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Note that apart from those for my direct line I hold few certificates and the information shown is therefore not fully researched
It is meant to be an aid and simply indicates where I would look if following a line
Home ~~~~ 1851 j2j census ~~~~ Help
Note that apart from those for my direct line I hold few certificates and the information shown is therefore not fully researched
It is meant to be an aid and simply indicates where I would look if following a line
51-300Jacob Stower38Somerset Head
51-92Jacob STONER40Beeding SussexHead
51-81James STONER0 Keymer SussexSon
51-32James Stone - Stoner0.75Brighton SussexSon
51-54James STONES - Stoner2Ditchling SussexSon
51-132James STONER2Tillington SussexSon
51-340James STONER3Norwich; Heigham Son
51-108James STONER4Petworth SussexSon
51-302James Stonis4Samlesbury, Lancashire Lodger
51-29James Stowers - Stoner5Brighton SussexSonScholar
51-254James STONER5Bethnal Green, Middlesex Son
51-1James STONER6Beeding SussexSon
51-362James Stower6Puckington, Somerset Son
51-87James STONER7Horsham SussexSon
51-169James STONER8Bowling, Yorkshire Son
51-94James STONER9Nuthurst SussexSon
51-135James Silsby10Ditchling SussexSon
51-25James STONER12Isborn SussexSon
51-276James Storey12Stoke By Nayland, Suffolk Son
51-156James STANYER13Betchton, Cheshire Son
51-282James STONER13Great Glen, Leicestershire SonSeamer
51-243James Stones14Kirkstead, Lincolnshire Son
51-359James Stones14Manchester, Lancashire GrandsonCurrier Apprentice
51-382James Flener14London Son
51-247James Stone15East Dereham, Norfolk Son
51-83James STONER16N Cuckfield SussexServant
51-478James Haner16Breightmet LancashireSon
51-491James Haner17Laxfield SuffolkApprentice
51-463James Stones18Winlaton, Durham Son
51-214James Stone - Stoner19Deptford, Kent Son
51-386James Storer19Cripplegate Son
51-44James Sloner - Stoner21Cuckfield SussexBrother-in-law (u)Shoemaker (Journeyman)
51-331James Spence21West Ardsley, Yorkshire Servant
51-464James Stonner22Tilney All Saints, Norfolk Servant
51-225James Flener23East Harling, Norfolk Son
51-409James Storer23Rothbury, Northumberland Servant
51-64James STONER24Graffham SussexSon
51-44James Hall Heall26Bolney SussexHead
51-147James Stone26Barking, Essex Son
51-36James STONER27Cowfold SussexHead
51-106James Staples28West Farleigh KentSon
51-113James Clark28Cowfold SussexHead
51-37James STONER29Cowfold SussexHeadFarm Labourer
51-63James STONER29Upperton SussexServant
51-81James STONER31Ditchling SussexHead
51-337James Stonum - Stoner33Cheriton, Hampshire Servant
51-432James Stover34Sutotn IN Ashfd, Nottinghamshire SonSon
51-457James Storer34St Anne Westr, Middlesex Head
51-25James STONER35Isborn SussexHead
51-54James STONES - Stoner35Ditchling SussexHead
51-36James STONER36Haugham SussexHead
51-39James STONER36Cowfold SussexSonAg Lab
51-21James STONER38Portslade SussexHead
51-412James Stower38Marllort, Somerset Head
51-359James McMahon39Ireland Lodger (w)Chelsea Pensioner
51-71James Mann42Horsham SussexSon
51-424James Storer42Barwell, Leicestershire Brother
51-216James Tidy43Dorking SurreyHead (w)Bricklayer
51-311James Stoneburner Stonehewer43Macclesfield, Cheshire HeadHand Loom Weaver
51-385James STONAR - Stoner43Hackney HeadWood Turner
51-386James Storer43St L Shoreditch Head
