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Note that apart from those for my direct line I hold few certificates and the information shown is therefore not fully researched
It is meant to be an aid and simply indicates where I would look if following a line
Home ~~~~ 1841 b2d census ~~~~ Help
Note that apart from those for my direct line I hold few certificates and the information shown is therefore not fully researched
It is meant to be an aid and simply indicates where I would look if following a line
41-373Baker Honer37 Yorkshire
41-198Barbara Simer4 Northumberland
41-567Barbara STONER11 Durham
41-36Barbara STONER52 Sussex
41-20Barbara STONER66 Sussex
41-329Barnet MONER2 Ireland
41-416Benjaman Storer70
41-342Benjamin Storer20 Lincolnshire
41-308Benjamin Honer25 Staffordshire
41-406Benjamin Storer30 Derbyshire
41-596Benjamin Haner30 Buckinghamshire
41-473Benjamin Stonis50 Warwickshire
41-407Benjes Storer50
41-299Bessy Storer8 Leicestershire
41-65Bethiah STONER65 Sussex
41-457Betsey Storer40
41-598Betsy Haner1 Suffolk
41-352Betsy STOREN25 Lancashire
41-455Betsy STONER25 Surrey
41-292Betsy Staner30 Essex
41-578Betty Haner4 Yorkshire
41-241Betty STONER16 Lancashire
41-403Betty Threllfall30 LancashireShopkeeper
41-516Betty Stoma30 Yorkshire
41-241Betty STONER45 Lancashire
41-403Betty Threllfall60 Lancashire
41-483Briscille Priscilla STONER24
41-278Calvert Flower3 Middlesex
41-21Carol STONER10 Sussex
41-308Caroline Storer0 Staffordshire
41-577Caroline Haner2 Warwickshire
41-109Caroline STONER5 Sussex
41-114Caroline Drewett8 Sussex
41-363Caroline Storer9 Derbyshire
41-361Caroline Storer10 Derbyshire
41-420Caroline Storer12 Leicestershire
41-89Caroline STONER13 Sussex
41-99Caroline STONER15 Sussex
41-15Caroline Stones20 Sussex
41-137Caroline Storer20 Derbyshire
41-308Caroline Honer20
41-443Caroline Honer20 Middlesex
41-428Caroline STONE25 Work Folder
41-484Caroline STONER25
41-486Catharine MONER20
41-64Catharine Stane - Stoner45 Sussex
41-307Catheran Honer15 Ireland
41-161Catherine Storer2
41-339Catherine Storer8 Lancashire
41-434Catherine Storer10 Derbyshire
41-176Catherine Storer15
41-142Catherine Storer16 Staffordshire
41-248Catherine Storer18
41-72Catherine STONER20 Sussex
41-428Catherine STONE24
41-113Catherine STONER25 Sussex
41-358Catherine Mather35 DerbyshireF.S.
41-495Catherine Honer40
41-266Catherine Stonex56 Norfolk
41-499Catherine Stonis56 Derbyshire
41-356Catherine Storer60 Leicestershire
41-548Cathrine Storer20 Durham
41-27Charla STONER51 Sussex
41-10Charles Stane0.25 Sussex
41-249Charles Storer1 Staffordshire
41-352Charles Stonier1
41-339Charles Storer2 Lancashire
41-524Charles Stoma3 Kent
41-145Charles Stone5 Hampshire
41-237Charles Stones5 Lincolnshire
41-251Charles Storer5 Worcestershire
41-292Charles Staner5 Essex
41-440Charles Staner5 Middlesex
41-554Charles MONER5 Gloucestershire
41-540Charles Stonage - Stoner7 Hampshire
41-200Charles Staner8 Essex
41-477Charles Honer8 Middlesex
41-605Charles Haner8 Surrey
41-144Charles Stone9 Hampshire
41-500Charles Storer9 Derbyshire
41-500Charles Storer9 Derbyshire
41-345Charles STONNER10 Bedfordshire
41-107Charles Stonner - Stoner12 Sussex
41-242Charles Storer - Stoner12 Kent
41-245Charles Storer12 Leicestershire
41-495Charles Storer12 Kent
41-568Charles Storer13 Derbyshire
41-55Charles STONER14 Sussex
41-52Charles STONER15 Sussex
41-100Charles Flener - Stoner15 Sussex
41-153Charles Honer15
41-259Charles Storer16 Warwickshire
41-337Charles STONNER18
41-81Charles Starnes20 Sussex
41-179Charles FLENER20
41-445Charles Storer20 Middlesex
41-95Charles Stones25 Sussex
41-106Charles Sharpe25 Sussex
41-267Charles Storer25 Warwickshire
41-421Charles Stone25 Essex
41-296Charles Honer26 Hertfordshire
41-453Charles STONER34
41-144Charles Stone35 Hampshire
41-440Charles Staner35 Middlesex
41-407Charles Storah45 Nottinghamshire
41-540Charles Stonage - Stoner45 Hampshire
41-445Charles Storer53 Middlesex
41-271Charles Storer55
41-399Charles Storer60 Middlesex
41-326Charles HillStones - Stoner0.66 Surrey
41-520Charles RalphStoma33 Middlesex
41-119Charlott STONER20 Sussex
41-58Charlott STONER25 Sussex
41-322Charlotte STONER2 Surrey
41-373Charlotte Honer4 Yorkshire
41-427Charlotte STONER5 Middlesex
41-106Charlotte Hopwood7 Sussex
41-53Charlotte STONER10 Sussex
41-304Charlotte Storer10 Leicestershire
41-460Charlotte Storer10
41-314Charlotte STONER11 Leicestershire
41-397Charlotte Honer13 Surrey
41-132Charlotte Moner - Stoner25 Sussex
41-375Charlotte Staner30 Nottinghamshire
41-593Charlotte Haner35
41-464Charlotte Staner45 Middlesex
41-15Charlotte Stones56
41-486Charlotte C MONER15
41-568Charls Storer13 Derbyshire
41-435Chas Staner50 Hampshire
41-579Chas Haner55 Cornwall
41-27Chas STONER56 Sussex
41-313Christian STONER45 Leicestershire
41-194Christopher Stornes - Stoner9 Yorkshire
41-161Christopher Storer13 Derbyshire
41-194Christopher Stornes - Stoner40 Yorkshire
41-4Cordila STONER15 Sussex
41-299Cristopher Storer2 Leicestershire
41-296Daniel Honer25 Hertfordshire
41-262Daniell STONER11 Surrey
41-180Daniell Paton80 Warwickshire
41-24Danl STONER12 SussexFarm Labourer
41-190David Stoney - Stoner0.33 Yorkshire
41-548David Storer1 Durham
41-252David Storer5 Derbyshire
41-162David STONER9 Yorkshire
41-533David Wiskin13 Suffolk
41-548David Storer13 Durham
41-546David Stann - Stoner20 LancashireTailor
41-217David STONER27 Cap maker
41-195David Shomer - Stoner30
41-252David Storer42 Derbyshire
41-548David Storer45 Durham
41-63Deana Storen45
41-582Deborah Haner15
41-266Deborah Stonex20 Norfolk
41-407Denis Storah14
41-178Dinah Stoney - Stoner3 Yorkshire
41-433Dinah Stones6 Lincolnshire, England
41-170Dinah Honer26 Yorkshire
41-565Dinah STONER35 Yorkshire
41-537Dresille Drusilla STONER38 Oxfordshire
41-308Drucilla Storer7 Staffordshire