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Note that apart from those for my direct line I hold few certificates and the information shown is therefore not fully researched
It is meant to be an aid and simply indicates where I would look if following a line
Home ~~~~ 1851 f2g census ~~~~ Help
Note that apart from those for my direct line I hold few certificates and the information shown is therefore not fully researched
It is meant to be an aid and simply indicates where I would look if following a line
51-102F (f)STONER15Easebourne SussexServant
51-350Fanny Rose8Lenham, Kent Pupil
51-108Fanny STONER12Tillington SussexDaughter
51-188Fanny Hadden13Widicombe, Somerset Daughter
51-438Fanny Stone15Thame, Oxfordshire Daughter
51-198Fanny Stower19Chadlington, Oxfordshire Pauper
51-422Fanny Stone32Drayton Parslow, Buckinghamshire ServantHouse Servant
51-143Foster Wilson8Eastoft YorkshireSon
51-139France STONER9Keymer SussexDaughter
51-47Frances Shaw - Stoner5Clayton SussexPauper Inmate
51-324Frances Storer10Radbourne, Derbyshire Son
51-146Frances Cantrell18Ashby DE LA Zouch, Leicestershire Daughter
51-524Frances STONER18Pannall, Yorkshire
51-168Frances Stones24Lulbury, Staffordshire Daughter
51-214Frances Stone - Stoner57Deptford, Kent Wife
51-387Frances Mary Stoney - Stoner4Gargrave, Yorkshire Visitor
51-185Francis Storer10Newhall, Derbyshire Son
51-265Francis Stones15Milnthorpe Son
51-405Francis Stonor22Pyrton, Oxfordshire OccupierClerk in House of Lords
51-279Francis STONER26Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire Lodger (u)Mechanic, Journeyman
51-161Francis STONER42Welling Bexley, Kent Wife
51-404Francis Wm STONER13Lambeth, Surrey Son
51-26Frank STONER2Isborn SussexSon
51-324Frederic Storer1Radbourne, Derbyshire Son
51-255Frederick Stene2Shoreditch, Middlesex Son
51-306Frederick Storer2Long Whatton Son
51-522Frederick Stormer4Luton BedfordshireSonScholar
51-75Frederick Sloate Floate10Washington SussexSonScholar
51-473Frederick English11Hull, Yorkshire Son
51-508Frederick Haner21Samthe BristolHead
51-84Frederick Stornes26Laughton SussexSon
51-165Frederick Hirst27Bradford YorkshireHead
51-444Frederick STONER32Toxteth Park, Lancashire HeadSadler
51-306Frederick Storer41Stevson Head
51-113Frederick E Clark5Slaugham SussexSon
51-286Fredrick STONE - Stoner46Yorkshire Head
51-469Garge Stonner9Lewisham, Kent Son
51-138George Hillman0.03West Grinstead SussexSon
51-460George STONE0.25London Son
51-135George Silsby1Twineham SussexSon
51-333George Stones2Sheffield, Yorkshire Son
51-376George Stone2Sheering, Essex Son
51-385George STONAR - Stoner2Shoreditch Son
51-128George STONER3Tillington SussexSon
51-136George Garton3Itchingfield SussexSon
51-446George STONER3Rochdale, Lancashire Son
51-31George Stoneham4Preston SussexSonScholar
51-9George STONES - Stoner5Coringvean SussexSon
51-51George STONER6Ditchling SussexSon
51-29George Stowers - Stoner7Brighton SussexSonScholar
51-58George STONER7Easebourne SussexSon
51-88George STONER7Beeding SussexSon
51-35George STONES - Stoner8Hussh SussexSon
51-432George Stover8Sutotn IN Ashfd, Nottinghamshire GrandsonGrandson
51-36George STONER9Cowfold SussexSon
51-189George Stower9Chaffcombe, Somerset Son
51-332George Stower9Neithrop, Oxfordshire Son
51-42George STONES - Stoner10Cuckfield SussexSonScholar National School
51-166George STONER10Birmm, Warwickshire Son
51-293George Stoney - Stoner10Morton Banks Bingley, Yorkshire Son
51-373George Storrer10Hull, Yorkshire Son
51-227George Stones12Lincolnshire Son
51-372George STARER13Saxtead, Suffolk Son
51-187George STONER14Camberwell, Surrey Son
51-264George Spencer14Vauxhall SurreySonOil Man
51-400George Stower14Brixton, Surrey Son
51-472George Stower14Wyke, Dorset Son
51-197George STORA15C Coton, Warwickshire Son-in-law
51-305George Stonis15Ardsler YorkshireServant
51-148George STONER16Rawcliffe, Yorkshire Servant
51-320George Staner16Margate KentBoarderScholar
51-366George Stonor16Hyson Green NottinghamshireServant
51-114George STONER18Slaugham SussexSon
51-168George Stones18Lulbury, Staffordshire Son
51-28George Green19Southwick SussexServantPotman
51-48George STONER19Ditchling SussexSon
51-120George STONES - Stoner19Easeborne SussexSon
51-142George STONER19Arkendale, Yorkshire YorkshireSon
51-356George Storer19Pentridge, Derbyshire Son
51-60George STONER20Lephork HampshireServant
51-248George STONER20Stougham, Sussex Servant
51-430George Stone - Stoner21Epsom, Surrey Servant
51-79George STONER22East Grinstead SussexServantAg Lab
51-112George STONER24Cowfold SussexServant
51-153George Merritt26Hinton Ampner, Hampshire Son-in-Law
51-59George STONER29Easeborne SussexServant
51-378George STONER31Sheffield, Yorkshire HeadCabinet Case Maker
51-29George Stowers - Stoner32Beeding SussexHeadStraw Bonnet Maker
51-58George STONER33Easebourne SussexHead
51-9George STONES - Stoner34Shoreham SussexHead
51-422George Stone34Drayton Parslow, Buckinghamshire ServantFarm Labourer
51-141George STONER35Gangavin Crom, Yorkshire YorkshireHead
51-57George Dummer39Tillington SussexBrother (u)
51-139George STONER40Lindfield SussexHead
51-276George Storey41Cockfield, Suffolk Head
51-315George STONER42Hartshill, Warwickshire Head
51-432George Stover44Sutotn IN Ashfd, Nottinghamshire SonSon (w)
51-400George Stower46Suffolk Head
51-514George Haner46Bath SomersetLodger
51-318George Staner47Margate KentHeadMaster Baker
51-361George Stones47Blackburn LancashireRetired Grocer
51-6George STONER51Cowfield SussexHead
51-402George STONER51Eastbourne, Sussex HeadCoachman
51-420George Storer53St Vedast, London Head
51-277George Stower56Hintlesham, Suffolk Head
51-233George STONER65Hartshill, Warwickshire Head
51-361Georgiana Stones4Preston Lancashire
51-206Grace Stower16Marden, Berkshire Daughter
51-160Grace Stones26Bewerley, Yorkshire WifeWilliam
51-210Grace Stower60Cudworth, Somerset Wife
51-357Grace  Flener53Portland, Dorset Wife
51-444Griffith WILLIAMS14Toxteth Park, Lancashire StepsonScholar