Home ~~~~ 1891 census file 8 ~~~~ Help
Note that apart from those for my direct line I hold few certificates and the information shown is therefore not fully researched
It is meant to be an aid and simply indicates where I would look if following a line
Home ~~~~ 1891 census file 8 ~~~~ Help
Note that apart from those for my direct line I hold few certificates and the information shown is therefore not fully researched
It is meant to be an aid and simply indicates where I would look if following a line
91-800Tooting London
91-800Clara Stoner21Brighton, sufsen Cousin
91-801Tottenham Middlesex
91-801Chas Mary A Staner37Campton Wife
91-801Harry Staner35Lambeth LondonHead
91-801Harry S C Staner13St Pancras Son
91-801Alice S M Staner11St Pancras Daughter
91-801Ernest R J Staner9Tottenham MiddlesexSon
91-801Frederick W R Staner5Tottenham MiddlesexSon
91-801Winifred Eliza J Staner2Tottenham MiddlesexDaughter
91-802Toxteth Park Lancashire
91-802Ann Loner53Liverpool LancashireAunt
91-802Henry P Stower43Liverpool Head
91-802Frederick Stoner34Liverpool Head
91-802John Loner30 IrelandHead
91-802Mary Loner30 LondonWife
91-802Lewis A M G Stower30Liverpool Wife
91-802Beatrice E G Stower18Liverpool Daughter
91-802Herbert S Stower12Liverpool, fazaskerley Son
91-802Mary ELoner10Liverpool LancashireDaughter
91-802Ann Loner8Liverpool LancashireDaughter
91-802Albert P Stower7Egremont, Cheshire Son
91-802Elizabeth Loner4Liverpool LancashireDaughter
91-802Alice Honer2Bridgenorth, Shropshire / Salop Servant
91-802Margaret Loner2Liverpool LancashireDaughter
91-802Michael Loner1Liverpool LancashireDaughter
91-802Micheal Loner1Liverpool LancashireSon
91-803Tunbridge 1 Kent
91-803Agnes J Stonor - Stoner22Ditchling SussexServant
91-803Ellen J Stonor - Stoner18Ditchling SussexServant
91-804Tunbridge 2 Kent
91-804John Stoner48Cuckfield SussexHead
91-804Lavinia Stoner30Pembroke, Wales Wife
91-804George Stoner6Cuckfield SussexSon
91-805Tunbridge 3 Kent
91-805Annie L Stoner26plimlico MiddlesexServant
91-806Turton 2 Lancashire
91-806Mary Stoner34sharpley, Lancashire Wife
91-806Cristopher Stoner29sharpley, Lancashire Head
91-806Emma Stoner8Turton, Lancashire Daughter
91-806Alice Ellen Stoner6Turton, Lancashire Daughter
91-807Turton 9 Lancashire
91-807Ellen Stoner50Turton, Lancashire Wife
91-807William Stoner47Bolton, Lancashire Head
91-807Anne Stoner22Turton, Lancashire Daughter
91-807James Stoner20Turton, Lancashire Son
91-807Gertrude Stoner17Turton, Lancashire Daughter
91-808Twickenham 8 Middlesex
91-808Alfred Stiner - Stoner79Cowfold SussexHead (w)
91-808Charlotte I Stiner52Lambeth LondonDaughter (w)
91-809Tynemouth Northumberland
91-809Mary Stover72North Shields Head
91-809Jane Stover64North Shields Sister
91-810Ulceby Lincolnshire
91-810Elizabeth Stamy49Barnetby, Lincolnshire Head
91-810Arthur Stamy20Ulceby, Lincolnshire Son
91-810Mark Stamy19Ulceby, Lincolnshire Son
91-810George Stamy13Ulceby, Lincolnshire Son
91-810Ethel Stamy11Ulceby, Lincolnshire Daughter
91-811Undermilbeck Westmorland
91-811John B Honer41Cartmel, Lancashire Head
91-811Emma Honer40Lillingstone Lovell, Buckinghamshire Wife
91-811William B Honer13Windermere, Westmoreland Son
