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Note that apart from those for my direct line I hold few certificates and the information shown is therefore not fully researched
It is meant to be an aid and simply indicates where I would look if following a line
Home ~~~~ 1861 k2m census ~~~~ Help
Note that apart from those for my direct line I hold few certificates and the information shown is therefore not fully researched
It is meant to be an aid and simply indicates where I would look if following a line
61-132Kate STONER3Slaugham SussexDaughter
61-44Kate STONER6Brighton SussexDaughter
61-405Kate Stover16Market Bosworth, Leicestershire Servant
61-280Kate E STONER4Sheffield YorkshireDaughter
61-84Lavinia M STONER18Margate KentGovernessGoverness
61-173Law Stoney49Huddersfield, Yorkshire Head
61-236Lawrence Plover29Roscommon, Ireland
61-524Levi STONER2Staveley DerbyshireSon
61-543Levi Stones8Swaby LincolnshireSon
61-475Levinia Stonehewer29 LancashireWife
61-460Liza Stower12Puckington Daughter
61-157Louisa Staner - Stoner3Washington SussexDaughter
61-232Louisa Stoney3Manchester, Lancashire Daughter
61-366Louisa Staner - Stoner7Leeds, Yorkshire Daughter
61-94Louisa STONER10Worth SussexDaughterScholar
61-82Louisa Phillips12 LondonDaur
61-27Louisa STONER21Brighton SussexWifeNurse & Laundress
61-245Louisa Stone32Christchurch HampshireHead (u)Fuser chain Maker
61-233Louisa Robinson40Westr, Middlesex Wife
61-40Louisa STONER59Appledram SussexWife
61-178Louisa Stone67Barking, Essex Wife
61-496Louisa HOconer6St Pancras MiddlesexDaughterScholar
61-402Louisa H Staner12Margate KentDaughterScholar
61-238Louise STONER15Tichborne, Hampshire Daughter
61-234Lousia E Loxley3Chelsea, Middlesex Daughter
61-35Lucy Stonehouse5Charley SussexDaughter
61-52Lucy Honer - Stoner8Cowfold SussexDaughter
61-197Lucy Stover15Birmingham, Warwickshire Servant
61-297Lucy Stonex18Field Dalling, Norfolk Daughter
61-127Lucy STONER20Southwick SussexServant (u)
61-128Lucy STONER20Southwick SussexWife
61-60Lucy STONER25Heathfield SussexWife
61-487Lucy Stones29Sheffield YorkshireWife
61-238Lucy STONER35Old Alresford, Hampshire Wife
61-82Lucy Phillips48Plumpton SussexWife
61-420Luther Stones5Miningsby, Lincolnshire Daughter
61-215Lydia Stower5Bridport, Dorset Daughter
61-267Lydia Stover36Nottinghamshire Wife
61-437Lydia Stones46Norwich, Norfolk Wife
61-117Lydia Tester50Lindfield SussexWife
61-615M A (f)STONER55Gomersall YorkshireVisitor (w)Proprietor of Houses
61-634Marcy An Haner11Warley YorkshireDaughter
61-195Margaret Stower1Walsall, Staffordshire
61-202Margaret STONER5Blackburn, Lancashire Daughter
61-83Margaret STONER6Cowfold SussexDaughter
61-498Margaret Storrar10St George SurreyDaughter
61-378Margaret Staner - Stoner19Ormskirk, Lancashire Servant
61-463Margaret STONER21Stonor, Pyrton, Oxfordshire Daughter
61-388Margaret Stover28Hurdsfield CheshireWife
61-422Margaret Stonehouse29Felling, Durham Head (w)
61-497Margaret Storrar46 ScotlandWife
61-196Margaret STONER56Harrogate, Yorkshire Wife
61-579Margret Stower - Stoner36Montgomeryshire WalesWife