51-478James Haner45Harwood LancashireLodger
51-123James Drewet46Steyning SussexHeadMilkman
51-340James STONER46Bardswell, Norfolk HeadBookseller
51-484James Haner46Essex EssexHead
51-119James STONER48Bolney SussexHead
51-88James STONER49Beeding SussexHeadAg Lab
51-129James STONER49Tillington SussexHead
51-48James STONER51Ditchling SussexHead
51-64James STONER52Woolavington SussexHead
51-161James STONER53Mildesneston, Norfolk HeadCorn Chandler
51-154James Browning54Cheriton, Hampshire Lodger
51-39James STONER60Cowfold SussexHeadAg Lab
51-455James Stonis63Hamworthy, Lancashire Head
51-392James Stainer64Kingston HampshireHeadRetired Dairyman
51-196James Stonage66Cheriton, Hampshire Head
51-281James Veitch75Scotland Head
51-216James Fanny STONER42Horham, Surrey Visitor Niece
51-325James Jane Stoker1Middlestone, Durham Daughter
51-278James S Storer79Clerkenwell, Middlesex Head
51-385Jane STONAR - Stoner0.33Shoreditch Daughter
51-42Jane STONES - Stoner1Cuckfield SussexDaughter
51-340Jane STONER1Norwich; Heigham Daughter
51-466Jane Stonis1Woburn, Bedfordshire Granddaughter
51-88Jane STONER3Beeding SussexDaughter
51-1Jane STONER4Beeding SussexSon
51-107Jane Lindfield4Nuthurst SussexDaughter
51-260Jane Storer4Stoke Newington, Middlesex Daughter
51-417Jane STONER5Cuckfield SussexDaughter
51-37Jane STONER6West Grinstead SussexDaughterScholar
51-361Jane Stones7Preston Lancashire
51-411Jane STONE - Stoner8St Luke, Middlesex Daughter
51-270Jane Stoure - Stoner10Bradford, Yorkshire Niece
51-292Jane Stoney11Leeds, Yorkshire Servant
51-57Jane STONER12Easebourne SussexDaughter
51-126Jane STONER12Tillington SussexLodger
51-122Jane STONIN - Stoner13Horsham SussexDaughter
51-245Jane STONER14Gargrave, Yorkshire Daughter
51-119Jane STONER17Slaugham SussexDaughter
51-149Jane STONER20Barnsley, Yorkshire Daughter
51-512Jane Haner20Liverpool LancashireDaughter
51-130Jane STONER22Camberwell SurreyWife
51-433Jane STONER22Ketsby, Lincolnshire Servant (u)
51-31Jane Stoneham25Falmer SussexWifeDomestic
51-62Jane Saubet - Talbot26Easebourne SussexWife
51-132Jane STONER27Tillington SussexWife
51-349Jane STONER27Lathom, Lancashire Wife
51-22Jane STONER30Henfield SussexServant
51-58Jane STONER30Treyford SussexWife
51-18Jane STOME - Stoner31Ifield SussexSister (u)Annuitant
51-407Jane Williams33Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire VisitorCollar Maker
51-5Jane STONER36Beeding SussexVisitor
51-88Jane STONER38Haugham SussexWife
51-237Jane STONER38Birmingham WarwickshireWife
51-269Jane STONE - Stoner42Hannord, Yorkshire Head (w)
51-308Jane Storer42Marple CheshireSons WifeCotton Winder
51-152Jane Stower48Drimpton, Dorset Wife
51-18Jane Sayers50Billingshurst SussexWife
51-421Jane Colson50Loughton, Essex Wife
51-503Jane Haner51Ireland IrelandLodger
51-32Jane May52Lewes SussexWife
51-394Jane Flener - Stoner52Stoughton LeicestershireHead (w)
51-85Jane Peters54Worth Sussex WifeCharwoman
51-323Jane Harnson Harrison61Harrington, Durham Wife
51-494Jane Haner74G Bolton LancashireMother
51-397Jane C Stones19Bow, Middlesex Daughter
51-219Jane Stone Cole0.66Duloe CornwallDaughter
51-12Janes STONES - Stoner29Tillington SussexServant
51-452Janes Stower50Bersted, Gloucestershire Head
51-377Jas STONER9Sheffd, Yorkshire SonTable Knife Cutler
51-377Jas STONER20Sheffd, Yorkshire HeadTable Knife Cutler
