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Note that apart from those for my direct line I hold few certificates and the information shown is therefore not fully researched
It is meant to be an aid and simply indicates where I would look if following a line
Home ~~~~ 1841 a2a census ~~~~ Help
Note that apart from those for my direct line I hold few certificates and the information shown is therefore not fully researched
It is meant to be an aid and simply indicates where I would look if following a line
41-142Abraham Storer8 Staffordshire
41-568Abraham Storer10 Derbyshire
41-353Abraham Storer13
41-353Abraham Storer35
41-551Achapsbeel STONER8 Lincolnshire
41-210Adam Honer6 Derbyshire
41-4Adelphas STONER9 Sussex
41-246Adin Storer30
41-269Agnes STONER6 Yorkshire
41-548Agnes Storer6 Durham
41-367Agnes Stones7 Westmorland
41-226Agnes Stromer8
41-227Alban Stonar25 MiddlesexBarrister
41-122Albert STONER1 Sussex
41-67Albert STONER9 Sussex
41-245Albert Storer10 Leicestershire
41-501Alexander Storer39 Middlesex
41-16Alfred STONER1 Sussex
41-72Alfred STONER1 Sussex
41-249Alfred Storer1 Staffordshire
41-150Alfred Storer3 Lancashire
41-34Alfred STONER4 Sussex
41-320Alfred STONER5 Surrey
41-598Alfred Haner25 Suffolk
41-321Alfred STONER30
41-260Alfred EdSTONER3
41-434Alice Storer8 Derbyshire
41-161Alice Storer9 Derbyshire
41-187Alice Stones12 Lancashire
41-515Alice Story16 Nottinghamshire
41-387Alice STONER30 Lancashire
41-102Alice Hopler Staples40
41-568Alice Storer55 Derbyshire
41-257Alice Stoves Stones65 Yorkshire
41-129Allea Allen EFloan Floate25 SussexGrocer
41-38Allen Blanch50 Sussex
41-210Allice Storer50 Derbyshire
41-501Alvan Honer15
41-245Ambrose Storer4 Leicestershire
41-309Ambrose STONER15 Wiltshire
41-309Ambrose STONER38 WiltshireBrewer
41-310Amelia STONER14 Wiltshire
41-464Amelia STROMER35
41-578Amos Haner0 Yorkshire
41-89Amos STONER6 Sussex
41-131Amos STONER20 Sussex
41-424An Stones30 Yorkshire
41-294Ann Storer0 Leicestershire
41-175Ann Grant0.83
41-133Ann Honer1 Oxfordshire
41-210Ann Honer1 Derbyshire
41-421Ann Stone1 Essex
41-425Ann Honer1 Yorkshire
41-618Ann Stormer1 Leicestershire
41-126Ann STONER2 Sussex
41-290Ann Storer2 Derbyshire
41-422Ann STONER2 Yorkshire
41-423Ann STONER2 Yorkshire
41-161Ann Storer3 Derbyshire
41-318Ann STONER3 Yorkshire
41-395Ann STOREN3 Derbyshire
41-397Ann Honer3 Surrey
41-559Ann Storer3 Lincolnshire
41-358Ann Storer5 Derbyshire
41-487Ann Staner5 Middlesex
41-547Ann Stone5 Staffordshire
41-170Ann Honer6 Yorkshire
41-351Ann Stocer6 Warwickshire
41-490Ann Storer6 Staffordshire
41-102Ann Hopler Staples7 Sussex
41-144Ann Stone7 Hampshire
41-187Ann Stones7 Lancashire
41-285Ann Hainesworth7 Yorkshire
41-573Ann Stones7 Lincolnshire
41-585Ann Haner7 Huntingdonshire
41-353Ann Storer8 Nottinghamshire
41-136Ann Storer9 Derbyshire
41-398Ann STONER9 Devon
41-120Ann STONER10 Sussex
41-299Ann Storer10 Leicestershire
41-382Ann STONER10 Nottinghamshire
41-413Ann Stones10 Yorkshire
41-468Ann MONER10 Worcestershire
41-121Ann STONER11 Sussex
41-162Ann STONER11 Yorkshire
41-173Ann Stanyer12 Cheshire
41-473Ann Stonis12 Warwickshire
41-564Ann Storer12 Yorkshire
41-306Ann Storer13 Derbyshire
41-405Ann Storer13
41-433Ann Stones13 Lincolnshire, England
41-568Ann Storer13 Derbyshire
41-241Ann STONER14 Lancashire
41-559Ann Storer14 Lincolnshire
41-79Ann Penfold15 SussexF.S.