61-590Margt Stover37Theswick, Northumberland Wife
61-72Maria Sherwin2Fittleworth SussexDaughter
61-262Maria Hall28Mersham SurreyNiece (u)
61-183Maria STONER30Crowley SussexWife
61-443Maria STONER30 NottinghamshireWifeDrawer
61-511Maria Stower32Bewdley, Warwickshire Lodger
61-208Maria Stonar - Stoner52Eastby, Yorkshire Head (w)
61-288Maria Honer59Erle Stoke, Wiltshire Head
61-458Maria J Stone41Alverstoke, Hants Daughter (u)
61-430Maria L Harvey11Camberwell SurreyDaughter
61-477Marian Stovern15Saxtead, Suffolk Daughter
61-219Marianne Stover17Wickleover, Derbyshire Servant
61-424Marion Stones7Sheffield YorkshireDaughterScholar
61-372Marion W Stones7Queenhithe, London Daughter
61-228Mark Stower2Chaffcombe, Somerset Son
61-420Mark Stones8Friskney, Lincolnshire Daughter
61-24Mark STONER25Cowfold SussexHeadCoal Merchants Labourer
61-187Martha Stone7Belper, Derbyshire DaughterScholar
61-471Martha Storer7Batterley, Derbyshire Daughter
61-147Martha STONER10Tillington SussexDaughter
61-580Martha STONER10Ormskirk, Lancashire Daughter
61-532Martha Howard12Shalford SurreyDaughter
61-182Martha Armitage14Batley, Yorkshire Niece
61-398Martha Horner14Bradford YorkshireDaughter
61-418Martha STONER14Stepney, Middlesex Daughter
61-591Martha Stower16Wells, Somerset Daughter
61-232Martha Stover30Derby, Derbyshire Visitor
61-39Martha Stever - Stoner33Cocking SussexWife
61-32Martha Thuer - Stoner42Rottingdean SussexHeadLaundress
61-338Martha Stover47Middleton, Derbyshire Niece
61-389Martha Stonner53Leek, Staffordshire Wife
61-225Martha STONER58Wincanton, Somerset Wife
61-310Martha Staner58Deptford KentWife
61-473Martha Stones58Bolton, Yorkshire Wife
61-203Martha Ann Stover5Rochdale, Lancashire Daughter
61-218Martha Ann Stower24Yeovil, Somerset Sister-in-law
61-511Martha E Stower10Marylebone Daughter
61-391Martha J Staner6St Mary; Maldon, Essex Daughter
61-333Marthe Stower49Waddingworth, Lincolnshire Wife
61-30Martin J STONER6Plumpton SussexSonScholar
61-2Mary STONER0.08Ardingley SussexDaughter
61-238Mary STONER1Cheriton, Hampshire Daughter
61-187Mary Stone2Belper, Derbyshire Daughter
61-566Mary Stonner2Tamworth, Warwickshire Daughter
61-260Mary Stover3Cromford, Derbyshire Daughter
61-295Mary Stoneer - Stoner4Newton Valance HampshireDaughter
61-270Mary Storer5Derby, Derbyshire Daughter
61-617Mary Haner6Bath SomersetDaughter
61-90Mary STONER7Ifield SussexDaughter
61-237Mary STONER7Tichborne, Hampshire Daughter
61-368Mary Stover7Nantwich, Cheshire Niece
61-111Mary STONER9Lower Beeding SussexDaughter
61-153Mary STONER9Beeding SussexDaughterScholar
61-444Mary STONER9 NottinghamshireDaughter
61-197Mary Stover10Birmm, Warwickshire Adopted Child
61-512Mary Honer11Georges Hanover, Middlesex Daughter
61-57Mary STONER12Cuckfield SussexServant
61-85Mary STONER12Brighton SussexVisitor
61-398Mary Horner12Bradford YorkshireDaughter
61-531Mary Stover12West Hackney, Middlesex Daughter
61-600Mary Storer12Bardon, Leicestershire Daughter
61-173Mary Stoney13Mossley, Lancashire Daughter
61-452Mary Stonehewer15Lancashire Daughter