91-811Alfred Honer11Windermere, Westmoreland Son
91-811Lucy Honer9Windermere, Westmoreland Daughter
91-811Harry Honer7Windermere, Westmoreland Son
91-811Zilpha Honer6Windermere, Westmoreland Daughter
91-811Herbert Honer1Windermere, Westmoreland Son
91-812Wainfleet St Mary Lincolnshire
91-812Florence Stoner16Wood Enderby, Lincolnshire Niece
91-813Wakefield Yorkshire
91-813Robert Stonis32Wakefield YorkshireBrother-in-law
91-814Walcot Somerset
91-814Elizabeth Stone32Bath, Somerset Wife
91-814George Stone32Bath, Somerset Head
91-814Arthur G Stone12Bath, Somerset Son
91-814William R Stone10Bath, Somerset Son
91-814Edith Stone7Bath, Somerset Daughter
91-814Sydney Stone5Bath, Somerset Son
91-814Elizabeth Stone3Bath, Somerset Daughter
91-814George Stone1Bath, Somerset Son
91-814Louisa Stone15Bath, Somerset Niece
91-815Wallingfen Yorkshire
91-815Annie Stong17Newport YorkshireServant
91-816Walsall Foreign Staffordshire
91-816John Stonner28Stone, Staffordshire Boarder
91-816John W Storen21Burslem, Staffordshire Head
91-816Mary Storen21Birmingham, Warwickshire Wife
91-816Louisa Bell15Tipton, Staffordshire Niece
91-816William Hood21Bednall, Staffordshire Boarder
91-816John W Storen1Blakenall, Staffordshire Son
91-817Waltham St Lawrence Berkshire
91-817Tom B Stoner46Lambeth SurreyHead
91-817Esther E Stoner43Lambeth SurreyWife
91-817Mary L Stoner18Surbiton SurreyDaughter
91-817Elizabeth S Stoner17Surbiton SurreyDaughter
91-817Sophia E Stoner15Surbiton SurreyDaughter
91-817Edward T H Stoner13Surbiton SurreySon
91-817Alfred J Stoner6Hireovks, Nottinghamshire Son
91-818Walthamstow 1 Essex
91-818Richard Storer32St Clements LondonHeadEngine Fitter
91-818Julia Storer31Shepperton MiddlesexWife
91-818Richard HenryStorer11St Clements LondonSonScholar
91-818Louisa SStorer10St Clements LondonSonScholar
91-818Albert Storer3Walthamstow EssexSon
91-818Charles Storer1Walthamstow EssexSon
91-819Walton Inferior Cheshire
91-819Thomas Stower38Crewkerne, Somerset Head
91-819Elizabeth Stower33Gt Bridge, Staffordshire Wife
91-819Lucy Stower11Heaton Mersey, Lancashire Daughter
91-819George Stower9Crowhurst SurreySon
91-819Ada Stower7Wales Daughter
91-819Joseph Stower3Wales Son
91-819Louisa Stower1Walton, Cheshire Daughter
91-820Wandsworth London
91-820Andrew Stover62Bristol, Gloucestershire Prisoner
91-820James Stoner31Deptford LondonHead
91-820Sarah Stoner29Rotherhithe LondonWife
91-820James Stoner9Greenwich KentSon
91-820Sarah Stoner6Deptford LondonDaughter
91-820Mary Stoner2Battersea SurreyDaughter
91-820Emma Stoner0.5 Wandsworth SurreyDaughter
91-821Wanstead Essex
91-821Joseph William Guilding Stover10N Scholar
91-821Florence Gerald Stover9N Scholar
91-822Warley Yorkshire
91-822Esther Honer31Lancaster, Lancashire Wife
91-822John Honer30Lancaster, Lancashire Head
91-822Ruth Honer5Lancaster, Lancashire Daughter
91-822James William Honer4Lancaster, Lancashire Son
91-822Charles William Honer2Sowerby Bridge YorkshireSon
91-823Warlingham Surrey
91-823Alfred Stover13India Nephew
91-824Watford Hertfordshire
91-824Frederick Stong9London Inmate
91-825Wednesfield Staffordshire
91-825John Stone32Wolverhampton StaffordshireHeadBlacksmith's ?????????
