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Note that apart from those for my direct line I hold few certificates and the information shown is therefore not fully researched
It is meant to be an aid and simply indicates where I would look if following a line
Home ~~~~ 1841 s2z census ~~~~ Help
Note that apart from those for my direct line I hold few certificates and the information shown is therefore not fully researched
It is meant to be an aid and simply indicates where I would look if following a line
41-161Saml Storer5 Derbyshire
41-296Saml Honer12 Hertfordshire
41-468Saml MONER15 Worcestershire
41-27Saml STONER18 Sussex
41-161Saml Storer20 Derbyshire
41-252Saml Storer35 Derbyshire
41-449Saml Storer35
41-335Saml Storer40
41-417Samla Story1 Suffolk
41-461Samson Flener20 Somerset
41-159Samuel STONER1 Essex
41-293Samuel Storer1 Derbyshire
41-210Samuel Storer3 Derbyshire
41-339Samuel Storer4 Lancashire
41-136Samuel Storer5 Derbyshire
41-308Samuel Storer5 Staffordshire
41-293Samuel Storer7 Derbyshire
41-260Samuel STONER9
41-302Samuel Stonier9 Staffordshire
41-496Samuel Storer10 Derbyshire
41-564Samuel Storer10 Yorkshire
41-167Samuel STONER12 Hampshire
41-407Samuel Storer13 Nottinghamshire
41-443Samuel Honer15 Middlesex
41-471Samuel Stonis - Stoner20 Middlesex
41-509Samuel Storer24 Staffordshire
41-293Samuel Storer25 Derbyshire
41-561Samuel Stone25
41-161Samuel Storer30 Derbyshire
41-175Samuel Storer30 Middlesex
41-475Samuel MONER30 Suffolk
41-167Samuel STONER45 Hampshire
41-533Samuel Wiskin45 Suffolk
41-146Samuel Stones50 Yorkshire
41-161Samuel Storer60 Derbyshire
41-138Samuel Staner70 Staffordshire
41-35Samuell STONER29 Sussex
41-144Sarah Stone0 Hampshire
41-172Sarah Storer1 Nottinghamshire
41-356Sarah Storer1 Leicestershire
41-613Sarah Haner2 Hampshire
41-35Sarah STONER3 Sussex
41-308Sarah Storer3 Staffordshire
41-398Sarah Stone3 Devon
41-400Sarah Staner3 Hampshire
41-16Sarah STONER4 Sussex
41-161Sarah Storer4
41-353Sarah Storer4 Nottinghamshire
41-122Sarah Stones - Stoner5 Sussex
41-564Sarah Storer5 Yorkshire
41-293Sarah Storer6 Derbyshire
41-367Sarah Stones6 Westmorland
41-274Sarah STOREN7 Derbyshire
41-401Sarah Stonehouse Stonehewer7Macclesfield, Cheshire Son
41-423Sarah STONER7 Yorkshire
41-496Sarah Storer7 Derbyshire
41-537Sarah STONER7 Oxfordshire
41-53Sarah STONER8 Sussex
41-128Sarah STONER8 Sussex
41-224Sarah Storer8 Warwickshire
41-224Sarah Storer8 Warwickshire
41-339Sarah FLENER8 Lancashire
41-27Sarah STONER9 Sussex
41-43Sarah STONER10 Sussex
41-58Sarah STONER10 Sussex
41-247Sarah Tidy10 Surrey
41-364Sarah Storer10 Derbyshire
41-468Sarah MONER12 Worcestershire
41-339Sarah Storer13 Lancashire
41-187Sarah Stones14 Lancashire
41-80Sarah STONER15 Sussex
41-161Sarah Storer15 Derbyshire
41-196Sarah Staner15 Essex
41-245Sarah Storer15 Leicestershire
41-400Sarah STONER15 HampshireStaymaker
41-407Sarah Storah15
41-413Sarah Stones15 Yorkshire
41-418Sarah STOREN15 Lincolnshire
41-543Sarah Staner15 Essex
41-337Sarah STONNER16 Hertfordshire
41-384Sarah Storer17
41-511Sarah Storer17
41-179Sarah STONER19 Warwickshire
41-489Sarah Storer19 Middlesex
41-15Sarah Stones20 Sussex
41-77Sarah STONER20 Sussex
41-117Sarah Stow20 Sussex
41-154Sarah Storer20
41-181Sarah Storey20
41-197Sarah STONER20 Durham
41-304Sarah Storer20 Leicestershire
41-356Sarah Storer20 Leicestershire
41-417Sarah Story20 Suffolk