61-101Mary STONER16Cuckfield SussexServant (u)House Servant
61-489Mary Stones17Sheffield YorkshireDaughterFork Burnisher
61-378Mary Plover18 IrelandDaughter
61-327Mary Stover19Heather, Leicestershire Daughter
61-470Mary Storer19Codnor Park, Derbyshire Servant
61-646Mary Stover - Stoner19 YorkshireWife
61-9Mary STONER20Brighton SussexServant (u)
61-635Mary Haner22Wombridge ShropshireDaughter
61-199Mary STONER23Birmingham, Warwickshire Boarder
61-523Mary Storr23Stathern, Leicestershire Daughter
61-217Mary Robinson25Brinkburn, Northumberland Daughter (m)
61-512Mary Stover27Romsey, Hampshire Wife
61-244Mary Stover30Stoke, Worcestershire Wife
61-379Mary Oconer30 IrelandServant
61-381Mary Stiner30Staffordshire Servant
61-434Mary Stoner?30Withernwick, Yorkshire Inmate
61-90Mary STONER31Fakenham SussexWife
61-597Mary Stones31Harbledown KentHead
61-541Mary STONER32Bradford YorkshireLodger (m)
61-513Mary Stover - Stoner33 MiddlesexWife
61-607Mary Plover33Wolvey, Warwickshire Daughter
61-584Mary STONER34Ras Common, Ireland Wife
61-197Mary Plover35Werfield, Shropshire Wife
61-125Mary STONER36North Chapel SussexVisitor
61-340Mary STONER36Settle, Yorkshire Son Servant (u)Servant - of BRADWELL family
61-65Mary STONER37Ditchling SussexWife
61-45Mary STONER38Hurstpierpoint SussexWife
61-171Mary Turner38Woodborough, Nottinghamshire Wife
61-485Mary Stone38Hatfield Broad Oak Wife
61-186Mary STONER39Norton, Derbyshire Wife
61-284Mary Stones39Sheffield YorkshireWife
61-396Mary Stones40Heminburgh YorkshireWifeFruit Dealer
61-577Mary Stover41West Auckland, Durham Sister
61-12Mary STONER42Eastbourne SussexWife
61-52Mary Honer - Stoner42Cowfold SussexWife
61-79Mary Lloyd42Hersham SurreyWife
61-593Mary Staner43Shalford, Essex Wife
61-272Mary Stone44Ditchingham, Norfolk Head
61-301Mary Storer44Coton, Derbyshire Wife
61-384Mary Storer44Marple CheshireDaughterCotton Warper
61-365Mary Stoney - Stoner46Patley Bridge, Yorkshire Wife
61-556Mary STONER46 North WalesWife
61-270Mary Storer47Derby, Derbyshire Wife
61-173Mary Stoney48Ashton U, Lancashire Wife
61-394Mary Stover49Hartshill, Warwickshire Wife
61-36Mary Graimes50Poynings SussexWife
61-278Mary Cole50 IrelandWife
61-460Mary Stower51Curry Mallett Wife
61-607Mary Plover51Wolvey, Warwickshire Wife
61-440Mary Stones52Swanton Abbot, Norfolk Head (w)Annuitant
61-134Mary Mitchell53Cuckfield SussexHead (w)Charwoman
61-327Mary Stover53Barlestone, Leicestershire Wife
61-479Mary STONER54Scotter, Lincolnshire Wife
61-647Mary Staner54 YorkshireHead
61-4Mary STONER55Ticehurst SussexWifeCook
61-216Mary Honer55Trawden, Lancashire Wife
61-465Mary Staner55Ramsgate KentWife
61-362Mary Stover56Littleover, Derbyshire Servant
61-273Mary Stone58Ditchingham, Norfolk Wife
61-393Mary Stover58Stoke Golding, Leicestershire Head (w)
61-68Mary STONER60Tillington SussexSister (w)Housekeeper
61-168Mary STONER60Addle cum Eccup, Yorkshire Sister Visitor (m)Farmers Wife
61-62Mary STONER61Ditchling SussexWife
61-363Mary Pitt61Ibstock LeicestershireMother (w)
