer21Southwell, Nottinghamshire Servant
91-741Charles Staner20Maldon EssexSon
91-741George W Stong18Reading, Berkshire Son
91-741Alice Staner17Maldon EssexDaughter
91-741Fred Staner12Maldon EssexSon
91-742St Mary Bishopshill Junior Yorkshire
91-742Benjamin Stoker54Staveley YorkshireHead
91-742Mary Stoker53Staveley YorkshireWife
91-742Elizabeth Stoker20Staveley YorkshireDaughter
91-742Tom Stoker20Leeds YorkshireSon
91-743St Mary le Strand London
91-743A Stower31Liverpool Boarder
91-744St Mary Magdalene Essex
91-744Sarah Staner38Steeple EssexHead
91-744Matilda Staner17Steeple EssexDaughter
91-744Bertha Staner9Maldon EssexDaughter
91-744Gertrude Staner7Maldon EssexDaughter
91-744Nellis Staner5Colchester EssexDaughter
91-745St Mary Somerset London
91-745James Stamy66London City LondonHead
91-745Mary E Stamy62Bermondsey LondonWife
91-745George Stamy22London City LondonSon
91-746St Marylebone London
91-746Emily Stower71Buckinghamshire Head
91-747St Michael x London
91-747Eliza Stora59Dorchester DorsetHead (w)Seamstress
91-747Georgiana S Clayton34Walworth LondonNieceMachinist
91-748St Michael Gloucestershire
91-748Daniel Stong37Hardwick, Gloucestershire Head
91-748Georgiana S Stong33Tunbridge, Gloucestershire Wife
91-749St Pancras 1 London
91-749Sarah J Lane40Ellerborough BuckinghamshieHead (w)Dressmaker
91-749Daisy A Lane7St Pancras LondonDaughterScholar
91-749Emily Stoner28St Albans Sister (m)Dressmaker
91-749May L Stoner2St Pancras LondonNiece
91-750St Pancras 2 London
91-750Hannah Stoner65Dubles, Ireland Wife
91-750William Stoner55Doncaster YorkshireHeadPolice Pensioner
91-751St Pancras 3 London
91-751Charles Stover - Stoner35London Head
91-751Lucy Stover - Stoner35London Wife
91-751Lucy Stover - Stoner4London Daughter
91-752St Pancras 4 London
91-752Mary Ann Stoner63Chelsea LondonHead (w)
91-752George Stoner24St Pancras LondonSonCarman
91-752Joseph Stoner23St Pancras LondonSonCarman's assistant
91-752Alfred Stoner20St Pancras LondonSonGreengrocers Porter
91-752Elizabeth Stoner17St Pancras LondonDaughterDressmakers Assistant
91-753St Pancras 5 London
91-753John L Stoner41London Boarder (u)Theatrical Clerk
91-754St Pancras 9 London
91-754William Stones59Eastoft, Lincolnshire Head
91-754Charlotte Stones57Garthorpe, Lincolnshire Wife
91-755St Pancras Kentish Town London
91-755Richard Stone - Stoner30Kentish Town HeadRailway Servant
91-755Esther Stone - Stoner29Wiltshire Wife
91-755Martha Stone - Stoner9Holloway Daughter
91-755Ester Stone - Stoner4Kentish Town Daughter
91-755William S Stone - Stoner4Kentish Town Son
91-755Albert G Stone - Stoner2Kentish Town Son
91-756St Pancras u London
91-756Eliza Stong33Kent Servant
91-756Geroge WLoner15Remhotshire LancashireBoarder
91-757St Pancras v London
91-757Eleanor M Stover66London Servant
91-758St Pancras w London
91-758Henrich STROMER61Hanover, Germany Head
91-758Elizah R STROMER19St Georges East LondonDaughter
91-758Charlotta M STROMER14St Georges LondonDaughter
91-759St Pancras x London
