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Note that apart from those for my direct line I hold few certificates and the information shown is therefore not fully researched
It is meant to be an aid and simply indicates where I would look if following a line
Home ~~~~ 1841 j2j census ~~~~ Help
Note that apart from those for my direct line I hold few certificates and the information shown is therefore not fully researched
It is meant to be an aid and simply indicates where I would look if following a line
41-527Jabez Stones6 Lincolnshire
41-551Jabez STONER6 Lincolnshire
41-390Jabez STONER15 Yorkshire
41-161Jacob Storer20 Derbyshire
41-86Jacob STONER25 Sussex
41-136Jacob Storer35 Derbyshire
41-544Jame Honer30 Lincolnshire
41-308James Honer1 Staffordshire
41-467James MONER1 Middlesex
41-56James STONER2 Sussex
41-210James Honer2 Derbyshire
41-584James Haner2 Dorset
41-173James Stanyer3 Cheshire
41-153James Storer4 Warwickshire
41-403James Threllfall5 Lancashire
41-573James Stones5 Lincolnshire
41-34James STONER6 Sussex
41-481James Storer6 Surrey
41-427James STONER7 Middlesex
41-618James Stormer7 Leicestershire
41-242James Storer - Stoner9 Kent
41-495James Storer9 Kent
41-563James STONER9
41-567James STONER9 Durham
41-38James STONER10 Sussex
41-175James Storer10 Middlesex
41-337James STONNER10 Hertfordshire
41-346James STONER10
41-548James Storer10 England
41-144James Stone11 Hampshire
41-299James Storer11 Leicestershire
41-299James Storer11 Leicestershire
41-496James Storer11 Derbyshire
41-560James Spence11 Yorkshire
41-552James Honer12 Staffordshire
41-360James STONER13 Yorkshire
41-64James Stane - Stoner14 Sussex
41-111James Stone14 Sussex
41-585James Haner14 Huntingdonshire
41-102James Hopler Staples15
41-210James Storer15 Derbyshire
41-302James Stonier15 Staffordshire
41-333James STONER15 Lancashire
41-386James STONER15 Gloucestershire
41-187James Stones16 Lancashire
41-291James Honer17 Yorkshire
41-292James Staner18 Essex
41-479James Storer19 Surrey
41-61James Staples20 Sussex
41-79James Stoneham - Stoner20 SussexM.S.
41-100James Flener - Stoner20 Sussex
41-121James STONER20 Sussex
41-357James STONER20 Hampshire
41-397James Honer20 Surrey
41-515James Story20 Nottinghamshire
41-587James Haner20 Middlesex
41-47James STONER25 Sussex
41-56James STONER25 Sussex
41-6James STONER25 Sussex
41-85James STONER25 SussexLabourer
41-142James Storer25 Staffordshire
41-267James Storer25 Warwickshire
41-10James Stane30 Sussex
41-247James Tidy30 SurreyBricklayer
41-328James Staner30 Yorkshire
41-401James Stonehouse Stonehewer30Macclesfield, Cheshire Head
41-464James STROMER30
41-544James Honer30
41-427James STONER33 MiddlesexWood Turner
41-240James Honer35
41-301James Stonis35 Yorkshire
41-319James Storer35 Surrey
41-381James Stoney35 Foreign PartsTraveller in Books
41-405James STONER35 Lancashire
41-429James STONER35 Yorkshire
41-568James Storer35 Derbyshire
41-114James Drewett36 SussexMilkman
41-107James Stonner - Stoner37 Sussex
41-46James STONER40 SussexAg Lab
41-64James Stane - Stoner40 Sussex
41-121James STONER40 Sussex
41-176James Stener40 Corn Dealer
41-329James MONER40 Ireland
41-462James Storer40 Middlesex
41-474James Storer40 Scotland
41-601James Haner40 Berkshire
41-185James Staner45 Lancashire
41-252James Storer45 Derbyshire
41-397James Honer47 Surrey
41-137James Storer55 Derbyshire
41-219James STONER55 Hampshire
41-584James Haner55
41-609James Haner55 Buckinghamshire
41-597James Haner59 Yorkshire
41-66James White70 Sussex
41-501James John Storer9 Middlesex
41-251James R Storer14 Worcestershire
41-450Jana MONER45
41-397Jane Honer1 Surrey
41-476Jane Stinar1