41-422Sarah STONER20 Yorkshire
41-473Sarah Stonis20 Warwickshire
41-57Sarah STONER25 Sussex
41-60Sarah STONER25 Sussex
41-101Sarah STONER25 Sussex
41-190Sarah Stoney - Stoner25 Yorkshire
41-475Sarah Storer25 Staffordshire
41-572Sarah FLENER25 Wiltshire
41-245Sarah Storer30 Leicestershire
41-252Sarah Storer30 Derbyshire
41-293Sarah Storer30 Derbyshire
41-321Sarah STONER30
41-347Sarah Storer30 Yorkshire
41-385Sarah Storer30 Buckinghamshire
41-612Sarah Haner30
41-246Sarah Storer35 Yorkshire
41-613Sarah Haner35
41-327Sarah Hopkin40
41-419Sarah Stoma40 Yorkshire
41-456Sarah STONER40 Surrey
41-122Sarah Stones - Stoner42 Sussex
41-21Sarah STONER45 Sussex
41-137Sarah Storer45 Derbyshire
41-207Sarah Honer45 Oxfordshire
41-338Sarah FLENER45 Devon
41-432Sarah MONER45 Devon
41-435Sarah Staner45 Hampshire
41-451Sarah Storer45
41-548Sarah Storer45 Durham
41-620Sarah Stormer45 Northamptonshire
41-153Sarah Storer50 Warwickshire
41-251Sarah Storer50
41-253Sarah Stonage50 Hampshire
41-379Sarah Staner50 Essex
41-475Sarah Storer50
41-488Sarah Stonis50
41-192Sarah Hill51 Yorkshire
41-270Sarah STONER55 Ireland
41-400Sarah STONER55
41-81Sarah Starnes58 Sussex
41-252Sarah Storer60 Derbyshire
41-296Sarah Honer60 Hertfordshire
41-393Sarah Storer60 Derbyshire
41-451Sarah MONER62
41-26Sarah STONER64
41-371Sarah Staner65 Essex
41-508Sarah Storer65
41-480Sarah Honer68 Kent
41-564Sarah STOREN69 Yorkshire
41-66Sarah STONER70 Sussex
41-176Sarah Storer70
41-361Sarah Storer70 Derbyshire
41-156Sarah Honer75 Yorkshire
41-327Sarah Hooner80 Widow
41-420Sarah Storer80 Leicestershire
41-113Sarah Ann STONER2 Sussex
41-5Sarha STONER25
41-455Selina STONER1 Surrey
41-4Selina STONER6 Sussex
41-213Selina Stoney20 KentAssistant
41-330Senay (f)STONER30 Yorkshire
41-481Sideney Storer10 Surrey
41-299Silvanus Storer15 Leicestershire
41-425Silvester Honer40
41-187Simas Simeon Stones1 Lancashire
41-187Simeon STONER30 Lancashire
41-299Sofia Storer1 Leicestershire
41-474Somlope STOREN30 Ireland
41-353Sophia Storer3 Nottinghamshire
41-20Sophia STONER7
41-370Sophia Staner7 Cornwall
41-527Sophia Stones10 Lincolnshire
41-551Sophia STONER10 Lincolnshire
41-124Sophia STONER20 Sussex
41-475Sophia MONER25 Suffolk
41-67Sophia Holden30 Sussex
41-585Sophia Haner40
41-106Sophia Hopwood42 Sussex
41-353Sophia Storer46 Nottinghamshire
41-451Soweson Storer30 Middlesex
41-129Steale Frederick Flook Floate1.5 Sussex
41-551Steana STONER12 Lincolnshire
41-27Steph STONER13 Sussex
41-518Stephan Stoma3 Surrey
41-18Stephan STONER61 Sussex
41-2Stephen Tester3 Sussex
41-34Stephen STONER23 Sussex
41-1Stephen STONER30 SussexPublican
41-487Stephen Staner30
41-572Stephen FLENER35 Wiltshire
41-17Steven STONER2 Sussex
41-383Susan Stones1Nottingham Pauper
41-278Susan Flower4 Middlesex
41-299Susan Storer6 Leicestershire
41-164Susan Hartley12 Yorkshire
41-93Susan Stones - Stoner14 Sussex
41-179Susan FLENER20 Warwickshire
41-200Susan Staner20 Essex
41-32Susan STONER25 Sussex
41-181Susan Storey40
41-24Susan STONER45 Sussex
41-533Susan Wiskin55 Suffolk
41-337Susana STONNER21
41-249Susanah Storer55 Staffordshire
41-355Susanna Staner11
41-466Susanna Staner11
41-508Susanna Storer25 Middlesex
41-428Susannah STONE1.75 Middlesex
41-464Susannah Storer10 Middlesex
41-142Susannah Storer20 Staffordshire
41-428Susannah STONE50 Laundress
41-384Tabitha Storer11
41-511Tabitha Storer11