91-759Florence Stone18Hammersmith LondonNurse
91-760St Pancras y London
91-760Loura Lewis RStone29Marylebone LondonHead
91-760Emly Emily Stone27Hammersmith Wife
91-761St Pancras z London
91-761Albert Honer18Warboro, Oxfordshire Nephew
91-761Irma Honer11Devon or Devonshire Son
91-761L C Honer7St Pancras LondonDaughter
91-762St Paul Gloucestershire
91-762Henry B Stamy46Bristol Head
91-762Harriet Stoner44Knaresborough YorkshireServant
91-762Maria L Stamy42Bristol Wife
91-762Ada E L Stamy22Bristol Daughter
91-762Alfred G Stamy16Bristol Son
91-762William Stamy14Bristol Son
91-762Gertie Stamy12Bristol Daughter
91-762Nellie Stamy9Bristol Daughter
91-762Mabel Stamy7Bristol Daughter
91-762Lilian Stamy2Bristol Daughter
91-763St Paul Deptford London
91-763George STROMER40Wittenbury, Germany Lodger
91-764St Peter Derbyshire
91-764Thomas Stover72Derby DerbyshireLodger
91-764Joseph Stover70Ibstock Leicestershire0
91-764Eliza J Stover52West Hallam DerbyshireWife
91-764John Stover50Mickleover DerbyshireHead
91-764Lavinia Stover25Derby DerbyshireDaughter
91-764Beatrice H Stover20Derby DerbyshireDaughter
91-764Gertrude Stover16Derby DerbyshireDaughter
91-765St Thomas Southwark London
91-765Alfred Allengame37London HeadInspector of Sewers
91-765Caroline Allengame30Walton, Somerset Wife
91-765Alfred JAllengame9Birmingham, Ladywood SonScholar
91-765Nellie Allengame7Birmingham, Ladywood DaughterScholar
91-765Alfred E Stoner20Birmingham, Ladywood NephewChemists Assistant
91-766Standish Lancashire
91-766Coop StonerActually "Co-op Stores" - Lock up shop
91-767Stanwix Cumberland
91-767John James Stong15Cargo, Cumberland Servant
91-768Staveley Derbyshire
91-768John Stone35Staveley DerbyshireHeadCoal Miner
91-768Sarah A Stone30Ashton Under Lyne, Lancashire Wife
91-768Rebecca Stone10Staveley DerbyshireDaughterScholar
91-768John Edwin Stone7Edge DerbyshireSonScholar
91-768Levi Stone33Coal Aston DerbyshireBrother (m)Coal Miner
91-769Stewkley Buckinghamshire
91-769Fanny Stone74Drayton Parslow, Buckinghamshire HeadLiving on her means
91-770Stockton on Tees Durham
91-770Christiana Stover48Norway Wife
91-770William H Stover46Seaton Carew, Durham Head
91-770Edwin B Stover19Norton, Durham Son
91-770Adelaide S Stover14Stockton, Durham Daughter
91-770Louisa S Stover12Stockton, Durham Daughter
91-770Christian A Stover9Stockton, Durham Son
91-770Julia H Stover8Stockton, Durham Daughter
91-771Stoke Damerel Devon
91-771Henry Stong23Easton Wells, Somerset Patient
91-771Ellen S Stower20St Germans, Cornwall Servant
91-771Ethel Stower15St Germans, Cornwall Servant
91-772Stoke Golding 9 Leicestershire
91-772Ann Hammonds44Stoke Golding LeicestershireServantGeneral Servant
91-773Stoke Newington London
91-773William J Stoner40Whitechapel LondonHead
91-773Samuel A Stower40London Head
91-773Annie Stower37London Wife
91-773James R Stonner35St Luke LondonHead
91-773Emma Stoner33Spitalfields LondonWife
91-773Louisa J Stonner29Narborough LeicestershireWife
91-773William B Stoner8South Hornsey LondonSon