41-120Jane STONER2 Sussex
41-170Jane Honer2 Yorkshire
41-198Jane Simer2 Northumberland
41-53Jane STONER3 Sussex
41-103Jane STONER3 Sussex
41-464Jane Storer3 Middlesex
41-269Jane STONER4 Yorkshire
41-299Jane Storer4 Leicestershire
41-412Jane Storer4 Northumberland
41-114Jane Drewett6 Sussex
41-107Jane Stonner - Stoner8 Sussex
41-429Jane STONER10 Yorkshire
41-594Jane Haner10 Leicestershire
41-251Jane Storer12 Worcestershire
41-433Jane Stones12 Lincolnshire, England
41-579Jane Haner13 Cornwall
41-75Jane Cottingham14 Sussex
41-477Jane Honer14 Middlesex
41-552Jane Honer14 Staffordshire
41-52Jane STONER15 Sussex
41-58Jane STONER15 Sussex
41-64Jane Stane - Stoner15 Sussex
41-98Jane Stiner15 Sussex
41-152Jane STONER15
41-439Jane Storer15 Durham
41-616Jane Haner15 Somerset
41-493Jane Honer18 Middlesex
41-71Jane Staples19 Sussex
41-48Jane STONER20 Sussex
41-59Jane Storen - Stoner20 Sussex
41-85Jane STONER20 Sussex
41-123Jane STONER20 Sussex
41-255Jane STOREN20 Northumberland
41-319Jane Storer20 Surrey
41-356Jane Storer20 Leicestershire
41-509Jane Storer22 Staffordshire
41-105Jane Stromer Skinner25 Sussex
41-115Jane STONER25 Sussex
41-502Jane STONER25 Middlesex
41-179Jane Storer30 Warwickshire
41-180Jane Storer30 Warwickshire
41-195Jane Shomer - Stoner30
41-296Jane Honer30 Hertfordshire
41-397Jane Honer30 Surrey
41-505Jane STONER30 CheshireCotton Spinner
41-563Jane STONER30
41-608Jane Haner32 Gloucestershire
41-14Jane May35 Sussex
41-198Jane Simer35 Northumberland
41-455Jane STONER40
41-495Jane STONER40 Gloucestershire
41-279Jane Storer45 Middlesex
41-464Jane Storer45 Middlesex
41-439Jane Storer50 Durham
41-609Jane Haner55 Buckinghamshire
41-261Jane Storer70
41-521Jane AethlerStoma10
41-339Jane Ann Storer1 Lancashire
41-373Jane Ann Honer1 Yorkshire
41-517Janet Stoma30 Lancashire
41-160Jarvis Honer15 Yorkshire
41-21Jas STONER20 Sussex
41-137Jas MONER25
41-496Jas Storer25 Derbyshire
41-542Jas Storer55 Yorkshire
41-532Jemima STONER20 Suffolk
41-46Jemima STONER55 SussexNurse
41-251Jemina Storer10 Worcestershire
41-252Jennina Storer14 Derbyshire
41-149Jerh Storer4 Derbyshire
41-107Jesse Stonner - Stoner0 Sussex
41-370Jesse Staner5 Cornwall
41-52Jesse STONER12 Sussex
41-108Jesse STONER18 Sussex
41-109Jessey STONER15 Sussex
41-535Jessy Storer18 Foreign Parts
41-27Jno STONER20 Sussex
41-30Jno STONER25 Sussex
41-21Jno STONER40 Sussex
41-245Job Storer25 Leicestershire
41-388Job Storer25 Leicestershire
41-161Johmael Storer15 Derbyshire
41-470John Storer0 Middlesex
41-46John STONER0.01 Sussex
41-532John STONER0.01 Suffolk
41-44John Stone0.16
41-35John STONER0.25 Sussex
41-302John Stonier0.25 Staffordshire
41-362John Storer0.41 Derbyshire
41-239John STONER0.5 Yorkshire
41-269John STONER0.5 Yorkshire
41-265John Stones0.75 Norfolk
41-175John STONER0.83
41-246John Storer1 Yorkshire
41-564John Storer1 Yorkshire
41-72John STONER2 Sussex
41-122John Stones - Stoner2 Sussex
41-124John STONER2 Sussex
41-223John Storer2 Kent
41-364John Storer2 Derbyshire
41-401John Stonehouse Stonehewer2Macclesfield, Cheshire Son
41-85John STONER3 Sussex
41-192John Hill3 Yorkshire
41-427John STONER3 Middlesex
41-554John MONER3 Gloucestershire
41-564John STONNER3 Yorkshire
41-45John Stone4 Sussex
41-267John Storer4 Warwickshire
41-370John Staner4 Cornwall
41-559John Storer4 Lincolnshire
41-345John STONNER5 Bedfordshire
41-398John Stone5 Devon
41-550John Storer5 Somerset
41-210John Storer6 Derbyshire
41-274John Storer6 Derbyshire
41-444John Honer6 India
41-188John Storm7 Lincolnshire
41-324John STONER7 Surrey
41-339John Storer7 Lancashire
41-350John Storer7 Warwickshire
41-403John Threllfall7 Lancashire
41-458John Stonne7