91-825Alice Stone29Wolverhampton StaffordshireWife
91-825John TStone18Wolverhampton StaffordshireNephew
91-826Wellingborough Northamptonshire
91-826Alfred Stover - Stoner34Camberwell LondonHead
91-826Sarah Ann Stover - Stoner29Sywell, Northampton Wife
91-826Sarah Honer11Weshampstead, Bedfordshire Housekeeper
91-826Thomas A Stover - Stoner7Wellingborough, Northampton Son
91-826Adelaide S Stover - Stoner3Croydon SurreyDaughter
91-826Jane Stover - Stoner1Croydon SurreyDaughter
91-827Wembdon Somerset
91-827Jane Honer50Nbright SurreyVisitor
91-828West Bromwich Staffordshire
91-828Isaac Wones45Woodsetton, Staffordshire Head
91-828Betsy Wones42Willenhall, Staffordshire Wife
91-828Edith Wones21Wolverhampton, Staffordshire Daughter
91-828Annie L Wones18Wolverhampton, Staffordshire Daughter
91-828Carlotta Wones16Woodsetton, Staffordshire Daughter
91-828John Ed Wones14Woodsetton, Staffordshire Son
91-828Joseph Roth Wones9West Bromwich, Staffordshire Son
91-829West Clandon Surrey
91-829Sarah Annie Stonere - Stoner37Ripley SurreyWife
91-829William Stonere - Stoner35Cheriton HampshireHead
91-829George Stonere - Stoner5West Clandon SurreySon
91-829Lily Stonere - Stoner3West Clandon SurreyDaughter
91-829Daisy Stonere - Stoner1West Clandon SurreyDaughter
91-830West Derby 1 Lancashire
91-830Albert Stoner58Lambeth LondonHead
91-830Elizabeth Stoner27farnworth, Lancashire Wife
91-830--- Stoner0.25Liverpool, Lancashire Daughter
91-830Albert E E Stoner3Liverpool, Lancashire Son
91-830Alice M Stoner1Liverpool, Lancashire Daughter
91-831West Derby 2 Lancashire
91-831Annie Stoner25Liverpool, Lancashire Wife
91-831Charles Hy Stoner24Liverpool, Lancashire Head
91-831Edward J Stoner4Liverpool, Lancashire Son
91-832West Derby 9 Lancashire
91-832Daniel Stoner47Manchester, Lancashire Head
91-832Mary A Stoner43Manchester, Lancashire Wife
91-832Minnie Stoner22Manchester, Lancashire Daughter
91-832Ada Stoner19Manchester, Lancashire Daughter
91-832Elizabeth Stoner14Stretford, Lancashire Daughter
91-832Gertrude Stoner12Liverpool, Lancashire Daughter
91-833West Ham 1 Essex
91-833Charles Stoner30headbourne HampshireHead
91-833Mary E Stoner30Newport, MON Wife
91-833William A Stoner4Plaistow EssexSon
91-833Harriet E Stoner3Plaistow EssexDaughter
91-833Mary E Stoner3Plaistow EssexDaughter
91-833John C Stoner1Plaistow EssexSon
91-834West Ham 3 Essex
91-834James Henry Stoves - Stoner37Brighton SussexHeadRailway Engine Driver
91-834Sarah Stoves - Stoner37Brighton SussexWife
91-834Henry James Stoves - Stoner18Brighton SussexSonRailway Fireman
91-834Jane Stoves - Stoner14Brighton SussexDaughterScholar
91-834Charles Stoves - Stoner12canning town EssexSon
91-834George Stoves - Stoner12canning town EssexSon
91-834Katherine Stoves - Stoner9canning town EssexDaughter
91-834William Stoves - Stoner2canning town EssexSon
91-835West Ham 4 Essex
91-835James Stoner46stratford EssexBoarder (u)Lighterman
91-836West Ham 5 Essex
91-836Florence A Stoner24Deptford Wife
91-836William Stoner24Plaistow EssexHead
