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Note that apart from those for my direct line I hold few certificates and the information shown is therefore not fully researched
It is meant to be an aid and simply indicates where I would look if following a line
Home ~~~~ 1841 e2e census ~~~~ Help
Note that apart from those for my direct line I hold few certificates and the information shown is therefore not fully researched
It is meant to be an aid and simply indicates where I would look if following a line
41-499E Storer15 Derbyshire
41-12Earnes Flener40 Sussex
41-361Edith Storer30 Derbyshire
41-363Edith Storer30 Derbyshire
41-345Edith STONNER50 Bedfordshire
41-188Edmond Storm5 Lincolnshire
41-87Edmond Storen - Stoner17 Sussex
41-284Edmund STONER10
41-10Edmund Stane11 Sussex
41-70Edmund Staples11 Sussex
41-526Edmund Stones15 LincolnshireAg Lab
41-122Edward Stones - Stoner0.08 Sussex
41-367Edward Stones3 Westmorland
41-433Edward Stones5 Lincolnshire, England
41-358Edward Storer8 Derbyshire
41-542Edward Storer8 Yorkshire
41-568Edward Storer11 Derbyshire
41-568Edward Storer11 Derbyshire
41-315Edward STONER18 Yorkshire
41-88Edward Storen - Stoner20 Sussex
41-192Edward Hill20 Yorkshire
41-446Edward FLENER22 Ireland
41-3Edward STONER25 Sussex
41-189Edward MONER25 Cambridgeshire
41-249Edward Storer25 Staffordshire
41-289Edward Stones25 Durham
41-372Edward Storer25 Northumberland
41-433Edward Stones35 Lincolnshire, England
41-367Edward Stones41
41-122Edward Stones - Stoner42 Sussex
41-358Edward Storer45 Derbyshire
41-14Edward May50 SussexCoachman
41-109Edward STONER50 SussexAg Lab
41-207Edward Honer50 Oxfordshire
41-42Edwd STONER20 Sussex
41-118Edwd STONER20 Sussex
41-304Edwd Storer30 Leicestershire
41-326Edwd Stones - Stoner35 Carpenter
41-188Edwd Storm45 Lincolnshire
41-561Edwin Stone3 Middlesex
41-249Edwin Storer20 Staffordshire
41-482Edwin Storer30
41-495Edwin Chas Honer7 Kent
41-476Eleanor Stinar25 Ind
41-566Eleanor Storer45 Leicestershire
41-141Eleanor Storer50 Northumberland
41-407Elen Storah12 Nottinghamshire
41-23Elene STONER1 Sussex
41-620Eli Stormer10 Northamptonshire
41-343Elisabeth Storer45 Northumberland
41-252Eliz Storer20 Derbyshire
41-509Eliza Storer0 Staffordshire
41-502Eliza STONER0.91 Middlesex
41-318Eliza STONER2 Yorkshire
41-327Eliza Hopkin2 Surrey
41-304Eliza Storer4 Leicestershire
41-101Eliza STONER5 Sussex
41-293Eliza Storer5 Derbyshire
41-355Eliza Staner5 Kent
41-466Eliza Staner5 Kent
41-136Eliza Storer8 Derbyshire
41-397Eliza Honer8 Surrey
41-433Eliza Stones8 Lincolnshire, England
41-159Eliza STONER9 Essex
41-275Eliza STONER9 Lincolnshire
41-452Eliza STONER12 Middlesex
41-527Eliza Stones12 Lincolnshire
41-173Eliza Stanyer13 Cheshire
41-179Eliza Honer13
41-583Eliza Haner13 Lincolnshire
41-319Eliza Staner14 Surrey
41-368Eliza MONER14 Kent
41-267Eliza Storer15 Warwickshire
41-374Eliza STONER15 Hampshire
41-447Eliza Honer15 Devon
41-279Eliza Storer18 MiddlesexBonnet Maker
41-464Eliza Storer18 Middlesex
41-568Eliza Storer18 Derbyshire
