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Note that apart from those for my direct line I hold few certificates and the information shown is therefore not fully researched
It is meant to be an aid and simply indicates where I would look if following a line
Home ~~~~ 1851 k2m census ~~~~ Help
Note that apart from those for my direct line I hold few certificates and the information shown is therefore not fully researched
It is meant to be an aid and simply indicates where I would look if following a line
51-394Kate Settia SelinaFlener - Stoner10Lambeth SurreyDaughter
51-327Keith Ruth STONER1Stepney, Middlesex Daughter
51-49Ketty STONER25Ditchling SussexDaughter
51-86Laura STONER11Beeding SussexDaughter
51-275Lavenia R Stower27Ipswich, Suffolk Wife
51-319Lavinia M BStaner8Margate KentSonBaker's Daughter
51-259Law Stoney39Huddersfield, Yorkshire Head
51-378Lendon W (m)STONER0.19Sheffield, Yorkshire Son
51-456Lewis Stone8Westr, Middlesex Son
51-412Lewis Stonner50Middlesex Father
51-498Lilly Haner17Forest of Dean GloucestershireServant
51-251Limeon Simeon Staner10Bolton, Lancashire Son
51-140Louisa STONES - Stoner0 Worth SussexDaughter
51-255Louisa Stene0.91Wacking, Middlesex Daughter
51-396Louisa Storer8London Daughter
51-147Louisa Stone16Barking, Essex Daughter
51-512Louisa Haner18Liverpool LancashireDaughter
51-280Louisa Stower21Southampton, Hampshire Servant
51-453Louisa STOVER - Stoner26Barton in Niedward Servant
51-181Louisa Stower30 DorsetWifeNeedlewoman
51-195Louisa STONER39Westminster MiddlesexHead
51-33Louisa STONER48Appledram SussexHead (m)Mariner's Wife
51-147Louisa Stone55Barking, Essex Wife
51-202Louisa STONER70Essex Wife (w)
51-318Louisa HammondStaner3Margate KentDaughterTeacher of Music
51-154Louise STONAGE - Stoner5Tichborne / Alresford Daughter
51-456Lovinia Stone6Westr, Middlesex Daughter
51-51Lucy STONER3Ditchling SussexDaughter
51-240Lucy Stonex8Field Dalling, Norfolk Daughter
51-121Lucy STONER9Southwick SussexDaughter
51-377Lucy STONER19Sheffd, Yorkshire Wife
51-154Lucy STONAGE - Stoner24Old Alresford Wife
51-469Lucy Stonner26Greenwich, Kent Wife
51-15Lucy STONES - Stoner36Lindfield SussexWife
51-485Lucy Haner51Tottington LancashireWife
51-114Lucy STONER59Cuckfield SussexWife
51-340Lydia STONER38Norwich; Heigham Wife
51-80Lydia Testor40Lindfield SussexWife
51-102M (f)STONER21Easebourne SussexServant
51-338M A Stower48Hatton Garden, London Sister-in-law
51-324Maira Storer7Radbourne, Derbyshire Daughter
51-201Mana Stower12Ringwood, Hampshire Granddaughter
51-265Margaret Stones9Milnthorpe Daughter
51-349Margaret STONER9Ormskirk, Lancashire Daughter
51-67Margaret Stowe Storer26Blantisham HuntingdonshireWife
51-270Margaret Hill26Horton, Yorkshire Wife
51-301Margaret Sloan40St Helens LancashireWifeCooper's Wife
51-292Margaret Stoney45Leeds, Yorkshire Wife
51-164Margaret STONER46Edinburgh, Scotland Wife
51-108Margarett STONER8Petworth SussexDaughter
51-522Maria Stormer6Luton BedfordshireDaughterScholar
51-146Maria Cantrell13Coleorton, Leicestershire Daughter
51-209Maria Hall17Mersham, Surrey Niece (u)House Servant
51-324Maria STONER17Mickleover, Derbyshire Daughter
51-474Maria Haner18London MiddlesexVisitor