91-836Florence E Stoner3Plaistow EssexDaughter
91-836Edith Stoner2Plaistow EssexDaughter
91-836William Stoner0.08Plaistow EssexSon
91-837West Ham 6 Essex
91-837Ann E Stoner22Deptford KentWifeDressmaker
91-837George Stoner28 HampshireHeadShip Fireman
91-837Annie M Stoner2Silverton EssexDaughter
91-838West Ham 7 Essex
91-838Mary Ann Stoner10canning town EssexVisitor
91-839West Ham 78 Essex
91-839Charles Staner20Ratcliff LondonLodgerDock Labourer
91-840West Ham 79 Essex
91-840Joseph Honer26Northampton HampshireLodger
91-841West Ham 8 Essex
91-841Charles S Joner - Stoner56Ovington HampshireHead
91-841Mary Ann S Joner - Stoner22Plaistow EssexDaughter
91-841Harriett E Joner - Stoner13Plaistow EssexDaughter
91-841Richard Goodall85Kings Worsley HampshireFather in Law
91-842West Ham 81 Essex
91-842Anne Stower64 SomersetHead (w)Mid-wife
91-843West Ham 81a Essex
91-843Kate Stower McDougall23 DorsetWife
91-843Elizabeth Stower McDougall0.91West Ham EssexDaughter
91-843John Stower Edwards25Brighton SussexSonMarine Engineer
91-843Mary Stower Edwards23St Giles LondonDaughterLaundress
91-843Elizabeth Stower Edwards21Croydon SurreyDaughterLaundress
91-844West Ham 82 Essex
91-844Ellen Stower35Bradfield EssexWife
91-844William Stower35Weymouth Head
91-844William Stower10canning town EssexSon
91-844Earnest Stower4canning town EssexSon
91-844Charles Stower2Silverton EssexSon
91-845West Ham 83 Essex
91-845Charles Stower33Southampton HampshireHeadStationery Engine Driver
91-845Georgina Stower28Lambeth LondonWife
91-846West Ham 84 Essex
91-846James Stower25Southampton HampshireHead
91-846Selina Stower21Oakley EssexWife
91-846James Stower0.58Plaistow EssexSon
91-847West Ham 88 Essex
91-847Joseph MillerTrowbridge54Ockford DorsetHeadEngine Fitter
91-847Emma Trowbridge51Chalk Farm MiddlesexWife
91-847Arthur GeorgeTrowbridge23Poplar MiddlesexSon
91-847Herbert EdwardTrowbridge21Limehouse MiddlesexSon
91-847Walter JosephTrowbridge20Limehouse MiddlesexSon
91-848Brighton88 Sussex
91-848Alice AngelineTrowbridge13Limehouse MiddlesexDaughter
91-849Westgate Northumberland
91-849Mary A Stong77Duston, Durham Mother
91-849James Stong56Newcastle Head
91-850Westleigh Lancashire
91-850Agnes Storer - Stoner53Leigh LancashireLodger (w)
91-850John J Clews31Leigh LancashireLodgerSawyer
91-850George Henry Clews24Leigh LancashireLodgerCoal Miner
91-851Westminster - St James London
91-851Henry Stoner27Sidlow SurreyLodger
91-851William Staner21Ballinzona, Switzerland Servant
91-852Westminster - St John the Evangalist London
91-852Sarah A Honer57Strand LondonVisitor
91-852Harriett Honer42Devizes, Wiltshire Head
91-852John Stover30Sohs MiddlesexHead
91-852Florence Honer11Clapham J LondonDaughter
91-852Gladys M Honer2St Johns LondonDaughter
91-853Westminster - St John the Evangalist 1 London
91-853Charles T Stoner35Kentish Town LondonHeadCarpenter
91-853Emily J Stoner34Frome, Somerset Wife
91-853Ellen Stoner9Holborn LondonDaughter
91-853Edward T Stoner7Marylebone LondonSon