41-182Eliza Honer20 Wiltshire
41-584Eliza Haner25 Dorset
41-252Eliza Storer40 Derbyshire
41-540Eliza Stonage - Stoner50 Hampshire
41-524Elizabeth Stoma0 Kent
41-106Elizabeth Hopwood-0.17 Sussex
41-283Elizabeth Hollick0.75 Warwickshire
41-124Elizabeth STONER1 Sussex
41-136Elizabeth Storer1 Derbyshire
41-413Elizabeth Stones1 Yorkshire
41-506Elizabeth Storer1 Cheshire
41-567Elizabeth STONER1 Durham
41-44Elizabeth Stone2
41-101Elizabeth STONER3 Sussex
41-373Elizabeth Honer3 Yorkshire
41-433Elizabeth Stones4 Lincolnshire, England
41-362Elizabeth Storer5 Derbyshire
41-618Elizabeth Stormer5 Leicestershire
41-10Elizabeth Stane6 Sussex
41-136Elizabeth Storer6 Derbyshire
41-195Elizabeth Shomer - Stoner6
41-122Elizabeth Stones - Stoner7 Sussex
41-194Elizabeth Stornes - Stoner7 Yorkshire
41-102Elizabeth Hopler Staples9 Sussex
41-187Elizabeth Stones9 Lancashire
41-367Elizabeth Stones9 Westmorland
41-395Elizabeth STOREN9 Derbyshire
41-521Elizabeth Stoma9
41-64Elizabeth Stane - Stoner10 Sussex
41-252Elizabeth Storer11 Derbyshire
41-75Elizabeth STONER12 Sussex
41-302Elizabeth Stonier13 Staffordshire
41-601Elizabeth Haner13 Berkshire
41-473Elizabeth Stonis14 Warwickshire
41-557Elizabeth STONER14 Somerset
41-244Elizabeth Storer15 Hampshire
41-249Elizabeth Storer15 Staffordshire
41-269Elizabeth STONER15 Yorkshire
41-274Elizabeth Storer15
41-411Elizabeth STONER15 Yorkshire
41-477Elizabeth Storer15
41-495Elizabeth Storer15
41-506Elizabeth Storer15 Cheshire
41-579Elizabeth Haner15 Cornwall
41-316Elizabeth MONER16 Yorkshire
41-47Elizabeth STONER20 Sussex
41-50Elizabeth STONER20 Sussex
41-136Elizabeth Storer20 Derbyshire
41-193Elizabeth STONER20 Yorkshire
41-200Elizabeth Staner20 Essex
41-239Elizabeth STONER20 Yorkshire
41-241Elizabeth STONER20 Lancashire
41-331Elizabeth STONER20 Yorkshire
41-339Elizabeth FLENER20 Ireland
41-340Elizabeth STONER20 LancashireWaistcoat Maker
41-345Elizabeth STONNER20 Bedfordshire
41-531Elizabeth Storer20 Staffordshire
41-568Elizabeth Storer20 Derbyshire
41-593Elizabeth Haner20 Derbyshire
41-564Elizabeth STONNER23 Yorkshire
41-86Elizabeth STONER25 Sussex
41-210Elizabeth Storer25 Derbyshire
41-253Elizabeth Stonage25 Hampshire
41-304Elizabeth Storer25 Leicestershire
41-464Elizabeth Staner25 Middlesex
41-539Elizabeth Stinar25 Herefordshire
41-576Elizabeth Haner25 Berkshire
41-217Elizabeth STONER27
41-290Elizabeth Storer30
41-412Elizabeth Storer30 Northumberland
41-506Elizabeth Storer30 Foreign Parts
41-567Elizabeth STONER32 Durham
41-237Elizabeth Stones35 Lincolnshire
41-274Elizabeth Storer35 Derbyshire
41-299Elizabeth Storer35 Leicestershire
41-382Elizabeth STONER35 Nottinghamshire
41-397Elizabeth Honer35 Surrey
41-453Elizabeth STONER35
41-564Elizabeth Storer35 Yorkshire
41-583Elizabeth Haner35 Lincolnshire
41-319Elizabeth Storer36
41-4Elizabeth STONER40 Sussex
41-251Elizabeth Storer40 Worcestershire
41-286Elizabeth STONER40 Yorkshire
41-552Elizabeth Honer40 Ireland
41-147Elizabeth Stones41
41-58Elizabeth STONER45 Sussex