91-773Hester S Stoner7South Hornsey LondonDaughter
91-773Jame C Stonner7Stoke Newington LondonSon
91-773Constance E Stoner5New Southgate MiddlesexDaughter
91-773Louisa Stower5Stoke Newington LondonDaughter
91-773Edwa H Stonner4Stoke Newington LondonSon
91-774Stoke upon Trent Staffordshire
91-774John Stower41Hanley, Staffordshire Head
91-774Ellen Stower40Hanley, Staffordshire Wife
91-774David A Stinar29Longton, Staffordshire Wife
91-774William H Stinar29Hanley, Staffordshire Head
91-774Ann E Stower16Hanley, Staffordshire Daughter
91-774William Stower13Hanley, Staffordshire Son
91-774Lucy Stover11Hanley, Staffordshire Visitor
91-774Olive Stower11Hanley, Staffordshire Daughter
91-774Alfred J Stower8Hanley, Staffordshire Son
91-774Ewart Stower6Hanley, Staffordshire Son
91-775Grays Thurrock Essex
91-775John W Stoma20St Hartlepool DurhamCrew
91-776Great Grimsby Lincolnshire
91-776Florence Stoma19Cleethorpes LincolnshireServant
91-777Paddington London
91-777Sydney Stoma28Pimperne DorsetLodger
91-778Stoke Upon Trent Staffordshire
91-778Hannah Stoma75Longton StaffordshireHead
91-778William Stoma44Longton StaffordshireSon
91-778Frederick Stoma25Longton StaffordshireGrandson
91-778Elizabeth Stoma19Longton StaffordshireGranddaughter
91-779Stokenchurch Oxfordshire
91-779Arthur Honer17New Brompton KentNephew
91-780Stranton Durham
91-780John Storm49Robin Hood Bay YorkshireHeadNewsagent & Dockgateman
91-780Mary A Storm47Sheriff Hutton YorkshireWife
91-780Henry T Stover43Seaton Carew, Durham Head
91-780Mary Stover37Seaton Carew, Durham Wife
91-780Betsy H Storm25West Hartlepool DurhamDaughter
91-780William E Storm22West Hartlepool DurhamSonRailway Shunter
91-780John Storm21West Hartlepool DurhamSonGrocer's Assistant
91-780Fanny S Newton21Robin Hood Bay Yorkshireiece
91-780Ethel M Stover15Seaton Carew, Durham Daughter
91-780Augustus E Stover13Seaton Carew, Durham Daughter
91-780George E Stover11Seaton Carew, Durham Son
91-780Henry A Stover2Nort Hartlepool, Durham Son
91-781Streatham 1 London
91-781Henrietta Stoner60Streatham SurreyWife
91-781James Stoner54Cuckfield SussexHead
91-781Authur Stoner20Streatham SurreySon
91-782Streatham 2 London
91-782Priscilla Stoner34NK SuffolkWife
91-782James Stoner33NK SussexHead
91-782Martha Stoner13Streatham LondonDaughter
91-782Arthur J Stoner9Streatham LondonSon
91-782Percy C Stoner7Streatham LondonSon
91-782Albert Stoner5Streatham LondonSon
91-782Sydney Stoner2Streatham LondonSon
91-782Flora A Stoner0.91Streatham LondonDaughter
91-783Streatham 3 London
91-783Alice Stoner20Streatham SurreyServant
91-784Streatham 4 London
91-784Charles Stoner28Streatham SurreyBoarderMilkman
91-785Streatham 9 London
91-785Arthur JSawyer33Croydon SurreyHeadIronmongers Foreman
91-785Emily Sawyer32Streatham SurreyWife
91-785Arthur WillSawyer7Streatham SurreySon
91-785Sarah Stong - Stoner30Streatham SurreyVisitor (u)
91-786Sudbury Suffolk
91-786Charles J Stower45Bristol, Somerset Head
91-786Charles A Stower11Sudbury SuffolkSon