91-853Charles Henry Stoner5Marylebone LondonSon
91-853Florence Emily Stoner3 Daughter
91-854Westminster - St John the Evangalist 2 London
91-854John Stover30Soho MiddlesexHeadHall Porter
91-854Clara Storer31High Easter EssexWife
91-854Francis John Stoner2Westminster MiddlesexSon
91-855Westoe Durham
91-855William Honer33No Shields, Northampton Head
91-855Florence Honer28Sunderland, Durham Wife
91-855William G Honer8South Shields, Durham Son
91-855James H Honer5South Shields, Durham Son
91-855Mary A Honer2South Shields, Durham Son
91-856Weston Super Mare Somerset
91-856Margaret A Stower76Bluntisham HampshireLodger
91-856Charlotte Stower45Nottingham, Nottinghamshire Lodger
91-857Weston Super Mare 1 Somerset
91-857Mary A Stower51Heytesbury, Wiltshire Head
91-857Sarah A Stower17Weston-super-mare, Somerset Daughter
91-857Lucy L Stower12Weston-super-mare, Somerset Daughter
91-858Whitechapel St Mary London
91-858Charles Honer48Shoreditch LondonHead
91-858Martha Honer33Bethnal Green LondonWife
91-858John Honer14Bethnal Green LondonSon
91-858Martha Honer14Bethnal Green LondonPatient
91-858James Honer12Bethnal Green LondonSon
91-858Eleanor Honer11Bethnal Green LondonDaughter
91-858Ann Honer7Whitechapel LondonDaughter
91-858George Honer2Whitechapel LondonSon
91-859Whitwick Leicestershire
91-859John Stover61Ibstock Head
91-859Sarah Ann Stover56Blackwell, Staffordshire Wife
91-859Mary Ann Stover33Snetsham NorfolkWife
91-859Maud A Stover16Birmingham;sparkbrook Daughter
91-859Agnes L Stover11Snetsham NorfolkDaughter
91-859Tom Stover11Whitwick LeicestershireSon
91-859Bertha Stover10Whitwick LeicestershireDaughter
91-860Widnes Lancashire
91-860Philip Reilly57Ireland Head
91-860Sarah A Reilly56Ashton Under Lyme, Lancashire Wife
91-860Thomas Stoner33Ashton under Lyme, Lancashire Nephew
91-860Elizabeth King31Ashton Under Lyme, Lancashire Niece
91-860Mathew Cullen17Widnes, Lancashire Adopted Son
91-861Wigan Lancashire
91-861Henry Stoner30Romsley, Cheshire InmateFloat Finisher
91-862Wigginton Staffordshire
91-862John Stover78Drayton, Staffordshire Pauper Inmate
91-862Thomas Stover72Drayton, Staffordshire Pauper Inmate
91-862Margaret Stover2Wigginton, Staffordshire Granddaughter
91-863Willesden Middlesex
91-863Harriett Stower71Camberwell LondonVisitor
91-863Mary A Stower71London MiddlesexLodger
91-863Florrie Storer - Stoner9canning town EssexVisitor
91-864Wimbledon 1 Surrey
91-864Mary A Honer - Stoner56Totnes, Devon Or Devonshire Wife
91-864Henry Honer - Stoner43Slaugham SussexHeadPolice Constable
91-864Alfred H Honer - Stoner18Paddington LondonSonRailway Booking Clerk
91-864Ernest J Honer - Stoner14Paddington LondonSonPrinters Apprentice
91-864Jessie M Honer - Stoner10Wimbledon SurreyDaughterScholar
91-864George Honer - Stoner8Wimbledon SurreySonScholar
91-864Bertice C Honer - Stoner6Wimbledon SurreySonScholar
91-865Wimbledon 2 Surrey
91-865Henry Stoner44Pirbright SurreyHeadFlagman on Railway
91-865Mary Ann Stoner40Farnborough HampshireWife
91-866Wimbledon 3 Surrey
