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Note that apart from those for my direct line I hold few certificates and the information shown is therefore not fully researched
It is meant to be an aid and simply indicates where I would look if following a line
Home ~~~~ 1851 n2r census ~~~~ Help
Note that apart from those for my direct line I hold few certificates and the information shown is therefore not fully researched
It is meant to be an aid and simply indicates where I would look if following a line
51-377N C - Rob ? STONER56Eckington, Derbyshire HeadLaborer
51-137N K STONER14 Son
51-137N K STONER15 Son
51-137N K STONER30
51-478Nancy Haner8Breightmet LancashireDaughter
51-180NK Infant Webster0 Sheffield, Yorkshire, England Son
51-188Oliver Hadden33Fipehead, Somerset HeadBrewer's Servant
51-188Oliver John Hadden8Lambeth, Surrey Son
51-264Osborn Spencer48Ashurst KentHeadKeeper of Reservoir
51-372Pamala STARER10Saxtead, Suffolk Daughter
51-271Peter Stonier2Horton, Staffordshire Son
51-136Peter Garton10Itchingfield SussexSon
51-70Peter STONER11Easbourne SussexSon-in-law
51-107Peter Lindfield11Cowfold SussexSon
51-157Peter STONER16Cuckfield, Sussex Head
51-502Peter Haner18Oldham LancashireSon
51-85Peter Peters24Beeding SussexSonAg Lab
51-140Peter STONES - Stoner32Lenslfield SussexHead
51-485Peter Haner51Tottington LancashireHead
51-298Peter Stones74Foulmire, Cambridgeshire Lodger (m)Pauper formerly Ag Lab
51-368Phebe STONER10Ripley, Derbyshire Daughter
51-354Phebe Hayden32Ireland Wife
51-46Pheobe STONER12Cuckfield SussexNiece
51-39Philip STONER27Cowfold SussexSonAg Lab
51-254Philip Alfnead STONER9Bethnal Green, Middlesex Son
51-157Phillip STONER15Cuckfield, Sussex Son
51-2Phillip STONER61Nuthurst SussexHead
51-95Phillip STONER72Thermanbury SussexHeadPauper
51-2Phillis STONER65Beeding SussexWife
51-233Phoebe STONER63Sutton, Warwickshire Wife
51-472Prescella Stower50Wyke, Dorset Wife
51-339Priscilla Stone40Bawdeswell, Norfolk NorfolkClear Starcher
51-101R (m)STONER23Easebourne SussexServant
51-180Rachael STONER58Killamarsh Italy DerbyshireMother-in-law (m)Midwife
51-293Ralph Stoney - Stoner15Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire Son
51-463Ralph Stones45Ryton Woodside, Durham Head
51-265Rebecca Stones2Milnthorpe Daughter
51-221Rebecca Hores12Earl Shilton, Leicestershire Daughter
51-243Rebecca Stones12Kirkstead, Lincolnshire Daughter
51-443Rebecca Elsworth12Tadcaster DaurScholar at Home
51-36Rebecca STONER22Cowfold SussexVisitor
51-91Rebecca STONER30Beeding SussexServant
51-203Rebecca Stower38Bee, Dorset Wife
51-168Rebecca Stones51Barton, Staffordshire Wife
51-247Rhoda Stone11East Dereham, Norfolk Daughter
51-247Rhoda Stone33East Dereham, Norfolk Wife
51-208Richard Stoney - STONER5Chapelthorpe YorkshireSonScholar
51-54Richard STONES - Stoner6Ditchling SussexSon
51-273Richard Stoney7Hunslet, Yorkshire Son
51-237Richard Stone8Birmingham Son
51-321Richard Stower8Martock, Somerset Son
51-10Richard Hills11Brighton SussexHead
51-510Richard Haner13Staines MiddlesexSon
51-53Richard STONER32Ditchling SussexLodger
51-10Richard Hills44Brighton SussexHeadButcher
51-290Richard Pitt54Bewdley WorcestershireHead (w)Dealer in Hay & Corn
51-79Richard Tullett62Crawley SussexLodgerPauper Hay Binder
51-462Rickard STONER22North Maister, Buckinghamshire Servant
51-165Robert Hirst0.25Bradford YorkshireSon
51-189Robert Stower2Chaffcombe, Somerset Son
51-372Robert STARER2Saxtead, Suffolk Son
51-373Robert Storrer5Bridlington, Yorkshire Son
51-362Robert Stower8Puckington, Somerset Son
51-247Robert Stone9East Dereham, Norfolk Son
51-354Robert STONER9Ireland NephewScholar
51-324Robert Storer14Radbourne, Derbyshire Son
51-292Robert Stoney16Leeds, Yorkshire Son
51-211Robert Stones20Hetton, Durham Son
51-243Robert Stones20Kirkstead, Lincolnshire Son
51-358Robert Flener20Dorset Head
51-48Robert STONER22Ditchling SussexSon
51-192Robert Stones26East Wickham KentLodgerTraveller, Oil & Tallow
51-375Robert Story27Hawkedon, Suffolk Son
51-142Robert STONER29Arkendale, Yorkshire YorkshireSon
51-465Robert Ashbridge34Yorkshire Head
51-362Robert Stower38Puckington, Somerset Head
51-416Robert STONER38Gloucestershire HeadFarrier
51-486Robert Haner38Bolton LancashireSon-in-law
51-324Robert Storer42Radbourne, Derbyshire Head
51-243Robert Stones47Roughton, Lincolnshire HeadFarmer
51-166Robert STONER50Lichfield, Staffordshire HeadStone Mason
51-334Robert Flener50Newchurch, Hampshire Head
51-389Robert Stower69South Petherton, Somerset Head
51-97Robert STONER73Cowfold SussexHead
51-358Robert PFlener1Dorset Son
51-174Rosamond Stones - Stoner42Bradford, Yorkshire WifeWife
51-469Rose Stonner5Lewisham, Kent Daughter
51-456Rosina Stone1Westr, Middlesex Daughter
51-10Rosina Hills10Brighton SussexHead
51-364Rosina Stover19Hyson Green Nottinghamshire
51-302Ross Stonis12Ireland Lodger
51-237Rowland Stone5Birmingham Son
51-378Ruth STONER34Sheffield, Yorkshire Wife
51-413Ruth Omer Viner57Kelverden EssexWife