41-373Teresa Honer7 Yorkshire
41-305Thirza Storer15 Derbyshire
41-351Thomas Stocer0 Warwickshire
41-193Thomas STONER0.75 Yorkshire
41-101Thomas STONER1 Sussex
41-348Thomas Storer1 Shropshire
41-516Thomas Stoma1 Yorkshire
41-539Thomas Stinar1 Herefordshire
41-85Thomas STONER2 Sussex
41-326Thomas Stones - Stoner2 Surrey
41-14Thomas May3 Sussex
41-273Thomas Stora3 Leicestershire
41-144Thomas Stone4 Hampshire
41-249Thomas Storer4 Staffordshire
41-417Thomas Story4 Suffolk
41-613Thomas Haner4 Hampshire
41-425Thomas Honer5 Yorkshire
41-361Thomas Storer6 Derbyshire
41-402Thomas STONER6 Lancashire
41-517Thomas Stoma6 Lancashire
41-255Thomas STOREN7 Northumberland
41-375Thomas Staner7 Nottinghamshire
41-16Thomas STONER8 Sussex
41-136Thomas Storer8 Derbyshire
41-210Thomas Storer8 Derbyshire
41-382Thomas STONER8 Nottinghamshire
41-496Thomas Storer8 Derbyshire
41-548Thomas Storer8 England
41-224Thomas Storer11 Warwickshire
41-224Thomas Storer11 Warwickshire
41-242Thomas Storer - Stoner11 Kent
41-401Thomas Stonehouse Stonehewer11Macclesfield, Cheshire Son
41-495Thomas Storer11 Kent
41-247Thomas Tidy13 Surrey
41-329Thomas MONER13 Ireland
41-76Thomas STONER15 Sussex
41-78Thomas STONER15 Sussex
41-89Thomas STONER15 SussexLabourer
41-173Thomas Stanyer15 Cheshire
41-192Thomas Hill15 Yorkshire
41-299Thomas Storer15 Leicestershire
41-320Thomas STONER15 Surrey
41-356Thomas Storer15 Leicestershire
41-549Thomas Storer15 Northumberland
41-618Thomas Stormer15 Leicestershire
41-279Thomas Storer16 MiddlesexSmith
41-345Thomas STONNER17 Bedfordshire
41-128Thomas STONER19 Sussex
41-140Thomas STONER20 YorkshireBookkeeper
41-155Thomas Storer20 Warwickshire
41-190Thomas Stoney - Stoner20 Yorkshire
41-214Thomas STOREN20 Ireland
41-214Thomas Storer20
41-238Thomas Storer20
41-249Thomas Storer20 Staffordshire
41-339Thomas FLENER20 Lancashire
41-428Thomas STONE20 MiddlesexWasherwoman
41-438Thomas Storer20 Derbyshire
41-536Thomas STONER20 Lincolnshire
41-614Thomas Haner20 Staffordshire
41-438Thomas Storer22 Derbyshire
41-126Thomas STONER25 SussexGardener
41-142Thomas Storer25 Staffordshire
41-348Thomas Storer25 Shropshire
41-356Thomas Storer25 Leicestershire
41-417Thomas Story25 Suffolk
41-461Thomas Honer25 Suffolk
41-507Thomas Storer25
41-597Thomas Haner25 Yorkshire
41-599Thomas Haner26
41-31Thomas Stone - Stoner30 Sussex
41-81Thomas Starnes30 SussexBuilder
41-101Thomas STONER30 Sussex
41-210Thomas Storer30 Derbyshire
41-215Thomas Stones30 StaffordshireLabourer
41-249Thomas Storer30
41-421Thomas Stone30 Essex
41-438Thomas Storer30 Derbyshire
41-505Thomas STONER30 CheshireCotton Weaver
41-539Thomas Stinar30 HerefordshireAg Lab
41-584Thomas Haner30 Dorset
41-314Thomas STONER35 Leicestershire
41-320Thomas STONER35 Carpenter
41-358Thomas Mather35 DerbyshireWool Carder
41-500Thomas Storer35 Derbyshire
41-500Thomas Storer35 Derbyshire
41-496Thomas Storer38
41-74Thomas Thornton40 SussexFarmer
41-162Thomas STONER40 Yorkshire
41-237Thomas Stones40 Lincolnshire
41-566Thomas Storer40 Leicestershire
41-120Thomas STONER41 Sussex
41-44Thomas Stone45 SussexAg Lab
41-242Thomas Storer - Stoner45 Kent
41-345Thomas STONNER45 Bedfordshire
41-422Thomas STONER45 Yorkshire
41-494Thomas Viner45 MiddlesexCabinet Maker
41-495Thomas Storer45 Kent
41-210Thomas Storer47 Derbyshire
41-221Thomas Honer47 Buckinghamshire
41-51Thomas STONER50 Sussex
41-52Thomas STONER50 Sussex