51-19Maria STONER23Crowley SussexWife
51-153Maria Merritt24Beauworth, Hampshire Daughter
51-84Maria Stornes30Laughton SussexDaughter
51-456Maria Stone38Mosedenhamsha, Devon Wife
51-292Maria Stoney40Leeds, Yorkshire Head
51-171Maria STONER45Eastby, Yorkshire Head (w)Furniture Broker
51-456Mark Stone10Westr, Middlesex Son
51-91Mark STONER15Cowfold SussexServant
51-135Mark Reeves20Twineham SussexLodger (u)Ag Lab
51-292Mark Flener23Wensall, Derbyshire Lodger
51-349Martha STONER1Ormskirk, Lancashire Daughter
51-327Martha STONER4Stepney, Middlesex Daughter
51-451Martha Stower6Wells, Somerset Daughter
51-385Martha STONAR - Stoner7Shoreditch Daughter
51-486Martha Haner12Bolton LancashireGranddaughter
51-418Martha STONER17Cammering EssexDaughter Servant
51-16Martha Hones - Stoner18Wolverhampton StaffordshireServant
51-393Martha STONER26Thornton, Leicestershire Servant (u)Housemaid
51-9Martha STONES - Stoner33Rottingdean SussexWife
51-397Martha Stones38Bromley, Middlesex WifeDress Maker
51-311Martha Stoneburner Stonehewer43Leek, Staffordshire Wife
51-187Martha STONER45Wincanton, Somerset Wife
51-369Martha Stones49Bolton YorkshireWife
51-79Martha Thornton55Crawley SussexWife
51-182Martha STONER56Bristol, Gloucestershire Lodger
51-397Martha E Stones4St Lukes, Middlesex Daughter
51-145Marther Richardson21Mansfield, Nottinghamshire Wife
51-244Mary Stonner0 Fulham Daughter
51-143Mary Wilson0.41Armin YorkshireDaughter
51-1Mary STONER1Beeding SussexDaughter
51-15Mary STONES - Stoner2Brighton SussexDaughter
51-45Mary STONER2Cuckfield SussexDaughter
51-260Mary Storer2Stoke Newington, Middlesex Daughter
51-440Mary Storer2Bardon, Leicestershire
51-486Mary Haner2Bolton LancashireGranddaughter
51-482Mary Haner4Diseworth LeicestershireGranddaughter
51-380Mary Stones7Sheffield, Yorkshire, England DaughterScholar
51-93Mary STONE - Stoner8Lower Beeding SussexDaughter
51-118Mary Staner - Stoner8Beeding SussexDaughter
51-227Mary Stones8Lincolnshire Daughter
51-417Mary STONER8Cuckfield SussexDaughter
51-166Mary STONER12Birmm, Warwickshire Daughter
51-251Mary Staner14Worsley, Lancashire Daughter
51-324Mary STONER14Mickleover, Derbyshire Daughter
51-324Mary Storer14Radbourne, Derbyshire Daughter
51-224Mary Honn15East Butterwick, Lincolnshire Daughter
51-345Mary Stover15Long Eastley, Derbyshire DaughterCake Maker
51-292Mary Stoney16Leeds, Yorkshire Daughter
51-369Mary Stones18Rotherham YorkshireDaughter
51-497Mary Haner18Markington YorkshireServant
51-100Mary STONER21Slaugham SussexNiece
51-281Mary Veitch22Chelsea, Middlesex Daughter
51-355Mary Naylor22Doncaster YorkshireSister
51-468Mary STONER22Hillfield, Dorset Visitor
51-165Mary Hirst23Bradford YorkshireWife
51-465Mary STONES - STONER23Yorkshire Wife's Sister
51-316Mary Stower24??, Lancashire Wife
51-145Mary STONER25Kimberley, Nottinghamshire Daughter
51-183Mary STONER25Gizzlewick, Yorkshire ServantServant - of BRADWELL family
51-99Mary STONER27Northchapel SussexWife
51-393Mary STONER28Thornton, Leicestershire Servant (u)Cook
51-439Mary STONER29Hemingbrough, Yorkshire Wife
51-36Mary STONER31Cowfold SussexWife
51-244Mary Stonner31Ireland Wife
51-376Mary Stone31Hatfield Broad Oak Wife