91-786Alice M Stower9Sudbury SuffolkDaughter
91-787Sunninghill Berkshire
91-787Charles Stonor55Foxcobe, Warwickshire Head
91-787Maud Stonor44Norton Manor, Somerset Wife
91-787Edmundo Stonor24Anderton Hall LancashireSon
91-787Blanche Stonor20Anderton Hall LancashireDaughter
91-787Charles H Stonor17Anderton Hall LancashireSon
91-787Wilfred Stonor14Kensington LondonSon
91-787Francis Stonor11Kensington LondonSon
91-787Bernhard Stonor8Norbon Manor, Somerset Son
91-787Mary Stonor7Llanvair Ascot, Berkshire Daughter
91-787Cuthbert Stonor3Llanvair Ascot, Berkshire Son
91-788Sutton Surrey
91-788Stephen Stoner82Cuckfield SussexHead
91-788Sarah Stoner74Cuckfield SussexWife
91-788Caroline Austin Stones70Marylebone LondonSister-in-law
91-788Aletha Church50Flaxton, Buckinghamshire Wife
91-788Wm Robt Church47Cornwall Head
91-788Eliza M Stonor - Stoner38London Wife
91-788Alfred Stonor - Stoner37London Head
91-788Emma Church - Stoner26Kentish Town LondonDaughter
91-788Lillie Church - Stoner24Kentish Town LondonDaughter
91-788Lewis Edward Church - Stoner22Kentish Town LondonSon
91-788Minnie Hancox22Hungerford HampshireServant
91-788Lizzie M Stonor - Stoner16London Daughter
91-788Ada Allis Church16Sutton SurreyDaughter
91-788Alfred H Stonor - Stoner15London Son
91-788Maud Eliza Church12Sutton SurreyDaughter
91-788Eline Marion Church10Sutton SurreyDaughter
91-788Florence Mate Church9Sutton SurreyDaughter
91-788E M G Church6Sutton SurreyDaughter
91-789Sutton at Hone Kent
91-789Alfred Stoner21Chichester SussexBoarder
91-790Sutton in Ashfield Nottinghamshire
91-790George Stover44Sutton In Ashfield Head
91-790Mary Ann Stover34Sutton In Ashfield Wife
91-790John George Stover10Sutton In Ashfield Son
91-791Swindon Wiltshire
91-791Eliza A Stower47Melksham, Wiltshire Head
91-791Alfred W Stower20Melksham, Wiltshire Son
91-791Alice M Stower18Melksham, Wiltshire Daughter
91-791Rose E Stower16Bath, Somerset Daughter
91-791John A Stower12Swindon, Wiltshire Son
91-791Frederick Stower9Swindon, Wiltshire Son
91-792Swinstead Lincolnshire
91-792Rebecca Stong67Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire Wife
91-792William Stong67Swinstead, Lincolnshire Head
91-793Taunton St Mary Magdalene Within Somerset
91-793Susan Stower23Weymouth, Dorset Servant
91-794Teddington Middlesex
91-794Joseph Stower45St Marylebone LondonVisitor
91-794Edith Staner22Middleton LondonServant
91-795Tettenhall Staffordshire
91-795Mary Alice Storer46Nottinghamshire Head
91-795Frances M H Storer17Wymondham LeicestershireDaughter
91-795Thomas Storer11Brewood, Staffordshire Son
91-795Margaret Storer10Brewood, Staffordshire Daughter
91-795Herbert Storer7Brewood, Staffordshire Son
91-795Harold Storer4Brewood, Staffordshire Son
91-796Thornaby Yorkshire
91-796Mary Stong60Stonlingshire, Scotland Head
91-797Thornton Yorkshire
91-797Catherine G Stong56Makemerick, Northumberland Servant
91-798Thorpe Surrey
91-798Jane Stoner16Guildford SurreyGranddaughter
91-799Titsey Surrey
91-799Thomas Stover15Leighfield SurreyServant