41-169Thomas STONER50 Hampshire
41-233Thomas Honer50 Dorset
41-359Thomas STROMER50 Lincolnshire
41-137Thomas Storer55 Derbyshire
41-545Thomas STONNER57 Devon
41-81Thomas Starnes60 SussexFarmer
41-403Thomas Threllfall60 LancashireShoe Maker
41-592Thomas Haner60 Bedfordshire
41-480Thomas Honer61
41-493Thomas Honer61
41-475Thomas Storer65 Nottinghamshire
41-215Thomas Stones70 StaffordshireCollier
41-361Thomas Storer70 Derbyshire
41-366Thomas STONER70 Hampshire
41-454Thomas Honer70
41-552Thomas Storer71
41-355Thomasin Staner12
41-466Thomasin Staner12
41-554Thoms MONER12 Gloucestershire
41-170Thos Honer4 Yorkshire
41-422Thos STONER9 Yorkshire
41-24Thos STONER14 SussexFarm Labourer
41-137Thos Storer15 Derbyshire
41-464Thos Storer15 Middlesex
41-611Thos Haner15 Surrey
41-120Thos STONER19 Sussex
41-408Thos Stonen20 Huntingdonshire, EnglandFarmer
41-459Thos Staner20
41-472Thos STOREN20 Leicestershire
41-437Thos STONER25
41-424Thos Stones30 Yorkshire
41-170Thos Honer35 Yorkshire
41-252Thos Storer40 Derbyshire
41-26Thos STONER59 Sussex
41-489Thos Storer65
41-20Thos STONER71 Sussex
41-495Thovey Storer4 Kent
41-242Thovey Henry Storer - Stoner4 Kent
41-581Timothy Haner15 Yorkshire
41-251Timothy Storer35 Worcestershire
41-249Tomas Storer55 Staffordshire
41-367Walter Stones1 Westmorland
41-86Walter STONER3 Sussex
41-114Walter Drewett4 Sussex
41-98Walter Haner7 Sussex
41-269Wildman STONER12 Yorkshire
41-234Wiliam STONNER30
41-195Wilkinson Shomer - Stoner2
41-279William Storer0.83 Middlesex
41-103William STONER1 Sussex
41-136William Storer1 Derbyshire
41-198William Simer1 Northumberland
41-296William Honer1 Hertfordshire
41-339William FLENER1 Lancashire
41-60William STONER2 Sussex
41-319William Storer2 Surrey
41-402William STONER2 Lancashire
41-513William Storer2 Nottinghamshire
41-514William Storer2 Nottinghamshire
41-69William STONER3 Sussex
41-64William Stane - Stoner4 Sussex
41-310William STONER4 Wiltshire
41-517William Stoma4 Lancashire
41-14William May5 Sussex
41-327William Hopkin5 Surrey
41-345William STONNER5 Bedfordshire
41-429William STONER5 Yorkshire
41-502William STONER5 Middlesex
41-86William STONER6 Sussex
41-107William Stonner - Stoner6 Sussex
41-278William Flower6 Middlesex
41-113William STONER7 Sussex
41-183William STONER7 Hampshire
41-136William Storer8 Derbyshire
41-149William Storer8 Derbyshire
41-292William Staner8 Essex
41-135William Staner9 Yorkshire
41-237William Stones9 Lincolnshire
41-252William Storer9 Derbyshire
41-558William Honer9 Northamptonshire
41-134William Stones10 Lincolnshire
41-160William Honer10 Yorkshire
41-370William Staner10 Cornwall
41-194William Stornes - Stoner11 Yorkshire
41-353William Storer11 Nottinghamshire
41-547William Stone11 Staffordshire
41-125William STONER12 Sussex
41-188William Storm12 Lincolnshire
41-274William Storer12 Derbyshire
41-361William Storer12 Derbyshire
41-70William Staples13 Sussex
41-206William Stow - Stoner13 Surrey
41-464William Storer13 Middlesex
41-40William STONER14 Sussex
41-120William STONER14 Sussex
41-46William STONER15 SussexAg Lab
41-136William Storer15 Derbyshire
41-190William Stoney - Stoner15 Yorkshire
41-224William Storer15 Warwickshire
41-224William Storer15 Warwickshire
41-249William Storer15 Staffordshire
41-493William Honer15 Middlesex
41-496William Storer15 Derbyshire
41-121William STONER18 Sussex
41-109William STONER19 Sussex
