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Note that apart from those for my direct line I hold few certificates and the information shown is therefore not fully researched
It is meant to be an aid and simply indicates where I would look if following a line
Home ~~~~ 1851 h2i census ~~~~ Help
Note that apart from those for my direct line I hold few certificates and the information shown is therefore not fully researched
It is meant to be an aid and simply indicates where I would look if following a line
51-502Hanah Haner9Oldham LancashireDaughter
51-175Hannah Stoney - Stoner1Bradford, Yorkshire Lodger Daughter
51-368Hannah STONER1Ripley, Derbyshire Daughter
51-197Hannah STORA2C Coton, Warwickshire Daughter
51-356Hannah Storer2Poplar, Middlesex Daughter
51-274Hannah Smith3Ilkeston, Derbyshire Daughter
51-440Hannah Storer7Whitwick, Leicestershire
51-472Hannah Stower10Wyke, Dorset Daughter
51-333Hannah Stones14Sheffield, Yorkshire DaughterScholar
51-287Hannah Stracener15City of London Daughter
51-292Hannah Stoney16Leeds, Yorkshire Daughter
51-324Hannah STONER19Mickleover, Derbyshire Daughter
51-227Hannah Stones20Lincolnshire Daughter
51-371Hannah Storm20Fylingdales YorkshireServantHouse Servant
51-166Hannah STONER28Lichfield, Staffordshire Daughter
51-209Hannah Hall29Mersham, Surrey Niece (u)House Servant
51-175Hannah Stoney - Stoner31Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire Lodger Wife
51-332Hannah Stower31Neithrop, Oxfordshire Wife
51-341Hannah STONER31Bardeswell, Norfolk ServantHouse Servant
51-273Hannah Stoney32Woolhouse, Yorkshire Head
51-205Hannah Stonex33Bale, Norfolk Visitor
51-29Hannah Stowers - Stoner35Goudhurst KentWifeBaker
51-306Hannah Storer41Belton Wife
51-258Hannah Stormer42Rudham SuffolkWifeCharwoman
51-75Hannah Sloate Floate44Beeding SussexWifeCharwoman
51-185Hannah Storer45Burton, Staffordshire Wife
51-286Hannah STONE - Stoner45Yorkshire Wife
51-126Hannah STONER57Tillington SussexServant
51-261Hannah Stonis61Gleadless, Yorkshire Wife
51-377Hannah STONER70Chahelton, Yorkshire WifeDame
51-362Hannah Stower74Martock, Somerset Mother
51-208Hannah M Hepworth3Sandal, Yorkshire Daughter
51-203Hannah Maria Stonner25Portsea, Hampshire Wife
51-423Harrel STONER40Bredo, Staffordshire Visitor (?)
51-286Harriat STONE - Stoner5Yorkshire Daughter
51-367Harriet Stone0.75Redbourn, Hertfordshire Daughter
51-74Harriet Murrell7Horsham SussexDaughter
51-324Harriet STONER8Mickleover, Derbyshire Daughter
51-208Harriet STONER9Harmthorpe, Yorkshire Sister-in-law
51-125Harriet STONER18Tillington SussexServant
51-225Harriet Flener21East Harling, Norfolk Daughter
51-477Harriet Haner24Purbright SurreyServant
51-287Harriet Stower31Old Kent Rd, Surrey Wife
51-380Harriet Stones38Sheffield, Yorkshire, England Wife
51-402Harriet STONER40Little Glemham, Suffolk Wife
51-375Harriet Story52Hawkedon, Suffolk Wife
51-181Harriet Percy62 DorsetMother-in-law (w)Shop Keeper
51-23Harriett STONER6Brighton SussexDaughter
51-161Harriett STONER9Welling Bexley, Kent Daughter
51-48Harriett STONER17Ditchling SussexDaughter
51-124Harriett Roberts21Tangmere SussexDaughter
51-236Harriett STONER23Somer Beeding, Surrey Granddaughter
51-196Harriett Stonage26Eastmeon, Hampshire Daur in Law
51-23Harriett STONER27Brighton SussexWife
51-199Harriett Stower27Chiselborough, Somerset Niece
51-86Harriett STONER31Nuthurst SussexWife
51-122Harriett STONIN - Stoner45 Carmarthenshire, WalesWife
51-140Harriot STONES - Stoner18Worth SussexWife
51-303Harriot STONER33Rotherham YorkshireSister (w)Teacher of School
51-82Harriot STONER35Northchaple SussexHead
51-226Harriot E Stonner17Wrotham, Kent Servant
51-81Harriott STONER2Keymer SussexDaughter
51-62Harry Saubet - Talbot2Easebourne SussexSon
51-74Harry Murrell4Horsham SussexSon
51-438Harry Stone9Thame, Oxfordshire Son
51-256Harry J Flower11Hackney, Middlesex Son
51-122Harry Mary STONIN - Stoner10Petmoris Petworth SussexDaughter
51-23Hary STONER28Brighton SussexHead