41-184Ann STONER15 Leicestershire
41-397Ann Honer15 Surrey
41-454Ann Honer15 Surrey
41-249Ann Storer16 Staffordshire
41-58Ann STONER20 Sussex
41-179Ann Storer20 Warwickshire
41-267Ann Storer20 Warwickshire
41-280Ann Honer20 Shropshire
41-296Ann Honer20 Hertfordshire
41-298Ann Storer20
41-522Ann Stoma22 Cambridgeshire
41-273Ann Stora23 Leicestershire
41-348Ann Storer23 Shropshire
41-597Ann Haner23 Yorkshire
41-17Ann STONER25 Sussex
41-45Ann Stone25 Sussex
41-126Ann STONER25 Sussex
41-136Ann Storer25 Derbyshire
41-149Ann Storer25 Derbyshire
41-153Ann Storer25 Warwickshire
41-274Ann Storer25
41-352Ann STONNER25
41-427Ann STONER25 Middlesex
41-465Ann Storer25 Northumberland
41-404Ann Staner27 Kent
41-603Ann Haner27 Northumberland
41-249Ann Storer28
41-283Ann Hollick28
41-402Ann Storer28
41-161Ann Storer30 Derbyshire
41-296Ann Honer30 Hertfordshire
41-395Ann STOREN30 Derbyshire
41-402Ann STONER30 Lancashire
41-450Ann MONER30
41-571Ann Storer30 Staffordshire
41-615Ann Haner30 Lancashire
41-400Ann Staner32 Hampshire
41-107Ann Stonner - Stoner33 Sussex
41-364Ann Storer33 Derbyshire
41-434Ann Storer34 Derbyshire
41-150Ann Storer35
41-187Ann Stones35 Lancashire
41-245Ann Storer35 Leicestershire
41-252Ann Storer35 Derbyshire
41-299Ann Storer35
41-299Ann Storer35
41-380Ann Stonex35 Foreign Parts
41-429Ann STONER35 Yorkshire
41-490Ann Storer35
41-491Ann Stonex35
41-622Ann Storer35 Derbyshire
41-130Ann Stones40
41-136Ann Storer40 Derbyshire
41-422Ann STONER40 Yorkshire
41-468Ann MONER40 Worcestershire
41-472Ann STOREN40 Leicestershire
41-490Ann Storer40 Staffordshire
41-573Ann Stones40 LincolnshirePublican
41-136Ann Storer45 Derbyshire
41-361Ann Storer45 Derbyshire
41-376Ann Staner45 Oxfordshire
41-558Ann Honer45 Northamptonshire
41-605Ann Haner45 Surrey
41-445Ann Storer47 Middlesex
41-52Ann STONER50 Sussex
41-117Ann Stow50 Sussex
41-189Ann MONER50 Cambridgeshire
41-443Ann Honer50 Middlesex
41-506Ann Storer50
41-515Ann Story50 Nottinghamshire
41-600Ann Haner50 Oxfordshire
41-55Ann STONER55 Sussex
41-105Ann Stromer Skinner55 Sussex
41-161Ann Storer55 Derbyshire
41-334Ann Honer55 Bedfordshire
41-496Ann Staner55
41-245Ann Storer60 Leicestershire
41-402Ann Storer60
41-466Ann Staner62 Kent
41-283Ann Hollick63 Warwickshire
41-421Ann Stone63 Essex
41-336Ann STONER65
41-469Ann Storer65 Middlesex
41-141Ann Storer70 Northumberland
41-531Ann Storer75 Staffordshire
41-175Ann James Jane Honer - Stoner29
41-104Ann PackhamSTONER15 SussexF.S.
41-470Anna Storer20 Middlesex
41-493Anna Storer25 Ireland
41-537Anne STONER3 Oxfordshire
41-345Anne STONNER7
41-252Anne Storer10 Derbyshire
41-125Anne STONER15 Sussex
41-367Anne Stones35 Westmorland
41-252Anne Storer50 Derbyshire
41-136Anthony Storer1 Derbyshire
41-395Anthony STOREN5 Derbyshire
41-55Anthony STONER12 Sussex
41-136Anthony Storer20 Derbyshire
41-252Anthony Storer25 Derbyshire
41-477Arin Storer25
41-129Armal Hannah Floan Floate35 Sussex