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Note that apart from those for my direct line I hold few certificates and the information shown is therefore not fully researched
It is meant to be an aid and simply indicates where I would look if following a line
Home ~~~~ 1851 a2a census ~~~~ Help
Note that apart from those for my direct line I hold few certificates and the information shown is therefore not fully researched
It is meant to be an aid and simply indicates where I would look if following a line
51-368Abraham STONER14Ripley, Derbyshire Son
51-159Abraham STONER59Bewerley, Yorkshire Head
51-6Adolphus STONER19Brighton SussexSon
51-123Agnes Drewet8Steyning SussexDaughterScholar
51-245Agness STONER16Gargrave, Yorkshire Daughter
51-130Albert STONER0 Tillington SussexSon
51-108Albert STONER10Tillington SussexSon
51-73Albert STONER18Shipley SussexServant
51-270Alfred Hill1Horton, Yorkshire Son
51-294Alfred STENCE - Stoner2Leeds, Yorkshire Son
51-311Alfred Stoneburner Stonehewer3Macclesfield, Cheshire Son
51-38Alfred STONER4Cowfold SussexSon
51-61Alfred Staner - Stoner4Easebourne SussexVisitor
51-161Alfred STONER5Welling Bexley, Kent Son
51-171Alfred STONER5Bradford, Yorkshire Son
51-404Alfred STONER7Lambeth, Surrey Son
51-289Alfred Stower9Charlton, Somerset Lodger
51-25Alfred STONER10Isborn SussexSon
51-68Alfred STONER10Harstheyforest SussexSon
51-33Alfred STONER12Chichester SussexSonScholar
51-41Alfred STONER14Cuckfield SussexServant
51-335Alfred STONER17Lambeth, Surrey Son
51-521Alfred Stormer21Sling BuckinghamshireHead
51-404Alfred STONER39Cowfold, Sussex Head
51-278Alfred Storer48Pentorweter, Middlesex Head
51-308Alice Storer2Ludworth DerbyshireNiece
51-349Alice STONER5Ormskirk, Lancashire Daughter
51-86Alice STONER7Beeding SussexDaughter
51-180Alice Webster7Eckington, Derbyshire, England Daughter
51-287Alice Stracener8Lambeth, Surrey Daughter
51-440Alice Storer8Whitwick, Leicestershire
51-449Alice STONER8Rochdale, Lancashire Daughter
51-251Alice Staner21Little Hulton, Lancashire Daughter
51-180Alice Webster26Eckington, Derbyshire, England Wife
51-106Alice Staples56 KentWife
51-228Alice STONER78Sheffield, Yorkshire Mother
51-75Allen Sloate Floate37Wiston SussexHeadBricklayer's Lab
51-166Aman STONER48Lichfield, Staffordshire Wife
51-284Ambrose L STONER52Kingswood, Gloucestershire Head
51-257Amelia Stover3Hackney, Middlesex Daughter
51-347Amelia Stoer50Mickleover, Derbyshire Wife
51-522Amie Stormer16Brighton SussexDaughter
51-116Amilia Slane56Ardingley SussexWife
51-292Amm Stoney70Armley, Yorkshire Wife
51-455An Stonis29West, Lancashire Daughter
51-124Ann Roberts0.75Tangmere SussexDaughter
51-7Ann STONER1Brighton SussexDaughter
51-254Ann STONER1Hackney, Surrey Daughter
51-86Ann STONER2Beeding SussexDaughter
51-365Ann Stores2Critch DerbyshireSon
51-518Ann Stormer2Exhotarishal LincolnshireDaughter
51-220Ann Stores/Storer3Earl Shilton, Leicestershire Son
51-457Ann Storer3St Johns Westr, Middlesex Daughter
51-344Ann Stones4Derby DaughterScholar
51-349Ann STONER4Ormskirk, Lancashire Daughter
51-424Ann Hammon4Stoke Golding, Leicestershire Granddaughter
51-293Ann Stoney - Stoner5Leeds, Yorkshire Daughter
51-448Ann STONER6Ashstead, Surrey Daughter
51-282Ann STONER9Great Glen, Leicestershire DaughterSeamer
51-382Ann Flener9London Daughter
51-3Ann STONER12Beeding SussexDaughter
51-380Ann Stones12Sheffield, Yorkshire, England DaughterFork Filer
51-203Ann Stower13Bridport, Dorset Daughter
51-286Ann STONE - Stoner13Yorkshire Daughter
51-168Ann Stones15Lulbury, Staffordshire Daughter
51-215Ann Stover15Derby, Derbyshire DaughterSilk Winder
51-106Ann Staples16Nuthurst SussexDaughter
51-251Ann Staner16Little Hulton, Lancashire Daughter
51-504Ann Haner16Sheffield YorkshireServant
51-230Ann Arundle17Sheff, Yorkshire ServantHouse Servant
51-347Ann Stoer17Mickleover, Derbyshire Daughter
51-317Ann STONER18Mansfield NottinghamshireServant
51-110Ann STONER19Tillington SussexServant
51-523Ann STONER20York, Yorkshire DaughterBoot Binder