51-187Helen STONER9Camberwell, Surrey Daughter
51-347Helen Stoer25Mickleover, Derbyshire Daughter
51-256Helen Flower45Hackney, Middlesex Wife
51-200Helen STONER77Preston, Lancashire Head (w)Annuitant
51-256Helen J Flower18Hackney, Middlesex Daughter
51-443Helen StonerCroft10St Eustatius West IndiesNieceScholar
51-1Henay STONER2Beeding SussexSon
51-509Henrietta Haner5Soho SohoDaughter
51-284Henrietta STONER20Kingswood, Gloucestershire Daughter
51-332Henry Stower1Neithrop, Oxfordshire Son
51-150Henry Stones2St Marys, Nottinghamshire, England Son
51-118Henry Staner - Stoner3Slaugham SussexSon
51-297Henry Stone3Limeho, Middlesex Son
51-7Henry STONER4Brighton SussexSon
51-136Henry Garton6Itchingfield SussexSonScholar
51-352Henry Stanard Stonard6Pirbright SurreyGrandsonScholar
51-356Henry Storer6Pentridge, Derbyshire Son
51-516Henry Stormer6Birmingham WarwickshireSon
51-307Henry Flener7Barking, Essex
51-10Henry Hills8Brighton SussexHead
51-342Henry Stones8Norwich, Norfolk SonScholar
51-187Henry STONER12Camberwell, Surrey Son
51-248Henry STONER13Horne, Surrey Servant
51-121Henry STONER14Southwick SussexSon
51-157Henry STONER14Cuckfield, Sussex Son
51-214Henry Stone - Stoner14Deptford, Kent Son
51-364Henry Stover15Hyson Green Nottinghamshire
51-368Henry STONER15Ripley, Derbyshire Son
51-245Henry STONER18Airton, Yorkshire Son
51-156Henry STANYER19Betchton, Cheshire Son
51-150Henry Stones23St Marys, Nottinghamshire, England HeadBrickmaker
51-233Henry STONER23Edgbaston, Warwickshire Son
51-62Henry Saubet - Talbot24Easebourne SussexHeadFarm Labourer
51-104Henry Staner - Stoner25Cowfold SussexLodger
51-231Henry Stones25Birmingham, Warwickshire Lodger (u)File Cutter
51-381Henry Flener25Antrem, Ireland Lodger
51-33Henry STONER26Schenor SussexSonGrocer's Assistant
51-71Henry Mann26Horsham SussexSon
51-111Henry Stonham26Ditchling Sussex(w)Millers Loader
51-229Henry STONER27Sheffield, Yorkshire Lodger
51-252Henry Stoves27Norwich, Norfolk Head
51-31Henry Stoneham28Ditchling SussexHeadLabourer
51-307Henry Flener32St James, London Lodger
51-516Henry Stormer33Kisbury NorthamptonshireHead
51-87Henry STONER36Bewdley SussexHeadAg Lab
51-205Henry Stonex37Field Dalling, Norfolk Head
51-291Henry Warrall37Cubbington WarwickshirePork Butcher
51-65Henry STONER40Ditchling SussexLodger
51-95Henry STONER40Nuthurst SussexSonShepherd / Labourer
51-356Henry Storer40Chesterfield, Derbyshire Head
51-506Henry Haner47Seal KentLodger
51-107Henry Lindfield49Nuthurst SussexHeadAg Lab
51-187Henry STONER49Cowfield, Sussex Head
51-245Henry STONER57Broughton, Yorkshire Head
51-70Henry Bulbeck63East Dean SussexVisitor (u)Farm Labourer
51-50Henry STONER67Street SussexHead
51-109Henry Cliff STONES - Stoner2Petworth SussexSon
51-398Henry James STONER30St George Bloomsbury
51-330Henry M Stower30St Sepulchre, Middlesex Head
51-300Henry P Stower4Liverpool Son
51-278Henry R Storer23St Pancras, Middlesex Head
51-278Henry Walter Storer17Islington, Middlesex Son
51-29Henry Wm Stowers - Stoner3Brighton SussexSon
51-119Heny STONER12Slaugham SussexSon
51-399Hephsebah STONES - STONER29Lewis Lewes SussexWife
51-300Herbert S Stower8Bristol Son
51-249Holland Stower11Barton, Lincolnshire Son
51-210Honor Stower15Cudworth, Somerset Daughter
51-456Hubert Stone4Westr, Middlesex Son
51-444Hugh WILLIAMS4Toxteth Park, Lancashire StepsonScholar
51-158Hy Storer17Shoreditch Apprentice
51-220Hy Stores/Storer36Wigston Magna, Leicestershire Head
51-363Ighnly Stores1Radford NottinghamshireSon
51-376Infant Stone0.03Sheering, Essex Daughter
51-215Isaac Stover3Derby, Derbyshire Son
51-247Isaac Stone3East Dereham, Norfolk Son
51-80Isaac Testor9Balcombe SussexSon
51-210Isaac Stower24Cudworth, Somerset Son
51-247Isaac Stone35East Dereham, Norfolk Head
51-323Isabela Harnson Harrison19Harrington, Durham Daughter
51-211Isabella Stones6Hartlepool, Durham Daughter
51-512Isabella Haner53Sunderland DurhamWife
51-508Isabelle Haner22Bristol GloucestershireWife