41-496John Storer7 Derbyshire
41-245John Storer8 Leicestershire
41-267John Storer8 Warwickshire
41-395John Storer8 Derbyshire
41-375John Staner9 Nottinghamshire
41-424John Stones9 Yorkshire
41-502John STONER9 Middlesex
41-537John STONER9 Oxfordshire
41-16John STONER10 Sussex
41-256John STONES10 Yorkshire
41-353John Storer10
41-413John Stones10 Yorkshire
41-443John Honer10 Middlesex
41-109John STONER11 Sussex
41-559John Storer11 Lincolnshire
41-13John Flener12
41-337John STONNER12 Hertfordshire
41-136John Storer14 Derbyshire
41-153John Storer14 Warwickshire
41-235John Honer14 Surrey
41-245John Storer14 Leicestershire
41-353John Storer14 Nottinghamshire
41-452John STONER14 Middlesex
41-49John STONER15 Sussex
41-121John STONER15 Sussex
41-194John Stornes - Stoner15 Yorkshire
41-201John Storer15 Nottinghamshire
41-238John Storer15 Derbyshire
41-251John Storer15 Worcestershire
41-252John Storer15 Derbyshire
41-252John Storer15 Derbyshire
41-263John Storer15
41-303John STONER15 Nottinghamshire
41-319John Staner15 Surrey
41-442John STONER15 Middlesex
41-498John Honer15
41-568John STONER15 Derbyshire
41-441John STOREN16 Middlesex
41-110John STONER18 Sussex
41-394John Storer18 Staffordshire
41-302John Stonier19 Staffordshire
41-414John MONER19 Lancashire
41-124John STONER20 Sussex
41-190John Stoney - Stoner20 Yorkshire
41-209John STONER20 Dorset
41-214John STOREN20 Ireland
41-222John Storer20 Derbyshire
41-280John Honer20
41-339John FLENER20 Lancashire
41-438John Storer20 Derbyshire
41-497John STONER20 Gloucestershire
41-532John STONER20 SuffolkHawker
41-548John Storer20 Durham
41-617John STONER20 Cheshire
41-242John Storer - Stoner23 Kent
41-495John Storer23 Kent
41-496John Storer24
41-104John Walder25 SussexAg Lab
41-175John STONER25
41-220John STONER25 Hampshire
41-265John Stones25 Norfolk
41-275John Doe25 LincolnshirePainter
41-343John Storer25 Northumberland
41-465John Storer25
41-562John STONER25 Derbyshire
41-568John Storer25 Derbyshire
41-569John Honer25 Cambridgeshire
41-605John Haner25 Surrey
41-122John STONER27 Sussex
41-249John Storer28 Staffordshire
41-428John STONE28 MiddlesexWarehouseman
41-257John Stoves Stones29
41-283John Hollick29 WarwickshireAg Lab
41-17John STONER30 Sussex
41-60John STONER30 Sussex
41-85John STONER30 SussexLabourer
41-136John Storer30 Derbyshire
41-148John Storer30 Leicestershire
41-153John Honer30 Warwickshire
41-179John Storer30
41-180John Storer30 Clerk
41-250John Storer30 Yorkshire
41-253John Stonage30 Hampshire
41-288John STONER30 Buckinghamshire
41-293John Storer30 Derbyshire
41-323John STONER30 Tallow Chandler
41-344John Storer30
41-347John Storer30 Yorkshire
41-361John Storer30 Derbyshire
41-409John Storer30 Leicestershire
41-423John STONER30 Yorkshire
41-426John Staner30 Yorkshire
41-506John Storer30 Cheshire
41-550John Storer30 Somerset
41-578John Haner30 Yorkshire
41-564John Storer34 Yorkshire
41-2John Tester35 Sussex
41-32John STONER35 Sussex
41-126John Boniface35 Sussex
41-161John Storer35 Derbyshire
41-195John Shomer - Stoner35
41-245John Storer35 Leicestershire
41-299John Storer35 Leicestershire
41-299John Storer35 Leicestershire
41-308John Storer35 Staffordshire
41-568John Storer35 Derbyshire
41-45John Stone40 Sussex
41-232John Storer40 Leicestershire
41-299John Storer40 Leicestershire
41-319John Staner40 Surrey
41-339John Storer40 Foreign Parts
41-397John Honer40 Surrey
41-404John Staner40 Kent
41-537John STONER40 Oxfordshire
41-382John Storer - Stoner41 NottinghamshireWagoner
41-24John STONER45 SussexFarm Labourer
41-136John Storer45 Derbyshire
41-241John STONER45 Lancashire
41-431John Storer45 Nottinghamshire