51-150Ann Stones21St Marys, Nottinghamshire, England WifeSeamer
51-261Ann Stonis21Gleadless, Yorkshire Daughter
51-427Ann STONER21Milton, Kent Wife
51-178Ann Stower23Cannington, Somerset Head
51-344Ann Stones23Ireland WifeSeamer
51-512Ann Haner23Liverpool LancashireDaughter
51-267Ann Storror24Holgay, Norfolk, England Wife
51-2Ann STONER25Beeding SussexDaughter
51-36Ann STONER25Cowfold SussexWife
51-37Ann STONER25Ashurst SussexWife
51-81Ann STONER27Clayton SussexWife
51-299Ann Stone27Atherton, Lancashire Wife
51-467Ann Stone27Newtown, Montgomeryshire Wife
51-103Ann Stower28Shipley SussexWife
51-360Ann Stones28Blackburn, Lancashire Wife
51-260Ann Storer29Leyton Stone, Essex Wife
51-70Ann Holden30Easbourne SussexWife
51-406Ann Storer30Whitechapel, Middlesex Wife
51-229Ann STONER31Sheffield, Yorkshire Wife
51-471Ann STONER31Cuckfield, Sussex Lodger
51-249Ann Stower34Winterton, Lincolnshire Wife
51-282Ann STONER34Great Glen, Leicestershire WifeSeamer
51-385Ann STONAR - Stoner34St Andrews Holborn Wife
51-445Ann Stonis36Sheffield, Yorkshire Daughter
51-289Ann Stower39Charlton, Somerset Visitor
51-416Ann STONER39Little M B Cold, Buckinghamshire Wife
51-428Ann Hollick39Spitalfields MiddlesexWife
51-361Ann Stones41Kirkham Lancashire
51-51Ann STONER43Ditchling SussexWife
51-119Ann STONER43Slaugham SussexWife
51-310Ann Stonner44Marston, Cheshire Wife
51-265Ann Stones45Milnthorpe Wife
51-278Ann Storer46Clerkenwell, Middlesex Daughter
51-443Ann Elsworth46Barwick in Elmet Wife
51-451Ann Stower46Charlotn Markrell, Somerset Wife
51-251Ann Staner48Little Hulton, Lancashire Wife
51-276Ann Storey49Stoke By Nayland, Suffolk Wife
51-324Ann STONER50Mickleover, Derbyshire Wife
51-379Ann Stones51Sheffield YorkshireWife
51-149Ann STONER53Barnsley, Yorkshire Head (w)
51-420Ann Storer55St Vedast, London Wife
51-408Ann Storer56Ealing, Middlesex Head
51-170Ann STONER57Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire Head (u)Lodging House Keeper
51-424Ann Storer59Cotem, Durham Wife
51-124Ann STOW60Birdham SussexHaed (w)Grocer
51-17Ann STONER62Midhurst SussexWife
51-332Ann Stower63Warwick, Warwickshire Widow
51-55Ann STONER64Lodsworth SussexWife
51-432Ann Stover65Edwinstowe, Nottinghamshire WifeWife
51-177Ann STONER66Grosmount Monmouthshire, WalesWife
51-397Ann B Stones1St Lukes, Middlesex Daughter
51-379Ann Ebth Stones11 DaughterScholar
51-254Ann Jane STONER40Lee, Kent Wife
51-380Ann M Stones5Sheffield, Yorkshire, England DaughterScholar
51-457Ann McDonald Storer31Scotland Wife
51-187Ann Rees Stower46Gedling, Nottinghamshire Wife
51-189Anna Stower6Chaffcombe, Somerset Daughter
51-354Anna STONER11Ireland NieceScholar at Home
51-54Anna STONES - Stoner35Lewes SussexWife
51-68Anna STONER73Cinden SussexWife
51-146Anna Maria Cantrell50Derby, Derbyshire Head
51-512Annaboth Haner27Liverpool LancashireDaughter
51-267Anne Storror5 Daughter
51-237Anne Stone6Birmingham Daughter
51-269Anne STONE - Stoner6Bradford, Yorkshire Daughter
51-259Anne Stoney11Ashton Under Lyne, Lancashire Daughter
51-193Anne Storer17 LeicestershireServant
51-417Anne STONER25Slinfold SussexHead (m)Washerwoman
51-511Anne Haner26Quinton WorcestershireWife
51-303Anne Elliot Dyson38Rotherham YorkshireHead (u)Teacher of School
51-333Anne Stones40Sheffield, Yorkshire Wife
51-61Anne Dummer55West Dean SussexWife
51-146Anne Whitehurst57Derby, Derbyshire Sister
51-319Anne MStaner1Margate KentDaughterBaker's Daughter
51-306Annie Storer4Long Whatton Daughter
51-416Annie STONER9London Daughter
51-438Annie Stone13Thame, Oxfordshire Daughter
51-256Annie J Flower1Hackney, Middlesex Daughter
51-210Anthony Stower17Cudworth, Somerset Son
51-10Antoniette Hills14Brighton SussexWife
51-10Antoniette Hills48Brighton SussexWife
51-136Arthur Garton0.75Warnham SussexSon
51-244Arthur Stonner2Fulham Son
51-473Arthur Gill2York Son
51-347Arthur Stoer19Mickleover, Derbyshire Son
51-244Arthur Stonner30Ireland Head
51-136Arthur Garton43Billingshurst SussexHeadAg Lab