51-299Jas Dearden STONER - STONE1Little Lever, Lancashire Son
51-457Jas John Storer10St Clement Ossas, Middlesex Son
51-242Jemima Storer36Dickleburgh Norfolk
51-210Jemima Stower58West Hatch, Somerset Head
51-49Jemmina STONER67Twineham SussexWife
51-19Jessa STONER23Eastbourne SussexHead
51-36Jesse STONER2Cowfold SussexSon
51-36Jesse STONER3Buding SussexSon
51-139Jesse STONER3Wivelsfield SussexSon
51-287Jesse Stracener3Lambeth, Surrey Daughter
51-19Jesse Thomas House - Stoner0.25Brighton SussexSon
51-77Jessey Stones - Stoner28Slaugham SussexServant
51-415Jessie Storer28On the Sea
51-501Jno Haner58Devon DevonHead
51-149Jno Wood STONER7Barnsley, Yorkshire Son
51-291John Warrall0.41Rowley Staffordshire
51-154John STONAGE - Stoner0.58Beauworth, Hampshire Son
51-426John STONER1Stoke, Staffordshire Son
51-434John STONER1Swaby, Lincolnshire Son
51-465John Ashbridge1Yorkshire Son
51-518John Stormer1Exhotarishal LincolnshireSon
51-166John STONER2Birmm, Warwickshire Son
51-460John STONE2London Son
51-44John Hall Heall3Bolney SussexSon
51-15John STONES - Stoner4Brighton SussexSon
51-180John Webster4Sheffield, Yorkshire, England Son
51-197John STORA4C Coton, Warwickshire Son
51-220John Stores/Storer4Shilton, Leicestershire Son
51-345John Stover4Nottingham SonScholar
51-519John Stormer4Lilley HertfordshireSon
51-239John Riley5Farnworth, Lancashire Grandson
51-302John Stonis5Walton, Lancashire Lodger
51-121John STONER6Southwick SussexSon
51-306John Storer7Long Whatton Son
51-323John Harnson Harrison7Harrington, Durham Grandson
51-52John STONER8Ditchling SussexGrandson
51-204John STONER8Radley OxfordshirePupil
51-245John STONER8Gargrave, Yorkshire Son
51-274John Smith8Ilkeston, Derbyshire Son
51-42John STONES - Stoner9Cuckfield SussexSonScholar National School
51-48John STONER9Ditchling SussexSon
51-242John Storer9Tannington Suffolk
51-34John STONER10Cuckfield SussexSon
51-141John STONER10Ardsley, Yorkshire YorkshireSon
51-240John Stonex10Field Dalling, Norfolk Son
51-254John STONER10Bethnal Green, Middlesex Son
51-271John Stonier10Horton, Staffordshire Son
51-486John Haner10Bolton LancashireGrandson
51-69John Wrapsen11Heyshott SussexSon
51-311John Stoneburner Stonehewer11Macclesfield, Cheshire SonSilk Spinner
51-356John Storer11Pentridge, Derbyshire Son
51-4John STONER12Beeding SussexGrandson
51-76John STONER12Hurstpierpoint SussexVisitor
51-127John STONER12Kirdford SussexSon
51-324John STONER12Mickleover, Derbyshire Son
51-86John STONER13Nuthurst SussexSon
51-93John STONE - Stoner13Horsham SussexSon
51-292John Stoney14Leeds, Yorkshire Son
51-478John Haner14Breightmet LancashireSon
51-327John STONER15Shoreditch, Middlesex Son
51-359John Stones17Preston, Lancashire GrandsonCurrier Apprentice
51-472John Stower17Wyke, Dorset Son
51-283John Storrer18Hull, Yorkshire Son
51-333John Stones18Sheffield, Yorkshire SonApprentice to Saw Maker
51-368John STONER18Ripley, Derbyshire Son
51-206John Stower19Marden, Berkshire Son
51-296John STONER19Whitechapel MiddlesexServant
51-33John STONER20Bosham SussexSonLaborer
51-184John Stower20Tilehurst, Berkshire Servant
51-230John Stones20Sheff, Yorkshire Son
51-114John STONER22Slaugham SussexSon
51-203John Storer22London Foreman
51-288John STONER23Chelsea Lodger (u)Painter
51-299John Stone23Great Lever, Lancashire Head