91-866Elizabeth Stoner39Anchinleck, Scotland Wife
91-866Willim Chas Stoner37Chilvers Coton, Warwickshire Head
91-866Joseph C Stoner11South Beddington SurreySon
91-866Emily M Stoner10Wallington SurreyDaughter
91-866Janet E Stoner8Wallington SurreyDaughter
91-866Edith V Stoner6South Beddington SurreyDaughter
91-867Wingate Durham
91-867James Stong49England Head
91-867Mary J Stong43England Wife
91-867Edilia Stong22England Daughter
91-867William Stong21England Son
91-867Mary Stong13England Daughter
91-867James Stong10England Son
91-868Winterbourne Earls Wiltshire
91-868Edward H Stong82Chelmarsh, Wiltshire Head
91-868Lucy J Stong31Winterbourne Dauntsey, Wiltshire Wife
91-868Beatrice H Stong9Winterbourne Dauntsey, Wiltshire Daughter
91-868Edward H Stong3Winterbourne Dauntsey, Wiltshire Son
91-869Winterton Lincolnshire
91-869Anthony Stover44Byers Green, Durham Head
91-870Wirksworth Derbyshire
91-870Jonathan Stover61Wirksworth;alderwasley DerbyshireHead
91-870Joseph Stover60Wirksworth DerbyshireBrother
91-870Joseph Stover42Wirksworth DerbyshireHead
91-870Ann Stover40Wirksworth DerbyshireWife
91-870Ellen Stover12Wirksworth DerbyshireDaughter
91-871Wishaw Warwickshire
91-871Thomas Stover37Drayton Bassett, Staffordshire Head
91-871Harriet Stover34Burntwood, Staffordshire Wife
91-871Lucy Stover11Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire Daughter
91-871Edward D Stover9Blackwell, Gla Son
91-871Jane Stover6Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire Daughter
91-871Walter T Stover5Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire Son
91-872Wolstanton Staffordshire
91-872John Stomer57Hanley StaffordshireHeadChina & Earthenware Manufacturer
91-872Mary Stonier53Liverpool LancashireWife
91-873Wolverhampton Staffordshire
91-873Mabel CStorer16Mauldon BedfordshireServant
91-874Wood Eaton Oxfordshire
91-874Mary Stonar31Dewar, Scotland Servant
91-875Woolwich London
91-875Thomas Stong40Leeds YorkshireBoarder
91-875Samuel Stower22St Philips Bristol, Gloucestershire Soldier
91-876Wootton 1 Oxfordshire
91-876Mary AStone46Wootton, Oxfordshire Head (w)Glovenso
91-877Wootton Bassett Wiltshire
91-877Reginald H Honer19Kuockalesary Queecis County, Ireland Visitor
91-878Worksop 1 Nottinghamshire
91-878Henry Storen29Hull YorkshireHead
91-878Emily Storen6Worksop, Nottinghamshire Daughter
91-878Lily Storen5Worksop, Nottinghamshire Daughter
91-878Willie HStoren3Worksop, Nottinghamshire Son
91-879Worksop 2 Nottinghamshire
91-879George Storer38 Head
91-879Georgina Storer35 Wife
91-879Mary EStorer14 Daughter
91-879George HStoren12Worksop, Nottinghamshire Son
91-879Tom Storen9Worksop, Nottinghamshire Son
91-879Grace Storen7Worksop, Nottinghamshire Daughter
91-879Maud Storen3Worksop, Nottinghamshire Daughter
91-880Worsborough 21 Edmunds Road Yorkshire
91-880Thomas Glover63Monk Brotton YorkshireHead (w)General Labourer
91-880Amelia Glover23Worsbro Dale YorkshireDaughter
91-880Albert Glover16Worsbro Dale YorkshireSonGeneral Labourer