41-455John STONER45 Carpenter
41-461John Flener45 Somerset
41-504John Honer45 Yorkshire
41-527John Stones45 LincolnshireButcher
41-551John STONER45
41-111John Stone46 SussexAg Lab
41-353John Storer47
41-337John STONNER48
41-128John STONER50 SussexCollector of Tolls
41-256John STONES50 YorkshireBrush Maker
41-356John Storer50 Leicestershire
41-492John Storer52
41-395John STOREN53 Derbyshire
41-55John STONER55 Sussex
41-161John Storer55 Derbyshire
41-202John STONER55 YorkshireAg Lab
41-266John Stonex55 Norfolk
41-302John Stonier55 Staffordshire
41-253John Stonage59 Hampshire
41-89John STONER60 SussexLabourer
41-398John STONER60 DevonYeoman
41-400John STONER60 Blacksmith
41-425John Honer60
41-515John Story60 Nottinghamshire
41-559John Storer60
41-211John Staner62 Kent
41-371John Staner65 Essex
41-531John Storer65 Staffordshire
41-556John Honer65 Lancashire
41-479John Storer68 Surrey
41-97John STONER75 Sussex
41-260John G Sharpe30 IrelandCabinet Maker
41-260John G Thos STONER4
41-486John I MONER60
41-245Johnathan Storer15 Leicestershire
41-549Jonathan Storer10 Northumberland
41-395Jonathan STOREN45 Derbyshire
41-355Joseph Staner0.58 Kent
41-151Joseph STONER1
41-246Joseph Storer1 Yorkshire
41-466Joseph Staner1 Kent
41-554Joseph MONER1 Gloucestershire
41-481Joseph Storer2 Surrey
41-401Joseph Stonehouse Stonehewer4Macclesfield, Cheshire Son
41-496Joseph Storer4 Derbyshire
41-293Joseph Storer5 Derbyshire
41-314Joseph STONER7 Leicestershire
41-559Joseph Storer8 Lincolnshire
41-136Joseph Storer9 Derbyshire
41-160Joseph Honer9 Yorkshire
41-490Joseph Storer9 Staffordshire
41-173Joseph Stanyer10 Cheshire
41-542Joseph Storer11 Yorkshire
41-142Joseph Storer13 Staffordshire
41-210Joseph Storer13 Derbyshire
41-422Joseph STONER13 Yorkshire
41-136Joseph Storer15 Derbyshire
41-144Joseph Stone15 Hampshire
41-162Joseph STONER15 Yorkshire
41-190Joseph Stoney - Stoner15 Yorkshire
41-274Joseph Storer15 Derbyshire
41-277Joseph Stones15 HertfordshireAg Lab
41-305Joseph Storer15 Derbyshire
41-568Joseph STONER15 Derbyshire
41-159Joseph STONER17 Essex
41-243Joseph Storer - Stoner18 Kent
41-495Joseph Storer18 Kent
41-139Joseph STONER20 YorkshireBookkeeper
41-232Joseph Storer20 Leicestershire
41-279Joseph Storer20 Middlesex
41-352Joseph Stonier20 Shoe Maker
41-421Joseph Stone20 Essex
41-464Joseph Storer20 Middlesex
41-270Joseph STONER25 Ireland
41-281Joseph Storer25
41-479Joseph Storer25
41-623Joseph Storer25 Staffordshire
41-231Joseph Storer30
41-387Joseph STONER30
41-466Joseph Staner34 Kent
41-173Joseph Stanyer35
41-364Joseph Storer35 Derbyshire
41-490Joseph Storer35
41-319Joseph Storer36 Surrey
41-245Joseph Storer40 Leicestershire
41-251Joseph Storer40
41-279Joseph Storer40 MiddlesexSmith
41-464Joseph Storer40 Middlesex
41-475Joseph Storer40 Leicestershire
41-530Joseph STONER40 Yorkshire
41-618Joseph Stormer40
41-189Joseph MONER45 Cambridgeshire
41-490Joseph Storer45
41-607Joseph Haner45
41-136Joseph Storer50 Derbyshire
41-159Joseph STONER50 EssexBlacksmith
41-343Joseph Storer50 Northumberland
41-443Joseph Honer50 Middlesex
41-249Joseph Storer60 Staffordshire
41-261Joseph Storer65 Leicestershire
41-361Joseph Storer67 Derbyshire
41-245Joseph Storer70 Leicestershire
41-298Joseph Storer70 Leicestershire
41-529Joseph STONER75 Staffordshire
41-324Joseph Thomas STONER0.5 Surrey
41-252Joshua Storer8 Derbyshire
41-352Joshua Stonier13
41-252Joshua Storer30 Derbyshire
41-274Joshua Storer35 Derbyshire
41-352Joshua Stonier50 Shoe Maker
41-192Joshua Hill51 Yorkshire
41-238Josiah Storer15
41-365Josiah Storer15
41-482Josiah Storer30
41-564Judith STOREN29 Yorkshire
41-496Julia Storer21
41-475Julia Storer25 Leicestershire