51-71Mary STONER32Horsham SussexDaughter
51-118Mary Staner - Stoner35Beeding SussexWife
51-516Mary Stormer35Weedon NorthamptonshireWife
51-42Mary STONES - Stoner36Cuckfield SussexWife
51-293Mary Stoney - Stoner36Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire Wife
51-308Mary Storer36Marple CheshireDaughterCotton Warper
51-444Mary STONER36North Wales Wife
51-478Mary Haner36Elton LancashireWife
51-215Mary Stover37Derby, Derbyshire Wife
51-93Mary STONE - Stoner38Cuckfield SussexWife
51-219Mary Cole38Ireland Wife
51-259Mary Stoney38Ashton Under Lyne, Lancashire Wife
51-356Mary Storer38Chesterfield, Derbyshire Wife
51-395Mary Stower39Loose, Kent Wife
51-46Mary Anscombe41Cowfold SussexWife
51-342Mary Stones42Swanton Abbot, Norfolk Wife
51-448Mary STONER42Ashstead, Surrey Head
51-221Mary Hores44Desford, Leicestershire Wife
51-224Mary Honn44Scotter, Lincolnshire Wife
51-156Mary STANYER45Stockport, Cheshire Wife
51-315Mary STONER48Stoke Golding, Leicestershire Wife
51-362Mary Stower48Fivehead, Somerset Wife
51-384Mary STONER48St Lukes, Middlesex Head
51-129Mary STONER50Petworth Sussex
51-262Mary STONER50Eccup, Yorkshire Wife
51-277Mary Stower50Bulcamp, Suffolk Wife
51-290Mary Storer50Ibstock LeicestershireHousekeeper (w)Housekeeper Etc
51-48Mary STONER51Ditchling SussexWife
51-452Mary Stower51Bersted, Gloucestershire Wife
51-408Mary STONER52Scotland
51-235Mary Stower54Bulleigh, Somerset Wife
51-57Mary STONER56Tillington SussexHead (w)
51-435Mary STONER56Swaby, Lincolnshire Wife
51-78Mary STONER58Cuckfield SussexWife
51-225Mary Flener58South Lopham, Norfolk Wife
51-230Mary Stones59Sheff, Yorkshire Wife
51-328Mary Stone59Minehead, Somerset Lodger
51-52Mary STONER60Keymer SussexWife
51-96Mary STONES - Stoner60Cowfold SussexMother-in-law
51-179Mary STONER61Wakes Depers LincolnshireHead (w)
51-487Mary Haner62Hallow WorcestershireWife
51-154Mary STONAGE - Stoner64Cheriton, Hampshire Head
51-151Mary Hartley66Dewsbury, Yorkshire Wife
51-71Mary Mann67Horsham SussexHead
51-236Mary Puttack67Ewhurst, Surrey Head
51-97Mary STONER70Cowfold SussexWife
51-210Mary Stower72Dowlish, Somerset Wife
51-321Mary Stower77South Petherton, Somerset Head
51-450Mary STONER79Glorter, Gloucestershire Aunt
51-119Mary ASTONER1Cuckfield SussexDaughter
51-173Mary A STONER1Bradford, Yorkshire Daughter
51-42Mary A STONES - Stoner7Cuckfield SussexDaughter
51-509Mary A Haner8Soho SohoDaughter
51-74Mary A Murrell11Horsham SussexDaughter
51-342Mary A Stones13Norwich, Norfolk DaughterScholar
51-437Mary A Stower13Forthampton, Gloucestershire Servant
51-456Mary A Stone15Devon Daughter
51-509Mary A Haner21Kent KentDaughter
51-509Mary A Haner37British Subject British SubjectWife
51-150Mary Ann Stones0.75St Marys, Nottinghamshire, England Daughter
51-160Mary Ann Stones1Bewerley, Yorkshire DaughterWilliam & Grace
51-113Mary Ann Clark2Slaugham SussexDaughter
51-109Mary Ann STONES - Stoner3Tillington SussexDaughter
51-326Mary Ann Stower3Stepney, Middlesex Visitor
51-411Mary Ann STONE - Stoner3St Luke, Middlesex Daughter
51-372Mary Ann STARER5Saxtead, Suffolk Daughter
51-8Mary Ann STONER6Hurst SussexVisitor
51-164Mary Ann Scruten6Knaresboro, Yorkshire Niece