61-510Mary Stonor61Esp British Subject Members Of A Religious Community
61-230Mary Stower63Lydford, Somerset Wife
61-288Mary Stower64Butleigh Head
61-445Mary Stonier64Stockport, Cheshire Wife
61-544Mary Stones66Swaby LincolnshireWife
61-66Mary STONER67Keymer SussexAunt
61-257Mary Stower67Crewkerne, Somerset Mother-in-law
61-91Mary STONER68Cuckfield SussexWife
61-281Mary Stones68Sheffield Yorkshire
61-405Mary Stover69Market Bosworth, Leicestershire Wife
61-419Mary Stone69Minehead, Somerset Lodger
61-470Mary Stover70Hartshay, Derbyshire Visitor
61-558Mary Stover70Hartley, Derbyshire Visitor
61-469Mary Stone72Horley SurreyHead
61-185Mary Browning73Cheriton, Hampshire Wife
61-182Mary Hartley75Batley, Yorkshire Wife
61-648Mary +Stoner77Forest of Dean Visitor
61-446Mary Stonor78 LondonHead (w)Fundholder
61-113Mary STONER80Cowfold SussexHead
61-461Mary Stone98St Lawrence, Essex Head (w)
61-551Mary A Stones1Thorp Willoughby YorkshireDaughter
61-65Mary A STONER2Ditchling SussexDaughter
61-267Mary A Stover3Derby, Derbyshire Daughter
61-522Mary A STONER4Crewe, Cheshire DaughterScholar
61-409Mary A Stover50 Daughter
61-255Mary A Stonehewer6Cheshire Granddaughter
61-30Mary A STONER8Plumpton SussexDaughterScholar
61-227Mary A Staner8Southsea, Hampshire Granddaughter
61-53Mary ASTONER11Crickfield SussexDaughter
61-507Mary A Stones - Stoner13St Luke Daughter
61-588Mary A Honer13London, Middlesex Servant
61-481Mary A Stover17Wolverhampton StaffordshireServant
61-136Mary A STONER19Slaugham SussexServant
61-503Mary A Boyden22Ham EssexDaughter
61-439Mary A Robertson23Norwich, Norfolk Daughter
61-26Mary A STONER27Brighton SussexServant (u)House Servant
61-280Mary A STONER27Sheffield YorkshireWife
61-30Mary A STONER30Lewes SussexWife
61-227Mary A Staner30Catherington, Hampshire Daughter
61-226Mary A STONER31Hamer Ditton SurreyWife
61-150Mary A STONER39Petworth SussexWife
61-260Mary A Stover39Cromford, Derbyshire Wife
61-467Mary A Stone41Studham, Hertfordshire Head (w)
61-461Mary A Stone43Southinmster, Essex Grand Daughter (u)
61-430Mary A Harvey48St Sariours Southwark SurreyWife
61-518Mary A Stover48St Georges St End, Middlesex Wife
61-307Mary A Stover50Morpeth, Northumberland Visitor
61-143Mary ADrewett52Nuthurst SussexWife
61-363Mary A JStover33Ibstock LeicestershireHead (u)
61-378Mary A L Stower7Liverpool, Lancashire Daughter
61-585Mary An Stover9Westminster, Middlesex Daughter
61-444Mary Ann STONER0.5 NottinghamshireDaughter
61-123Mary AnnStone1Nuthurst SussexDaughter
61-157Mary Ann Staner - Stoner1West Grinstead SussexDaughter
61-180Mary Ann Stones1Mapperley Hill, Nottinghamshire Daughter
61-319Mary Ann Stover1West Hackney, Middlesex Daughter
61-388Mary Ann Stonehewer1 CheshireDaughter
61-418Mary Ann Honer - Stoner1Stepney, Middlesex Daughter
61-536Mary Ann Honer1Stowmarket, Suffolk Daughter
61-332Mary Ann STONER4Ifield SussexDaughter
61-388Mary Ann Stonehewer4 CheshireDaughter
61-107Mary Ann STONER5Nuthurst SussexDaughterScholar
61-272Mary Ann Stone5Ditchingham, Norfolk Daughter
61-472Mary AnnStorer6Romiley CheshireDaughter
