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Note that apart from those for my direct line I hold few certificates and the information shown is therefore not fully researched
It is meant to be an aid and simply indicates where I would look if following a line
Home ~~~~ 1861 n2r census ~~~~ Help
Note that apart from those for my direct line I hold few certificates and the information shown is therefore not fully researched
It is meant to be an aid and simply indicates where I would look if following a line
61-482Nancy Stones2 Son Daughter
61-482Nancy Stones37Turton LancashireWife
61-329Nancy Stones57Milnthorpe Wife
61-634Naneey Haner32Warley YorkshireWife
61-83Nathan STONER1Llangham SussexSon
61-218Nathaniel Stover3Bristol, St Philip Son
61-456Oliver Hadden44Fivehead, Somerset HeadStoker
61-456Oliver John Hadden18 SurreySon
61-496Oscar Oconer10Clerkenwell MiddlesexSonScholar
61-378Patrick Plover13 IrelandSon
61-378Patrick Plover50 IrelandHead
61-435Peter Stanyer12Horton, Staffordshire Son
61-177Peter STONER25Horsham SussexSon-in-law
61-94Peter STONER40Lindfield SussexHeadAg Lab
61-471Pheobe Storer19Batterley, Derbyshire Daughter
61-492Philip STONER19Bethnal Green, Middlesex SonPorter
61-47Philip STONER36Cowfold SussexSon
61-143Phillis Drewett14Steyning SussexDaughterScholar
61-360Phoebe Honer39St Giles, Middlesex Wife
61-203Priscilla Stover29Cheadle, Cheshire Wife
61-438Priscilla Stonex52Norfolk Head (u)Washwoman
61-588R Stover25Mickleon, Derbyshire
61-588R Stover25Wicklewood, Derbyshire 0
61-623R Haner72 Visitor
61-351Rachael STONER1Kersley, Lancashire Daughter
61-371Rachael Stover1St Mary, Leicestershire Daughter
61-286Rachael Stones69Killamarsh DerbyshireBoarder (w)Midwife
61-367Ralph STONER25Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire Head
61-547Ralph Wm Stones0 Tanfield, Durham Son
61-398Rebecca Horner10Bradford YorkshireDaughter
61-329Rebecca Stones13Milnthorpe Daughter
61-501Rebecca Stover27 DerbyshireDaughter
61-197Rebecca Stover30Stoke Golding, Liechtenstein Wife
61-603Rebecca Jessop34Wirkesworth DerbyshireDaughter (u)
61-116Rebecca STONER36Lower Beeding SussexBoarder
61-223Rebecca STONER61Burton-Upon-Trent, Staffordshire Mother-in-law (w)
61-418Rebecca E STONER7Stepney, Middlesex Daughter
61-83Rhoda STONER2Llangham SussexDaughter
61-391Rhoda Staner11Staple, Essex Daughter
61-391Rhoda Staner36Gt Dunmow, Essex Wife
61-350Richard Honer - Stoner0 Camden Rd, Middlesex Son
61-585Richard Stover3St Clements Danes, Middlesex Son
61-243Richard Honer8Pirbright SurreyGrandson
61-260Richard Stover9Cromford, Derbyshire Son
61-259Richard Honer - Stoner15Sandal, Yorkshire SonCoal Miner
61-342Richard Stoney17 YorkshireWife's Son Step Son
61-408Richard Stower17Martock, Somerset Son
61-296Richard Stonex19Clay, Norfolk Nephew
61-34Richard Hills22Brighton SussexHead
61-64Richard STONER41Ditchling SussexHead
61-36Richard Graimes49Ditcheling SussexHead
61-34Richard Hills55East Grinstead SussexHeadMaster Butcher
61-521Richard Honer57Matlock, Derbyshire Father-in-law
61-243Richard Honer64Pirbright SurreyHead
61-189Riosa Stiner42Hungary, Hungary Wife
61-223Robert Hoyer1Bollington Prestbury, Cheshire Son
61-60Robert STONER4Ditchling SussexSon
61-482Robert Ray7Turton LancashireStepson
61-232Robert Stoney9Salford, Lancashire Son
61-420Robert Stones10Wrangle, Lincolnshire Daughter
61-228Robert Stower13Chaffcombe, Somerset Son
61-484Robert Stones16Bolton, Lancashire Son
61-563Robert Stover16Dundee Aprentic Labourer
61-164Robert Stover20Alder Wasley, Derbyshire Son
61-269Robert Stover24Whitby, Yorkshire Assistant
61-77Robert Stower25Henfield SussexLodger
61-316Robert Stonar26London, Middlesex Head
61-420Robert Stones30Woodhall, Lincolnshire Head
61-60Robert STONER32Ditchling SussexHead
61-43Robert STONER33Easebourne SussexHead
61-316Robert Stonar36London, Middlesex Head
61-460Robert Stower45Puckington Head
61-577Robert Stover45West Auckland, Durham Head
61-631Robert Haner47Stoke Abbott DorsetHead
61-412Robert Storer51Mickleover, Derbyshire Head
61-304Robert STONER57Roughton, Lincolnshire HeadFarmer
61-198Robert Stover62Lichfield, Staffordshire HeadStone Mason
61-590Robert C Stover32Tynemouth, Northumberland Head
61-232Robert C Stoney35East Wickham, Hertfordshire Head
61-240Robert Dolling Stower3Henlade Son
61-248Robert P Staner17St Danetans West Lodger
61-563Robt Stower18Pockerton, Somerset B 1 Cl
61-151Rosa STONER2Tillington SussexDaughter
61-174Rosa Stover3B'ham, Warwickshire Daughter
61-393Rosa Stover6Wolvey, Warwickshire Daughter
61-210Rosamond STONER53Horton, Yorkshire Head (w)House Proprietor
61-399Rosanah STONER1Mansfield, Nottinghamshire Daughter
61-267Rosannah Stover11Derby, Derbyshire Daughter
61-39Rose Stever - Stoner4S.Ambersham SussexDaur
61-277Roseanna Stover5Drayton, Staffordshire Daughter
61-34Rosina Hills20Brighton SussexHead
61-8Rosina STONER29Brighton SussexWife
61-634Ruffus Haner8Warley YorkshireSon
61-418Ruth STONER9Stepney, Middlesex Daughter
61-187Ruth Stone36Belper, Derbyshire Wife
61-424Ruth Stones46Sheffield YorkshireWife
61-181Ruth Stinar54Batcombe, Dorset Wife
61-386Ruth STONER67Kelvedon EssexPauper (w)General Nurse