51-370John Stones23Rotherham YorkshireHeadIron Moulder
51-406John Stonis23Birtemberg, Germany Head
51-321John Stower24Martock, Somerset Nephew
51-363John Carlisle24 NottinghamshireLodger (F-in-L)
51-85John STONER25Farlington KentLodgerAg Lab
51-316John Stower25??, Lancashire Head
51-50John STONER28Ditchling SussexSon
51-128John STONER28Tillington SussexHead
51-15John STONES - Stoner29Cowfold SussexHead
51-203John Stonyer29W Bromwich StaffordshireHeadMillwright
51-309John Flener29Stone, Staffordshire Lodger
51-332John Stower29Neithrop, Oxfordshire Head
51-180John Webster30Hartell, Yorkshire, England Head
51-190John STONER31Canterbury KentLodger (u)Sawyer
51-242John Storer31Tannington SuffolkHawker
51-1John STONER32Clayton SussexHead
51-175John Stoney - Stoner32Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire Lodger Head
51-181John Stowers33Charlton SomersetHeadFly Proprieter
51-189John Stower33Cudworth, Somerset Head
51-212John STONER33Deptford, Kent Head
51-367John Stone34Redbourn, Hertfordshire DaughterBaker
51-103John Stower35Diptford KentHead
51-254John STONER35Baeding, Sussex Head
51-439John STONER35Belton, Lincolnshire Head
51-154John STONAGE - Stoner36Cheriton Head
51-240John Stonex36Field Dalling, Norfolk Head
51-355John Naylor36Sykhouse YorkshireHeadShoemaker & Coal Dealer
51-108John STONER37Tillington SussexHead
51-7John STONER38Beeding SussexHead
51-255John Stene38Bloomsbury, Middlesex Head
51-368John STONER38Chesterfield, Derbyshire Head
51-67John Stowe Storer39Thornton NottinghamshireHeadJustice of the Peace & Clergyman (No Cure)
51-274John Smith39Strelley, Nottinghamshire Head
51-327John STONER39Kingsland, Middlesex HeadJourneyman Tallow Chandler
51-395John Stower39St Saviour, Surrey Head
51-428John Hollick39Whittlesford CambridgeshireHeadLicensed Victualler
51-86John STONER40Beeding SussexHead
51-215John Stover40Derby, Derbyshire HeadPipefactioner
51-237John STONER40 DerbyshireHeadCarriers Clerk
51-442John Stower40So Petherton, Somerset Lodger
51-321John Stower41Martock, Somerset Head
51-380John Stones41Sheffield, Yorkshire, England HeadJoiners Tool Maker
51-519John Stormer42Silsoe BedfordshireHead
51-118John Staner - Stoner44Cuckfield SussexHead
51-157John STONER44Cowfold, Sussex Head
51-93John STONE - Stoner46Lower Beeding SussexHead
51-424John Storer46Barwell, Leicestershire Head
51-443John Elsworth46Acaster Malbis HeadSchoolmaster & Farmer
51-472John Stower48Martock, Somerset Head
51-167John Hornes49Pately, Yorkshire Son
51-80John Testor50Clayton SussexHeadAg Lab
51-136John Stones50Cowfold SussexLodger (w)Ag Lab
51-194John STONER51Oxford OxfordshireLodger (u)Labourer
51-438John Stone51Thame, Oxfordshire Head
51-345John Stover53Long Eastley, Derbyshire HeadLabourer agricultural
51-232John Stower54Eckington, Derbyshire Lodger
51-406John Storer54Lambeth, Surrey Head
51-116John Slane56Crawley SussexHeadShepherd
51-435John STONER56Lusby, Lincolnshire Head
51-85John Peters58Beeding SussexHeadAg Lab
51-239John Stones58Little Hulton, Lancashire Head
51-55John STONER60Easeboune SussexHead
51-374John Stone60Wiston YorkshireServant
51-419John STORER - Stoner60Hurstperpoint Essex SussexHead (w?)Toll Collector
51-230John Stones61Sheff, Yorkshire HeadBrush Maker
51-314John STONER64Hartshill, Warwickshire Head
51-154John STONAGE - Stoner68Cheriton, Hampshire Brother