51-269Mary Ann STONE - Stoner9Bradford, Yorkshire Daughter
51-188Mary Ann Hadden11Lambeth, Surrey Daughter
51-295Mary Ann Ransley11Leeds, Yorkshire Daughter
51-155Mary Ann Flener12Stockwith, Nottinghamshire Visitor
51-463Mary Ann Stones13Ryton Woodside, Durham Daughter
51-143Mary AnnSTONER15Iselton, Lincolnshire Niece
51-265Mary Ann Stones20Milnthorpe Daughter
51-475Mary Ann Haner22Brill BuckinghamshireServant
51-152Mary Ann Stower23Beaminster, Dorset Servant
51-325Mary Ann Stoker26Menigton, Durham Wife
51-30Mary Ann Stone - Stoner28Holest SussexWife
51-35Mary Ann STONES - Stoner28Hussh SussexWife
51-109Mary Ann STONES - Stoner29Petworth SussexWife
51-203Mary AnnStonyer30Wateringbury KentWife
51-365Mary Ann Stores30Farnsley DerbyshireWifeDress Maker
51-449Mary Ann STONER31Rochdale, Lancashire Head
51-25Mary Ann STONER32Isborn SussexWife
51-250Mary AnnStone32Pitsey, Essex Servant (u)
51-292Mary Ann Stoney33Horbury, Yorkshire Servant
51-367Mary Ann Stone33Studham, Hertfordshire Head (w)
51-480Mary Ann Haner36St Martins MiddlesexWife
51-396Mary Ann Storer38Whitechapel, Middlesex Wife
51-522Mary Ann Stormer38Applecross DevonWife
51-123Mary AnnDrewet43Nuthurst SussexWife
51-287Mary Ann Stracener44Halifax, Yorkshire Wife
51-318Mary AnnStaner44Ash KentWife
51-107Mary AnnLindfield47Lower Beeding SussexWife
51-443Mary Ann STONER48Birstall YorkshireSister (w)Independant Lady
51-353Mary Ann STONER63Hawley SurreyWife
51-225Mary Ann Flener66East Wretham, Norfolk Wife
51-297Mary Ann Homer Stone55Limeho, Middlesex Mother
51-290Mary Ann JStorer23Ibstock LeicestershireDaughter of Housekeeper (u)Visitor
51-318Mary Ann RiceStaner18London MiddlesexDaughterBaker
51-259Mary BSTOM2Morley, Lancashire Daughter
51-278Mary Eva Storer15St Lukes, Middlesex Daughter
51-373Mary F Storrer1Grimsby, Lincolnshire Daughter
51-327Mary H STONER41Peckham, Surrey Wife
51-208Mary J Hepworth1Sandal, Yorkshire Daughter
51-327Mary J STONER7Lambeth, Surrey Daughter
51-292Mary J Stoney15Leeds, Yorkshire Daughter
51-332Mary Jane Stower3Neithrop, Oxfordshire Daughter
51-146Mary Jane Cantrell15Coleorton, Leicestershire Daughter
51-272Mary L STONER2Huddersfield Daughter
51-252Mary M Stoves27Norwich, Norfolk Wife
51-285Mary Matilda STONER46Wotton Under Edge, Gloucestershire Wife
51-208Mary P Hepworth24Doncaster, Yorkshire Wife
51-69Mary WWrapsen45Elstead SussexWife
51-406Maryan Stonis25Poplar, Middlesex Wife
51-187Maryann STONER19Camberwell, Surrey Daughter
51-502Mary  Haner16Oldham LancashireDaughter
51-260Matilda Storer4Hammersmith, Middlesex Daughter
51-311Matilda Stoneburner Stonehewer9Macclesfield, Cheshire DaughterScholar
51-396Matilda Storer11London Daughter
51-294Matilda STENCE - Stoner22Leeds, Yorkshire Wife
51-260Matilda Storer23Hammersmith, Middlesex Wife
51-44Matilda Hall Heall24Cuckfield SussexWife
51-473Matilda Gill31Hull, Yorkshire Wife
51-271Matilda Stonier33Norton, Staffordshire Wife
51-486Matilda  Haner29Bolton LancashireDaughter
51-132Matthew STONER0 Tillington SussexSon
51-435Mehetabel STONER18Swaby, Lincolnshire Daughter
51-368Mena STONER12Ripley, Derbyshire Daughter
51-3Michael STONE - Stoner8Beeding SussexSon
51-245Mildman STONER20Airton, Yorkshire Son