41-96William STONER20 Sussex
41-165William MONER20 Buckinghamshire
41-289William Stones20 Durham
41-356William Storer20 Leicestershire
41-488William Stonis20 Middlesex
41-159William STONER23 Essex
41-371William Staner24 Essex
41-57William STONER25 Sussex
41-58William STONER25 Sussex
41-68William STONER25 Sussex
41-178William Stoney - Stoner25 Yorkshire
41-198William Simer25 NorthumberlandFarmer
41-208William Stonis25 Norfolk
41-377William STONER25
41-531William Storer25 Staffordshire
41-559William Storer25 Lincolnshire
41-612William Haner25 Norfolk
41-290William Storer29
41-362William Storer29 DerbyshireSilkweaver
41-103William STONER30 Sussex
41-113William STONER30 Sussex
41-285William STONER30 Yorkshire
41-339William FLENER30 Lancashire
41-380William Stonex30 Foreign PartsButcher
41-491William Stonex30
41-502William STONER30 Middlesex
41-571William Storer30 Staffordshire
41-583William Haner30 Lincolnshire
41-618William Stormer30 Leicestershire
41-273William Stora33 Leicestershire
41-511William Thirlby33 Butcher
41-75William STONER34 Sussex
41-490William STONER34 Hampshire
41-149William Storer35 Derbyshire
41-187William Stones35 Lancashire
41-202William STONER35 YorkshireAg Lab
41-203William STONER35 Lincolnshire
41-287William STONER35 YorkshireJoiner
41-292William Staner35 Essex
41-413William Stones35 Yorkshire
41-464William Storer35 Middlesex
41-485William Stooer35
41-550William STONER35
41-613William Haner35 Hampshire
41-619William Stormer35
41-278William Flower37 MiddlesexSolicitor
41-136William Storer40 Derbyshire
41-164William Hartley40 Yorkshire
41-249William Storer40 Staffordshire
41-327William Hopkin40 Carman
41-517William Stoma40 Lancashire
41-552William Honer40 Staffordshire
41-568William Storer40 Derbyshire
41-397William Honer41 Surrey
41-136William Storer43 Derbyshire
41-147William Stones43
41-102William Hopler Staples45 Ag Lab
41-224William Storer45 Warwickshire
41-224William Storer45 Warwickshire
41-439William Storer45 Durham
41-496William Storer45 Derbyshire
41-571William MONER45
41-282William Storer47 Middlesex
41-587William Haner47 Middlesex
41-274William Storer48 Derbyshire
41-311William STONER48 Wiltshire
41-488William Stonis50
41-547William Stone50 StaffordshireBlacksmith
41-558William Honer50 Northamptonshire
41-570William STONER50 Yorkshire
41-50William STONER55 Sussex
41-58William STONER55 Sussex
41-289William Stones55 Durham
41-477William MONER55
41-580William Haner55 Bedfordshire
41-595William Haner55 Lancashire
41-296William Honer59 Hertfordshire
41-117William Stow60 SussexCarpenter
41-127William Honer - Stoner60 Sussex
41-142William Storer60
41-145William Stone60 Hampshire
41-245William Storer60 Leicestershire
41-252William Storer60 Derbyshire
41-610William Haner60
41-452William STONER67 MiddlesexGardener
41-106William Homer70 SussexAg Lab
41-393William Storer70 Derbyshire
41-436William Stones - Stoner70 Carman
41-555William STONER70 Maltster
41-568William Storer75 Derbyshire
41-260William H STONER1
41-485William Henry Stooer6
41-567Willian STONER5 Durham
41-583Willm Haner7 Lincolnshire
41-133Willm Honer20
41-296Willm Honer20 Hertfordshire
41-472Willm STOREN40 Leicestershire
41-221Wm Staner20 Buckinghamshire
41-302Wm Stonier21 Staffordshire
41-200Wm Staner25 Essex
41-19Wm STONER40
41-621Wm D Vesct Stormer65 Middlesex
41-313Zachariah STONER50 Leicestershire