51-292John Stoney68Farsley, Yorkshire Head
51-89John STONES - Stoner70Nuthurst SussexFather-in-law
51-432John Stover77Sutton IN Ashfd, Nottinghamshire HeadHead
51-237John Norton81Bridgenorth SalopFather in lawFormerly Lime Scaler
51-397John B Stones41Clerkenwell, Middlesex HeadCommision Agent
51-11John Bird Stonner14Luton, Bedfordshire Brother
51-397John C Stones7Bermondsey, Surrey SonScholar
51-173John D STONER25Bradford, Yorkshire Head
51-275John J Stower1Nacton, Suffolk Son
51-404John Lewis STONER1St George Hanover Square Son
51-172John PHill14Bradford, Yorkshire Grandson
51-259John RStoney3Longton, Staffordshire Son
51-395John Robt Stower8St Saviour, Surrey Son
51-300John S Stower1Liverpool Son
51-446John Thomas STONER7Gargrave, Yorkshire Son
51-457John Thos Storer7St Giles, Middlesex Son
51-273John Willim Stoney9Birstal, Yorkshire Son
51-494Jonathan Haner15L Bolton LancashireSon
51-141Joseph STONER1Ardsley, Yorkshire YorkshireSon
51-215Joseph Stover1Derby, Derbyshire Son
51-396Joseph Storer2London Son
51-238Joseph Horner4Farndon, Nottinghamshire Son
51-324Joseph STONER5Mickleover, Derbyshire Son
51-412Joseph Stower5St Marylebone, Middlesex Son
51-440Joseph Storer5Whitwick, Leicestershire
51-257Joseph Stover6Hackney, Middlesex SonScholar
51-368Joseph STONER6Ripley, Derbyshire Son
51-246Joseph STONER8Wakefield, Yorkshire Grandson
51-320Joseph Staner10Margate KentBoarderScholar
51-321Joseph Stower13Martock, Somerset Son
51-292Joseph Stoney14Leeds, Yorkshire Son
51-311Joseph Stoneburner Stonehewer14Macclesfield, Cheshire SonSilk Spinner
51-295Joseph Ransley15Leeds, Yorkshire Son
51-451Joseph Stower16Morton Cum, Yorkshire Son
51-221Joseph Hores18Desford, Leicestershire Son
51-217Joseph Stonis21Warborough, Oxfordshire Son
51-323Joseph Harnson Harrison21Harrington, Durham Son
51-200Joseph STONER22Knutsford, Cheshire Servant
51-294Joseph STENCE - Stoner23Pately, Yorkshire Head
51-379Joseph Stones23Sheffield YorkshireSonCabinet Case Maker
51-275Joseph Stower27Wherstead, Suffolk Head
51-360Joseph Stones28 Head
51-213Joseph STONER30England Head
51-414Joseph Stower30Winsham, Somerset Servant
51-446Joseph STONER32Paris, France - British Subject HeadPolice Constable
51-257Joseph Stover33Hackney, Middlesex HeadSmith
51-376Joseph Stone34Sheering, Essex HeadAg Lab
51-440Joseph Storer36Whitwick, Leicestershire HeadHead
51-457Joseph Stower37Mare, Somerset Convict
51-349Joseph STONER41Shoreditch, Middlesex Head
51-396Joseph Storer41St Luke, Middlesex Head
51-478Joseph Haner43Harwood LancashireHead
51-324Joseph STONER48Mickleover, Derbyshire Head
51-156Joseph STANYER49Odd Rode, Cheshire Head
51-295Joseph Ransley49Leeds, Yorkshire Father
51-443Joseph STONER52Barwick in Elmet YorkshireBrother (u)Schoolmaster
51-147Joseph Stone62Barking, Essex HeadBlacksmith
51-177Joseph STONER64Tokenham MiddlesexHeadLodging House Keeper
51-210Joseph Stower72Dowlish, Somerset Head
51-167Joseph Hornes81Bewerley, Yorkshire Head (w)
51-425Joseph Evans Storer13Kensington Grandson
51-316Joshua STONER22Newton, Lancashire VisitorShoemaker
51-172Joshua Hill61Bolton, Yorkshire Head
51-278Josiah Storer41St James; Pentonville Head
51-108Julia STONER0.66Petworth SussexDaughter
51-237Julia Stone3Northampton Daughter
51-232Julia Storner35Eckington DerbyshireServant (u)Nail Maker