91-880Elizabeth A Glover14Worsbro Dale YorkshireDaughter
91-880Leah Glover1Worsbro Dale YorkshireGrand Daughter
91-880William Stoner52Barnsley YorkshireBoarderCoal Miner
91-881Worsley Lancashire
91-881Ellen Stong77wighaw parrish of newchurch Mother
91-881Victor Stover53hambury DeutschlandBoarder
91-882Wortley Yorkshire
91-882James Stower36Leeds YorkshireHead
91-882Elizh Stower33Cheltenham, Gloucestershire Wife
91-882Jno Robt Stower14Bradford YorkshireSon
91-882Anne E Stower8Leeds YorkshireDaughter
91-882Ernest Stower6Leeds YorkshireSon
91-882William James Stower2Leeds YorkshireSon
91-883Wrangle Lincolnshire
91-883Ann Ellen Stoner19Keal Coates, Lincolnshire Visitor
91-884Wuerdle and Wardle Lancashire
91-884Benjamin G Stoner41St Giles LondonHead
91-884Jane A Stoner35Manchester, Lancashire Wife
91-884Mabel Stoner5Manchester, Lancashire Daughter
91-884Margaretta Stoner4Manchester, Lancashire Daughter
91-884Ethel Stoner2Manchester, Lancashire Daughter
91-885Wymering Hampshire
91-885William Stoner22 HampshireLodgerWood Chopper
91-886Buxton Derbyshire
91-886Phillip Storen28N Lodger
91-886Alice AStoren24Elland YorkshireLodger
91-887Crich Derbyshire
91-887Christopher Storen63Crich DerbyshireHead
91-887Ann Storen61Crich DerbyshireWife
91-888Hampton Middlesex
91-888Alice Storen15Desford LeicestershireServant
91-889Hurdsfield Cheshire
91-889James Storen36Hurdsfield CheshireBrother-in-law
91-889Elizabeth Storen30Hurdsfield CheshireSister-in-law
91-890Kings Somborne Hampshire
91-890Alfred JStoren17Taunton SomersetBoarder
91-891Kingswinford Staffordshire
91-891Elizabeth Storen71East Cokingworth YorkshireWife
91-891Robert Storen63Drayton Bassett StaffordshireHead
91-892Lockwood Yorkshire
91-892Harriet Storen64 Mother
91-893New Normanton Derbyshire
91-893William Storen40Hartshorne DerbyshireHead
91-893Ellen Storen39Halstead EssexWife
91-893Edgar Storen15Wellingborough NorthamptonshireSon
91-893Ernest Storen10Derby DerbyshireSon
91-893Minnie Storen8Derby DerbyshireDaughter
91-893Ethel Storen6Derby DerbyshireDaughter
91-893Joseph Storen4Derby DerbyshireSon
91-894Newarke Leicestershire
91-894Arthur Storen20Enderby LeicestershireBoarder
91-895North Shields Northumberland
91-895William Storen47Doron Ire Warren PointBoarder
91-896Pendleton Lancashire
91-896Henry Storen67Enderby LeicestershireHead
91-896Anne Storen52Horwich Wife
91-896Lily Storen18Pendleton Daughter
91-896William Storen11Cheshire Son
91-897Radford Nottinghamshire
91-897John Storen29Manchester LancashireHead
91-897Alice Storen26Manchester LancashireWife
91-897John ThomasStoren11Manchester LancashireSon
91-897William Storen6Manchester LancashireSon
91-897James Storen2Manchester LancashireSon
91-897Mary Storen0 NottinghamshireDaughter
91-898Ruswarp Yorkshire
91-898Jane Storen45Fylingdales YorkshireHead
91-898Elizabeth Storen34Fylingdales YorkshireSister
91-898Alese NStoren25Fylingdales YorkshireSister
91-899St Nicholas Northumberland
91-899Anthony Storen37Newcastle Upon Tyne NorthumberlandHead