61-495Mary Ann Stower8Weymouth, Somerset Daughter
61-513Mary Ann Stover - Stoner8 KentDaughter
61-193Mary Ann Stones10Bewerley, Yorkshire Daughter
61-491Mary Ann STONER10Bradford, Yorkshire DaughterWeaver
61-527Mary Ann Stover12Stepney, Middlesex Visitor
61-484Mary Ann Stones13Bolton, Lancashire Daughter
61-75Mary Ann STONER17Hurstpierpoint SussexDaughter
61-616Mary Ann Haner17Walsall Wood StaffordshireServant
61-298Mary Ann Stiner18Dorset Servant
61-197Mary Ann Staner19Kent Daughter
61-209Mary Ann STONER19Bradford, Yorkshire DaughterDomestic Servant
61-406Mary Ann Stover20Marple, Cheshire Daughter
61-456Mary Ann Hadden20 SurreyDaughter
61-388Mary Ann Stonehewer28 IrelandWife
61-444Mary Ann STONER29 NottinghamshireWifeSeamstress
61-354Mary AnnStones30Stalybridge LancashireWife
61-496Mary AnnOconer30Eynesbury HuntingdonshireWifeHouse Wife
61-178Mary Ann Abbott31Barking, Essex Daughter
61-567Mary Ann Plover31Ipswich, Suffolk Servant
61-350Mary Ann Honer - Stoner32Cheltenham, Gloucestershire Servant
61-74Mary Ann STONER36Northchappel SussexWife
61-13Mary Ann STONER38Woolbeding SussexWife
61-248Mary AnnStonyer40Wateringbury KentWife
61-584Mary Ann Stammer51Halifax, Yorkshire Wife
61-644Mary Ann Stormer51Appleby DevonWife
61-402Mary Ann Staner54Weddington KentWife
61-470Mary D Storer28 DerbyshireWife
61-367Mary E STONER1Leeds, Yorkshire Daughter
61-354Mary EStones6Marbrough YorkshireDaughterScholar
61-289Mary E Stones27Garthorpe Wife
61-195Mary E S Lloyd Stower18Manchester, Lancashire Lodger
61-141Mary Elizabeth STONER5Cuckfield SussexDaughter
61-178Mary Elizabeth Stone9Barking, Essex Granddaughter
61-478Mary F Storrer11Grimsby, Lincolnshire Daughter
61-313Mary GSTONER9Yarmouth NorfolkDaughter
61-398Mary H Horner21Thornton YorkshireDaughter
61-418Mary H STONER50Peckham SurreyWife
61-501Mary J Stover12Dudley StaffordshireSister
61-475Mary J Stonehewer18 LancashireDaughter
61-357Mary L STONER1Kingswood, Gloucestershire Daughter
61-335Mary L STONER12Huddersfield, Yorkshire Daughter
61-11Mary LParsons33Brighton SussexWifeBoot Binder
61-313Mary TSTONER37Yarmouth NorfolkWife
61-448Mary Theresa STONER40 LondonDaughter (u)
61-372Mary V Stones47Holborn, St Andrew, London Wife
61-524Maryan Revil14Sheffield YorkshireDaughter
61-94Maryanne STONER6Worth SussexDaughter
61-395Matha E Stower0 Manr Daughter
61-565Matilda Walker3Walcot; Bath SomersetDaughter
61-431Matilda Stover6Fazeley, Staffordshire Niece
61-366Matilda Staner - Stoner30Leeds, Yorkshire Wife
61-435Matilda Stanyer39Norton-in-the-Moors, Staffordshire Wife
61-611Matilda STONER54Wotton Under Edge, Gloucestershire Wife
61-167Matilda J STONER25Salisbury, Hampshire Wife
61-395May E Stower2Manr Daughter
61-623Michael Haner72Rochester KentVisitor
61-290Michal STONER14Birmingham, Warwickshire BoarderGun Smith
61-155Michel STONER18Beeding SussexSon
61-531Minnie F Stover3Stoke Newington MiddlesexDaughter
61-511Minty  Stower39Penn St, Buckinghamshire Wife
61-437Morgan Mary Ann ?Stones9Norwich, Norfolk Daughter
61-399Morona STONER6Radford, Nottinghamshire Son