41-269Elizabeth STONER45 Yorkshire
41-304Elizabeth Storer45 Leicestershire
41-541Elizabeth STONER45
41-332Elizabeth Honer50 Staffordshire
41-340Elizabeth STONER50 LancashireWaistcoat Maker
41-356Elizabeth Storer50 Leicestershire
41-359Elizabeth STROMER50 Lincolnshire
41-477Elizabeth STONER50
41-137Elizabeth Storer55
41-327Elizabeth Tangate55 Surrey
41-408Elizabeth Stonen55 Huntingdonshire, England
41-580Elizabeth Haner55 Bedfordshire
41-49Elizabeth STONER60 Sussex
41-489Elizabeth Storer60
41-592Elizabeth Haner60 Bedfordshire
41-277Elizabeth Stones61
41-84Elizabeth STONER65 Sussex
41-141Elizabeth Storer65 Northumberland
41-352Elizabeth STOREN65 Lancashire
41-416Elizabeth Storer65
41-586Elizabeth Haner65 Yorkshire
41-254Elizabeth Staner70 Middlesex
41-588Elizabeth Haner72 Suffolk
41-299Elizabeth Storer74 Leicestershire
41-538Elizabeth STONER76 Lincolnshire
41-601Elizah Haner9 Berkshire
41-425Elizath Honer40
41-425Elizebeth Honer10 Yorkshire
41-622Elizebeth Storer15 Derbyshire
41-170Elizh Honer1 Yorkshire
41-137Elizh Storer7 Derbyshire
41-325Elizh STONER20
41-161Elizh Storer30 Derbyshire
41-449Elizh Storer38 Warwickshire
41-589Elizh Haner65 Northamptonshire
41-353Elizth Storer2 Nottinghamshire
41-326Elizth Stones - Stoner5 Surrey
41-296Elizth Honer6 Hertfordshire
41-346Elizth Storer11 Somerset
41-477Elizth Honer11 Middlesex
41-121Elizth STONER13 Sussex
41-296Elizth Honer15 Hertfordshire
41-477Elizth Honer17 Middlesex
41-407Elizth Storer19 Nottinghamshire
41-407Elizth Storer53
41-199Elizth Storer82 Kent
41-308Ellen Storer0 Staffordshire
41-126Ellen STONER1 Sussex
41-568Ellen Storer2 Derbyshire
41-101Ellen STONER7 Sussex
41-73Ellen Stonner8 Sussex
41-14Ellen Martin10 Sussex
41-622Ellen Storer11 Derbyshire
41-496Ellen Storer14 Derbyshire
41-434Ellen Storer15 Derbyshire
41-210Ellen Storer16 Derbyshire
41-122Ellen STONER29 Sussex
41-144Ellen Stone30 Hampshire
41-349Ellen STONER50 Ireland
41-473Ellen Stonis50 Warwickshire
41-400Ellener Staner7 Hampshire
41-169Ellenor STONER45 Hampshire
41-448Elrington John Storer20
41-467Emanuel MONER3 Middlesex
41-21Emely STONER1 Sussex
41-487Emily Staner2 Middlesex
41-443Emily Honer10 Middlesex
41-69Emily STONER23 Sussex
41-486Emily E MONER15
41-172Emm Storer3 Nottinghamshire
41-433Emma Stones0 Lincolnshire, England
41-5Emma STONER1 Sussex
41-200Emma Staner1 Essex
41-245Emma Storer1 Leicestershire
41-475Emma Storer1 Nottinghamshire
41-319Emma Storer2 Surrey
41-319Emma Staner3 Surrey
41-544Emma Honer3
41-544Emma Honer3 Lincolnshire
41-136Emma Storer4 Derbyshire
41-434Emma Storer6 Derbyshire
41-424Emma Stones7 Yorkshire
41-137Emma Storer8 Derbyshire
41-564Emma Storer8 Yorkshire
41-161Emma Storer10 Derbyshire
41-309Emma STONER15 Wiltshire
41-253Emma Stonage20 Hampshire
41-426Emma Storer20 Yorkshire
41-308Emma Storer30 Staffordshire
41-604Emma Haner32
41-309Emma STONER37
41-149Enoch Storer3 Derbyshire
41-18Ester STONER59 Sussex
41-620Esther Stormer15 Northamptonshire
41-352Esther STOREN20 Lancashire
41-464Esther Storer35 Middlesex